Scout Field Directive to Executive Team
By Westchester County Executive GEORGE LATIMER

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Statement originally divulged July 12, 2020 at approximately 8pm 

Westchester County Executive George Latimer.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — July 13, 2020 —There has been a significant public uprising over rumors surrounding what the County is planning to do at Scout Field. I have seen in the last 24 hours numerous assertions that have exacerbated tensions that existed well before our administration took office. It has been my understanding that my prior order was clearly understood by all: no action was to commence on any development at Scout Field without my direct and personal order to proceed. 

It is my understanding that there was a project scheduled to begin this week to apply herbicide to stop non-native plants from continuing to overtake native growth. Some have theorized this was part of a plan to kill grass meadow and trees en route to implementing the soccer field plan approved by my predecessor. Concerns have also been raised about the herbicide itself and its potential environmental impacts; I want these questions cleared up to the greatest extent possible.

Let me be clear. NO action whatsoever is authorized nor shall be undertaken at Scout Field without my direct, personal approval. Please make sure all relevant departmental staff understands that; also make sure they understand they are not to conjecture with the public about what or may not be done at Scout Field in the future because nothing has been authorized to advance under this administration.

There will be a meeting scheduled on the 9th Floor on Tuesday to discuss the current matter with all relevant personnel. Meeting details will be provided tomorrow. Due to the public interest in the matter, I will be the sole communicator on this issue with the interested parties outside of County government.

Scout Field is a controversial matter. How we choose to act cannot be triggered by any departmental initiative. It is the prerogative of my office to make these decisions as it will be my responsibility to explain and/or defend whatever path we choose to travel. At the very least, we owe the public on both sides of this issue transparency and dialogue.

TribuneScout Field Directive to Executive Team
By Westchester County Executive GEORGE LATIMER

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  1. The County should build a turf multipurpose field. We could use it for soccer softball and peewee football. Some barbecue pits would also be welcome. Don’t let this fallow field go to waste.

      1. We means us people who live in Yonkers. I live in Armour Villa and would like to have sporting events. We need living space. Be a good concert field.

    1. There already is a soccer field in place and as well a baseball field.. Oh you didnt know thats because Bronxville and Eastchester were keeping it chained and Private. Mount Vernon and Yonkers who have rights to this land have been left out. Eastchester plans on killing 31 healthy trees which will result in a drastic environmental change to that area, kill wildlife and destroy the value quiet and enjoyment of the surrounding homes. Eastchester needs to build their private soccer field in their town.
      As far as going to waste, you obviously havent been there. It is visited by many and provides an absolutely beautiful open green space escape, especially during Covid. Save Scout Field !

    2. The field is NOT by any means “fallow.” It is used daily by scores of people from all walks of life, and of all ages. Soccer and baseball are both played there, and when there are no informal games going on, people picnic, sunbathe, relax, socialize with their pups, exercise, bird watch, and fish (YES, fish!). Why don’t you go to visit this jewel of southern Westchester—you will love the peace, quiet, and beauty of the natural setting. You may just want to stay a bit longer once you get there.

  2. Dear CE Latimer

    Thank you for your quick action on this.
    Do you know who authorized the use of a toxic herbicide in a watershed?
    Will the public be able to view this hearing online?

      1. The area to be poisoned is the wooded area to the left (west) of the Bronx River in the photo from Google maps.,-73.8346218,3a,75y/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipM_h67HUMR0WFrcb-Tb6WT49aFq0xUHzGAoAjD6!2e10!3e12!!7i4048!8i3036!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c292a99081fe0d:0x5e19bfe91c8edcb7!8m2!3d40.935323!4d-73.8346218

        The herbicide being used is similar to RoundUp.

        1. You still haven’t said what watershed would be impacted. The nearest is Kensico which barely touches the northern most parts of White Plains and Harrison. No where near Bronxville and Yonkers.

          1. According to NOAA a watershed is “a land area that channels rainfall and snowmelt to creeks, streams, and rivers, and eventually to outflow points such as reservoirs, bays, and the ocean.
            While some watersheds are relatively small, others encompass thousands of square miles and may contain streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and underlying groundwater that are hundreds of miles inland. “

        2. In New York the watershed is where our potable water comes from. The Bronx River certainly does not qualify. I’m not for pollution of any kind, but calling the Bronx River a watershed is ridiculous. It absolutely is not.

          1. I can’t understand the sickness of trolls. Why do they enjoy making other people miserable? I guess it’s a case of misery loves company.
            You can’t make up your own definition and expect an answer.
            It is obvious that you have real shortcomings in your life. I do feel sorry for losers like you.

      2. Scout Field is part of the historic Bronx River Reservation that runs all the way up from the Bronx and through White Plains, NY. This County park land is in a flood plain, with the Bronx River running right through the middle of the park. Lovely historic trees line the perimeter, with a “secret” pathway (the loop) at the southernmost end of the big, sunny field. There is one gorgeous Catalpa tree that must be over 100 years old. The tree is very generous with her shade on hot, sunny days, and she blooms beautiful fragrant flowers in the spring time. Take a drive down the secluded (but bumpy) driveway and be surprised at the beauty of this special place.

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