Its Official: Verris, Best, and Romano WIn Democratic Party Primary for Yonkers City Court Judge

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YONKERS, NY — July 16, 2020 —The Yonkers Democratic Primary tabulation for Yonkers City Court Judgeship has been validated by the Westchester County Board of Elections.


In alphabetical order:


1) Judge Karen Best

2) Dan Romano, Esq.

3) Verris Shako, Esq.

eHeziIts Official: Verris, Best, and Romano WIn Democratic Party Primary for Yonkers City Court Judge

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  1. I know who is running against khader as well. She will be well funded, minority.
    That is all I can say at this time. I believe she will be making a big announcement soon. She is said to have a lot of political support from some pretty big names. Mike khader is no progressive. In fact, he was a republican not too long ago. I can’t wait till he is shown the door. He has done nothing since being elected. Well, he did raise our water rates

  2. Huge announcement to be made within two weeks. It’s looks like Mr. Michael Kadeem’s will have a real threat from the left. Stay tuned. Me kader was a republican only a few years ago, he was a trump supporter and now he playing like he one of us?? No way.
    #women on a roll

    1. I think you meant Mike Khader, no position is guaranteed, no one should take their elected positions for granted. He’s been vocal and transparent. EVERYONE should know that the residents are watching and understand that the issues that matter most are not being addressed. County, State and City.

  3. Elliot Engel also got shown the door-never held a town hall style meeting in Yonkers the entire time he was in Congress-then has the balls to say he was all about the people-Mr Engel now you can go live year round in your REAL home in Potomac, Maryland-good riddance.

  4. There is still a general election. Let’s make sure that John Romano and Karen Best make it through the general election.

    1. The Democratic Primary was the Election!
      Accept the fact that Karen Best and Dan Romano are the next Yonkers City Court Judges.

        1. Post

          Yes, and for Daly, the Republican line. The same 5 who entered the Democrat Primary contest will again meet up in November for the final challenge that will bring about three people to take their place as Yonkers City Court Judges.

  5. John loses everything he touches. He’s busy trying to be Z, he will never be him tho. How did supporting Dennis Robertson go? That’s right, start listening to Z because you aren’t very good at this.

    1. Too bad you guys couldn’t beat him like the winners you claim to be. Too bad you couldn’t stop the 3rd term. That would’ve been a meaningful win.

  6. Spano and Meier got shellacked. Johnny Limo is on a roll.
    Mike Khader for Mayor
    Shane’s Williams Council President
    John Khader 6th Council District
    Gordon Burrows 5th Council District

    1. Ask Johnny limo how his boy scarpino did. And how burrows did!!! Johnny kilo throws his name behind everyone candidate 🤣🤣🤣

          1. It doesn’t matter how you spell it. He is coming after Merante’s seat.


      1. Post
    1. Post
      1. The final results for every race is available on the board of elections website. If you want specific results, like the write-ins you have to file a FOIL request. A quick call gets the right answers, of course, excluding YO government.

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