Mayor’s Column for the Week of July 13, 2020:

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Mayor Mary C. Marvin, Esq.

BRONXVILLE, NY — July 13, 2020 — Now that Village Hall is back open, many of you are reaching out to us on a myriad of issues as we all try to regain some sense of order after three months of hibernation.

To that end, I polled our staff and the following are the most frequently asked questions that have come our way of late as well as a thumbnail sketch of services that we do offer at Village Hall.


  • Village Hall is now open every weekday from 9 AM to 4 PM.
  • Village Hall staff issue birth and death certificates as well as handicap parking placards. However, only individuals born at New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital can have birth certificates processed in the Village. If born in any of the New York City hospitals, birth certificates are available online at or at the office of Vital Records 125 Worth St., New York NY.
  • Handicap parking permits may only be issued by the community to which one pays taxes. Sharing a common postal address does not meet this criteria.
  • The Village does not issue marriage licenses though weddings can be performed at Village Hall or any location within the Village boundaries by our two Judges and the Mayor. Licenses can be obtained in nearby Eastchester, Mount Vernon or Scarsdale.
  • Pet licenses are issued at the town level at Eastchester Town Hall at 40 Mill Road.
  • We do have several Notary Publics on staff to certify documents. Notary Publics are also available at the Library.
  • The police department is the location to register house alarm permits, request patrol of your home if you are traveling and to leave a house key to be used in emergency situations. More detailed information may be found on the Village Website under Police.
  • Our parking desk can assist in the purchase of resident and merchant parking permits and this is also the place to add your name to our waiting list for reserved parking spaces. Adding your name to the wait list for reserved parking spaces must be done in writing, preferably through the website (but also accepted through email to


  1. How can we keep informed about Village news? If you have not done so, please visit the Village website at www.villageof, click on “Subscriber For” and register for SWIFTREACH and News/Announcements under the Citizen Action Center on the homepage.
  2. Does garbage and recycling need to be curbside? Garbage does not need to be at the curb but recycling does. Recycling needs to be brought to the curb by 7 AM Wednesday morning. Recycling bins may be purchased through the Public Works website.
  3. What days can I schedule my bulky waste pick up?
    Bulky waste pickups are always scheduled for the second day of your garbage pickup schedule. If you fall under the Monday/Thursday garbage schedule, you’re bulk waste day is Thursday. Conversely, if you are on the Tuesday /Friday schedule, your bulk waste day is always Friday. There is a fee of $20 and all can be arranged via the Village website. This service should be requested 48 hours prior to the desired day of pick up. Items must be curbside the night before and air conditioners, refrigerators, paint and batteries cannot be collected.
  4. How do I report potholes/street lights that are out?
    Go to our website, under the Public Works link to report potholes and street light issues.
  5. Do I need a permit to take down a tree?
    If the tree is entirely privately owned, there is no permit needed. If the tree is a Village tree and you think there is an issue, contact the Village immediately.
  6. Do I need to get a permit for a dumpster?
    If the dumpster is going to be on your own private property, no permit is needed. If the dumpster is going to be partially on Village property, a permit is required. The application is on our website under the Public Works link.
  7. How do I dispose of yard waste?
    Yard waste should be collected in biodegradable bags and placed curbside. Bags of leaves cannot be mixed in with sticks and twigs. Sticks and twigs must be bundled/tied and put out separately.
  8. Are individuals allowed to sell door to door in the village?
    Individual selling goods door to door are required to receive a permit from our Village Clerk though most rarely do so. Do not hesitate to call our police desk if the sales person cannot produce the permit. Quite often, after investigation, our Police Department has determined that the charities purported to benefit from our purchases are nonexistent. The first amendment does protect all those “selling” an idea such as the Jehovah Witnesses or Green Peace so they do not need Village permission to ring your bell. To limit this kind of solicitation, a small no solicitation sign near the front door has a proven legal effect.

As a point of information, none of the phone solicitations requesting donations to the Bronxville Police Department actually go to our      department. The callers are companies hired by some jurisdictions, never ours, who then give a small percentage pledged to the police department that engaged their services. Our Police Department solicits by direct mail only once per year for a donation to their Memorial Day Weekend benefit.


Mary MarvinMayor’s Column for the Week of July 13, 2020:

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