The Black Lives Matter Movement is the Enemy of African Americans

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TACOMA, WA — June 20, 2020 — The first thing that I have to say is that I am an African American man living in the Minneapolis area. I have to state this now; otherwise I would probably be called a racist.

Most people think that Black Lives Matter is a grass-roots, black created, black run organization dedicated to fighting racism. It most certainly is not. The Black Lives Matter movement is the creation of a group of a few very wealthy individuals, non-profit corporations, and the corporate media (incidentally, 90% of the U.S. media is controlled by only six corporations)

On the official Black Lives Matter website, it states that Black Lives Matter is a global network foundation that is active in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. A global network!

Who funds Black Lives Matter? It’s funded by billionaires George Soros (Open Society Foundation), Rob McKay (Taco Bell heir), the Ford Foundation, the Borealis Philanthropy, the Democracy Alliance, and many others. Not exactly what I would call a black run grass-roots organization. If these facts alone don’t cause you to rethink the whole Black Lives Matter thing, then you just aren’t paying attention. (Check out the links below)

Black Lives Matter began in 2013 when the media suddenly started focusing a tremendous amount of attention on what they portrayed as the rise of unjustified, racially motivated killings of African American men by white police officers. That’s the way that the media portrayed it, but the facts say otherwise.

Are police shootings of African American men on the rise? No they are not. In fact they are on the decline. According to the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Report, the rate of police killings of African Americans has fallen by 70% over the last 40-50 years.

Are white racist police the biggest murderers of African Americans? No, far from it. The Black Lives Matter / media cabal is demonizing the police and portraying them as our number one foe, – the enemy, but the facts once again say otherwise.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, 2,925 African Americans were murdered in 2018. 89% of them (2,600) were murdered by other African Americans. That same year 209 African Americans (7%) were killed by the police (justified or otherwise).

So let’s do the math here. 2,600 African Americans killed by other African Americans and 209 killed by the police (justified or otherwise). So who is killing African Americans? Other African Americans. But who does the media put all of their focus on? The “white racist” police.

So here is the big question, seeing that these are the clear facts why is the media twisting the truth? Why are they pushing the false narrative that racism is rampant, (didn’t we just have an African American president for eight years)? Why are they spreading this lie that racially motivated police shootings are up. Why are they spreading this lie world-wide causing racial divisions, protest, rioting, looting, burning, destruction and death? This global cabal has a secret agenda and African Americans are just being used as pawns in their world-wide game.

This media produced false narrative reached its pinnacle with the death of George Floyd. The media has practically deified him. He’s in nationwide TV commercials, online ads, public service announcements, he’s on billboards (we are talking millions of dollars in advertising. Who’s paying for this?). His image is graffitied on buildings, businesses and walls from coast to coast, he’s on national magazine covers, and this list goes on and on. Hundreds attended his memorial service and funeral which included Al Sharpton (surprise!), The Governor of Minnesota, the mayor of Minneapolis, and many big name celebrities.

So who is this George Floyd? Is he some great civil rights leader like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela? No, – he was a violent career criminal with a long criminal record.

George Floyd was released from prison in Houston Texas in 2014 following an arrest for aggravated robbery. He had been in jail at least five other times. His arrest record included theft, drug possession, and criminal trespass. He was also the leader of a home invasion ring. They entered a woman’s home and Floyd threatened to kill her by pointing a gun at her stomach while they ransacked the place looking for drugs and money. (Check out the link to his criminal record)

Nice guy huh. And this is the one that the Black Lives Matter / media cabal is using as their international poster boy. A violent career criminal. Well at least you can’t say that they don’t have a sense of humor.

On May 20th 2020 Floyd was arrested again for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a Minneapolis grocery store. This was the event that supposedly set off this insane world-wide media storm. As we know, Floyd died while in police custody and the four officers involved were all immediately fired and charged with murder and aiding and abetting murder. This was done before any investigation has been done, and before the cause of death was even established.

The main officer involved, Derrick Chauvin was immediately tried, convicted, and hung. Not by a jury, but by the media. The media has so thoroughly convicted him that it is considered blasphemy of the highest order to even hint that he should be considered, “innocent until proven guilty”. The media has proclaimed it murder. Case closed!

Well once again I hate to spoil the show by introducing more facts into this media circus of lies, but here it goes.

According to the official Hennepin County Medical Examiner (not the private “examiner” paid for by the Floyd family legal team), George Floyd did not die from traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. The report stated that he died from a heart attack and the heart attack was a result of several factors. He had the narcotic Fentanyl in his system (which is 50 times more potent than heroin and the same drug that killed Prince), and he also had methamphetamines in his system. He also suffered from severe arteriosclerotic heart disease, and hypertension. All of that combined with his struggle with the police as they tried to subdue him is what caused him to go into cardiopulmonary arrest. Not just the fact that officer Chauvin had his knee on his neck. George Floyd received emergency medical care in the field, but he could not be resuscitated. Does that sound like murder to you? Read the report for yourself.

Also the knee on the neck (neck restraint) maneuver was not something that the Minneapolis police reserved for use only on black people. They have used it over 200 times since 2015 on anyone they needed to subdue of all colors, white, black, brown, or whatever, and no one has ever died from it. So why are the Black Lives Matter Network / media cabal screaming at the top of their lungs that this was racism? A racially motivated murder!

The Black Lives Matter Network / media cabal is not what it makes itself out to be. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They pretend to be the liberal friends of African Americans, but in reality they are their mortal enemies. The policies that they so aggressively push cause nothing but more damage to the African American community.

Under the guise of eliminating racism they push a policy to “Defund the Police”. This is right on the front of the Black Lives Matter website.

Under the guise of eliminating racism they push a policy that they call, “Stop The Mass Incarcerations”. This is a policy that promotes the release of prison inmates before their time is up and putting them back on the street.

Under the guise of eliminating racism they push for the decriminalization of drugs offenses, and the immediate pardon of all drug offenses with reparations paid to those convicted of drug offenses.

So sum this up. In the African American community where there is the highest crime rate and the biggest problems with drug abuse, they push to release the inmates from prison and put them back on the streets, let drug use and drug dealing run wild, and then take away the police. What do you think the outcome of these policies will produce? More crime and drug abuse in the African American community. High crime and drug areas minus police equals hell, – easy math. Policies that promote more crime and drug abuse in the black community are what I call anti-black policies. These guys make the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) look like angels by comparison.

The  “liberal” media cabal (news, TV, movies, music, publications) who now are pretending to care so much about racism and black people have for decades pushed ideas that are very damaging to the African American community. They have promoted criminal sensibilities, thug life, promiscuity, and immorality to the African American community by way of their promotion of the worst aspects of rap / hip-hop culture. They’ve been actively promoting the very things that feed our problems. Like feeding poison to a sick man.

Here is a very timely quote from Malcolm X: “The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems.”

What we are seeing happening in the world right now under the guise of “eliminating racism”, – the destabilization of society, the protest, rioting, looting, burning, and killing are not spontaneous, grass-roots events. It’s all thoroughly coordinated by those at the top of the Black Lives Matter / medial cabal. They are indeed the enemy of African Americans, but they are actually the enemy of us all. African Americans are just being used as cannon fodder in their game of global domination.



Leslie Taha is an African American  writer, author, artist, and former guest columnist for the Tacoma Tribune.  He is the author of the book, “The Architects of Rap” and he runs the website, “”. Direct email to Les Taha:


Les TahaThe Black Lives Matter Movement is the Enemy of African Americans

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  1. The autopsy link was taken down, in case you don’t know. Always a great thing when evidence is removed by people with an agenda.

  2. Nailed it! Distribute this article
    Sadly common sense is lacking these days and this is very well explained and well thought out articulate and fucking obvious or it should be to people but it’s not so please spread this article around because people need to wake up
    And sadly things are being removed from the Internet so I always keep copies of things like this because they will be yanked

      1. We as a blk. People we dont need b.l.matter to solve our problem. The white mediator has always portrayed us as nothing.somethi ng come from nothing. Thanks. I,am with you all the way.

    1. I am a White South African so let’s see how this goes down … I beg to differ on the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement.

      I believe the Black Lives Matter movement started out as a commentary, and call to action, on the treatment of African Americans dealing with mental health issues.

      Patrisse Cullors –
      is the sister of Monty, her brother, who is plagued with mental health issue and it is through her observation of how he is treated, I believe by the city of Los Angeles, that she and two other women who had similar family issues to deal with that started the movement.

      It was primarily in response to the treatment by the police of African Americans with mental health issues, and how so often the police incarcerate mentally ill people.

      And how the system fails African Americans with mental health issues more than other communities, and hence, so many are incarcerated, erroneously by the criminal justice system where they are treated as criminals, when in fact they need psychiatric help

      The origins of the movement are shown in the documentary movie;

      “Bedlam” –

      In which Monty’s journey is chronicled with his sister trying to help him.

      It started out as a call to action dealing with mental health issues and grew to a larger call to tackle the bigger picture of racism.

      But watch the movie and see for yourself. It is a documentary movie so you will have to sit through the narrative of how mental health issues still carry a stigma for many.

      1. if you are contending that most Black Americans have mental health issues, then Hillary agrees with you. Black American are Super Predators that need to be brought to heel (Hillary’s own words). That is the official policy of the Democratic Party.

        Vote Democratic to get the Black Americans under control.

      2. Instead of bitching about how black people are treated in America currently(which is to say….privelaged by infantilizing patronization and saintification) how about talking about how your fellow whites in South Africa are currently treated in South Africa by black South Africans and their commie black nationalist govt(like the blacks were in America a century ago)…watch Lauren Southerns’ documentary “Farmlands”.

        And that old mental illness excuse again. Plenty of people have all sorts of mental health issues but don’t use it as an excuse to commit crimes including violent crimes, i have a mental illness and i don’t.

        Stop acting like mental illness is an excuse, you’re not empowering the mentally ill or helping them…your infantilizing them to their detriment

        Contrarian Deist.

    2. AGREE……but is the black community that needs to be instruct with this message. Everyone, Yes……but hate is evolving from the black lives.

      1. Racism doesn’t exist. How do I know this? It’s now politically incorrect to be white. One of the most influential people in my life happens to be African American. I love him and he helped turn me into a man when I was a young man in the US Air Force. I have the utmost respect for him. I’ve never seen color and only seen character, thats how I was raised and how I teach my children. I look at my children. They don’t know race, if your a good person they want to play with you, if your not they don’t. It’s our schools and the media that teach our children that we are all different.

      2. How sad it is when all children under one roof cannot love one another. Blood is red and as a fact all earthly humans wether white,yellow,brown,black, bleed red blood. We were all created equal and it is sad when any of us gets mistreated. It’s even sadder and wrong when a Billionaire uses US as political pawns for His Bravado and Pride. One thing forthcoming is for sure His life Will End and he does not have much time left on this planet. All who hate and choose to hurt and bleed us will pay and be judged by The Creator and they will have to answer to Our Lord as to why. THEIR FORTHCOMING PUNISHMENT is due as they are condemned already. The participants still have time to stop their ways of causing the Red Blood from spilling. Yes Our Red Blood . Let’s seek Peace and Love One Another As We Love Ourselves and let’s stop hurting each other’s children by Teaching hatred and disobedience vs Respect and Manners. WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT,UNIQUE,LOVED AND SMART HUMAN BEINGS. There is only one who Loves us so much that he sent his only begotten Son and yes JESUS The CHRIST OUR LORD was puched,kicked,pushed,brutally whipped,force marched with a Cross and Crucified for US All. He bled red as us and took upon himself the wrath due to us for our sins. May we remember his sacrifice, his love for us all and may we not let the pride of one evil man stop us from having Joy,happiness, love ànd freedom in our lives irregardless of colored skin.

        When the hater dies and leaves this world we shall all be glad and prey that no other separates us from loving one another.

        Thank you for allowing to write my one opinion.

  3. Hmmm… This whole thread validates my decision to stay as far away from BLACK people as possible.
    Nothing good ever comes from interaction with hate filled, violent people who have been taught from birth to blame every problem on whites.

    Stay away from me and I will leave you alone.
    Approach me with intent to harm me and I will shoot you dead on the spot with no remorse.

    I wonder why you all just don’t move back to that Valhalla known as AFRICA if America is so bad.


    1. Good lord man. You and people futher lost are what fuels an organization to a BLM movement.
      Dont take away from what this writers intent is. And obviously this writer doesnt fit the narrative of what is being exposed. So your takeaway is deluded. If you cant hold moral then yield thine voice.

  4. At the outset this author states that BLM was created be a few wealthy individuals. He never names them and he never references where he got his information. One cannot simply make up facts to fit a specific narrative. You writing should be backed up by evidence. I believe this author is a shameless opportunist trying to be unique in being black and putting BLM groups in a negative light to feed the already hungry bigots looking for anything to discredit civil rights groups. It would be like me as a Hispanic writing about books stating that cesar chavez was a communist and just wrapping it in half truths. The White folks or ignorant would love to be my friend. This would prove that their racist ideologies were correct this whole time. Strange that nobody else has called him out for this.

    1. First of all you can’t read clearly because Specific names were listed beginning with George Soros and you’re obviously not very intelligent and not reading very closely because you’re so steamed up ready to defend your dumb ass Black Lives Matter bullshit because you get all defensive without having any information just like a typical Uninformed moron… But you keep saying he and she clearly states she’s an African-American fucking female you dumb moron now shut the fuck up

    2. The problem isn’t racism its bad priorities in many black communities. Continuing to point the finger at whitey and asking for black supremacy (favoritism) will go no where. The solution is to look within.

  5. Those fbi stats are based on reportings from local police departments who are not required to report these events. So tell me then how trustworthy is your source.

  6. Dear Reader,
    At my daughter’s school, they taught the children about the George Floyd movement. She is one of the only black children in her grade, so it was uncomfortable for her while the teacher droned on about how black people have been oppressed. They taught it one-sidedly, and only talked about the false media information. I highly value your intriguing and amazing perspective of the matter. In my opinion, no matter what someone does or who they are, life is a gift. It should never be taken. Just because of Floyd’s felonious records doesn’t mean that he deserved to die. I agree that they are using him as a poster boy. I didn’t know that the officer wasn’t even put on trial. That is very unjust and goes against the laws of modern day society – and the laws of humankind.
    Reading these comments, my heart burns. I have never understood racism. Why can’t we all be equal. White people, no body judges you if your hair isn’t blonde or eyes aren’t brown.
    We are black people, our ancestors taken from their homes by yours. We may look different, but we also have hopes, dreams, emotions. We don’t want to take your homes, or jobs, nor do we think we are superior. We just want acceptance. Racism is cruel. Thank you for providing your insight.

    God Bless,
    A black woman

    1. Yes as a white woman I don’t want an argument but I too have been judged! I was told I was hired for a job because I had a unique character and not for my intellect. I believe that all people need to be treated fairly and know that if someone does something wrong they should be punished . As far as killing someone I agree , they should not be killed ! But here is a thought , look at your little girl and think how would you feel if someone hurt her? Maybe you would just forgive them and go about your life? Maybe not?

    2. Your black ancestors(were they really yours? Was your family lineage slaves in America? Only a few percent of Black people in the West today are actually descended from Black slaves of White people, yet a large percentage of Blacks in the West pretend they personally, or their families, were directly slaves to make people feel sorry for them and make all White people feel guilty).

      For comparison, millions of Whites were stolen by Arab Muslims and sold into slavery to Black North Africans during the Barbary Slave trade. She’s that give every White person today the right to play victim and shame all Arab Muslims and Black people for perpetuity?

      And the Blacks that were enslaved by a few percent of White wealthy land owners in the U.S. FYI were sold into slavery to them by Black leaders in Africa after all.

