Councilman Merante, Residents, Homeowners, Members of Among Other Elected Official to Rally Against UPS’s Planned Expansion

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Anthony Merante, Yonkers City Council, District 6.

YONKERS, NY — July 31, 2020 — Yonkers 6th District Councilman Anthony Merante will be joined by residents, homeowners, members of, and other elected officials to protest the planned expansion of this UPS facility.  Organizers fear that UPS’s plans, if approved by the Yonkers Planning Board, would produce a safety hazard with its above ground gasoline tanks, excessive traffic and noise generated by its 24/7 operation with trailers and trucks coming and going would thereby destroy the quality of life for this neighborhood and the peaceful enjoyment by its residents. An environmental impact study is warranted before the Planning Board considers UPS’s requests.

DATE: Wednesday, August 5, 2020

TIME:  3:30PM

PLACE:  UPS Facility, 555 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, NY 10710. (East Grassy Sprain Road by the construction area for the parking lot)


Yonkers City Councilman Anthony Merante (District 6)


TribuneCouncilman Merante, Residents, Homeowners, Members of Among Other Elected Official to Rally Against UPS’s Planned Expansion

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      1. Yes GED but it doesn’t seem that education is a factor for the job..Merante has a finance degree yet taxes continue to rise…

    1. Haha but the “braindead” Ff. would have fought for the residents, especially seniors.. he lives for this , to go up against people…did many good things for his membership when he was union president…he would not have been a yes man like Merante…Spano knew he would be a thorn in his side..He knew he could keep merante under his thumb..because he knew he was half a man from the start…

  1. When Merante was the Sprain Lake Knolls Neighborhood Assoc. President he ran a meeting with
    many other northeast neighborhoods at school 32 regarding the rock breaking i believe it was 2015…Mike Spano was there with his father…the issue was brought up about the hotel being built on tuckahoe…Spano swore to everyone that the hotel was built , part of the contract was that the rear grassy area could not be developed …BIG LIE to the residents…Merante was there…I guess he forgot….

  2. Warning to the involved group. If Alfred Weissman still owns this property, watch for private investigators used to infiltrate your movements. This is exactly what occured when the former Tuckahoe Rd watchdog group vs. the major retail that was proposed for this property. Watch for pretext phone calls from phony callers.

    1. No, what happened was Amicone and the SpaNO’s bought the Tuckahoe Watchdog Group out with the promise of jobs and jobs that materialized. Larkin, Sansone…. The list goes on…Even Muerente got a job.

  3. Councilman Merante will be defeated by Mathew voted for two tax increases.
    Will Fight Against Tax Increases
    Prioritize Quality of Life Issues
    Partner with Police to Ensure Safety

    Merante will vote for tax increase. He does this every time he has an opportunity.

  4. A sex shop, smoke shop, and constant rock breaking… sounds like business is booming on Central Ave, great job! And now a million trucks going in and out of a residential neighborhood, along with 2 years of high tax increases. I wonder if those people who vote along party lines are happy with their “Republican” now. Never mind, only a third of the district even voted for him.

  5. They have already gone a head with construction . This is resdential neiborhood. Move it to a commercial park. Tuckahoe rd has a feed on it not far from this. Hope all the people who use the east grassy sprain road cut through aren’t going to mind sitting at the light on tuckahoe rd for 10 minutes evey morning. This is the wrong use for this land and its not zoned for it. And its a lot nosier then a pile of rocks. And if you live near a commerical ave they will do building . Only it is no difference once its done . This will destroy property values. If yonkers needs jobs for people put it in places zoned for it. And make it closer to there homes so they can walk to work. And all the cars working in there are from out of state. If you are so worried about yonkers needing the work.

  6. What ever happened to the plastic factory there? Is it still up and running? How much property taxes does it pay, the only question anyone should be asking. How much property taxes will UPS be paying? Again, what we need to know.

    Nobody was complaining when they built the hotel right beside it!!!!! And how much property taxes does that pay? Have you driven over Tuckahoe Road lately…It’s road grade is that of a third world country. A recently paved part is still a joke and uneven, but then this is what we expect from government, poor standards and shoddy union workers.

    I try to avoid Tuckahoe Road at all costs, it’s bad for your car and bad for stress, as the traffic lights must be controlled by a school boy controlling his lego set.

  7. Where was Merante when it came to the rock pile on CPA and Heights Drive that’s be going on forever . What about all that noise and destruction. No protests for that ? Seems to little to late . U voted to raise our taxes and this won’t be forgotten this election year.

    1. What is going on at CPA and heights? What is the development project? I see the construction but other than that I have no idea what is going to be built. Can someone enlighten us. Thanks in advance.

    1. Ha ha ha hail Ma Ma Ma Ma Mary f f f f fu fu full of…

      He’d need about two hours to get through the prayer. He’s done zero in Yonkers politics. You can smell the desperation.

  8. A bunch of white people marching against jobs for minorities. UPS is among the top employer of minorities. Merante is making a last play to get elected. He knows he is in trouble. Nolan will primary him.

  9. Why don’t they do what’s been done historically with such projects: stick it in a low-income neighborhood. That way, only black and brown people will get things like asthma from the pollution and increased stress levels from the traffic and noise.

    Can someone please direct me to the petition about the daily caravan of MTA buses rumbling through the poorest part of Yonkers each day. Guess government only takes notice when it’s for white homeowners (of which I am one).

    1. I live near the sprain parkway. How about the cars polution every minute of the day. Motercycles doing 100 mph all times of the day (middle of the nite).trucks cutting through a no truck cut through rd. Ups buses cut through to save the toll. My air isnt great but i actually pay big property taxes so those people who have to breath the same losey air i do can send there kids to school

    2. Really if I am not mistaken 87 runs through the east-side of Yonkers north & south with heavy traffic that creates incessant amounts of carbon waste that pollutes the air in the area and not to forget Yonkers Raceway which for years with it’s heavy vehicular traffic polluted the air on the east-side. Once again the only thing some people have in their tool kit is the race victimization card.

      1. So very true. Imagine the pollution levels on Central Ave alone. But keep turning over every rock looking for racism and victimization.

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