Why I Support My Dad

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WHITE PLAINS, NY — June 9, 2020 — My name is Julie Scarpino and Westchester District Attorney Tony Scarpino is my father. As Election Day approaches on June 23rd, I am grateful for this opportunity to share an inside glimpse into the man who raised me and why I am confident he deserves your vote to continue serving as DA.

With 37 years of public service, my father leads with integrity. He prioritizes what is right over what is easy, in the face of politicians who prioritize personal gain over constituents and a racist President who employs hate-provoking rhetoric. As DA, he has impacted real change for Westchester, including a conviction integrity unit, emphasizing treatment for those struggling with substance abuse, and tirelessly prosecuting serious crimes of violence. I am immensely proud of his work as DA, though he is too humble to let us dwell on his achievements.


My sisters and I are a reflection of our father’s integrity and sacrifice. Our parents worked tirelessly each day as public servants and devoted each evening to their children—completing homework; juggling carpools; drying tears in moments of disappointment and encouraging us to persevere to achieve our goals. 

My father led by example, demonstrating day-in and day-out that integrity requires pursuit of what is right over what is easy. My father (and mother!) raised three children into strong, independent women.

My father leads the DA’s Office with that same humility and integrity, pursuing justice for the citizens of Westchester County. As a father, he championed his children. If you re-elect DA Tony Scarpino, he will continue to be a champion for Westchester.

Anthony Scarpino, Jr. dancing with his daughter Julie on her wedding day.

Please vote to re-elect my Dad, Westchester DA Tony Scarpino, in the Democratic Primary on June 23rd.


Julie Scarpino


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SOURCE: Julie Scarpino



eHeziWhy I Support My Dad

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  1. Voters can no longer allow emotions especially from doting family members to influence their decision on whom they elect to public offices.

    There are hundreds of black children waiting to see if their fathers are locked up from the mount Vernon police corruption scandal published last week in which DA Scarpino says its nothing but hearsay.

  2. If Scarpino wants to be perceived as such a virtuous and forthright public servant, he needs to pull his head out of the sand and do something, ANYTHING about the abject corruption and outright criminal behavior that goes on at Yonkers City Hall. You’re supposed to be the top cop of Westchester County. Last time I checked, Yonkers is in Westchester. Stop being a party hack and do your job.

  3. You obviously love your dad and have great respect for him. But your credibility as an endorser goes straight out the window with that idiotic “racist president” comment. I am no big Trump fan, but every democrat in the country running for whatever position is always playing this hackneyed card about Trump, as if he has anything to do with local races. He needs to worry about beating that Hillary ass-kisser Rocah way before he has to worry about Donald Trump.

  4. You had to play the obligatory race card to garner support for your father? President Trump is no sooner a racist then your father. So come down off your lily white high horse and take a real look in the mirror. Your father should be ashamed. Thank you for making up my mind. I will not be voting for your father. Pathetic.

    1. Racist president? Are you kidding me? I am a Democrat and will more than likely never again vote for a Democrat. But, at least Rocah is what she is. I will advise my Democrat friends of your disgusting endorsement and hopefully your father will lose this race.

  5. Wow. What a tribute to your dad. Probably your dad does not recall. I had the pleasure to meet your dad. I was a detective in Yonkers Police Department. Having grown up on Mundy Lane Bronx side. I think I was asking for a search warrant approval. Well I saw the same qualities you expressed in your letter. I never forgot that experience, However now I reside in Florida and not able to vote for him. But encourage all to do so.
    Nick Bianco

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