      Stop playing the victim because of your skin color, stop making any and all White people feel guilty for perpetuity because of they are White.

      Learn all of history instead of this tunnel vision historical revisionism or half truth crap.

      Contrarian Deist.

      1. I never owned slaves burning stealing is not justice for George Floyd all tv turning black tearing down white history is racist gov kissing black ass is not justice George is standing before God just like we will that’s justice so will chauvin who will die in prison all of a sudden it’s black this black that there are other races besides black I feel a race war is coming it will destroy the us China Russia are waiting and laughing seeing us destroy ourselves over ancient history the gov cares nut him about nobody but there selves where all slaves stand up whites I’m not ashamed to be white you try to burn my house you’ll burn in hell white brown or black

  7. Nice manifesto, bro, but when you get pulled over by white cops, they’re not gonna give a fuck that you think you’re better than other black people.

    1. #BlackLivesMatter is a Marxist Organization that does not give a crap about blk lives !!
      Wake Up
      George Soros is helping #BLM replace all District Attorneys in major DEMOCRAT Cities with (she, he,they,zero) black person.. mostly (they identify as a woman) and they are replacing the judicial systems with Radical Leftists Progressive Social Justice Attorneys. Meaning black criminals are not prosecuted & returned out to offend again. Check out the crime rates since the date the DA was replaced (Blm & Soros started in 2018). Not only that they are prosecuting the cops & whites to the full extent of law. Since 2018 1 million ppl fled NY, Chicago & Detroit because of the high murder & crime rates.
      Innocent people are dying.

      1. Let Me Remind Everyone The Real Truth. After Jesus Threw Satan And The Rest Of The Angels Out Of Heaven They Were Angry At Jesus Because They Believed What Satan Told Them. He Told Them To Rebel Against Jesus. He Deceived Adam And Eve, The Fallen Angels Made Chdren Together And They Taught Humans The Secrets Of Heaven And Taught This World False By Wearing Makeup And Making Weapons. For Thousands Of Years The Prophets And True Worshipper Saint Servants Of Our Almighty God Jesus, The Fallen Angels Have Abused And Killed. The 12 Tribes Comes From Many Nations And The Fallen Angels Still Makes Wars. People In All Nations Have Been Abused, Murdered And Enslaved. Millions Of Jews Were Shot, Burned Alive, Forced Into Slavery, Forced To Die In Starvation And Families Split Apart. Children Including Pregnant Mothers Forced In The Furnace And Gas Chambers Alive. Babies Too. In Sodom And Gomorrah, This Nation Is The Exact Same Place But This Nation Is In More Deep Of Spiritual Darkness, Wickedness, Slavery And Sin. Every Nation Still Sees Slavery. Satan And His Army Of Angels Have Been At War With Us And Jesus Christ Portraying An Image Of A Saint. Murdering Millions In 9/11 Acting As If He Wasn’t Involved. Satan Said It Himself In A Speech Years Ago ‘We Don’t Need A Messiah’ And ‘We Are In No Of A Saviour’ And Hides Behind Joe Biden And Is Returning Any Day Now. Jesus Christ Put Donald Trump In The White House. He Chose A Strong Man To Lead This Nation Back To Where Jesus Wants It To Be. The Border Was Instructed By Jesus Himself For Our Protection. Satan And His Wicked Angels Created Holloywood With Music, TV Shows, Reality Shows, Movies And Everything That Is From News To Anything Famous. He Created All Of This Wickedness Because He Wanted To Be Worshipped And Praised Instead Of Jesus Christ. Freemasons Hiding The Truth From Everyone. Murdering Kids. Killing Babies. Eating Babies Alive. Sacrificing Their Own Families For Fortune And Fame When They Later Regret Selling Their Soul To That Wicked Beast Thief. Stealing People Away From Jesus. Satan Taught People To Believe In Skin Color And See One Another As That. The Black Panthers Were Satanists As Well As The KKK. Jesus Never Created Us As A Skin Color He Created Us All In His Beautiful Perfect Image. Music And All Of This Wicked Crap People Believe Is Entertaining Is All Enslaving This Nation. Jesus Including Enoch Warned Us All About These Last Days. No One Is White And No One Is Black. We Are Created In The Image Of Our Almighty Father And Creator. The Truth About Kenneka Martin In Chicago, Her Mother Set Up Her Own Daughter’s Death And Staged It For Money. They Took Out Her Organs On The Kitchen Table And Removed It From The Camera Images. And The Freemasons Murdered George Floyd To Make Everything Worse. These Freemason Elites Are Extremely Dangerous When Its About Our Life With Jesus Christ. Satan And His Angels All Harbor In Music And Entertainment And These Wicked False Agendas So That People Will Not Be Saved.
        Stop Seeing One Another A Color Of Skin. They Are Only Making People Believe In Skin Color To Create More Chaos And Distraction From Jesus Christ.
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        And All Of This Skin Color Agenda Wickedness Needs To Stop.
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        I Am Warning About All Of This Because No One Else Will Speak The Real Truth.
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        Jesus Christ Will Is Always Going To Be My Witness And Well As I Am Always Going To Be His Witness To The Truth.

        Ask Jesus Yourself About Everything I Am Speaking About. It’s All The Truth. Those Who Read This Believe And Know This Is All The Truth Knows And Believes In Jesus Christ As Being The Truth.

        Repent And Accept Jesus And Run To Him To Be Saved Before His Return Day Is Here. Not Just Believong In Jesus Will Save You. Its Repentance Too. Read The Book Of John Both 1 And 2. He Confesses It All.

        May Jesus Christ Save All Of You On The Last Day Before The Rapture Or After During The Last Battle And That Your Names Are Found In The Lambs Book Of Life
        I Love All Of You And So Does Jesus Christ.

          1. Hmmm seems someone is upset that their brother in racial identity, is telling proven and factual information about the truth.. I believe MLKJr said I have a dream, that one day we’ll be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the contents of our hearts..
            perhaps you should think on that.

        1. I press X to doubt.. BLM was and is recognized to have become a political and racial movement as early as 2013. Obama has to decide whether to count BLM as domestic terrorism.. he says so himself. So… I think Obama would know when he signed the document stating that at this time BLM doesn’t qualify as Domestic terrorists. AT THIS TIME. I don’t think you even knew that

        2. I would like to thank for speaking your thoughts and being so forthcoming with facts and details. I am a mixed American of First Nations Cherokee and European ancestry. So I cannot claim white supremacy. Im just an American mutt. But it’s clear for anyone with an iota of functioning grey matter, would be wanting to destabilize the last Superpower in the world (U.S .A) with a resurgence of dormant racial stigma. MLK is rolling in his grave, And the needless death of all our countrymen in pursuit of equality was just a piss in the wind. Thank you for this article! It’s never easy to point the finger at your own and risk being ostracized by ignorance and blind hatred at them being held to account in truth and fact. I am a new fan and in unity with you Sir.

  8. How do I get a reprint of this article so I can share it with some people that seem to be riding along with other liberals. Some have not even had good history or government in school. For the most part, if you listen to media or read the publications, all you get is the liberal side. Not all, but most. Many people are hooked on screen time of any kind.

    I would like to print out a copy even with the comments if possible. I also respect copyright of the author, the Tribune, and any others that it might be a violation. I want to do it correctly if allowed.

    If you have any other articles or suggestions addressing this problem that could be shared, let me know this also. Thank you.



    Thank you.

  9. I would agree with much what the article is saying about BLM,! But I’ve always had a problem of “our people,” using the system statistic, to prove an opposing narrative! As a former MN “native;” leaving in early 2020 for TX. I don’t trust BLM, FBI’s data base statistic, Police states; the Far-Left, the “Far-right,” the Democratic party, Republican party, or the Conservative party. All Mass Media is on this list, on the left and the right!

    1. I look at it(BLM) as an undercover crime racket, disguised as a humanitarian group….which is sad, because the end game goes completely against what they claim to be about…..instead, they take advantage of the people who are hurting the most, and try to exploit their emotions, by instigating, and leading them to act “out of pocket” which leads to more violence and ultimately headlines for the powers that be, which oftentimes leads to their followers being sent to prison, or an early grave sadly…..which they will also capitalize on, treating the people like disposable objects

    1. “The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.”

      1. Wow. Seems to me that adding the Conservative part made the narrative actually worse for the liberal viewpoint. From this standpoint, Malcolm X essentially states that the the Liberals are actively engaged in keeping the black person down and making up lies. At least the Conservatives can learn and become better because they are aware and aren’t purposefully lying and trying to cover it up. When you’re sanctimonious, believe you know better than everyone else and believing your own lies, you’ll go down with your ship. Maybe that’s why huge numbers of minorities voted Republican this election cycle; the most since 1960. Maybe it’s also why huge numbers of black candidates showed up on Republican tickets, because they know the world isn’t perfect but the Conservatives will embrace them into office, whereas the Liberals will tell them how to act and vote, and if they don’t “you’re just not black”, because they know what is best for them.

  10. Obsessed over black on black violence, whites are reluctant to talk about Tim McVey, Steven Paddock, Jim Jones, Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, and many more whites who kill more in a few minutes than so-called urban thugs kill in months. This comes as no surprise though for disparity is germane to the home of the brave, land of the free where revisionist history explains away rape, murder, and exploitation others went bound so whites could be free, where others went poor so whites could be rich otherwise one would ask free and rich as compared to who and what.

    1. Lol what white person is reluctant to talk about those named here? No one. What you’re saying is grossly false. White people have zero problems talking about serial killers. Or hiding the fact that white people kill people. Thats a black thing to hide blacks killing blacks. So check yourself. Not only do whites not martyr criminals in the US like blacks do. They execute them. Your statment takes a very typical approach of removing accountability and redirecting it onto others. This is why you all struggle. Because a great number of you want to take no accountability. When you get woke… make sure your fully awake eh?

      1. Black lives matter is a demarcate oppritive an will not work fo Louisiana you’ll r all fucking illiterate what about white lives matter I am all against a white trash doing wrong an if no respect of cops he need to get what he deservesu even getting his ass shot for resisting arrest but blacks think they can resist arrest cause black lives matter is taking up for them fuck that good will suffer for the bad if u know what I’m talking about !!!!!

        1. You sir are one willfully stupid MF. White lives have always mattered. They were, are, and always will be the only lives that matter in this country. Has there ever been a statute that authorized the taking of white life for failure to comply with directives? 17 states crafted such laws respecting blacks. That the slave is not to be ranked among sentient beings but among animals is undoubtedly the cardinal rule wherever slavery is permitted. The slave goes fed or famished, clothed or unclothed, sheltered or unsheltered at the will of the master. Over the slave the master’s power is as unlimited.
          Things are perfect in America when blacks apologize for bleeding on the boot of the white cop who kicks the shit out of him. You guys cheer when you see a Rodney King beatdown.

          1. And that’s why the Civil war was fought. But, hatred and lack of vision as to how the US has changed is why it’ll always be a “woe is me” cry from so many of the race baiters such as yourself. Are things perfect in the USA? Absolutely not. Can things be better? Yes. But, we, in a short span of HUMAN existence, established a country to get out under a taxing rule from a distant city and power center not aligned with our values (kinda sounds like the reason for the Electoral College??) . We managed to legally – give Women’s suffrage, allow blacks equal footing (legally – yes, there have been many instances of holding onto old ways, which are slowly losing grip as time moves on) through desegregation and ending slavery. We’ve done this while also becoming the country where millions of non-whites flock here in the hopes they could have the “racism” of the US and the “lack of opportunity for colored people” that AOC and, I’m sure, you, believe we have.

            I do love how you are clenching onto the vestiges of the past like they’re somehow true now. Maybe if you paid attention, many countries, if not most, held those beliefs with slaves. And, slaves came in many colors. Africans did this to their own people too, let’s not forget. Slavery still exists in our world and it isn’t just with Blacks. Children and adults are being put into it all over the world and are being traded similarly as you bemoan above. And, the US is on the leading edge of trying to bring it to an end.

            We have work to do, as everyone and every nation does. We’ll never be perfect, just like any business or person or situation will never be perfect. A belief of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” means it’s already broken and fixing it will be a long term goal and we, as a country, can’t ever think status quo is good. Foresight to understand that everything and everyone needs to constantly adapt to keep moving forward in a positive manner is what’s needed. Instead, people like you, who have obvious anger issues and contempt, want to drag down the masses with your garbage. What good are you providing the world by regurgitating something that you were never a part of? What good does your stance do for anyone, other than the left who loves to incite violence to make everyone keep re-living previous sins of past generations? You’re simply attempting to continue all the BS so we never move past it. You should want growth, not retribution. Retribution to many people who had nothing to do with any of this and who want to move on and make everyone successful. If you had the slightest concept of “a rising tide lifts all boats”, you’d stop trying to throw yourself and others overboard like an anchor in hopes you can capsize as many as you can in order to make up for something in the past. If you did have the slightest concept of that, you’d be looking for ways to reel in the others (both PoC and non-PoC) and get everyone going in the same direction. Dragging everyone down does nothing to further the argument and disenfranchises more people, including many PoC who have moved on and are trying to make the world a better place. But, I’m guessing by your vitriol above, I lost you long ago with my facts, compassion and awareness of the best ways to move forward.

        2. Sir, you are racist. Many black people are underestimated. Every time a cop sees a black person they are going to suspect that they are breaking the law. but they don’t do that to white people. I wish you people would understand that since 1619 all the way to now 2020. Black people have had fewer opportunities. We were property. Not even considered human. But you white people were. You should think about that and do some research on all the WICKED things that white people have done to black people.

          1. It was not only black people who were slaves, the Irish were also sold as slaves among others. It was the African people who actually started selling slaves and a few even owned slaves! You talk about how everything was handed to white people, you need to freaking research because ALOT of whites worked their asses off and still dont have crap. And as for whites taking from blacks huh! Native Americans lost a hell of alot more! So dont hollar black lives matter when it should be “NO LIVES MATTER TIL ALL LIVES MATTER”!

          2. It’s not only blacks that some cops automatically assume are criminals, there are whites, Mexicans & others who get same treatment. Stop resisting & do what cop says and get a whole different outcome! I’m a white/mexican female and I learned the hard way.

          3. Thats a lie. If you look poor which includes white people the cops will think you did something. We need to realize that its the 1% that is getting the attention off them and onto the people. If you are poor you will be treated like a criminal no matter what store you walk into no matter what cop. Trust me Ive been there. United we stand and divided we fall dont forget that. Dont place your trust so easily in something so insane. We need to be standing together as a whole to beat out the 1% that are trying to take over the world and guess what they are not all white but the majority is in the states. And they want to keep the black person down. How can you not see that? How can you not see they are using media and self proclaimed profits funded by rich white guys to trick everyone??? Why aren’t we focusing on them anymore? Why aren’t we focused on climate change and human divinity??? Because they took it off them and got us fighting each other.


      2. Whites don’t martyr criminals? So the square is round! Your precious fiat features the portrait of a criminal on all but the $5 note. Well I suppose you don’t consider whipping the bare back, branding the face, severing the hand or foot, or gouging out the eye criminal acts. Not only do whites martyr criminals they immortalize them by erecting statues to honor them around the country. I know, I know you are one who believes slavery with all its horrors is the best thing that ever happened to blacks. I pray folks like you burn in house fires.

      3. This is why you all struggle. Because a great number of you want to take no accountability. When you get woke… make sure your fully awake eh?

        Wow! Reading through the response, all I keep seeing in my mind is a mic dropping followed by a nuclear explosion…lmao

    2. WRONG..
      The DRIVE BY SHOOTING was invented in the early 1980’s.
      They have killed over 200,000 black people of all ages in those 40 years.
      The #1 THREAT to a black person in the USA is another black person.

      Get off the blame game, you have played it for my entire 60 years and I for one am sick of hearing.
      Or…Just start that race war you want so bad and we will end it for you.

