The Land of the Free

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The Land of the Free by Hough

This land is no home of mine

The “forefathers” don’t look like me

Their skin white as the lies

Their lips not big

Their nose not wide

Their hair not crowns

Their chains don’t shine

Their culture don’t sell

Their justice is crime

Their guns don’t hide

Their racism disguised

Their laws not equal

Their eyes don’t cry

Cus someone that look like me

Has just died

Public execution

It was even televised

Hunted down and killed

For the millionth time

They clipped his wings

When they promised we could fly

This land is no home of mine

Bloodline of a king

Descendant of a slave

Kidnapped & shipped against our own will

400 years of oppression

Yet came out on top still,

Still I can’t hit the store

For an Arizona & skittles

I can’t raise the volume

Blast my trap music just a little

Covid-19, I can’t even show a symptom

Doctors ordered to kill us off in hospitals

I can’t even ask a cop

Whether I’m under arrest

Without fearing that his bullets

Will rip through my chest

I can’t even reach for my ID

Without the fear of being murdered

While that coward live life free

I can’t even go for a jog in peace

Without my blood spilling, overflowing in the street

Yelling I can’t breathe

They left me to die

They clipped our wings

When they promised we could fly

This land is no home of mine

Propaganda poisoned the mind

They’ve taught us to hate ourselves

It starts from birth

Raised in war to fight for turf

Dollar more important than life

For what it’s worth

All for a sip of freedom

We’re dying of thirst

Filled the neighborhood

With crack, morphine, percs

Disease & guns to burst

Eyes wide shut to it all & it hurts…

I want to go home

But where is home

When the Land of the Free

Is all I’ve ever known

When there is no place

To call my own

A place where love leads

& they can never divide

A place for me to spread my wings

When they said I can fly

TribuneThe Land of the Free

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  1. True, African Americans have been left behind. When a culture does not value education and traditional family Structure, a father and mother present, the culture is doomed. The democrats exploit the uneducated blacks ( victimization )and white liberal elites ( white guilt ).

  2. Ok, for the sake of argument I’ll go along with the notion that I should have some sort of guilt about being white. And, because of that guilt, going forward, my overwhelming personal responsibility will be to right the wrongs that have been put upon people of color for centuries. What exactly should be done? What do I do? I guess all the things that I have been doing for decades like going to work, paying taxes, obeying the law, and taking care of my family don’t count. So, please, enlighten me as to what I should do to prevent my entitled, white, racist soul from burning for all eternity?

  3. It’s ignorant and disappointing for people to negatively comment on someone’s experience. Unless you have personally experienced the kind of racism that black individuals have you should try to empathize and understand their pain before being so quick to judge their emotions! Reading these comments are difficult to digest since we, as humans, are supposed to uplift each other not tear down someone’s thoughts without taking the time to carefully listen to their message first.
    Very deep poetic expression; brought me to tears and from my experience that’s what good writing does!

    1. the biggest mistake Westerners make is thinking the world shares in the “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you …” philosophy. that is not the case. Where do you get the idea that “we, as humans, are supposed to uplift each other…”?

  4. “Generations later, white Americans continue to murder Blacks, frequently with impunity…”? What planet are you living on? 97% of the thousands of Blacks murdered every year are murdered by other Blacks, not by whites. If you don’t believe that, go look it up for yourself.

  5. As a white person, it’s dispiriting to see the extent to which many white people will deny centuries of institutionalized racism and, in many cases, state-sanctioned violence and murder against the black community in the United States.

    From wage theft stemming from slavery, which resigned scores of blacks to poverty for generations while enriching countless white land- and business owners (who necessarily passed on their land and wealth to family members) to twentieth-century polices such as denying federal home loans to black families simply because they were black (the process was called “redlining”) as well as segregated schooling (separate and unequal), even into the 1980s in places like Yonkers, to say nothing of a racist criminal justice system, which disproporationately impacts black communities through over-policing, police brutality, extreme sentencing laws, and mass incarceration (so-called “New Jim Crowe”), the history of the United States is a history white racism against black people.

    To suggest that over three hundred years of institutionalized racism can be remedied by having a “nuclear” family or committing oneself to the American myth of hard work is an extreme form of willful ignorance. If there is a silver lining, then it is that the world sees and condemns America’s centuries-long racism, even if many whites obfuscate, downplay, and deny. The times they are a ‘changin.


    1. So keep voting Democratic. How’s that been working out for you? Times are changing. Maybe it’s time to change parties. It is to the Democrats advantage to keep people of color down. Why can’t you see that?

