BLUE TRUTH: YPD Police Commissioner John Mueller Designates a New Hierarchal Position for Captain Paul Rice and One Other Not Yet Named as Deputy Inspectors

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Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

The Blue Truth

YONKERS, NY — July 1, 2020 — Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller has deemed it appropriate to designate Captain Paul Rice to a position never engaged within the hierarchy of the Yonkers Police Department. The Yonkers Tribune has been informed that the position of Deputy Inspector is one level above that of Captain, yet one level below that of Deputy Chief. 

At present, there are three Deputy Chiefs: Daniel Campanini, Joseph Monaco, and Chris Sapienza. 

Interestingly, the Yonkers City Councilmembers have not been advised, neither have community stakeholders. 

A couple of issues come to play, first will there be a flat rate pay increase commensurate with the position of Deputy Inspector. And even though the Yonkers Tribune has become aware of only one such promotion being made, a second position for Deputy Inspector has also been defined, yet no name has been learned by the Yonkers Tribune. One of the names being floated about is Mayor Mike Spano’s good friend and high ranking CLSA Board Member Ralph Carozza. Everyone will know Thursday.

Because these times have been informed and managed under the duress of COVID-19, the ramification and reverberation of disgust upon the 8 minutes 46 seconds “lynching” of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, and the resultant community response, what are the financial ramifications of these two Deputy Inspector positions? Elevating captains to this high rung within the YPD will have an effect on the bottom line, the financial burden of the City of Yonkers (CoY) will be like a domino affect with everyone getting a promotion. This change to the chain of command in the YPD comes after it had been learned that even $19.5 million in funds allocated and approved for disbursement to CoY by the New York State Legislature have instead been sequestered with no assurance when they will be delivered.

The newly defined two positions of Deputy Inspectors are a step up for those holding captain positions. With a bump up the food chain, will there also be a bump in salary? It also stands to reason with new positions being defined, everyone in the hierarchy will have a new ladder to climb and thereby elevating the cost to all under the two new positions. While the two positions will cost little on an individual basis, the cost through the entire entourage employed by the YPD will likely create costs totaling way over $100’s of thousands in additional fees to the budget. Yet P.C. Mueller and Police Benevolent Association Pres. Det. Keith Olson both espoused their work hours were intended to reduce rising salary fees, including overtime. P.C. Mueller’s revised work schedule was abandoned as they did not reduce cost overruns. Creating the position of Deputy Inspector will not reduce costs, however it will cause an increase that CoY cannot afford.

Isn’t it also curious that P.C. Mueller would have a revelation for a newly created position that will cost more than the present financially burdened and fiscally out of control department after the Mayor’s FY2020-2021 Proposed Budget has been passed by the Yonkers City Council? Was P.C. Mueller twiddling his thumbs in the hope of concocting a brain storm? What is he trying to accomplish with these newly formed positions? 

If the positions of Deputy Inspector are so important, could he have simply designated different responsibilities to the two people to fill those positions without attaching a new position and a likely pay increase? It is after all the taxpayer’s money?

Since the Yonkers Tribune was unable to find anyone at Yonkers City Hall to answer their cell phone, I decided to call Police Commissioner John Mueller’s Communications Director Dean Politopoulis for more clarification on what has been written about herein. Politopoulis did not know anything other that to admit when I mentioned that Captain Rice was one of the people elevated to Deputy Inspector. He did not know of another appointee. 

Politopoulis further advised that he was just about ready to post the photo of Captain Rice on Facebook, at which point I asked why he no longer sent email to news outlets and he advised that he does not post press releases and that those that have signed up for alerts get those press releases. I advised him that I had signed onto those alerts   but that I get no such notices anymore. At which point he called me “ a low life!” In response I had some choice words for him.  This is what the Yonkers Police Department has turned into, a department afraid of their own shadow, and incapable of telling the truth and ignorant of all they should be privy. 

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: YPD Police Commissioner John Mueller Designates a New Hierarchal Position for Captain Paul Rice and One Other Not Yet Named as Deputy Inspectors

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  1. Keith Olson took a knee as police officers all over the country were being assaulted and killed. Not only is Olson a pathological liar but sides with the “angry mob mentality “ . Olson has always acted like a thug so of course he kneeled easily,

  2. John Mueller and Keith Olson are sellouts and losers. Both hid behind others and both creeped around other police officers personnel files. Just ask the DD captain or some of Montero’s friends as Olson inform other cops that he had it.
    Two zeros. Welcome to Yonkers PD so take a knee with Keith Olson and Johnny Joker

  3. So will they now promote 2 lt to the captain, 2 sgt to lt, and 2 po to sgt?
    Seems like a million dollars to create 2 spots that weren’t needed. Who says Yonkers is broke? Could have funded several positions in BOE with that.

    1. You’re absolutely correct those PD spots could havefunded a couple of spots in the BOE-the only problem with that is that those BOE spots more than likely would have gone to political hacks.

  4. Look fellows, everyone knows that John Mueller was the wrong pick for the top spot. But Keith Olson’s cash to Nick Spano’s Empires “Pies” since 2014 bought him his spot. Was the confused Joker the right person? Nope, not at all. The guy refused to transfer, and conspired and lied against his own people.