    3. Black on black crime is incredibly relevant. Each instance has both a black victim and a likely a black criminal vs cop interaction. How can anyone say this isn’t relevant? Less black on black crime is a x2 multiplier for black lives as it saves the victim and the criminal black criminal from interacting with police. BLM should be renamed to BLKBWCM (black lives killed by white cops matter) as they clearly are not focusing on the root causes of “police brutality”.

      Keep blaming whitey and it will get you nowhere. BLM is creating racism not fighting it!

    4. You act as only white people are mass or serial killers. This is false.
      Anyways even if it were true, these individuals are few and far between on very rare occasions, whereas black gang people are killing other blacks(and whites, and Asians, male and female, gay and hetero, young and old) EVERY DAY in big cities.
      Hardly comparable.
      Contrarian Deist

  11. Tapestry of adversaries polarized by race, class, wealth, education, and traditions all under a flag of unity-proffered! America has no culture, no society. Only 300 million individuals who collaborate from time to time for self-interest. The list of core American values is a total fabrication. American people don’t compete; they price fix, monopolize, and trade from within. They don’t believe in freedom and justice but injustice and bondage instead. If there is a genuine American value it is discrimination! And discrimination is something for which Americans have demonstrated they are willing to kill, and die. To structure the white among the numerous foreign types Columbia University Professor Thomas Jesse Jones said New York “must use every agency of state.” This is the every essence of systemic racism whites cannot in the wake of its devastation acknowledge. The Library of Congress catalogs, photos, and records of 3640 lynchings of black people. Not a single one was ever prosecuted. The institute does not keep child pornography instead it keeps photographs of blacks dangling by the neck with castrated genitals crammed in their gaping mouths for the sole purpose of communicating to future white generations how they should treat black people!

    There are in the US 143 firearm manufacturers. None are black owned or operated. In a snapshot, the firearms produced on any given day all are under white control. Somehow large numbers of guns with appropriate ammunition make their way to inner city youth. I wonder how that transpires. If BLM is responsible it can only be with white cooperation. Do you have an answer; I am all ears!

    1. Les Taha,
      Thank you for your timely article. I value your input and take it seriously. The important link on the George Floyd autopsy is no longer active. Either someone has removed it or the file has been moved. It is important this information continues to be readily available to the public. It is important that more voices like yours make it to the mainstream, and that all blacks are not vilified or backlashed against because of the Black Lives Matter movement. Whites need to stay level-headed and remember not all blacks are in on the vicious BLM games afoot. I hear stories of blacks helping whites during riots when they cannot even go outside (like to the grocery store) for fear of violence, for one thing. I am sure there are many other stories. I am angry with the BLM and related black/brown power movements, but not all blacks. I hear this from other whites, as well. Articles like yours help to keep reminding us of the other kind of blacks in the country and world, and to help bring the peace between the races. Some of the most astute material refuting BLM truly does come from the black community. They are bringing in relevant articles and evidence to the issue as if they have unique personal experience as well as a kind of sixth sense to find the right answers and clear the clouds. This input is absolutely vital to breaking up the ugly cabal.

  12. Laws do not supplant; they layer. Like a beet at the bottom of a salad bowl makes its presence known atop the leafy greens, the inhumanity of American slave codes influence current legislation. Not only do whites believe it is just to kill unarmed blacks, they take pleasure in doing so! Americans lament slavery but lack courage to so admit. They lament administering the punishments authorized by slave codes, gouging out the eye, branding the face, cutting off the hand, cutting out the tongue, castrating, and hanging (Stroud’s Sketch, 1827). Whites have been regurgitating the same narrative for four centuries. Please believe them. You are unwanted; leave these assholes to themselves! They despise BLM because the movements message is do not accept mistreatment with grace!

  13. Trying to make American democracy work for all is like trying to make a left shoe accommodate a right foot. Neither were designed for such purposes. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney said “the black is not and never can be a citizen of the United States. ” He meant “never” and his words hold true today. I do not advocate trying to change America, a racist nation from day one. A thing can be only what it is. Discrimination is the defining characteristic of America, a country full of people who hate love and love to hate. If you are black and serving in america’s armed forces, get out and stop defending your oppressor. Put this regressive country in your rearview mirror and go live where law does not classify you “quadruped”!

    1. I can understand about the BLM movement being what it is, and just trying to put African Americans in a bad light What is insulting is the way you talked about George Floyd. No matter if he was a criminal or otherwise. It’s still doesn’t excuse or vindicate the man who contributed to his death. How come you don’t speak of the cops bad past or background? Sounds pretty biased to me. Chauvin had a disturbing history as well. 16 complaints against him. The precinct itself was known for being racist and harbored rogue police. Tell the whole story instead of being one sided.

      1. Floyd is a scumbag. If it was a white person killed in the same manner (which happens twice as much as blacks ) you wouldn’t give a shit. The media would not give a shit. Floyd’s family is better off with the result of his death. He was never there anyways . He has always been in prison. He likes to stick guns into pregnant women’s stomachs so he can rob them.
        Stop the BS!!!!!!!!!!

      1. America defined autocracy not democracy. I believe we have to credit the Greeks for that. Interestingly, no one submitting anti-BLM comments mentioned anything about the activities of the KKK, you know that wonderful community organization that has been practicing democracy since 1865. Could it be because like your coward in chief, you all are “unfamiliar” with the organization?

        1. No, it’s because the KKK has ultimately been castrated. Even the ultra-liberal and partison Southern Poverty Law Center recognizes this. There are less than 5000 known KKK members across the US, for an organization who has been tracked for almost a century. From what was a very prevalent organization to what it is now, they’re a non-issue. I’m not saying what they stand for doesn’t show up in other organizations, but it doesn’t show up as the KKK. Your straw-man argument is merely deflecting from the fact that the BLM “peaceful protests” are the single greatest domestic manmade destruction in the history of the US. The 1960’s (that’s a decade) saw about $1.2B in current dollars. These riots over a week saw about $2B in INSURABLE damages, which means far more in terms of actual damages (the ones that won’t be built back under the BLM mantra of “insurance will pay for it”) And if you don’t think it was BLM, then why didn’t the cities burn when Biden was named President-Elect by the media? They would have had Trump been named the same. BLM is relevant, KKK is a has-been. Stop trying dig up dead bodies of the past for your arguments to deflect from what’s actually happening.

  14. My name is Amber Barton! I’m the mother of 5 mixed children. I am soooo sick of the racism that’s going on. My 20 year old almost hates me because I’m white. Really? I raised her! This racial mess is nothing more than a mess! My children are amazing! My son is a football star with straight a’s and my other kids play basketball and volleyball with A’s! We live in Wyoming and I’m sick of this racist BS that people are trying to fill my kids full of! We are Christian and ALL LIVES MATTER! Thank you Jesus!

    1. Amber, I assume you are familiar with America’s One Drop Rule which perpetuated a concrete Wall between whites and all others. Under American law your bi-racial children were never meant to considered anything but slaves. The problem with laws is that they are joined at the hip to their unintentional consequences. I am so sorry for your pain but you can thank the construct of white privilege and wonderful america for the turmoil in your home. The country and its hate-inspired prevailing social attitude toward race renders it an entity on constant suicide watch. You will comply or risk losing your whiteness and the privileges inherent to absence of skin color.

      1. I’m a little sick of the convenient strawmanning of a white privilege that now, as a politically and rhetorically expedient device, can shoulder the blame of every negative aspect of life in America, even among the inherently complex dynamics of the family. It’s absurdly reductive and even willfully ignorant to assign the source of these kinds of issues to an academic social theory that has only surfaced within the last 30 years as a one size fits all, psuedointellectual cartoon mallet to beat all your problems, real or perceived, over the head until you feel they are silent, not resolved.

  15. Just read the article and comments, BLM is just another way to keep hatred alive. Hate breeds money peace doesn’t. If Americans would start getting along and stop the madness the billionaires would lose their “CASH COW” which includes and is not limited to Hatred and racism. Racism is very much alive and there are racist people who will continue to push their agenda. If you don’t believe it, try organizing a peace rally the fascist will have your head on a platter don’t mess with their agenda which is keeping the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    1. There is no need for the BLM to keep hate alive in America, as hatred fuels the national engine of greed. We do not collaborate; we compete. The disease of democracy is spread out costs and concentrated benefits. While many compete in the race only one crosses the finish line first. Mountains of literature advance degradation of blacks. Dr. Samuel Cartwright, a Medical doctor advanced the insidious idea that blacks who were unhappy with the condition slavery suffered from a disease he coined drapetomania. And, the precious constitution is nothing but a slave code in disguise, one that pledges the full force of the country to suppress rebellions by those classified 3/5ths human beings. Get this through your minds once and for all time, black people do not exist for white prosperity and pleasure.

        1. Well the stop “visiting” pain on people of color. You know I wonder how america went from criminalized to compulsory education for black children. I am certain before doing so the system of free and appropriate education for all white children was geared to produce leaders and followers. Look I get it and think that if I were white I too would be hesitant to relinquish my advantaged position in the fruit of the poisonous tree. But I do not believe I would deceitfully disavow the 400 year history of statutory privilege from which I benefited and continue to benefit.
          People who steal land, create plantations, and exploit through violence the labors of other human beings to operate the same while coining themselves “saints” are no doubt devils!
          “The slave can own nothing nor profit from his own enterprise. He can make no contracts nor can he wed. The slave is subjected not only to the will of the master but to the will of all white people. When he becomes too refractory to be of use, the slave maybe killed by the master with impunity” (American slave code). The pen in white hands is like a nuclear weapon!

  16. I’ve been watching Crossing Many Rivers on PBS by Mr. Gates. I found it interesting that within the first fifteen minutes of this documentary, it mentioned that different African groups fought each other and the chiefs of the winning tribes made slaves of the members of the losing group. I never knew that black africans made other black africans slaves prior to the white slave trade took place.

    1. Thank you for writing this piece of realness I commend you .why aren’t black life’s matter telling everyone to stop commenting crimes & stop shooting each other.why don’t sport star tell people the same thing instead of crying about injustice and put there money to good use buy paying poor people bills or buy housing or solar panels for free electricity or buying laptops for school .or how about rappers who could send more positive messages in there music or maybe white people are the devil one thing I do know is that countries like China are watching and waiting for us as Americans to stumble

      1. Just to inform you, there is a difference between a black man shooting another black man over some type of feud and white men killing black people solely based on the racism rooted in them. For example, the officer responsible for killing George Floyd had no real reason to kneel on his neck for as long as he did (if there even is a reason to kneel on someone’s neck until they die). It was based off of racism and this country has seen enough black folks killed at the hands of racism. The black lives matter movement simply fights for equality among all

        1. “no real reason to kneel on his neck for as long as he did (if there even is a reason to kneel on someone’s neck until they die). It was based off of racism and this country has seen enough black folks killed at the hands of racism”

          I guess you couldn’t read some of the facts stated in the article.

          1) Knee on the neck is standard restraint practice when someone is resisting to the extent that it is deemed necessary.
          2) He died from HEART FAILURE. If you can say “i cant breath” you are in fact breathing.
          3) There is nothing present to account for racism. You are applying that label to it because that’s what you WANT to see.

          The whole thing was an unfortunate but nevertheless over-hyped pile of garbage used to kick off a crap media agenda. I mean this isnt some secret information. Just Google George Soros and read a bit …

        2. Hi the officer that killed George Floyd Knew him and worked with him. How do you know what feud could have been going on between the two? We would never know. The officer in question would never say he did it on purpose or that would give him first degree. Personally I think they had a feud and it wasn‘t a race thing. But that’s just an opinion just as it is yours that he killed him because he was black. Thats the main problem and what the writer is saying. We decided based on our opinion on what happened based on zero facts and the media played right into it. Children were being killed by the police and yet none of them are being used as a poster child for this movement. NOT ONE. Don’t you think they would be a better fit for this movement? Innocent black children not a career criminal? It’s so messed up.

      2. The Only Thing To Respond To This Comment Is. You Are Being Deceived Too.
        But Calling People The Devil Is Wicked And Against Jesus Christ.
        The 12 Tribes Are Descended From Many Nations.
        You Need To Sit And Think About Everything You Believe In And Realize The Way You See Others
        You Need To Pray To Jesus And Accept Responsibilities For Your Sins.
        You Cannot Call People Names When Need To Accept The Truth When Its Not Coming From Celebrities.
        You Cannot Hold False Hatred And See Others The Ways These Wicked Celebrity Fallen Angels Teaches You.
        You Have Spiritually Asleep For Too Long And Its Time For You To Pray To Jesus And Start Asking Him Questions About This World.
        The Fallen Angels Teaches You To See Skin Color And To Hate Those Who The Fallen Angels Wants You To Believe Do Wrong To You. But When A Messege Is Coming From Jesus Himself In Heaven Its Through Love, Peace, Truth And Care.
        You Need To Stop Walking In The Ways Of The Fallen Angels And Stop Letting Them Fool You And Teach You Wrong.
        Jesus Wants To Stop Blaming Others For Things That Have Happened To You And Your Family In Your Life And Stop Hating People Who Have Done Nothing Wrong To You. What Happened During Your Childhood Is Never Anyone Elses False And Niether Yours. Jesus Is Always Watching Over You And Is Always Protecting You.
        He Assigned You Your Own Personal Loving And Caring And Guiding Guardian Angel And He Always Sends His Holy Spirit To You.
        Jesus Has Been Calling You And Trying To Draw Your Attention To Him.
        Sit In A Quiet Room, Find Peace And Pray To Jesus And Praise His Name.
        Always Give Jesus Thanks And Remember He Is Never Far At All.
        He Is Always His Name Call Away.
        Your Family In Heaven Is Always Trying To Get Your Attention.
        When You Feel A Cool And Warm Feeling Over Your Shoulder And Your Head Its Your Angels.
        Jesus Sees Your Suffering And Knows Your True Heart That Seperates You From Others.
        Stop Trying To Push Your Loved Ones And Your Friends Away.
        You Have Been Holding In Too Much And Its Time To Return To Jesus And Let Everything Go And Let Him Handle Everything. You Are Apart Of The 12 Tribes And You Belong On Heaven.
        Just Pray And Seek Jesus Before His Day Returns. He Has Been Waiting For You To Forgive Everyone Who Has Hurt You And To Be Closer To Him.
        Jesus Always Loves You.
        But Its Time For You To Call On His Name Amd Stand Up With His Holy And Righteous Army.
        Just Stand Up With Us And Gird Yourself In The Mighty Power Name Of Jesus Christ.
        You Are On Your Way Back Home Too To Jesus.
        He Is Coming Back To Take You Up In The Sky And Clouds And Into Heaven.
        And You Will See Your Loved Ones Young Happy And Healthy And Eager To See Your Face And Hold You In Person.
        And To Greet Jesus For The First Time In Person.
        Jesus Always Loves You. And He Is Always Waiting On Your Call.

    2. To the conqueror belong the spoils of war. After battle the winner would round up surviving enemy warriors and sell or trade them away to whites. They did this to prevent future warfare, not because they were too fucking lazy to work their own farms. But I am confused about the point you are trying to make. Do you suggest that African participation justifies North American slavery?

  17. Can you please send your article to the WHITE HOUSE.

    POTUS TRUMP AND VPOTUS PENCE AND ALL REPUBLICANS KNOW THAT BLM IS OBVIOUSLY A TERRORIST MARXIST GROUP. No doubt about it. It is funded by the wealthy organizations as you mentioned Headed by the moat evil 90 yr old soros

    Ask our Republican politicians through your channel what their plan is when they win in November when these thugs and criminals Are a thousand times more violent and It will be soros Obama’s hillary’s plan to see America burn to the ground.


