BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller and PBA President Det. Keith Olson Espouse Abrogating to Abide by New York State Law

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Abrogating the Oath of a Police Officer Hezitorial

The Blue Truth

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — July 17, 2020 — It was on Wednesday, July 15th that New York State Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Thomas H. Mungeer  issued a statement “demanding” that state troopers be removed from New York City “and cease any law enforcement activities within that jurisdiction.”

In the same vein today, Yonkers PBA Detective President and thereafter Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller both issued statements in which they, too concurred with NYS Police President Thomas Mungeer yet without mentioning him by name.

Mungeer stipulated, “We have arrived at this unfortunate decision due to the hastily written so-called police reform legislation recently passed by the New York City Council,” “This poorly conceived bill, which will be signed into law by Mayor de Blasio …, puts an undue burden upon our troopers; it opens them up to criminal and civil liability for restraining a person during a lawful arrest in a manner that is consistent with their training and is legal throughout the rest of the state. Furthermore, this legislation will prevent troopers from safely and effectively arresting resistant subjects.”

Yonkers Police Commissioner John J. Mueller today said he is prohibiting officers under his command from taking enforcement actions in the City of New York effective immediately.

Mueller said his action was necessary due to the New York City Council proposing, and Mayor Bill de Blasio signing, a New York City Law that requires the jailing and or fining of any police officer that puts a knee on a person’s back or chest during the course of arresting that person.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said he supported Commissioner Mueller’s order. “I announced my full support of the Police Commissioner’s order to stop law enforcement activity in New York City following the New York City Council proposing, and Mayor Bill de Blasio signing, a New York City Law that requires the jailing and or fining of any police officer that puts a knee on a person’s back or chest during the course of arresting that person.

“Here in Yonkers, our Police Department works closely with the community, and the low number of complaints is the result of that.
“It should be abundantly clear. The Yonkers Police Department does not use more force than absolutely necessary, even when dealing with violent individuals.
*Editor’s Note: The hyperlink provided does not reveal the release or any further detail as advised!

Mungeer, the new regulations would “criminalize methods of restraint, including putting any pressure on a person’s chest or back.”

He said those techniques are used by law enforcement agencies across the nation “when officers are faced with violently combative subjects.”

“I find it extremely troubling that these acts are now defined as criminal in nature, even if they were unintentional and no injury was sustained by the subject,” Mungeer said.

Said Mayor Spano, “Here in Yonkers our Police Department works closely with the community, and the low number of complaints is the result of that. We don’t use chokeholds, and we don’t use more force than absolutely necessary, even when dealing with individuals who are extremely violent or suffering mental distress.”

The City of Yonkers has long banned the use of chokeholds by its Police Department except in life or death struggles, and has engaged in a variety of practices to minimize the use of force during arrests. As a result, complaints of excessive force by Yonkers Police have dropped dramatically in recent years. Only six such complaints were made last year.

“Despite our best efforts to minimize the use of force, it remains well possible that a police officer’s knee may end up on the chest or back of a violent suspect during a scuffle or arrest, especially during a one-on-one situation,” said Mueller, “We will not subject our officers to the threat of a year in jail every time they have to deal with a violent or mentally ill subject resisting arrest. New York City’s new law goes beyond effective policing. It jeopardizes the safety of both police officers and the public.”

Mueller added that it was important to note that this was in no way a reflection on the NYPD: “The Yonkers Police Department has and will continue to have the utmost respect and admiration for the men and women of the NYPD. The NYPD has been placed in a nearly impossible position by its legislative body to deliver measured, thoughtful, and appropriate policing strategies for residents who need them most. Our brothers and sisters of the NYPD have contributed countless innovative and transformational policing strategies that have greatly benefited citizens and policing alike, throughout the entire world.”

Commissioner Mueller further stated, “The New York City law was obviously not written by anyone who has ever had to put handcuffs on a violent individual resisting arrest. The Yonkers Police does not use chokeholds or engage in other actions that endanger a subject’s life, but nor can we endanger an officer’s own life; and we’re certainly not going to ask them to risk going to jail just for doing their job.” Commissioner Mueller also noted that the Yonkers PBA has expressed strong concerns about the new New York City law.

Mueller said Yonkers Police, even when engaged in an active pursuit, will halt at the New York City line in the future absent extreme circumstances.

While the perspectives of Mungeer, Olson, and Mueller they are each defiant in abiding by the law, that is, to pursue by encroaching into New York City proper. Each officer takes an oath to which they must adhere, including the pursuit of a suspect beyond the city line. That is the oath to which each must abide.

