When the Race Card Doesn’t Work, The Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) Pulls Out the Gender Card

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Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

The Gender Race Card Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — June 17, 2020 — Members of the NAACP were informed that a meeting was to be called to order by Yonkers Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin Quezada at 4:30pm today. The purpose was to replace Dr. Cory Reymolds who departed to work with the Greenburg Board of Education. Dr. Reynolds’ replacement was to be Dr. Andrea Corbett yet only if she would accept a demotion of between $13,000 to $20,000. Dr. Quezada is said to claim that the Yonkers Board of Education cannot afford to pay Dr. Cordett, the same salary that was paid to the now departed Mr. Reynolds, a man of color. Dr. Cordett is proposed to be downgraded in title from Deputy Superintendent to Assistant Superintendent. 

Dr. Cory Reynolds, a man of color, was paid the higher salary as befits his title, position, responsibility. Dr. Quezada claims the the YBoE does not have the money to pay her the rate to which she is entitled. Dr. Cordett is a woman of color.

Sources who wish to remain anonymous, fearful of retribution, inform the Yonkers Tribune that upon Dr. Reynolds  departure to Greenburgh, Dr. Quezada’s excuse is that the YBoE does not have the financial capacity to pay her at the rate they paid Dr. Reynolds. That make no sense to the Yonkers Tribune. While the title and responsibility are the same, as was the qualifications of Dr. Reynolds, since his departure, the only change would be the gender of the replacement, that is, Dr. Cordett. Why does the woman of color need to suffer this insult? Is this not an issue of gender bias? If not, then what is it?

It is a slap in the black community’s face that after our one black male Asst. Superintendent resigns, you then demote the one black female to Deputy Superintendent. 

Members of the NAACP suggest they will not submit to the bias and insult.

Expect an update…

eHeziWhen the Race Card Doesn’t Work, The Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) Pulls Out the Gender Card

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  1. Do you not read the Board minutes. Codett literally only had a change in title from Deputy to Assistant. Maybe her position would have meant something if she had actually been at work last 2 months where she decided to stay home and work remotely while Dr. Quezada and Dr. Reynols went to work every single day if the pandemic. She herself proved she is not essential by being blatantly absent and collecting her 182K salary which she is keeping so here she got a change in title. that’s all. She should be happy she didn’t get a termination letter like 150 otheremployees. In addition. What has she actually done as Deputy Superintendent? The same thing she did for last 2 months during the pandemic. Nothing! She is just using the race issue to stay in her same job because Dr. Reynols was a worker and visited schools daily and worked til countless hours while she sat in her office doing nothing but sending email commenting on the work others were actually doing. I saw it daily at the BOE. She knows she is going to have to WORK is she takes his job.

  2. Can someone please explain why the washed up Rev. Lopez and Dr. Queso are out there shaking hands, giving hugs, taking these photos and standing less than a foot apart as we continue to see Covid spikes. These pictures are egregious and Cuomo even shook his head in disbelief.

    1. Lopez is triple dipping, between his fake chaplains job, YPS job and county job. The man is another Nick Spano lackey.

    2. The Brothers Keeper presser on the steps of City Hall you had people standing virtually shoulder to shoulder with absolutely no one keeping the recommended 6 feet apart-then again this presser was led by the Chief Clown of Yonkers Mike Spano and his three Assistant Clowns-Bostic, Lopez and Quezada.

  3. In order to get a raise, you need to provide a service for the mayor. This gets you in the friend’s and family network. Sabatino handed Mike Spano a third term and was given a high income, pension padding job. You need to get your friends and family loyalty card.

  4. Come to Yonkers where there is no money for enhance learning. Come to the land where jobs are created for the friends and bums urinate on the waterfront. Now take a deep breath

  5. This seems to be a common thread in Yonkers politics-just look who Spano appointed to run the Yonkers Veterans Service Agency-a man who has never been seen at any veterans services in Yonkers-none what so ever and Spano thinks because he served in Vietnam that he is qualified despite the fact no body in the Yonkers Veterans Community has ever seen him at anything.

  6. Bad timing on the part of Dr. Quesada. I am confident Dr. Coddett will prevail. Let us all pause to examine what is really going on and the lack of leadership at the school district. You have these do nothing managers and incompetent executives collecting on the backs of taxpayers and yet no one knows what they are actually producing. They are certainly not helping raise student achievement levels.

    1. Of course not, you have a political hack like Steve Lopez who has no experience in Education. Dr. Quezada can run a food bank better than the District. Who is fit for the job just like the other heads of other departments? Now shut up and give Mike Spano a raise so the good Doctor can hire more zeros.