  18. WOW. I am a white woman, I am not a racist. But have gotten a rotten feeling in my gut about BLM movement and..
    felt its making tension between races not making it any better. And this sums it up. Discussion needs to be presented on this matter. THANK YOU.

    1. The article is true and well written. BLM has been misleading. It does not care about all lives or all black lives. They are anarchist. They do nothing for the black comminity. Only interested if a black is killed by a white officer. If you want more unrest and chaos they are using the left to bring it. Look at the demise of large dem cities in our country.
      I am a 69y/o black woman, it’s so clear to me.


    2. Hi there “white woman”, I too am a white woman, or girl, whichever term is preferred. Let me kindly inform you on a few things, the black loves matter movement is not meant to cause tension between races, the white people killing off innocent black people has done enough of that!! The movement is simply meant to bring awareness to the innocent black lives taken from us. It is meant to fight injustice and fight for equality among all. All the love!-
      Your fellow white woman/girl.

      1. You can thank the Democratic Party for that. They are the ones who voted in Jim Crow laws wanted to keep segregation keep them in chains started up the KKK and also the ones who instilled a victim mentality in people. Let’s also not forget that the harsh prison sentences for drug possession and the like were also instituted by democrats I think you know the big names Biden, Clinton yeah that was them. They keep people so reliant on them that all they can do is scrape the bottom of the barrel instead of actually trying to fix things. But here’s a tip for people who don’t want to get shot take your knee and hands on the back of the head it’s kind of hard to misinterpret that. The innocent ones that are shot are a tragedy but let’s actually read some facts about 90% are not innocent the other 10% is and the officers deserve whatever sentence they are given. But can I ask have you even looked at statistics and seen that most black Americans are killed by other black Americans? You know all those black children killed by BLM supporters or the violent people who joined where are the protests for them and the looting and rioting too? Also if the movement is meant to bring justice to all why has BLM not paid anything to the businesses their supporters have destroyed? Also where is the justice for all the people they have harassed and attacked in public? It’s really funny their message smells of hypocrisy and falsehoods continuously. I have to say they should change their name to Black Lives Matter Only When They Are Killed By A Bad Cop!

  19. I’m a white man who also happens to be decently perceptive, if I can make that claim. I’ve spent the summer telling friends and colleagues that “there’s just something wrong” with BLM though I can’t (and am not safe to) try to explain how. I’m an artist, not a pundit or journalist, so I stay on the sidelines, but I trust my gut. And my gut told me right after George Floyd exactly all the things Leslie is laying out here. I appreciated reading this. It makes me feel I’m, just possibly, not quite the bitter racist everyone has labeled me.

    1. It is not the job of BLM to solve a race problem whites created. Instead it is their mission to balance the scale. What is good for goose is good for gander. Who do you think funds white supremacy? Or are you one of those deniers of reality who dismisses a 400 year phenomenon? Newtonian physics teaches us forces are equal and opposite; get ready for the big payback!

      1. Your comment describes exactly the motivation and ideology of BLM and Black supremacists. They don’t want equality, they want revenge. Mob rule and veiled threats only divide us further.

  20. This was the most upside down thinking, turning and twisting the facts, this how Hitler started getting supporters. Our Jails were setup to keep rural towns employed , take away farming, you now have a correctional facility built to keep it town from disappearing. How is white privileged a defense for a rich white kid that killed a family under the influence, or using and selling pounds of cocaine excusable. The system is rigged. I will not paint all blacks as saints but enough is enough. Let our neighborhoods flourish. Inside gun sales, only providing drug rehab when the rich and middle class whites get hooked. Go to a black school you will see less funding provided in comparison to whites . The school system titles a school gifted or talented in a Spanish and black neighborhood to allow basically whites to attend, after the gentrifying of the neighborhood, the school reverses back to zone school to keep minorities out. Enough is enough.

    1. Read this article again with an open heart. Leslie has stated plainly what is going on. It is the Truth!!! These BLM people, including Obama and Hillary HATE AMERICA AND WANT IT DESTROYED! I am a 70 year old black woman that remember “burn baby burn” in the 60s when radical black groups supported by communist whites and blacks called for exactly what BLM thugs are calling for: put down or kill the police, kill everyone that disagrees with them, take over our cities and states and the whole United States for communist rule. They were then and are now full of demons! My prayer is that this movement is put down so completely that it can never rise again!

      1. Give different groups within the country a reason to believe they are being mistreated. Stoke the resentment over and over. Rub and scrape the resentment raw . This leads to chaos, riots and the destruction of the glue that holds the country together. Marxism will rise out of the ashes and build the Utopian Marxist World. This strategy hasn’t changed since the middle 1800’s when it was given legs by Karl Marx. Only problem is that Marxism has always and will always end in murderous tyranny, starvation, deprivation and mass misery. Sit back and watch….. here it comes….vote for the democratic Marxist socialists.

  21. This article was well written and the discussion needs to be taking place across the country instead of the childish politically engineered fighting that has created the most dangerous division seen in this country since the civil war. In the simplest, street language I can use, this always comes back to Trump who coincidentally became the man right after our first black president. Having voted for both, I see Trump as the epitome of “hustling.” He makes Don King look like an amateur, and when I use the term hustling it denotes both positive and negative behaviors. I have worked with (and for) many hustlers and realize the value and the detriment of their efforts. They make everyone uncomfortable, not just when they create chaos and wrongdoing, but especially, when they produce positive results. The fact that Biden’s hustle never was appreciated by his own party in past presidential bids makes him a dubious candidate, and I thought that Kamala would be the #1 choice early in 2019. I will be surprised if he is elected, that he serves as anything more than a set up to place her in charge before 2021 comes to an end.

  22. This article was well written and the discussion needs to be take place across the country instead of the childish politically engineered fighting that has created the most dangerous division seen in this country since the civil war. In the simplest, street language I can use, this always comes back to Trump who coincidentally became the man right after our first black president. Having voted for both, I see Trump as the epitome of “hustling.” He makes Don King look like an amateur, and when I use the term hustling it denotes both positive and negative behaviors. I have worked with (and for) many hustlers and realize the value and the detriment of their efforts. They make everyone uncomfortable, not just when they create chaos and wrongdoing, but especially, when they produce positive results. The fact that Biden’s hustle never was appreciated by his own party in past presidential bids makes him a dubious candidate, and I thought that Kamala would be the #1 choice early in 2019. I will be surprised if he is elected, that he serves as anything more than a set up to place her in charge before 2021 comes to an end.

  23. Just because someone is focusing on something doesn’t mean they are ignoring something else.

    Also, any movement can have any crazy person attached to it.

    I have felt the same as you in the past… and some of these feelings I’m truly struggling with. I can’t even usually explore my feelings as I am white and people jump down your throat immediately and call you racist when you are trying to understand the statistics.

    Through that struggle and searching out knowledge because of it I have learned that blacks kill blacks so much because of the basic injustice in the social and justice systems of our government that end up keeping entire groups of people in a place where crime feels like the way it has to be.

    That’s kind of the point… that’s why they are killing each other. Yes the whole police against the black man is another issue but if you dig deeper it’s about so much more about what causes it in the first place.

    Maybe if the movement is for the wrong reasons driven by the wrong people you could help drive it for the right reasons with the right people. You are black… your voice matters more than a white persons.

    Unfortunately no matter how much a white person is truly not racist or trying to help there always still seems to be someone who has a problem with it.

    I’m not sure if the people running Black Lives Matter or funding it or whatever have good intentions or not. I’ll explore it since you addressed it… if they were though… just trying to help…. why would it matter what color they were?

  24. Can you stop saying “media cabal”? I’m not sure if you realize but this is a highly antisemitic term that people use to refer to any “world wide controlling secret conspiracies”.

    1. Oh please. Very few people who refer to the media/msm and/or nwo cabal are referring to jews or jews only. We all know this cabal is multiracial, so enough with this “its anti Semitic” bullshit!
      Contrarian Deist

  25. Great article. You need to be on the news and good luck with your book . Americans need to wake up and stop listening to the liberal media. Unfortunately like you said most of the news is controlled by 6 major news corporations. Also people should be informed that the majority of colleges are liberal indoctrination faculties.

    1. Thank you. It takes heart to write something like this when it feels like everyone is against you. I don’t know what you’re going through or what you’ve been through but I appreciate the thought and effort to try and make this country right. Keep fighting for us and know that there is a majority thats with you

    2. Twisting and avoiding facts . You won’t get far . I have the ability to be open to hear both sides and read your article fully. You are delusional .

  26. Right hate will not solve anything. I don’t know about other parts of the country but I have noticed race relations get better where I live since I was young. Before someone tells me who I am I am a. 69 ur old white man in upstate SC. I could go on about what’s going on in our country. But I going to there bottom line…. MONEY and the only bottom line… GOD

    1. So i would like to understand this movement: They are trying to be respected and heard by disrepecting two of the very few things that unite you as US citizens (your flag and your anthem. Say what you want, but kneeling and acting all entitled while the anthem is played is complete and utter disrespect to everything your country is), while also having as their emblem the name and image of proven criminals?? I have seen they also attack and mistreat people who agree with their cause but not with their methods.

      Good luck with that! hope you get all the integration you deserve

      Love, J

  27. Thank you, I have been serving my country for over 34 yrs. Domestic and abroad I have stood for Anyone’s rights, but I am a coward to say what I know to be true, but now, you have said it for me. This is the most insidious implementation of willful souls marching into social segregation.
    Leadership is always guilty when no vision of attainable goals is laid out to inspire change.
    I have lived most of my life in a world of true brotherhood, all races, religions, ethnicities, sacrificing for one another out of love and this narrative is not the way. Pushing the agenda of diversity will never unify.
    I am sincerely grateful for you speaking for me

  28. The national Democratic Party are using blacks and The black live matter movement for their presidential election. The Democratic Party is about power and control and using blacks again and again. This time they are using the black lives movement to raise money and get out the vote for a mentally deficient candidate. Are blacks getting not tired yet of being used over and Over again? The democrats want To Legalize illegal immigrants and let illegals in the country by the millions for votes at the expense of black Americans. Once the illegals are able to vote They will be the largest voting block to cajole and the black Americans will be left in the dust without a voice. Never trust the Democrats. We need a third party in America called the Anti corruption Party for sane immigration and fiscal policies.

      1. I’m a 63-year-old white man with more black friends than white. That “clown” is better than any president this country has ever had and easily more qualified to lead this country than any democrat. Nancy Pelosi’s family has descendants who created the KKK. She is not for equality for anyone. Adam and Nancy are stalling our recovery for political reasons. They are destroying our country by their inaction and need to be voted out of office, or better yet run out on a rail.

      2. How much Left Wing Kool Aid have you drunk? You do know aside from the original kidnapping of Africans all of the other problems stem from the Democratic Party right? Open up a history book not made in the US and it will tell you who actually instigated most of the problems they face today. Jim Crow Segregation harsh prison sentences all Democrats. They then put together “programs” that were meant to keep the Africans tied down and reliant and pliable along with taking over the school systems. Why do you think they don’t teach proper history anymore? The left side wants to literally reform into something that cannot be sustained or cannot be allowed to thrive. The left is arguably going the way of communist China and also Russia and let’s face it you speak like your original post there they send in the military police to re-educate you with the butts of their guns and a few other toys. If you do it again they walk you out of your home and one of two things happen they shoot you or they take you to a military base work you to near death and then they shoot you.The prison problems your two big names Clinton and Biden you know the guy currently running for the presidency against the orange idiot who can’t keep his phone out of his hand? Yeah that’s their fault along with the rest of their left wing radical buddies.

  29. A fraud is a fraud is a fraud. BLM is a fraud. A hustle. When you say Black Lives Matter and completely ignore the 1000’s of lives lost by murder then you are…ding ding ding….a fraud. Nothing changes that. Defend BLM with all the verbage you want, that doesn’t change the fact that a genuine concern for black lives would not ignore the 1000’s of lives lost due to civilian murder. Guess who would have no problem ignoring those 1000’s of lives? A hustler spinning a fraud. Hustlers have no problem being so disingenuous. The BLM website claims the killing of Mr. Brown in Ferguson is a key event for the creation of their movement. In case you missed it, Ferguson was a justified shooting and an embarrassing attempt by the media, progressives, and the usual celebrity hustlers to pull off a fraud. Despite the fact they got caught and the DOJ investigation under a black Attorney General appointed by a black U.S President found Brown’s constitutional rights were not violated, this fraud still persists. Guess who isn’t fazed by the shame of lying and will push the same scam as long as it still has utility? Ding ding ding…a hustler.

    1. Just within the past week the District Attorney for Ferguson reviewed the Michael Brown case for the past 5 months without any fanfare and concluded that there will be no prosecution of the former officer- .An important sidebar is that the District Attorney is black.

    2. So true, I agree totally! Why didn’t our black president do anything for the black community during his eight years in office. Sleepy Joe had the same eight years with Obama to make changes for the betterment of black and white relations. It saddens me they wasted those eight years and destroyed any advances made for race relations.

      1. You are so right that’s the exact thing I was telling my granddaughter today . That Obama did absolutely nothing for any one in the black community or anyone for that matter .. Hell in a hand basket is what the United States is headed for I’ve been saying for years now … Wooossshh.. Good luck ..

          1. He had his first four years unopposed with the house and senate in the hands of his liberal party and still couldn’t do anything aside from raise our taxes drive a rift between people and police that grew bigger and oh yeah increased our national debt twofold. He sure tried hard.

  30. Thank you for this fact-based and deeply thought out article. And I applaud you for your bravery to speak up when others tell you you’re “selling out.” Yes, I am white and I’m a woman. But I’ve lived long enough to see that the methods used by the BLM movement are well … dark. If these same tactics were use for a women’s movement I would speak out against it as well and state that they do not represent me. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this movement is not at all about encouraging equality, positive communication, and mutual respect for all. It’s not about understanding each other. It’s about violence and creating more barriers and hatred between people. Very scary time for us all when censorship of truth is rampant and wrong is disguised as right.

    1. The methods white people used to acquire this land, and develop this land, are dark. But now that you have the land you write laws and speak from a moral point of view to maintain your possessions. The looting represents me as a black man. I’m done with listrning to white people setting the stage for what is right and wrong when its convenient. The Trump administration is proposing legislation to raise religious and “property over all other rights including life, so screw white laws. The burning and looting represents me as a black man from the Caribbean who knows that burning and rebelion was what forced England to declare slavery abolished. My generation will do the same, lay waste to this land and bring evil greedy people to their knees. You all are gonna meet a generation who would rather die than to continue to live this way and you’ll have to kill them or give them a corona tuskeegee vaccine. The problem with wiping out all the back people is that whites will enslave each other again.

      You all need blacks and immigrants so bad.

      You all need to stop acting like people wouldn’t be outraged and demonstrating with all the racial injustice going on. Groups can try to hijack all they want, the movement is authentic and that’s what you all fear. Black lives matter didn’t start with George Floyd. It started with Trayvon Martin when kids walked out of class and took to the streets. I’ve been numb since that incident and I still shed tears for that little boy who should still be here. But because the white man’s “laws” are convenient, we couldn’t get justice because the very righteous and good-willed people went state to state and lobbied rightious lawmakers to put stand your ground “laws” on the books and not surprising, gun owners know how it works and how to use it to the best of their ability. I wonder why those two in Georgia who chased the jogger and killed him pleaded not guilty??? We will lay waste to this land.

      1. Preach it! And spot on. When they try to hijack it and portray all peaceful protestors as “thugs” then you know which side the bread is buttered.

      2. Your juvenile attempt to rationalize the looting, arson, and other criminal activity of the rioters indicates you have an underdeveloped or diseased mind. Your assertion that you and others like you will “lay waste to this land” will end in your massacre. You are woefully unprepared for what you will reap should you try. I suspect you are just one more recliner revolutionary behind a keyboard. Are you?