Contrary to the “oath” Olson presents his perpective as if he has jurisdiction over the “oath” or the “law” as it is written. Worse still he speaks for other unaffiliated PBA’s operating in other municipalities in Westchester County. He has no authority to advise others to break the “law” or the “oath” to which they each swore to abide.

Similarly, Yonkers P.C. Mueller’s statement cannot direct YPD Police Officers to break their “oath”.  

Were a P.O. of any rank choose to abrogate their “oath” would thy not forfeit their position as duly sworn Police Officers (P.O.s). Would they become liable do to their inaction? Is Olson espousing a “work stoppage”? 

Are Mayor Mike Spano, P.C. John Mueller, and PBA Det. Pres. Olson placing the YPD into a legal quagmire? 


SOURCE: Yonkers Police Department Communications Det. Lt. Dean Politopoulis | Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller


eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller and PBA President Det. Keith Olson Espouse Abrogating to Abide by New York State Law

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  1. The word is Keith Olson just changed his appearance and name. Supposedly his new name is Al Birch. Both he just can’t scrub off his stench

  2. Keith Olson you need to be concerned about your association paying court ordered fees. By the way Chris T has been right on target on what a loser and dirtbag you really are as a union official and person. Move on and retire pal.
    And no the Westchester District Attorney’s Office don’t need your lying input.

  3. Yonkers PD’s position on this is certainly noteworthy. Of similar (or even more) importance is the position of the various people on the Police Training Reform Team appointed by County Exec Latimer. This group will be transforming training at the Westchester Police Academy. The Chief Criminal Investigator at the Westchester County District Attorney’s is on this Team. The former Chief Criminal Investigator is also listed on the Team. The training procedures will be consistent with the outcome of the investigations of the cases which are generated. If the team does not support NYC’s new law, then they will propose training methods consistent with what they believe to be appropriate.

    1. Who are all the people on the “team”. Two so far are not know to be defensive tactics experts. What weight does this team hold when we have experts on the state level who decide the standards for New York Sate Municipal Police training. Will every county, city , village and town have different standards and laws Regarding police tactics in New York State? This is all very confusing. Can’t imagine being a police officer today. How will this affect mutual aide? Have the police chiefs and unions been asked for their input? Has the police academy instructors been sued for their input? I hope police officers in Westchester and NYC are getting a big raise for the added risks associated with the job. Westchester big cities could begin to face the same increase in crime as NYC has suffered if they go down the same road. Please remember to vote in November everyone.

    2. Work it out for the betterment of all police personnel. Just make sure you keep Mueller and Olson out of your think tanks. They have no credibility and have targeted their own.

  4. That Joker Mueller is worried about cops entering NYC, but the real story is that Mueller and Olson did more to hurt their own than a couple of rioters.

  5. Don’t think any law enforcement officials should kneel for something they did not do? They put their lives on the line everyday and that is much more than taking a knee.

  6. YPD members get yourself a more trustworthy union head. Olson sold you down the road and is attempting to get another increase as his smelly ass slithers away into retirement.
    Remember readers, Olson had no credibility and will be the worst failed union leader that YPD has ever had.
    His claim to fame will be unauthorized investigations against civilians and other cops, punching and threatening selective civilians and cops and most importantly using other CLSA to perjure themselves against others. Tampering with police files and evidence was snacks for this woodsman.

  7. Keith Olson and John Mueller fked over a lot of good dam people and now we hope the story will be told in a court of law.

  8. Just looking at CJ bunkers Facebook and read another truth serum shot about these two losers in the Yonkers Police Department.
    Now we assume that Olson and that bald headed nut job Jon Mueller can’t wait to read it. So read on boys.
    Posted by another former cop that was harassed and targeted by these grimy so called cops.
    The Yonkers Tribune has been right on target again.

  9. Just head for the Bronx line after committing a crime in Yonkers as according to the smartest Jon the Joker Mueller. Meanwhile Olson got promised a 5% longevity if he gets YPD fitted for cams.

  10. Thank you mayor spano for protect our men and women in blue.

    Thank you YPD for all you do! You’re very fortunate to have a Mayor and Police Commissioner in your corner.

  11. Mike Spano what did you do when the Yonkers PBA President attacked your friend twice?
    Neither you nor that crazed Police Commissioner has the right to speak for the entire County. Yonkers is and always be corrupt. You have selective enforcement and the Mayor always screws people for union cash.

  12. Mike Spano get your nose out of your brother’s a** and get a real PC , not some clown that was part of a scam to target a local business man with frivolous parking tickets.