    1. Tone deaf ah? At least the Yonkers Tribune has written about it. After the Tribune reported on police misconduct within the Yonkers Police Department, the City of Yonkers assigned a Detective to monitor the reporting of a media outlet.
      So throw your stones at the elected officials that YOU keep voting for a Democratic. Get your facts right pal, before you start taking swings at others.

  5. Seems a bit tone deaf to continue reporting on alleged police corruption within the Yonkers PBA, and yet remain completely silent about violence and abuse by Yonkers cops within the communities that they supposedly serve.

    And still not one article on the outrageous salaries and pensions of Yonkers police officers. Someone even posted on your site the names of the top 230 highest paid public servants and they’re all Yonkers police and fire. How any self-respecting media outlet can ignore these sorts of gross expenditures, especially in a city that cannot balance its books, is beyond me.

    Guess we all have our biases. At least readers now know where the Yonkers Tribune stands and it’s clearly on the side of Yonkers police and fire who make $200,000/year at a time when schools are falling apart and homeowners are being squeezed with tax increases.

    And judging by many of the comments here, obviously from Yonkers cops, God help anyone (especially if they’re Black or Hispanic) that has the unfortunate experience of having to interact with these juvenile, ignorant, inarticulate, surly, overpaid grunts.

    1. I can appreciate your comment. I also infer by your comment that you have not been following us for a very long time. The Yonkers Tribune has spoken, and often, we are the lone voice. — Kindly, Hezi

    2. You had some good salient points in your missive but your last paragraph showed that it is you who is inarticulate, ignorant and a racist bigot tambien.

    3. The only problem with those salaries is you have to show up to work many more hours/days to get it. And the govt takes a good chunk in taxes, to subsidize slackers.
      -Also, don’t commit crimes/run your mouth and all people will be fine. Funny thing, millions of black and brown people have gone through life without any police problems. Cut the rhetoric crap

  6. Who knows maybe KO can make Steve Lopez a provisional YPD Captain, so he can order some CLSA members around. Now please pay your dues and maybe you can get deputized by the Joker. But no overtime just straight salary

  7. John Mueller takes a knee against lawlessness and now creates a spot for his friend to tell Captains what to do. Moral is in the gutter and crime under Mueller is through the roof thanks to the Spano’s.

  8. Yeah John Mueller, what does an Inspector do? Count your moves or does he sing your praises for fking other good people? Sure Mayor Mike Spano cut overtime on the blue uniform and then create spots like this stupid move. Pure outlandish.

    1. They call Dean, Mueller’s car wash boy, and Keith Olson’s “plant” . He carries around planted questions for KO. Now he lies to the public. Not much different from his radio car days. See what happens when you’re a good house plant. You get to be the information sap who yells at the media for asking questions. Loser.

  9. John the Joker makes up stupid positions when his stuntman is filling in as the “Joker” . Mueller and Olson made YPD history as the worst appointed leaders ever

  10. Keith Olson you never did answer Chris T.
    Another cop you dirtbags thought was a Blue Truthers. Chris stands on his own chubby. By the way when you retire you can be a guide for people that want to tour the woods

  11. When will the Yonkers Police Officers wake up. The Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson is all about himself he has given away millions to the City of Yonkers in medical benefits concerning 207c, allow FCC thousands of the members’ cash between Quinn, who court records show has defended mainly Olson and Mueller in State and Federal Court. He has harassed and targeted many people and then lied as to his actions. Yup, two complete zeros that need nannies.

    1. Now how does overtime work for the new Captain telling other senior Captains what to do because that made Joker is confined on the third floor brainstorming with the fat guy for more bright ideas.

  12. I am confused. What are the duties of these new inspector positions? It seems as though they contradict the community’s cry for defunding the police. Not that I take the position, however, how is this responding to any of the requests of the protesters? If it doesn’t satisfy any of the requests then it seems as though the actions of Mueller and Spano during the protests were disingenuous.


    1. 40 hr schedule? Thought it was four 8 hr shifts with three days off? Or is that just for the PBA contract and CLS contract is a 40 hr week ?? Thanks and keep safe.

  14. This guy has nothing better to do than to chase people around for Fireworks and make another Captain tell ALL the other Captains what to do. Maybe if this nut job wasn’t targeting and harassing supervisors they would actually be motivated instead of worrying about getting transferred or falsely written up. Another Mueller/ Olson move. Wondering how long these two nitwits took to explain this to Nick Spano.
    No wonder Hodges and Gardner got the road.
    We love to hear what they have to say about these twin Einstein’s.

  15. Thank God the Westchester County didn’t get this looney tune. Anymore bright ideas? Maybe if you weren’t ignorant and vindictive, just maybe the Captains wouldn’t need another gold star Captain with a Captains shield to do what the Chiefs need to do.

  16. How does that work John Mueller? Target and set up other supervisors and throw a made up rank to an old 4th precinct loyalist.
    Yonkers sure does smell

  17. Yup, another great move by that drunken fool. What’s the cost and why now? Oh a tank higher than the Captains to give them directions when the Police Chiefs are getting lectured from a fool.
    All this from a fool that said cops don’t need supervision. That’s why they call John Mueller the Joker.

  18. No one makes up bullshit titles and phony jobs like this administration does. They’ve been doing it since day one.

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