      3. I would take your comment more seriously, if the burning and looting was not dis proportionally destroying black lives and minority owned businesses. You are demanding your reparations from your own backyard, essentially screwing yourselves and making your living conditions look like Baghdad 2005. I am white. I will not justify how the collective white race captured this land, but I will warn you that if you think laying waste to any American city is your version of reparations, it will not go well for you. Sadly, democrats will allow this sort of mayhem in their cities, perhaps they think that appeasing the mob is a winning strategy; however, if ever the looting and burning comes to the suburbs, it will not be tolerated nor rewarded. We already have had a Civil War, and a Civil Rights Movement. If you insist on repeating the past, you are truly a fool. I do not advocate violence because I do not think it will accomplish a better life for any person. I do not see the winning strategy in your proposal to violent revolution against whites. You have a hatred for whites, and that is fine with me, I do not care personally about your issues with white people, but I am advising you to reconsider outright violence against whites and expect a better life, let alone to live a long life. Ultimately, the best option is that like minded people of all races learn to live together for the cause of mutual prosperity and peace. That is why the Constitution, were it to be actualized, is the most just and well written documents of any society. We can go forward, or backward, but do not confuse what you call revolution as progress. It will cost more black lives than it will ever save, or benefit. If you advocate violence amongst your brethren, you are leading them into a life of violence, criminality and even early demise. Only a foolish person, or a hateful person would think in those terms. Which are you?

      4. The moment blm started to paint George Zimmerman as a “White-hispanic” is the day I saw it was a racially motivated hate group against whites. Don’t worry though, because extremist people like you is why gun sales have risen dramatically. You think all white America is like the urbanized liberal hippies who live among you, who are afraid of their own shadow. You are FAR wrong. Who do you think owns and works on all the farmland in America ? All we’d have to do is stop sending crops and meat to the cities and it would all be down in two weeks. Once the cities collapse, you won’t be receiving a welcoming or sympathizing person outside of city limits in your search for food and shelter. Cities are a ticking time bombing for humanity and only function because of people willing to work from the outside. Even if you found animals and forests, you don’t even know how to hunt, skin an animal, or harvest crops. Even better, you will have to trek acres upon hundreds of acres of land, while we are sitting with food in bellies and looking down the scopes of our steel. Contrary to popular belief, GPS and your phone wont be working if it comes to that. You are all mighty and powerful with this city thug talk, but we’ll see how it comes when you are starving and begging for the police to come back. blm is the biggest joke I’ve seen in my lifetime. Equality and respect is earned. You act like a human being, we can treat you as such. Republican or Democrat, if you support blm, you support terrorism.

      5. The people running blm ARE the rich white people who wrote and passed those laws, who own the land, who own two and three houses, who passed NAFTA (and TPP if President Obama had had his way) who stole Operation Breadbasket from Rev Martin Luther King Jr,who passed the racist Superpredator Mandatory Minimum sentencing laws,who were trying to make Black Votes worthless by open borders….The people funding blm have more white privilege money than all the middle class suburbanites in the whole country. The bad guys are running blm, foundations, universities and the Federal Reserve, not your neighbors.

      6. Hahaha . Look at africa, folks. They have more dictators, maniac killers and radicals like boko haram. And slavery is still flourishing in the land of black and done by black people themselves.

      7. Yes yes you’re absolutely right Blacks didn’t enslave each other after wiping out a village they didn’t kill all the men and then take the women and children as their own. Wait they did and they are still enslaving each other. Oh and certainly all those TVs and designer bags are really gonna help the movement looked more like someone was just taking advantage to go on a shopping spree for free while trying to take the moral high ground. The only white people that should be ashamed are the people who owned a slave and the Democrats who wanted to keep it that way and when they couldn’t instigated Jim Crowe laws segregation and win that fell through they created government assistance funds in order to keep you all quiet and pliant. Then they started telling the school system what they could and could not teach so that you wouldn’t learn of this and despise them for it. All of this can be found in almost any text book that is not printed here for a US class written by a Democrat. After all wouldn’t want to air that dirty laundry. Also stating you will lay waste to the land would mark you as a terrorist which means you yourself would be fair game to anyone who you harm. Tip might wanna stay out of Texas Arizona or any other states that have open carry permits. You guys won’t last long.

    2. But back when the Civil Rights Movement happened, MLK and majority of black people protested peacefully. Then he was killed and racism was still a big thing. So peaceful didn’t work did it. So now that we’re being more destructive y’all are like “Oh please don’t destroy that Gucci store.” When we were peaceful you didn’t listen. So what do you want us to do. Sit back and be murdered?

      1. How about you actually get off your asses and actually start electing people that aren’t politicians. There is a reason that the Latin name for politics and politicians translates to blood sucking parasite.

  31. Clearly you are a white man pretending to be black, seen this type of nonsense before. Why do some people draw attention to the criminal histories of non-white people killed by police? One could be a convicted offender, but that does not mean police officers who are supposed to serve and protect the community can blatantly use excessive force that lead to the death of that person. That is the point did you and other white people do not understand. Conviction does that mean served time, let’s be clear. And he was never convicted or serve time in jail for armed robbery And he was never convicted or serve time in jail for armed robbery. this blog/post is feckless and you were in your feelings goodbye.

    1. Clearly you’ve chosen to IGNORE the fact that before Floyd moved to MN, he’d spent 5 years in prison for armed robbery in TX. He’d already been in trouble with the law at least 3 times before he was in court with Judge Judy when he was 16 for pushing a woman to the ground, hijacking her car, and then wrecking it in a police chase:

      What Chauvin did was WRONG, without argument, and needs to be in court….soon I hope. BUT, Floyd is not the ideal poster boy for black rights.

      1. Not sure why nobody seems to be mentioning the fact that George Floyd‘s family didn’t give a damn about him either because of the kind of person he was but they weren’t very far from him because they themselves just came fake cried and used the opportunity to get a big payday on go fund me while even listing on go fund me that one of the main reasons for wanting donations was to fund his funeral AFTER they had already been told that the funeral was going to be covered by Mayweather while the family also made it seem like they couldn’t live without him even though they had no contact with him because he was a career criminal/drug addict.

    2. You can’t be serious. BLM is not a movement/group grown organically within the black community. BLM is not Dr. King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. BLM is not Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity. BLM is an organization created and funded by Jewish billionaire globalist Soros. The “black leaders” of BLM were hand picked by wealthy white globalists, corporations and aging Marxists. NYC has had more shootings so far this year than in all of 2019. Think about that, more shootings this year than last year, and it’s only the second day of August. 99% of these shootings are black-on-black. One victim was a black one-year old baby boy. Shot by blacks. Still, BLM march through NYC and the rest of the country calling for the defunding and dismantling of the police. Black-on-black shootings is not an issue of concern for BLM. Neither is black education. BLM says nothing about campaigning to make academic achievement a priority in black families and the black community. No. BLM simply tells blacks that the reason you don’t do well in school is because of systemic racism. BLM says nothing about 80% of black babies being born out of wedlock. And we know the statistics about children raised in single family homes. They’re not good. BLM’s official mission statement calls for the disruption of the traditional nuclear family. BLM is the most anti-black organization since the KKK. And by the way, i hope you all know that the KKK was founded by the Democratic party in 1865 after the slaves were freed. The KKK/White Democrats lynched thousands of blacks and hundreds of white Republicans that were fighting for newly freed blacks civil rights and the right to vote.

      1. stop with the jewish billionaire right wing bullshit.You were axed from the conservative movement in the 1950s by William F Buckley Jr…when he cleaned up the john birch society…and your racist president Trump will be axed from power on election day…As for the jews there are 12 million jews in the world….2 billion christians and 1.8 billion muslims…you do the math! Most billionaires are not jewish…and George Soros is a boogy man brought up only by the anti semitic right wing…too bad you are too ignorant to figure it out

      2. Oh here we go with the “liberal Jewish” conspiracy crap. This anti Semitic trope is bogus and what find sad is you all don’t even change the verbiage from the QAnon site that you all copy and paste from. Just sad.

    3. What led to these deaths was the inability for these men to comply with simple police instruction. That comes from poor parenting. And lack of Black fathers in the home!!! Children have been murdered (Black children) due to these riots. Davell Gardner junior, Secoriea Turner, do you want to compare your grief to their families grief??????? DO YOU EVEN CARE WHAT THEIR NAMES ARE??? Killing Black children while claiming to fight for Black lives??? When did the US police last open fire on innocent Black children? Like BLM have done!!! …. The full video of Floyds arrest was edited. I wonder why??? Check out the full video (on DM) then tell me why it was edited?? TELL ME WHY IT WAS EDITED????

      1. It’s pretty simple, Keith Ellison up charged the officers involved to second degree and aiding and abetting second degree all the while only having a preliminary autopsy report. He jumped on the case 4 days after the death of Floyd. He was taped saying that the public could never see the body cam footage because it would damage their case. Of course it would. It proved that his death had nothing to do with racist cops. They were more than lenient with him while he was spun out on drugs. It was only when Chauvin showed up that things got a little out of hand. The body cam videos and good attorneys for the 3 officers, not including Chauvin, and a “Fair Jury”, should get those officers acquitted. Minneapolis will really burn if that happens. Just so you know, under the MPD Policy and Procedures handbook, 5-311, allows for the use of choke holds (lethal), and knee restraints (nonlethal), both unconscious and conscious techniques, up until 6/19/2020, just 14 days after Floyd’s death, when it becomes prohibited.

    4. Why do you think all black and other minority people should think alike? This article speaks the truth and the fact that you accuse the author of lying about their race proves that these organizations are unfortunately winning the war on the minds of Americans. The race talk needs to happen and is overdue, but BLM is not the vehicle for progress. They are a Marxist organization and nothing more. They are using and abusing the population that they have sworn to protect. Wake up.

  32. Over 100 million dollars has been donated to the BLM movement. The Open Society Foundation run by George Soros has donated some 33 million dollars. But what has that money been used for? How much has been used to repair and update public housing, which Mayor DeBlasio promised he would do. How much has been used to build new school buildings or pay for private schools so that the children in these impoverished areas can have an education equal to their peers in the suburbs? How about preschool and/or daycare for low-income families so the parents can find work? Or what about providing education to the parents, so they can compete in the job market for higher-paying jobs? All of these things would help to support any and all families living in poverty and move them toward independence. However, independence is not what this movement is promoting. If that were true, they would not have burned down the businesses of fellow black Americans or immigrants that are working hard to achieve the American dream. BLM promotes violence. Try and speak reasonably with anyone involved in the movement and you are immediately shut down. Donations to BLM are going to support Democratic politicians. Once in power, they will throw black Americans aside and completely forget all of their promises. I pray that we stop dividing our country with this propaganda. America is a beautiful country. Together, we can help her to grow and prosper. United we stand. Divided we fall.

  33. the allegation that george soros and other corporatists are behind the BLM movement is typical right wing propaganda used to discredit the change that is coming fast to the US…Those of you who buy into this nonsense are taking the bait that Fox news opinion hosts are peddling. Simply because an African American authors an article that challenges BLM gets you all excited while around the nation both whites and blacks have had enough of systemic racism and enough of police brutality against the minority community…You can deny deny deny all you want….It isn’t going to change the reality and it isn’t doing to stop this from becoming a minority majority nation….period

    1. Thank You for you honesty and truths… backed by facts….cant dispute that. What was done to George Ford was horrendous. That does need to be addressed and will be in a court of law.

      What I question is” Do sports players realize BLM is a militant organization that will use guns or whatever to arm their “Peace Officers” once they replace the police. BLM are not here to help blacks shootings blacks. The BLM used to be called Black Panthers- That name put fear in people as should BLM. I am not saying Black lives don’t matter, ALLL lives matter!!!
      Violence is never the answer. I loved that Malcolm X quote.

      1. Um.,clearly you have little understanding of Malcome X:

        “The white man pays Reverend Martin Luther King, subsidises Reverend Martin Luther King, so that Reverend Martin Luther King can continue to teach the negroes to be defenceless. That’s what you mean by non-violent: be defenceless. Be defenceless in the face of one of the most cruel beasts that has ever taken a people into captivity. That’s just the American white man,” Malcolm X said.

        Oh, and the Black Panther were started as a response to Malcome X’s assassination.

    2. Nice counter allegations but that is all they are. Where is your proof of systematic racism? I see and hear nothing but hysterical allegations with not proof trying to insight mass criminal behavior by ignorant children.

    3. So if I donate money to BLM is it going to help the weapons of “peace police” to buy GUNS??? or does it go to blacks that need ? education classes- books on how to act when approached by a cop. What amount of money would help???

      1. It goes to their own coffers as well as the left wingers backing the group. They don’t actually use the money for anything that they destroy nor do they attempt to build anything either.

    4. You must be a devout communist to say that he does not speak the truth. Or perhaps a follower
      of Hitler who used similar tactics to take over Germany in the 30s. Socialism is a disease worse
      than covid 19. The blacks have been hood winked since the liberals pushed welfare on them. Tell me one thing good that BLM has done for the Black community. Shootings are on the rise in all the Liberal run cities. The money collected from corporations is going to the democratic candidates that are on the far left.

      1. The blacks have been hoodwinked since around 1676 when, the white plantation owners feared the kind of revolts and constant slaughter of white plantation owners in the West Indies, particularly Jamaica, created a white middle class from poor white folks to use as a buffer zone. Plantation owner, William Byrd, in a letter to a man named Lord Egmont, acknowledging… “how important status over Africans was to European Virginians by saying that slavery, “ruin[s]
        the industry of our white people, who seing [sic] a rank of poor creatures below them, detest
        work for fear it shoud [sic] make them look like slaves.”89 Thus the fear of losing their gained
        status over other lower-class Virginians impacted, at least in Byrd’s eyes, the labor poor
        European Virginians were willing to perform.

        So when I hear all this talk about get educated and improve schools, it’s because you all know that if blacks don’t work many if you white people will have to do slave work again… Hence we see white people today supporting Trump because he plans to make the immigrants and poor so the work in a time the white man realizes, he too is a slave to the system. Don’t worry about blacks, we’ll figure this shit out amidst all y’all distracting rhetoric.

        1. You do realize that the illegal immigrants are already doing that work for less pay then you or I would right? Also wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth either but I work damn hard for my money and it’s not a thankful job either. Also if blacks don’t work you just feed the Democrats with votes who like that because they can increase taxes and add it to the funds to give people who don’t work a place to live and free money and food. Which means we all would be paying for you to live for free.

    5. I’m all for having a right to protest, but cant we have a fenced in area or an arena, where people going in have to leave their drivers licenses, and please bring cell phones and take many pictures so we can match you up with your crimes. 3 million dollars done to stores in Cleveland. Even destroyed black owners places. The government can only pay out so much to fix what THUGS are doing. Guess who pays the rest…we do with our taxes etc.. BLM are not your friend or savior. They will not be happy till they rule the world. What would Martin Luther King say about all this violence. Violence begets more violence. BLM is a radical militant organization, they will use guns and weapons on their “PEACE POLICE”. Peaceful protest are not part of BLM…They will destroy America from the inside, forget about nuclear weapons. I am for equality, get rid of the bad apple police. BLM/Black Panthers are not concerned with Blacks killing Blacks, they just made a bigger racial divide and hence more crazy killings. Guns flying in all directions…sooooo sad. We were making a difference. We Had Obama for president!!!! Labrane James worked hard every day of his life to get where he is, Oprha with her school in Africa is making a difference. BLM is about getting rid of authority in this county so they can control us with communist ideas. People get killed in China and disappear for just stating their opinion. We Americans…. ALL of us matter!!! America is a great place to live. If you dont like it leave…see it that works out for you?

