Romano Campaign Proudly Accepts Endorsements from Yonkers City Councilwomen Shanae Williams and Tasha Diaz

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Tasha Diaz

Yonkers City Councilmember Shanae V. Williams represents Council District 1.

YONKERS, NY – June 8, 2020 — Yonkers City Court Judge candidate Dan Romano today accepted the endorsements of Yonkers City Councilwomen Tasha Diaz (Council District 3) and Shanae Williams (Council District 1), building momentum ahead of the upcoming June 23rd Democratic Primary.

“I am honored to receive support from Councilwomen Williams and Diaz,” said Mr. Romano. “My campaign is a big tent; we realize the need for new leadership and elected officials who are not part of the traditional networks that exist in Yonkers, and that’s exactly what Shanae and Tasha recognized about my candidacy. Both Councilwoman Williams and Councilwoman Diaz have been on the front lines of serving their constituencies throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, and I am proud to have the support of such responsive, active public servants.”

“The Romano family has been a staple in Yonkers for generations,” said Councilwoman Diaz. “Plenty of politicians can show up in an election year; but Dan and his family have shown a deep, constant commitment to Yonkers families over the years. Dan’s presence in our community has only increased as we have needed him during COVID-19, etc. Watching Dan interact with the public, I can tell that he will be an ally of hardworking Yonkers families in the courtroom just as much as he is on the streets.”

“Dan realizes the difference that an empathetic, fair judge can make in the life of a family, an individual, or a business,” added Councilwoman Williams. “With over thirty years of experience as an attorney, Dan has more courtroom experience than any other judicial candidate. When I learned about Dan’s long history of performing pro-bono and legal aid work, I was certain that he is the person that the Yonkers City Court needs.”


Dan Romano is a lifelong Yonkers resident who has practiced law in Yonkers and Westchester County for over thirty years. Dan has dedicated his career to fighting for Yonkers families in court, and now he wants to bring his passion for the law and fighting for ordinary people to the City Court.


SOURCE: David Broadway | Dan Romano for Yonkers City Court Judge | Campaign Communications


TribuneRomano Campaign Proudly Accepts Endorsements from Yonkers City Councilwomen Shanae Williams and Tasha Diaz

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  1. It takes courage to stand up to the bullies in City Hall !
    You ladies are the future
    The Romano’s are good people
    They have honor and integrity

    Thank You

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