  13. Woke up this morning yearning to see when they are going to make the next “Joker “ movie. Yonkers PD needs a double.

  14. Wow, make this tool a PC and now he and the Woodsman Olson are speaking for all the Counties Chiefs and Commissioners.
    Meanwhile together they targeted more cops and civilians than bricks.

  15. Yeah we feel sorry for the Yonkers Officers too. We feel sorry that they have a crazy squirrel like Mueller in charge and Keith Olson who sets up other cops saying choke holds are necessary after taking a knee. Can someone drop a lollipop off the the fat man his sugar is low.

  16. Let NYC deal with all the crazies, including deblasio and Cuomo. What is going on in this country is disgraceful, I feel sorry for the yonkers police officers, growing up in yonkers we respected them. Today anything goes, too too bad. Very sad.
    I can go on and on, but it wouldn’t matter, like I said crazies are ruining this usa.

  17. Anybody that throws a beer fest in a police facility and lies about it should not being giving advice to anyone. Especially coming from the lips of John the Joker Mueller.

  18. Yeah you commend Mueller for what? Didn’t stop Olson when he and five others went to Greenburg to arrest Rui as he left work. Just ask his girlfriend what happened next.
    Get informed on what happened in the YPD by these dirty liars.

  19. I commend to PC for saying the truth about nyc polices and the Yonkers mayor is in agreement . No YPD member should go through Nyc bs policies . NYC is burning down so I recommend stay far from it. As for body cameras I feel they only help the officers N protects them from false complaints and lawsuits . However wearing them should be a contractual issue .

    1. Yeah just let Yonkers cops like Olson target and punch out other cops. Good for you Mike Spano. Keep rats at your dinner table.

  20. Why? Well John Mueller and Keith Olson are joined at the hip. It was Keith Olson who refused and bought and bought his way through Spano endorsements to clearly not get the body cams. As for the women chasing, partying Mayor he does what Nick and John Spano want after cash is paid. Money trumps body cams. Wake up Yonkers John Mueller and Keith Olson are two liars that bought their way to the top.
    As for the entire Yonkers Police union members, Olson is selling you a 5% longevity raise that the Local 628 got in the last contract. Keith Olson is getting ready to rest those sugar legs, so you get the body cams and he gets the cash walking out the door. Find another leader that don’t make out with the Spano’s and screw the members for changes in 207c like this dude Olson that makes like he really cares. As for Mueller, he is Olson’s play toy that should have never been put in the top spot.
    As for the Westchester and any new incoming District Attorney’s beware of a dude that gets caught looking through District Attorney and copies police personnel files.

  21. We can’t allow Yonkers Police Officers be arrested by a crazy DA in NYC. It’s bad enough that screaming Mimi is the Dumbocratic nominee.

  22. I think it’s the right move. I’m not a fan of Muller at all but what is happening to us across this country is going to get police killed. Good call Mayor Spano.

  23. Police commissioner Mueller I have a question as well as a concern about Yonkers police saying that there’s no need for them to wear body cams!!
    Why ??
    Council woman Pena in Yonkers has been trying to have this law enforced for years now and has
    been unsuccessful why !?? what makes Yonkers police officers any different than the rest of the police officers in other states that wear body cams!?
    I would like to know why this law hasn’t been enforced commissioner Mueller for YONKERS POLICE TO WEAR BODY CAMS???

    1. Councilwoman Pineda-Issacs is a Spano puppet. Spano bought her by giving her sister a job. She will do her master’ bidding.

    2. ALL police need to wear body cams at all times when they are on the job. It is a small measure to try to keep them from ABUSING the public.

  24. Not surprising that Mueller supports Olson. The Yonkers PBA President and Mueller just got back from chewing on Fat Nick Spano’s famous cheesy cheeseburgers that drive rats crazy. Going price is $ 24, 000 a year for fresh meat.


  26. The City of Yonkers is a failed city and crime is running rampant. Now you have dumb and dumber saying they won’t work in NYC given the environment. Well these two loser must have been on their knees too long because criminal investigations have no jurisdictional boundaries.
    Nice statements coming from a guy like Olson who punches out other cops and John the partying Joker who has dreams of working for the Quinn Law Firm after he harassed a bunch of Yonkers cops.

    1. Yonkers is the safest city, are you brain dead. They dont publish the real facts get smart. By the way I have a bridge for sale if your interested.

      1. The only question I have is when is the last time either the P.C. or Olsen rolled in the streets trying to cuff anyone-I have heard they were both empty suits as cops.

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