    6. And you can deny, BLM are destroying businesses. Destroying properties destroying lives. Destroying acceptance of one another. You can believe that this is all on the up and up. So deny, deny, deny

    1. I had That thought a while, back got shot down every time I tried to speak up. Even got chased down the hall at work when I tried to say nothing. What is happening now is a left movement, that has nothing to do with how black people are treated. but so much more on dividing as people.

  34. Wow, just wow. If someone tells the truth, they’re racist. This article is the truth. You know, something based on facts and evidence. Something we no longer get from liberals or 90% of news coverage.

    It’s an amazing concept, all of the BLM supporters screaming “equal” rights, while having no problem with all black magazines, tv shows, colleges, businesses, scholarships…on and on. How is using the term “my people” of only blacks acceptance and tolerance? How is blaming all whites for something most of us never participated in, never witnessed, never supported, any different than white people who view all blacks as criminals. It’s all B.S., it’s all hate and intolerance. You live in this country and benefit from it’s prosperity, you are equally responsible for the history that got us here. Serve someone else’s agenda for a change, help others like they have helped you, do something to better society for our kids.

    1. Wow! This article hit the nail on the head and then some! Thank you for a breath of fresh air in the midst of a very distorted and extremely left leaning world of journalism. I admire you for speaking such blatant truth.

    2. Good point about the Irish slaves. I would ask you to read up on the interracial revolt by black slaves, white pesants, and white indentured slaves, Irish and other Europeans that took place around 1676. Because plantation owners in Virginia feared the kind of uprisings that was taking place in the Caribbean, they gave those white pesants social class status over the blacks. There has not been an interracial revolt since because those whites have been used as a buffer zone between the plantation owners and the blacks. (Segregation laws peanage, interracial marriage codes, etc, further enhanced the divide down the road). Those whites have since fought to maintain their social status out of fear for doing slave work again… Brown v. Board of Education, women’s liberation, civil rights act and the changes of that era weakened the white middle classes grip on social status (more available labor and opening up of opportunities drives down wages). Perhaps since the 1980s, it has been most evident that those folk’s social status has been threatened by the influx of skilled legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants (skilled and unskilled) that has further driven down wages the plantation owners have to pay. Labor unions were broken during this time. These immigrants, since the 80s, have done very well for themselves.

      So when Trump says make America great again we all know why white Americans who haven’t voted since Regan came out in droves. Let us call it what it is. Y’all are scared shitless. Plantation owners and the buffer zone. Deep down, the white middle class knows they are a pawn of the white plantation owners but because they see color and kind, and fear history repeating itself, it’s easier to turn on the black than to fight the real opressors. You only fight/demonstrate when a Walmart/big business comes to drive out your mom and pop businesses that help to hold up your social status. This isn’t true for all white people btw. There are many Oklahoma bombing type white freedom fighters out there, they just don’t come on social media and run their mouth. Likewise, the plantation owners used runaway slaves/black malitias to keep the plantation slaves at bay and quash rebelions in the Caribbean. There are black Americans who support Trump because they feel a set of foreigners shouldn’t come to America and move up in social status so quickly when their ancestors have been here over 400 years… We are all puppets of one master. However, Black people, who have suffered the most, are being awoken by the spirits of millions of dead ancestors irregardless of whatever group that wants to hop on the coat tail of BLM and try to make it their agenda. We will learn, retain and speak our African tounge and we will beat our drums and summon our ancestors who will hear us and guide us.

      Marcus Garvey had the right idea. Repartuation. Africa for Africans. If immigrants stopped coming and blacks repatriated to Africa y’all would chase us like Pharo chased Moses and the Hebrews across the red sea to come back and work because y’all would become slaves again, or loose social status at a minimum. All that dormant white on white history would bubble to the top.

      1. Hey there, dumbshit. Did you know that, whenever you dribble on like that, w/ a false yarn about our presumed fears of having to work again. . . .that you are revealing your utter ignorance and also slapping quadzillions of New England farmers in the face ?

        That’s right. . . .My own ancestors were loggers and farmers in Northern New England, and they did all their own work, right from the get-go, after surviving the not-so-fun journey from Scandinavia. They worked their hands to the bone without ever employing YOUR pompous ass, and they were proud to achieve it as such. Not only that, but all.. . . ALL of the northern New England states . . . . participated in fighting in the Civil War, to free your ungrateful hide, when they did not even have to : Vermont, for instance, was one of the first states to enact anti-slavery laws as the state was even being founded.
        The next time you wanna droll on with some kind of race-baiting diatribe concocted under decades of Socialist-run education, FEEL FREE to do a little research ahead of time and learn a thing or two about the diversity of the early Colonies and states, as accurately recorded, archived and available for anyone to peruse.

      2. I believe the majority thought of “Making America Great Again” was about bringing home the jobs that the Democrats easily signed off on to being sent abroad. Manufacturing coming home. Having a country that could sustain itself instead of getting into unfair trade agreements. I don’t think 1 white person though “yay, we might get a black for cheap! Score!” Quite the opposite. As time goes by with BLM it seems as a way to get paid without working. People are not worried about losing black workers because other cultures take pride in what they do so Hispanics, Asians, and Whites will gladly pick up your slack and not have to deal with the bs of blm. That’s where you got it twisted. In fact without people like you I’m thinking it’s a much better plan!

  35. This is a very written article. Thank you for sharing and for having the courage that so many journalist have now lacked.

    1. This is called projection. It is a mechanism of the unconscious designed to raise your consciousness. You project onto others, the world what is your issue – that which is your own problem which you won’t see. So your unconscious mind puts it on everything you see until you get it is you that is the problem.

      In this instance you are projecting that you are a racist. You have accused everyone on this thread as being racist. You don’t know the slightest thing about what any one on this thread has done in their lives or what they believe. Yet you see racists. An article filled with facts triggers your projections, your emotions. You put it on everyone else because you don’t have the courage to face your own racism, your own bigotry so you accuse everyone else.

      Nut up and face your own faults instead of labelling everyone else as the problem.

      1. BINGO! If anybody cannot say ALL lives matter, THAT person is the racist. ALL lives INCLUDES black lives. If you believe in the BLM, then you believe all others: yellow, red, brown and white are less than blacks. We’re all ONE! …at least we’re SUPPOSED to be.

    2. Racism that anybody no matter their race, religion or country of origin can have an opportunity to see direct reward for their hard work. This is why people come from all over the world to this country to live this life. That is the racism (sic) that America offers.

    3. The funny thing is, you have no argument other than accusing others of systemic racism. When cited evidence is presented, you proceed to call out racism. I for one will stand against the BLM oppression of the black community.

  36. The majority of the people here are white republican men, trying to justify their racism. Im sorry you are all so ignorant. You will never win.

    1. I’m an Australian, living in Australia.
      Don’t like either political party. There, here, where ever.
      I just seek to know backgrounds and history. The people running the show. What’s the background. Whats their history?
      I’m an observer, and impartial, but from where I stand, and what I’m seeing. I’m not liking the links to people in Thousand Currents board in previous M19 terrorist gang. The fully trained Marxists, and push for socialism, and the raised funds for black lives, going to white political campaigns, and not to black people or black projects. Riddle me that.
      I hold all life dear, no matter the colour of skin.

    2. It’s not a competition but a totalitarian government means military police who can put you in a cell because they don’t like you or just kill you. So keep voting democrat if that’s what you want.

  37. This is one great article. You know why? It’s the truth. BLM and Antifa are both communist inspired. If you go to The Communist Party USA website you will find the recipe the BLM mobs are using to orchestrate these so-called protests, which are anything but peaceful. I’ve seen this before. I was just out of High School when the Black Panthers; again, a communist directed movement used to intimidate Black people into following the communist line.

    Eldridge Cleaver turned on the CPUSA after finding out communism was a lie. He said the communists were the ones running the Panthers, and it was the Panthers who were targeting Black businesses, Black neighborhoods, and it was they who were behind the violence during the riots in 1968. Cleaver jumped bail following his arrest, and fled to Cuba. He then began his great tour of most of the communist countries, stating with Russia and finally ended his tour after he visited to Algeria. He became totally disillusioned with the communist system. He said in every communist country he saw communism was a failure.

    Eldridge Cleaver finally gave himself up to the Police. He stated while incarcerated and was sent to prison. : ” would rather be in prison in the United States, than free in any communist country. So he did his time and after he was released, he met Professor W. Cleon Skousen, Former FBI Agent, Police Chief of Salt Lake City for a period of time, a Professor at BYU, and Founder of the Freeman Institute. Dr. Skousen took Eldridge Cleaver under his wing where he took classes at the Freeman Institute on our Constitution, the History of the Founding Fathers and their “Freedom Formula.” After Cleaver finished his classes, he was a speaker for the Freeman Institute. In his speeches the first thing he said was: “If I had taken these classes when I was young, I would have never become a communist.”

    It is said: “Everything has it’s opposites.” Communism and the pain and death which accompanies its’ existence, is the antithesis and polar opposite of thew Founder’s Freedom Formula. Our problems today are caused by the powerful, wealthy and greedy men, who Mr. Taha mentions in his article. Saying what Mr. Taha has said about these leftist organizations and the people who pull the strings behind the scenes of the riots and violence is dead on accurate. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to speak out against communist led groups because of huge amount of the power the men at the top who orchestrate and finance their front groups. These people are not millionaires. They are multi-Billionaires and Trillionaires, with unlimited funds, power and influence, which most people would believe could never exist.

    It is easy for people who don’t want to hear the truth; or those who want to suppress it; to ridicule the messenger and the message. But those who have refused to hear the truth about tyrants, have historically paid the price with their own blood. The best way to learn the truth is listen, prove or disprove what is being said and then evaluate the sources of the message. Don’t just sit down at a computer and make negative comments and personal attacks on the message and the messenger just because your biases and prejudices tell you to do it. Investigate, evaluate, and then make an educated conclusion about what is happening. You may find out that the unblemished sources you believe are true, are really luring people in a very dangerous direction.

    1. But what alternatives do we have? If you’re anti Antifa, then in short you are saying you are pro-fascist, and to me that is definitely anti-American! People seem to forget that 70 years ago we fought a war against fascism (my uncle was among their many African American veterans). If you are against Black Lives Matter, then you are in short saying that Black Lives (DON’T) matter and that you’re on the side of the extreme right, white FASCISTS who have fucked over our country since day 1!!! Shame on any Black person who agrees with this article. Sell Out much???? As Eldrige Cleaver said, either you’re part of the solution or you’re part of the problem…and being against BLM is a huge ‘part of the problem’ because you simply don’t get it!!!!

      1. Kinda sad that you call your fellow African Americans “sell outs”for appreciating the well writen article, I’m a white female and I really appreciate this article, it says a lot of things I wouldn’t dream of saying from fear of being labelled racist.. I would never dream of calling fellow white people sell outs.. that’s just encouraging more of a division.. you call for equality yet you section yourself off from the white community and call fellow black folks sell outs for not standing by blm and it’s agenda.. you either want equality or division.. you can’t have both.. I think you need to evaluate what you actually stand, and what full shit you spit out.. disagreeing with black lives matter is not saying black lives don’t matter at all.. just that there’s better ways to go about things than excepting the lies behind blm.

      2. Yes because causing billions in destruction to other black people really shows that they matter. Please tell us how it is on your planet because if that’s your standard for black lives I don’t wanna know what your standard is for anyone else.

  38. Great article. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see how manipulated we have been but the truth will set you free. I agree with you. I am not for the knee on the neck but I do understand how the media has a certain narrative its runs. They ‘program’ you. We need to all stop watching Mainstream media. They lie about everything

    1. You put down and use hate to push your racist and communist propaganda under the guise of acceptance. We’re fed up with the Bs from people that are loud, obnoxious, and ignorant!

  39. Quick question: WHY would you read from the same FBI report that depicts white on white crime stats to be identical to Black on Black crime stats, and decide to leave that part out? I was with you until you did that, that only identified you as possibly another self hating, and white loving broken Black person. Understandable though, the techniques to break Black slaves have a generational effects sadly. You are just as bad as BLM you both have an agenda that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STRUGGLE FOR BLACK EQUALITY!

    1. Good arguments about blm influencers. However, you lost me when you started to talk about Georg e Floyd’s criminal past (R.I.P George Floyd). I’ll remind you that Nelson Mandela was deemed a terrorist.

      We aren’t surprised our movement is being hijacked. It doesn’t matter, we would protest anyway. All this let’s forget and move along is an agenda in and of itself.

      In 1739 British Governor, Sir Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Balcarres, signed a treaty to give 1,500-2,500 acres of land to runaway (black) slaves who were “terrorizing the price of sugar” to put it briefly. There is more to the story but the point is, you don’t get anything by being obedient and timid; we should have listened to Malcolm more. As a gentleman said I. A prior comment, our civil rights leaders of the past sold us out. The revolts we have today have the same effect if the revolt goes on long enough so there is always a plantation masters voice out here to get the slaves back in line so we can get back to tilling soil and forget any of this happened or is going on. The strong ones get broken, publicly shamed or exiled, like Dave Chapelle, Mohamed Ali, Collin Capernick, Nick Cannon… Etc.

    2. Indeed a great article, thoughtfully presented and highlighting the truth. It’s about time a Brother came out to tell it like it is in order to educate, or at least attempt, the ignorance running wild throughout the nation.

      It’s been well known that black-on-black crime is and has been for too long, a serious problem in our communities and black neighborhoods in our inner cities. But for some reason, most likely by way of mass ignorance, and from those electing to turn their backs on the truth, refuse to address or acknowledge this fact. And you can underline (fact) ten times. They naively turn all attention on police killing Black people when the bigger problem is blacks killing other blacks. And this includes little kids. Even babies. (Do we hear about police killing infants and small children?) No! But for some nonsensical reason they don’t want to pursue or face that matter. Maybe it’s because they regard it as an insult to African Americans or at least that’s probably want the public to believe. Instead of facing the real problem, they choose to stage an ongoing war against law enforcement as if the police department are going about hunting down Black folks for sport. Contrary to the thinking of certain naive individuals, the police are the ones putting their lives on the line to try and solve these problems. Law enforcement are the ones facing these black-on-black crimes while a certain sector of ignorant individuals are at war with the police, the very people trying to help us. It becomes like a boxing match where one boxer believes the best chance of winning a fight is to lean into a punch thrown at him rather than block, dunk or side-step one. Its as silly as that! Its ridiculous. They make their own people look bad.

      Man, this country is really being taken apart. Things are becoming kooky in our society and as senseless as 2 + 2 equals 9, for the question remains, “Why would any Black side with and vote Democrat, a party with a well known history of racism, slavery, backing the lynching of Blacks, burning them as well, and honored the terrorizing of Black folks from the voting polls when they were first given the right to vote? And meanwhile Blacks are killing other Blacks, a serious problem far greater than that of police shooting Blacks, some of whom were in the act of committing a major crime. No. They don’t want to hear about that. So they continue to be at war with law enforcement while ignoring the greater problems even though law enforcement are the ones they call when they want help for their own individual selves. Now George Floyd had a criminal record and was in the act of committing a crime. But clearly, Mr. Floyd did not deserve to be executed. It wasn’t that sort of crime. And the officer involved should have known better, especially when the man down was calling for help regarding an obvious medical problem. That officer should’ve backed off and addressed the matter. But for some reason he did not. That’s beyond me because it only got that policeman in a lot of trouble.

