Statement from Scarpino Campaign Spokesman

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Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — June 24, 2020 — “There are still tens of thousands of absentees ballots outstanding and more coming in. That process needs to run its course. The results of this election are still pending, and we look forward to seeing all the votes counted.”

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SOURCE: John Tomlin | Communications Director | Friends of Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.


TribuneStatement from Scarpino Campaign Spokesman

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  1. So right, every vote counts and every vote must be counted. We so look forward for the final tally to solidify the win for Mimi Rocah.
    There will still be enough time between the final count date and January for the incumbent to answer a few questions. The Gothamist’s reveal and Mimi Rocah’s qualifications and vision seemed to have caused this upset.
    The Legal Aid Society letter to the Governor say these allegations of police corruption go as far back as 2010. Did the incumbent inherit a pattern of corruption and allowed it to become engrained in culture? Who were the police commissioners (Gothamist mentioned two) who were made aware, and how did they tolerate the seeming neglect of the WCDA to conduct a thorough and timely investigation? Referring a case such as this does not absolve a police commissioner of the responsibility to demand that justice is served.
    Are these commissioners presently working ANYWHERE in criminal justice where they may affect policy or training?
    Are there any other allegations of a similar nature which were not investigated over the years?
    If investigating and rooting out systemic injustice is in fact the end-game, then correcting the wrongs which may have occurred should be paramount. There needs to be a hearing and an open floor testimony on these allegations. For now, we need to savor the excitement of the election results and await the Governor’s response to Legal Aid and the exoneration Project letters.

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