Statement from Engel Campaign on Independent Expenditures

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THE BRONX, NY — June 18, 2020 — “We have seen reports that link independent political action committee expenditures to our campaign. To be clear: as required by Federal law, the Engel campaign has no control, contact, or coordination with these committees. We would ask the same of our opponents, and we trust that election law is being adhered to in all instances.

“The Engel campaign has no connection to any advertisement related to Mr. Bowman’s taxes, but we’d ask those running it to please consider taking it down. Instances like this make it clear why we need to overturn the Citizens United ruling. Congressman Engel favors full disclosure of all expenditures and donors before elections, has been endorsed by End Citizens United, and supports a New York City style public financing system for elections.”

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SOURCE: Bryant Daniels | Communications & Deputy District Director | Congressman Eliot L. Engel


TribuneStatement from Engel Campaign on Independent Expenditures

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