      It seems clear that the Leftists Democrats think Blacks folks are stupid. They’re in the midst of staging a campaign to dupe our people in hopes that they believe the lie that that party has changed for the better and on the side of African Americans so they can receive more votes. They’re tearing down statues which can be easily be put back up, and enforcing a grand propaganda agenda not unlike that of the World War II NAZIs in an ongoing effort to fool other people just like Hitler and his gang did to the Jews when they lied to them, tricking them into undressing and go into a large room to shower when the shower was actually a gas chamber constructed for extermination. Clearly the guilty party in question ignited an agenda to wipe out an entire race of people. The people in those gas chambers were locked in and couldn’t get out, just like the Democrats wish to do to the poor souls if they elected them into power. Once they are in power, there would be no turning back when they show their true evil colors, not unlike the situation the Jews found themselves in upon entry into the gas chamber. After reviewing many Hitler documentaries it is clear the Democrats are conducting on their affairs remarkably like him. I swear.

      It is urged now to wake-up. Stop believing the lies on top of lies the media put out everyday in an attempt to fool the people; to hypnotized the populous exactly like that of the NAZIs during WW II. False, empty promises of a greater nation and better life. But in the end Germany was carpet bombed, invaded, and literally raped by a fraction of the Allies, (and you know who they were) all due to believing a lie and following a questionable leader without question. We are up against (the enemy within) who, on a very real basis are a threat to our way of life and the very existence of our beloved country. A country where many have given their precious lives for. In this country, when you take notice of a party who had the audacity to activate an impeachment process on a sitting president when clearly there were no grounds for impeachment, while at the same time blaming everything that goes wrong on the President, trying to fool the public that he is a racist and this same party supports illegal alien voting rights along with open borders, you know at that point there is something wrong here regarding that particular party.

      There comes a time in life when it becomes vital to wake-up. To investigate all matters closely and not foolishly accept everything your associates and the enemy within tells you largely by way of their ally the media. Remember: BLM at this point is not the answer for Black people. The ball has been hit into right field and they’re off in left field looking for it. Black people are better than that. The American people are better than that. Don’t be a fool like a certain power hungry party wants you to be. A party which supported slavery and one whose supporter performed the first assassination against Abraham Lincoln. That party hasn’t changed no more than they were back in the Civil War days. They merely want you to believe they changed by rhetoric and constant media propaganda not unlike that of Hitler’s propaganda minister in WW II. Now the Demos are back with a unique method and an agenda of trickery, and it appears to be working on a portion of the populous. The party thrives on people’s ignorance and will take advantage of such when they take notice on how ignorant some individuals can be.

      In NAZI Germany prior to WW II Adolf Hitler commented, some say it was Josef Goerbals, “If you tell a big lie, and you tell that lie enough times, it would be believed” or words to that affect. Clearly, that statement came to true for NAZI Germany. Lets pray it doesn’t happen to this nation. —May The Lord Bless our country.

      1. Agree bad behavior by police exists and should be rooted out, but believe most cops okay by far. They’ve been dicks to me as well when I got pulled over. Have sassed them back on occasion, but honestly, I know when to quit! Majority of bad encounters with police happen when they feel threatened by your behavior or your openly defy their authority. Don’t think you’ve been treated fairly? Take it up with the judge…LATER. Think you’ve been “profiled” cuz you’re black? If you’re young male, most likely! Got a bad rep. It is PRESUMED you are packing, especially in a “bad” area of town; less so if you in the suburbs. Not limited to white cops. Maybe more so by black cops even, cuz they think they know what’s up and may be even MORE suspicious. Bottom line, even if any preconceived “racist” perceptions are present, all can change in seconds, depending on YOUR behavior. DO AS YOU’RE TOLD! KNOW THE LAW. You’re not special.

    3. The FBI report lists only NUMBERS vs. percentages per race. Sure, the numbers may be identical, but consider that whites are 85% of the US population of 300,000,000. So, whites killing 2000 whites is hardly the same as blacks killing same number of their own, which represents only 15% of population.

      1. It’s mostly because despite the fact we have ”intelligence” we are still animals with emotions and instincts. It could also be the whole a person can be smart but a group of people are stupid.

    4. I am glad to read this rebuttal.
      I am sure he was well paid to write this to sow seeds of doubt and disbelief into the BLM movement.
      Full disclosure by him would br enlightening I’m sure.

    5. what about my ancestors that were sent to several countries for slave Labour (Look up home children) But of course they could not feel what it was like to be a slave. Even though they were sold for $4 apiece, indentured until they were 18. Lived alone with no family and no couture. Many of them were abused and died or became alcoholics This continued until the 1960s. But then they were only British and Irish children and white. Look it up! its all true. So why is it all about you????


      1. Nothing really my ancestors were chased out of every country but this one and Israel. Not saying we are a race but hey semantics in that sense. We went and took back our own country it’s now known as Israel. So what we learned is that other countries and people will use you until you don’t let them anymore but that doesn’t mean go around burning shit down and being an all around nasty group and causing problems for everyone else.

  40. BLM started off great, they had a great mission and vision. Then the movement got hijacked. This is how it got hijacked by white liberals , hear me out. Who wanted to insult people of color by saying “I AM HERE TO SAVE YOU! YOU ARE 2 stupid to know this statue is a pain in your history but we white liberal women we gonna fight for you. Wait these are the Karen that call the cops on people of color omg this cycle is crazy..

    1. “The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful/more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the negro’s friend and benefactor. By winning the friendship and support of the negro the white liberal is able to use the negro as a pawn or a weapon in this political football game that is constantly being waged between the negro and the white conservative. The American negro is nothing but a political football and the white liberals control this ball through tricks or tokenism, false promises of integration and civil rights. In this game of deceiving the American negro the white liberals have complete cooperation of the negro civil rights leaders who sell our people out for a few crumbs or token gains.” Malcolm X 1963

  41. Voices like yours are being actively censored by the Deep State and Big Tech. Who is behind this massive propaganda movement? They must know there will be consequences that could destroy our country. I cannot imagine they are patriots.

  42. Yeah I wish Leslie wouldn’t have brought up the past crimes of GF. It “almost” brings a smudge of discredit to his point. But nontheless, great article. Since his death and subsequent riots/protests, I’ve been stressed out big time about where I stand as a white person. Is there really this “white guilt”, am I “privelaged”, is the BLM movement justified. I’ve come to a conclusion at least about the BLM movement. It is an insult to black people. Black people share just as much success and significance as everyone else, especially today in 2020. This BLM business clearly has an agenda. It’s becoming more and more obvious to me. It’s sad however that apparently so many others are being fooled. I pray that reality would set in and be displayed just as loudly as the garbage fake news. But that seems unlikely.

    1. Man some of you guys are really blind. Did you all not watch the same video of George Floyd that I did? Not only that, but are you seriously going to act like this is something brand new? Mr. Floyd was not the first black, white, or other person in this country that has fallen victim to police brutality. And bringing his prior drug use and criminal record by no means justifies the way he was executed. It’s crystal clear that excessive use of force by police against people of ANY color is an issue in this country that needs to be addressed. For those of you who regurgitate the simple minded narrative “what about black on black crime” white people are overwhelmingly responsible for the murder of other white people by the numbers because people kill people generally based on proximity. Do yourselves a favor and actually use your brain, do some unbiased research, and remain open minded about the way this country has been set up for black people to not prosper in many situations.

      1. Hey man, what do you mean bringing Mr. Floyd’s past drug and criminal record doesn’t justify any execution? Why hide that fact? Why are you making a martyr out of a man with a criminal record like it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. or something. One who scuffled with police rather than cooperate and most likely brought on a medical issue he already had because he elected to commit a crime. An individual who chose a criminal life, making Black folks look bad. Like he was some kind of a role model for up and coming young Black boys and girls to look up to. Like we’re dealing with the Honorable Frederick Douglass, an ex-slave who was unjustly beaten and whipped for no fault of his own and who self educated himself and displayed courage to escaped slavery and become an abolitionist, a reformer, an author, an orator and advisor to presidents including Abraham Lincoln before, during and after the Civil War. Not an illegal drug user, thief or somebody with a police record. Did Douglass have a criminal record? No! He, Booker T. Washington and Dr. King sacrificed themselves and set a positive example for our people to follow. Sir, may I say that the ball was hit in right field and you’re off in left field looking for it.

        It is sad that George Floyd had to leave life like that, ultimately a victim of his own self; an attitude which led to his demise. But there is no excuse for an officer to remain holding his knee on the man while he mercifully cried for help from God and a cry for his mother even, while this officer did nothing about it as his fellow officers stood around as if making a joke of the hold thing. Mr. Floyd deserved another chance to clean-up his act just like anyone of us because in the eyes of the Lord we’re all tainted with sin. Just because we may not have that particular sin do not in the least mean we’re completely innocent of all matters. As far as “race” is concerned; God is not a respecter of persons. Please keep in mind that we are not just Black, White, Asians etc. but are individuals, and while being individuals we are responsible for our own actions and cannot rely on excuses to justify committing any wrong doing. And this goes for lawmen and women as well as law breakers.

        When a Black person has a matter with the police the media blows the whole thing up into major news. This signals crooked people to go out into the streets and burn buildings and loot businesses and break into shops and private cars and such. When Black folks are involved this behavior makes us look bad and dishonorable. If an individual is unjustly treated, two wrongs don’t make a right. The question remains: Why make a martyr out of one with a criminal record? We’re not talking about Mandela or Dr. King here. We’re talking about individuals who sadly displayed a bad example for not only Black people but the entire populous in our nation.

        Speaking of bad examples, Colin Kaprenack comes to mind. If a policeman unjustly did something wrong, why blame the flag; the Stars and Stripes, the Government, the entire police department, the President or the nation? That logic makes no sense and is universally wrong. Why shun everything our nation stands for solely because one or two people executed a wrong doing? Playing the blame game causes more problems than it does in solving them. Why would any athlete, professional or otherwise disrespectfully take a knee to the National Anthem, the flag, a flag that gave this dude a rare opportunity to become a big time famous and honored football player and make a lot of money; far more than the average citizen? It’s like biting the hand that feds it while fellow players follow that sorry example and do likewise, while at the same time completely ignore black-on-black crime which greatly exceeds police shootings of Blacks. It’s giving the bird to the flag and the brave people who gave their lives for freedom and the vast opportunities this nation provides. How pathetic.

        Black Lives Matter is not the answer, but a part of the problem in this country. Why say Black lives matter and ignore the ongoing problem with innocent black folks including Black children and babies are shot by others with no respect for the law or even children?

        Finally, Black folks need to wake-up and address the fore mentioned matter because a messed-up attitude is running rampant in the Black community. When somebody mentioned that (all lives) matter he was booed off the stage until someone else shouted Black lives matter and received an applause, like (only) Black lives are of any importance while everything else don’t matter. And this cat came back and apologized to the audience. That’s some sorry stuff man. It’s pathetic. Stop paying homage to the Democratic Party, a party that supported Slavery and are currently trying to dupe Black people into voting for them so they can win an election and gain power. These particular Blacks are not just Uncle Toms but black (Benedict Arnolds), traitors not only to the nation but to their own people. …May the Lord help this troubled nation. Amen

    2. The only way you are privileged is who you’re born to like the Clinton’s and the Kennedy’s or some other large family with old money and political clout. because I’m white and I have to work everyday to afford a shitty apartment and have to walk on eggshells around people because they have thin skin. Honestly though “white privilege” used to be something now there is only really “black privilege” I mean I don’t know any other group that can walk around calling people whatever they want. Seriously I have been called a cracker, honkie, and other rather unflattering terms by my black coworkers. Yet when I bring it to my manager all I get is a get back to work and those are racial slurs. If I used the n word I would have been fired and arrested for a hate crime. I also don’t have any form of guaranteed placement for a job or spot in a college because of my skin tone. So yeah “white privilege” dead “black privilege” alive and kicking. Also white guilt is rather foolish unless you are telling me you were alive way back then when slave traders were catching them and were one of them or owned a slave of their own then yes feel guilty but if you didn’t there should be no guilt.

  43. No one wants to talk about the “elephant in the room”. The real motive is moving toward socialism where the central government controls everything and is always there to “protect you”. You can see the difference in our reaction to Covid-19 compared to other pandemics in the past that killed many more people that this one.

  44. Black Lives Matter, all right….except for the dominant, law-abiding, African-Americans (including conservative blacks..)

  45. Well it seems like ppl like you are blind once again you ppl want us to believe your doctors your puppets in the line of duty and the the system that has no good will toward Humanity . You sound just like the RACIST ppl who are trying to ignore the true reason behind the movement of the ppl . I could care less of the labels ppl are trying to relate with the message like BLM and that political stuff it’s just noise to distract divide but don’t lost focus on the reason everyone is standing up to people like you and the system and that’s because we are tired of people turning the other cheek acting like everything is okay after witnessing this brother died in police custody no matter the circumstances and your weak effort to tarnish his name after death to show the character that you have this man is dead RIP. George Floyd . You sir are a disgrace to journalism when you brought up that man’s past but all the different type of things that he was accused of and maybe convicted mean means nothing we are talkin about the fact this man died in police custody while the man was saying I can’t breathe let someone cut off your air supply if you have a heart condition you don’t fear for your life and have a heart attack what provoked the heart attack the lack of air the fear of your life so don’t try to find a loophole to to wash those dirty cops his hands and try to paint them as knights in shining armor because real police officers would have handled him put them in the back seat of the car within minutes but these were not real police officers they were cowards what was the purpose of keeping a man on the ground for over seven and a half minutes while in handcuffs? I want to say your not here to bring change you just want to justify a murder. So I ask you is a man life worth 20$ in you book seems like that a yes .

    1. Due to you lack of punctuation I can see why the article went right over your head. You didn’t debunk anything he said with fact when most of what he said was factual.

    2. I don’t know a single person, black OR white, who has even attempted to justify GF murder? execution? So, do not understand your attempt to paint the author as some type of sellout. Just because he exposes BLM as something other than what it is marketing itself as, does not mean he in any way condoning police misbehavior.

  46. Thank you for an intelligent and introspective analysis of the Black Lives in relation to what is really happening in our society.
    As you indicated, the media just slants the information out of proportion so the lazy people who don’t bother to look farther into the issue(s) just flat out believe them.