  7. The Yonkers Board of Trustees is controlled by that fat convict Nick Spano that thinks nobody knows he making all the moves. Maybe Nick should go back to not paying taxes or teaching other convicts how to make his favorite Cheeseburger. Can’t hide from the Feds Nick

  8. This is racism and discrimination pure and simple. Quezada runs around saying he is a prophet and equity warrior. He poses for photo ops just like the Trump except instead of a Bible he keeps My Brothers Keeper.

    The BOE is a laughing stock. If you took the sum total of their intelligence it might get you to pass the 8th grade tests. They are puppets. Watch a recording of one of the BOE meetings. They can’t read -speak or think.

    John Bolton should write a book about YPS. Quezada is a racist pure and simple and just like Trump, the only thing he cares about is re-election-excuse me-contract extension.

    This is a lie. They were going to cut Coddett’s position no matter what. She has been marginalized and abused. Reynold’s leaving provided another excuse to demoralize and break her. Well power to you Sister Coddett- #Black Careers Matter Too.

    Reynolds is leaving to maintain his good name and integrity. He is one in a million-they don’t make them like that anymore. He is a thoughtful, caring, thinker who is running away from our schools because of the dirty dealings. He will be missed by everyone. If he wasn’t treated with racism and asked to lie for them -he wouldn’t leave.

    Check out the HS graduation rates-they are also a lie. There is cheating going on like nobody’s business.

    I am a parent, community member and YPS employee. We know What Happened in the Room at Larkin and trust me-it is NEVER about kids-always about politics, greed and lust to power.

    1. When you vote don’t vote for any Spano backed candidates or any future Spano’s period. Time to look into things in Yonkers .

    2. How can Quezada be a racist he is a POC just like Rev Lopez called himself a POC even though he is whiter than Casper the friendly ghost-when it is politically conducive the POC line comes out of their tool box.

  9. This is what happens When you have the Spano Brothers running the show. Meanwhile, Mikey boy is getting a big raise for budgetary reasons an the good Doctor is getting demoted with less. Now why do you think these superintendents are leaving? Maybe because the school district is a mess under this yes man.

  10. We should celebrate the reduction in salary for high earning positions. Dr. Coddett can choose not to accept the position.
    I am still surprised that the Yonkers Board of Trustees agreed to renew Dr. Quezada’s contract early with a considerable raise. The Yonkers Board of Trustees is not an Independent group in service to the taxpayer. They are beholden to the Administration.
    We need a charter change, where Board of Trustees are elected by district. Their budget should be approved by the Council without mayoral interference. However, even the council is beholden to the Administration and hardly independent. How many owe their family’s livelihood to the Administration? The majority leader is hardly independent and neither was Sabatino. I don’t need to call out names. You all know who owes their seat to the Administration.

  11. A Latino Superintendent making a quarter of a million dollars, an African American male and woman, both making $200,000. All 3 of whom have advanced professionally and wield considerable power in one of the largest school districts in NY.
    And the NAACP is involved? I’m not saying something isn’t fishy, but the advancement of people of color doesn’t seem to be the issue here.

    1. I cannot contact you because I do not have your email address. If you would like to reach me, please consider sending an email to me with only one or two words … such as Contact me. I will send you an email response to with my telephone number and if you prefer to respond by email, your response to me will then be encrypted so the communication is between us. This will keep your identity from prying eyes. I hope that works for you. Kindly, Hezi … direct you email to eHezi@hush.com and I will respond within the next half hour. If you wait longer tonight, I will be going to sleep because I have bee \n working since 4 am this morning and I am exhausted. Thank you for reaching out. I look forward to hearing from you when it is convenient. Kindly, Hezi

    1. @ NAACP and Yonkers Voice: I watched the “counter protest” and read comments of some people who said that the Board made the decision on Coddet’s position and not the superintendent. The truth is this: a superintendent recommends and Boards approve.

      School superintendents make recommendations to the Board on various matters and the Board makes a decision. In terms of Yonkers BOE, if you watch the Board meetings, you will see the Superintendent submitting budgets and personnel matters for Board approval. If anyone does not believe me on the role of the Board vs the superintendent, just google it or ask someone who has completed his or her District Leadership Certification. A Board would not pick a staff and say let’s lay-off this person off, etc. The superintendent who handles the day-to-day functions, plays the role of identifying who gets laid off, etc., and the Board approves

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