      1. Bizarre conspiracy theories seem to be common among the American fringe, who exist in an ahistorical vacuum devoid of facts, common human decency, compassion, and solidarity.

  6. Kidnapped and shipped against our own will? Yes, that is certainly true, and it was an atrocity. What must also be remembered is that yes, white Europeans went to the African ports to buy slaves. The slaves for sale had been captured by African middlemen and traders to be sold. The Europeans did not go inland to kidnap the people themselves. Perhaps this historical persecution of people who engaged in the practice of transporting and owning slaves should also be brought to Africa, where for hundreds of years Africans captured and sold other Africans?

    1. Such a gross simplification of the historical record serves only to displace blame from the real culprits, namely white Europeans and their extensive economic, social, and logisitical networks and infrastructure across two continents that equated blackness with inferiority. The origins, continuation, refining, and subsequent attempts to defend this novel form of all-encompassing bondage and servitude in its capitalist forms developed in the Americas under European auspices – not in Africa.

      The overwhelming preponderance of guilt and culpability will forever belong to white Europeans who created an entire system that subjugated a people and used white supremacy as a justification to steal lives, labor, and futures on the basis of the color of someone’s skin. A generation or two earlier, those white Europeans exterminated native populations of the Americas and stole their land. Generations later, white Americans continue to murder blacks, frequently with impunity, and incomprehensibly insist on denying the nightmarish reality that is staring them right in their faces.

        1. An answer is to acknowledge centuries of white European and American atrocities that have stolen incalcuable emotional and financial riches from black men, women, and children in the name of white supremacy, which was the underlying justification for slavery.

          Political ghettos stultify. A broadening of horizons empowers.

          1. The answer is personal responsibility, placing A high value on Education much like the Asian culture And the Traditional family unit. Blacks embarrass themselves every day with their contempt for western values, capitalism, American culture and most of all their contempt for each other. Black cities are run into the ground by black mayors, black businesses, black police chiefs and with black prosecutors at helm. Lord help us. The Jews were practically exterminated and yet they flourish in western civilization. The Muslims come to the USA and flourish. The Japanese who the USA dropped atom bombs on flourish. Blacks are regressing. A culture of blaming others will never uplift the black community.

      1. What is privilege? Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you never had a job-Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance-Privilege is having a Smartphone with a Data plan which you receive no bill for-Privilege is living in public subsidized housing where you don’t have a water bill, where raising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on the table-Privilege is the ability to go march against, and protest against anything that triggers you, without worrying about calling out of work and the consequences that accompany such behavior-Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and be able to send them off to daycare or school you don’t pay for.

      2. “Generations later, white Americans continue to murder blacks, frequently with impunity, and incomprehensibly insist on denying the nightmarish reality that is staring them right in their faces”.

        Really interesting statement there….What is your source of data since you are proclaiming white Americans continue to murder blacks, frequently with impunity? What do you consider frequently? Do you mean white Americans are killing blacks more than blacks are killing blacks??? It’s quite astonishing how brainwashed, and how far gone people are to actually post something so absurd

  7. A high value on Education coupled with a mother and father who stay together practicing family values will set you free, no matter what color you are.

  8. Is the whining about slavery and racism ever going to stop? The last time I checked anybody that owned a slave has been dead for over a hundred years. Stop being manipulated by BLM and the other race-baiting phonies, black and white as well. Do black lives really matter, or just the black lives ended by cops? The focus needs to be on stopping the murder of the thousands of blacks murdered by other blacks every year, not the tiny percentage of those killed by cops. Stop with the crime and the drugs. Stop having children that you have no intention of raising or taking an interest in. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities afforded black Americans in terms of education, employment, and business ownership. Does racism exist? Of course it does and it always will. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for yourselves.

    1. Ah, that wonderfully ahistorical canard of “personal responsibility.” If only “personal responsiblity” were the medicine prescribed for largely white Wall Street that destroyed global economies as a result of their deceit and rapacity. Instead, “personal responsiblity” morphed into a taxpayer bailout because white corporate America is, apparently, “too big to fail.” It also seems that paying taxes isn’t a matter of “personal responsiblity” for white-owned and white-led corporate America, which prefers the Irish goodbye when the taxman cometh, but is curiously never reluctant to ask American taxpayers for a healthy dose of coporate welfare when they can’t balance the books. Double standards, much?

    1. Very weak! Sounds like typical whining on behalf of people who lack ambition, make poor decisions, and that are determined for the government to aid them some more

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