  47. I am very thankful that I read this article. Thank You. Members of my own family, who are white, have embraced the Black Lives Matter movement with ferocity. When you try to have a conversation about the organization and their agenda, their response is “You are either with us or against us”. If you don’t agree with everything, you are a racist. End of conversation. I have even been told that having black family and friends doesn’t change the fact that I am a racist. I personally found that offensive because to me they are just friends and family, not my Black friends and family. I was taught, and try to live by, the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated. There are not buts, or, unless they are a different color, clauses. I am very afraid of the direction our country is taking and the steam roller affect it is having on corporations, government and lawmakers, but have no idea how to speak out. Articles like this help to clarify my thoughts and give direction. If there are any suggestions, please let me know. Again, Thank You

    1. People. I NEVER thought black lives DIDN’T matter. I’m sorry but anyone who tells you with or against, is….most likely scared of mobs coming to thier door (superficial, shallow, and ignorant came to mind too). Everyone needs to stand up against the this ignorance. And, there no erasing history…there’s no such thing as an erase-erase. I suggest protests be taken to the doorsteps of the media outlets. Demand answers, badger them for why, what. Question them, and don’t believe em farther than you can throw them. I mean, only YOU can give your freedom of mind away, no one can take it from you, even if they tell you you’re wrong. Again, argue with them until they get pissed for your questioning, make them tell you “no”, then demand more answers. …. Some other things I’ve noticed (my perspective): This that is going on is childish, dumb, and a CLEAR WARNING SIGN that people have been giving up the independence of thier minds. Its the “cool” syndrome; everyone wants to be popular, accepted, liked, to fit in. Lotsa people with thier “cool” portable computer/reciever/transmitter, getting all the “cool” information from the “cool” sources. Now you have to be somewhat braindead to “fit in”. Funny, its going down in history, that these “groups and establishments and mobs”, are trying to destroy historical…anything. I wonder why no one is learning from this, as history of any kind is there to remind of what to do and what is really bad idea. .. As well, some of the people in this country are going through an identity crisis. Sorry folks, there’s no getting rid of the old ugly wife and busted car for a younger newer model of car and wife. Doesn’t work that way when it comes to events and facts. This isn’t about (an ethnicity)lives mattering, or about police brutality, or even about politics. This is about poverty and ignorance. We the people (as a majority it seems) really don’t know how good we have it here. The lights turn on, the water runs and is mostly drinkable. We don’t have a gestapo (or the thought police, though these adolecent activist mobs are trying to make it so). So far there’s been gas at the pumps, and we have a huge variety of goods and services to choose from. There aren’t any criminal organizations running strong-arm racketeering with threats and violence (heh, sound like the angry threatening mob again). Go to other countries, you probably don’t want to drink the water, you’re lucky if the lights go on at all, you can’t speak your mind around the secret police because they might “send you away” against your will, goods and services are limited or non-existent, and the pumps have gas only half the time (some countries you have to go buy cans of fuel from the guy in the van in the alley). Mafias and cartels rule the trades and goods, and they will make people disappear for looking at them sideways. As well, what we here consider non criminal or ticketable is considered capital crimes in other countries (you’ll be lucky if you get anybody to speak for you, some places wont allow the accused to speak) . So, I can’t shout so loud that the whole world hears me, but if you’re reading this (who ever you are), start showing your brain. In fact, if people start getting serious and angry, start laughing at them and/or make them the joke of the day. Sure they’ll get more pissed, STAND UP TO THEM. And make some more jokes. Make a silly pinched angry face at them. No this is not a nice thing, and no its kinda a dirty job. But I see that we’ve gotten here by…trying to be too nice and sesitive; defering to someone else for right or wrong; blaming anything on anyone but the INDIVIDUAL placing the blame; kids who had kids, who had a kid who is raising a kid (poor or non-existent parenting); Don’t be the group as an individual person with a heart and mind of thier own, that no one can take control over. Take action, speak up, even if you stand out. Its ok, those angry people over there threatening you to think like they do or else, should be questioned face to face as an individual, and THEY say alot of things. Maybe the next march/protest I should hand out copies of farenheit 451. Why do I have to be the only one doing it? If we as individuals do nothing and stay silent while mob mentalities ruin everything, then it really IS OUR OWN COMPLACENT FAULT FOR LOSING EVERYTHING. DON’T BE SILENT. YOUR LIFE MATTERS.

      1. wow! been waiting along time to see someone with the nerve to call it like it is! These come lately movements are the signs of the times we live in and we can thank our liberal colleges, media, etc. Will main stream folks of all colors wake up? Guess socialism, communism and totalitarian rule does not scare these so called cool enlightened folks. Do we have to lose it all before we realize why people are trying to get into our country? Will it be worth coming for? Will we save this country before it all goes down? 71 years old and remembering a much better land where a black man can get elected president twice. What led to that? We must have created something good since Martin Luther King was murdered. Things were coming along with all kinds of trouble along the way but changes were being made. We now see a new division taking place thanks to these new anarchist movements. Insanity on a grand scale? Lets get back to mutual respect for one another and allow freedom of speech to return in every situation. This is my 1st reply to any article, feels good!

    2. The Democrats in Black Lives Matter have taken pages out of Stalin and Hitler’s book on how to run a country. This is the same shit they did when they took over. Cancel culture is Nazi culture. They will drown out and brow beat or physically beat you down until you agree with them and if you don’t they eliminate you. That is what this group and the Democrats are.

  48. Leslie – Thank you very much for writing this article and also for providing links for the facts. I listen to Larry Elder regularly and so appreciate the time, effort and tireless work that goes into standing up against the insanity that is going on and for providing a voice of reason. It is unbelievable to me how many people just seem to follow the regular media and think they are getting real news.

    Thank you and God Bless You!!
    Sincerely, MEB, Los Angeles CA

  49. I do believe we have billionaires behind many of these movements that are trying to make us a socialist nation. The saddest part is that the protesters and the media are being “used.” Lenin, in his conquest by the Bolshevik revolution, thanked all of the people who helped him achieve his dream, by calling them the “idiots”. Make no mistake about it, the protesters and the ever willing media better hope this dream is not achieved. If it is, they’ll be the first lined up against a wall and shot. The socialists will have already hand picked who the media will be and will not trust who’s in place now.
    The protesters right along with them. Why? Because they might foment another revolution.

    1. To hell with blm what a b’s movement. The drive by media eats crap cause you can tell by the crap that comes out of their mouths. Just like yesterday in Detroit when Littleton fired a gun at cops. As soon as the footage was shown on tv the story disappeared. The government thinks we are stupid it’s the other way around they are stupid CNN is the worst. President Trump will mop the floor with all media and he will win by a landslide. All the tricks and fauls witch hunts everyone sees. I’m a deplorable and there are millions that share my view. So step off

  50. BLM no agenda for workforce development / CTE Career Technical Education why are they paying people to be activist. Our young people need career development. Why are these billionaire and corporation paying youth to be activist. Reverend Sullivan had the right plan!!!!! OIC Why not fund these organiztion!!! they still exist!!!
    Why they do not fund CDC community development corporation. (housing/jobs, economic development.) What wrong funding HBCU!!!!! BS

    1. Good arguments about blm influencers. However, you lost me when you started to talk about Georg e Floyd’s criminal past (R.I.P George Floyd). I’ll remind you that Nelson Mandela was deemed a terrorist.

      We aren’t surprised our movement is being hijacked. It doesn’t matter, we would protest anyway. All this let’s forget and move along is an agenda in and of itself.

      In 1739 British Governor, Sir Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Balcarres, signed a treaty to give 1,500-2,500 acres of land to runaway (black) slaves who were “terrorizing the price of sugar” to put it briefly. There is more to the story but the point is, you don’t get anything by being obedient and timid; we should have listened to Malcolm more. As a gentleman said I. A prior comment, our civil rights leaders of the past sold us out. The revolts we have today have the same effect if the revolt goes on long enough so there is always a plantation masters voice out here to get the slaves back in line so we can get back to tilling soil and forget any of this happened or is going on. The strong ones get broken, publicly shamed or exiled, like Dave Chapelle, Mohamed Ali, Collin Capernick, Nick Cannon… Etc.

      1. Malcolm X was killed by a member of his own organization, which, after his conversion to Islam, had affiliated with Muslim organizations, one of which leaders he disassociated himself. This falling out led to his murder, as he was believed to be softening his views on violence as an effective means of change. Got a steep hill to climb if you selling MLK as a sellout. Second point is not sure what your “revolt” is about and against what. Systemic racism is rather vague. If you could cite some specifics, like employment, housing, education, prosecutorial discrimination, would be helpful.

      2. Did Nelson Mandela ever point a loaded weapon at the belly of a pregnant woman?
        Didn’t think so. When are you ignoramuses going to have a riot for Secoriea Turner? Oh, right,…she was killed by BLM and can’t be used as a weaponized death as a result. My bad, continue to worship this crackhead.

  51. I was raised in NYC when Rudy Guliani was in charge & during 9/11/01. Never Forget is what they said, well.. they forgot. I moved to FL in 2010. I have always considered myself a democrat, until now. This 4th of July weekend has been one of the deadliest weekends ever in cities around the country. Shootings all weekend, several dead in NYC. A child shot by BLM protesters in GA is among the many killings. I am seeing the difference in the democratic run cities and am finally “woke” more than I have ever been. I now view myself conservative, will never vote Democrat again. I am also changing my party affiliation To Republican. I could never support this Violent “movement”. Anyone who can’t see the violence & continues to support BLM is either blind or stupid. If the Liberals win we will eventually be under a dictatorship & it will just keep getting worse.

  52. I hate everyone equally…
    What? We’re all thinking it!
    We have all come across the worst of the worst in skins of every color!
    But we have also come across the best of best in skins of every color!
    Love & kindness are incurable diseases.
    Love & kindness spread faster than any “pandemic”.
    They say knowledge is power; how is that possible when everyone on both sides know everything?
    Love is power.
    Kindness is power.
    Black. White. Brown. Red. Yellow…
    We all have the power!!

    1. Hear hear! Sounds like almost every reasonable person who’s ever travelled. lol. There’s good and bad in ALL walks of life. ALL lives matter. Yeah, I said it. Come at me.

  53. You made very logical points. While I want equality for all, I just see anger and craziness through using the avenue BLM. Love and patience and facts make change, not anger, hate and violence. I love people of all color. I do not respect people of any color who resort to violence, hate and destruction of property. As a country we are being divided not united. I see more footage of public anger and violence between people, whether it be in a store setting, on the street or through social media, than I have seen in years. It doesn’t feel like progress it feels like we’re turning into a country of division and violence. Our country has always stood out because we stand for peacefulness and unity, while some other countries have struggled with grasping what we take for granted. Lets work together like we always have. Do our research not just watch the media and come up with logical solutions.

  54. History is repeating itself. Your critique of BLM applies to most of the prominent supposedly black grass roots organizations over the last one hundred plus years: NAACP founded 1909, Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE)-1942, South Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) – 1957, Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) -1960, etc. There are videos of Malcolm X criticizing them for being controlled by whites.

  55. Is the KKK still around? Never hear anything about those dipshits. BLM gives all their money to demoRat politicians that have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help the black people.! They stick that money in their pocket and worry about what flavor ice cream they’re gonna eat that night. While BLM tries to give them more money. Y’all some stupid mfers! How do you not realize that they are using you??? BLM doesn’t give a crap about how many black people get killed EVERY DAY by other blacks. They can blame it on Trump all they want to, but bottom line is, the white DemoRATS are looking out for themselves and BLM is still sending money to those senile WHITE dipshitz! Damn, think for yourselves instead of how much money that you’re giving them to live in one of several homes they own (with security).

    1. It is time to clean out the communist dems and socialists rich from our country and bring our country back together for all its people no matter what color or race to live by the constitution of the United States, if it means a war to make it happen then so be it..

      1. I have been a democrat since 1987 when I was first able to vote. In that time period I have voted for some republicans,but mostly democrats. Mind you I was raised to respect the Flag,our country, respect authority,make change through peaceful avenues that our constitution allows,put an honest days work in and you can achieve the American dream. I can happily say that I have attained the American dream by my standards. When the riots,looting and burning of cities occured I was angered as an American. When police were vilified for doing their job,I was disgusted. I am changing my party affiliation to republican and voting for President Trump. My wife is as well.

        1. As a democrat, I voted for Bill Clinton but when I saw he bragged about paying off the national debt and later discovered he had quietly transferred the debt to the Social Security trust and Federal Reserve. He left Social Security with a $3 trillion IOU that will never be replaced. What a liar. I’m thinking about leaving party.
          As I watched in shock President Clinton sign the Community Reinvestment Act, I knew such an irresponsible act would eventually cost us tax payers trillions once it fell apart. I had no idea just how extensive the damage would actually become to the economy and loss of jobs. Banks should never be forced to mortgage homes to people who can’t afford to make the payments, much less maintain the home. The Democrat party seemed to approve, so maybe I was missing something. I can’t continue to be affiliated with this party any longer.
          I was never owned by a party and always voted for the best person regardless of their affiliation but finally, after the Progressives took over and watching Al Gore’s temper tantrum on television when he lost to George Bush, plus the all the insanity of Pelosi, Schumer, Bird, Jackson, Kaine, Schiff, and Clintons, Reed, and so many others, I was forced to change parties. Even though no group of politicians are going to be perfect, the GOP has demonstrated superior leadership, ethics, responsibility, and trust, compared to the party of progressives, socialists, and communist. I’ve obviously been on the right side of the law and politics for over 19 years now and every year I have been reassured that I made the right decision. The DEM’s have been spiraling out of control and living up to the Communist Manifesto for years and it’s time they dissolve before they open the gates to hell.

          1. Lmao you do realize that comment makes no sense about Clinton when it comes to debt. Nothing was quietly transferred. First Social Security isn’t in the general fund it has a separate account. It’s a pay as you go system and has always been. When money comes in it immediately goes out to the people drawing it. So there is no way it was transferred to SS. Now to the transfer to the federal reserve is kinda not correct either. What was moved to the Federal Government/Reserve was public debt. This is kinda one of the reasons the reserve exist. Basically the Clinton administration got the public debt down using the Bush tax increases and transferred the rest to the federal government. Like I said before the Gross federal debt never went down under Clinton. The GOP and Democratic party do the same junk. lol

    2. Surprisingly the KKK is still around but they mostly just stick to holding parties and the like. At least from what I can find on them online anyway. They might do a cross burning here and there on their own property for all we know but no lynchings or attacks on black families. After all they are already doing it to themselves no real need for the KKK to do anything.

  56. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only person who has this perception of this movement! I’m Caucasian and unfortunately any time I try to express my beliefs and opinions of what I see going on I get ” oh you just don’t understand because you are white”…… That phrase really burns me up to the point I finally decided to look for someone else who can see that the approach the movement is taking is only going to make things worse.

  57. As an African American male I 100% agree with this. The issue is the BLM mouth pieces are mainly uneducated and screaming women. We need men like this who use logic and facts. If we were to clean up our own communities you would see a very Sharpe drop in violence.

    1. Really? Blaming another demographic that experience discrimination? This is the problem, constant blaming and division like you just did, not women. What about the screaming men on the protests? FYI, they were majority. Another FYI, there’s another article with more data than this one written by a woman on The Guardian making the same points. Gender isn’t the problem, your attitude is.

      1. Who are the leaders of BLM champ? Who jumped on the stage and took Bernie Sanders mic? Who made the made one of BLM mission statement basically to be anti black nuclear family? Yeah a black man came up with “you don’t need a father” No my attitude isn’t the problem here champ. You getting extreme trigger brain is the issue lol.

        1. lol, Your attitude is the “problem” because it encompasses FACTS that poke a huge hole in these people’s false narrative. I had to LOL a bit thinking about a black man saying “you don’t need a father.” When is the world going to stop attacking the black male and giving some attention to the real cause of these issues?

          1. The victim mentality and Democratic kool aid given out in the schools and on the news shows? I’m pretty sure that is the problem right there and until people are taught to actually want to progress for themselves instead of wanting papa government to handle everything for them like a baby needing it’s diapers changed then nothings gonna happen.

        2. “Who are the leaders of BLM champ? Who jumped on the stage and took Bernie Sanders mic? Who made one of BLM mission statement basically to be anti black nuclear family? ”

          So what if some women did that, there are also just as many men that did that too. Why not just criticize people, regardless of gender, who are screaming and uneducated. As far as anti-Black nuclear family, if Black men were for the nuclear family, they wouldn’t be walking out on their kids at such high rates so obviously too many Black men think kids don’t need a father.

      2. Apparently you missed the cause of all of the social and cultural issues associated en masse with the black community. Who is raising all these children on their own? It isn’t black fathers raising these kids,…they left. Do you really think fathers generally leave because of their kids? And somehow the world thinks it’s THEIR fault these poor kids are going up the way they are.

        1. You asked who is raising all these Black kids on their own? The answer is not the father which is one reason why so many inner city Black kids are out of control. The fact that one is no longer with a child’s mother is not the reason men leave their kids, they walk out on their kids because they don’t want to take responsibility for them, own it Black men.

          1. Of course it is do as we say not as we do. White men across america raped black women the enslaved the children they sired. Amazing examples of parent responsibility! Out of 45 presidents one was black and out of a 400 year history only 60 are in the post civil rights era and white persist in blaming blacks for all that is wrong with America. Who is denying responsibility.
            Whites controlled the country from day one. You fucked up the soil, the water, and the air all for the dollar, a product of your imagination!

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