“Notice to Cease and Desist” Directed to Westchester County District Attorney with Respect to Delfim Heusler

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Yonkers Insider Publisher, Editor, and Reporter Delfim Heusler.

Judge Karen Best

YONKERS, NY – July 14, 2020 — “This complaint is hereby submitted as an official request that Mr. Heusler be charged and arraigned under New York State Penal Code §240.26(3) Harassment in the Second Degree. Pursuant to New York State Penal Code §240.26(3), a person is guilty of Harassment in the Second Degree when, with the intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, he or she engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which alarm or seriously annoy such other person and which serve no legitimate purpose. Penal §240.26(3)

“Mr. Heusler has attempted to hide behind the First Amendment to engage in harassing behavior as an online blogger because I launched a Yonkers City Court Judicial campaign against his friend, Yonkers City Court Judge Thomas Daly. Additionally, Mr. Heusler’s lack of understanding of the First Amendment has resulted in published online blog posts that include allegations, untruths and speech that are not protected under the law. Mr. Heusler acted with the intent to cause emotional distress and to create a distraction from my campaign efforts. Moreover, Mr. Heusler’s harassment caused me embarrassment, anxiety and the inability to sleep. Additionally, I had to devote time from my campaign to document his harassment, and to respond to his allegations, including this complaint. Additionally, members of the Yonkers Police Department came to my residence because the Second Precinct was closed to the public because of COVID-19. This caused further embarrassment because my neighbors were able to see me conversing with the officers without full knowledge of the reason for their presence.

”Moreover, when Mr. Heusler is formally charged and arraigned, I request a change of venue outside of Westchester County citing Mr. Heusler’s relationship with Yonkers City Judge Thomas Daly and various members of the Yonkers Democratic Party, and their political connections throughout Westchester County.”


SOURCE: Judge Karen Best 


Tribune“Notice to Cease and Desist” Directed to Westchester County District Attorney with Respect to Delfim Heusler

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  1. This isn’t a Republican vs Democrat issue. The nastiness in this year’s judicial primary was disappointing. Delfim Heusler should be ashamed of himself harassing another woman. If what she has said is true, he contacted her numerous times without her permission, and now he’s writing lies about her. If it’s because he’s friends with a sitting Judge it makes it worse. If this could happen to her, it could happen to any candidate, which is wrong!

  2. Well I guess this means Best will be criminalizing 1st amendment speech as a jurist, oh lord help us. Best u r a public figure when running for elected office and subject to criticism, repeated or not, hurtful, unpleasant and untrue as someone’s opinion. If you want to run and be in office in America where we still have some free speech you better get thicker skin. Oh and Please don’t request a search warrant to unmask me.

    1. Regarding a search warrant of anything in the Yonkers Tribune, no one has engaged in threatening any person on this Website so there is no prospect of that ever happening. — Kindly, Hezi … P.S> I’d the Pentagon can be hacked it stands we certainly could be but our system is well protected and there are other modalities.

  3. Not sure how I feel about a newly elected Judge writing this. I voted for her. Was I right in doing that? This is not a good look.

  4. Triggered folks. Karen Best is what Yonkers needed. Buckle up Yonkers we are going to drain the swamp.

    Karen keep fighting!

  5. i don’t see any allegation of the specific act of harassment that Mr Heusler committed…In order for someone to be charged with a violation which is what harassment is there needs to be some showing of an affirmative course of conduct not simply the state of mind of the alleged victim as being upset or alarmed…so WHAT DID HEUSLER DO?

    1. the press has been specific with regard to Trump….what planet are you on..Trump will go down hard…wsj and q poll out today Biden has double digit lead nationally …double digit lead in the battleground states…Why because Trump is losing women, millenials, minorites, and whites with college degrees…not much left for Trump to win….and even with non collegewhite voters who he won by 40% last time he is only leading by single digits…Say bye bye to donald…and in fact as I have said for 2 years…HE IS NOT GOING TO RUN …..biden leads by 6 in AZ, 7 in Fl, 8 in Pa, 6 in Wi and MI…Monmouth poll has Trump down by 13 points…key age demographics…18-49…60% Biden..over age 65 12 points lead for Biden….not since HW Bush has there been such a disasterous polling result for an incumbant…But you go ahead and blame the media…you blame the virus, blame brad parscale…blame the Rino’s…blame anyone you want but don’t blame the President…because you have from the beginning put your faith in the likes of sean hannity tucker carlson, jeanine pirro, rush limbaugh, mark levin, laura ingraham…and guess what THEY ARE NOT JOURNALISTS…THEY DON’T CLAIM TO BE JOURNALISTS…THEY ARE IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS….WHEN YOU COMPARE THE REAL NEWS REPORTERS AT CNN NBC ABC CBS AND FOX..THE FACTS DON’T CHANGE..WHY IS THAT…WHY IS IT THAT WHEN IT COMES TO THE REAL NEWS EVEN FOX REPORTS WHAT OTHER MAINSTREAM NETWORKS REPORT….IT’S ONLY THE FOX OPINION HOSTS THAT SPIN TO KEEP TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE…..50% OF VOTERS SAY THERE IS NO WAY THEY WILL EVEN CONSIDER VOTING FOR TRUMP

      1. Talk about triggered! LOL “The HuffPost presidential forecast model gives Democrat Hillary Clinton a 98.2 percent chance of winning the presidency. Republican Donald Trump has essentially no path to an Electoral College victory,” the HuffPost wrote Nov. 7, 2016. “Clinton’s win will be substantial, but not overwhelming. The model projects that she’ll garner 323 electoral votes to Trump’s 215.”

        Polls are meaningless.

  6. Silencing reporters – right out of the Chinese Communist Party’s playbook.

    I’ve never even heard of this woman and there’s barely any hits about her on Google. She should stick to the DMV. The last thing we need in Yonkers is another ZERO.

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