Sur La Table Closes Ridge Hill Store; Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization Protection

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YONKERS, NY — July 11, 2020 — Sur la Table epitomizes “The Art & Soul of Cooking”. Upon opening the high end kitchenware outlet in the Ridge Hill Mall in Yonkers years ago, it added a cachet of sophistication that encompassed kitchenware and cooking classes under one roof. As adamant their capacity to marry kitchen gadgetry, not always familiar to the American consumer,  they helped their patrons to discover how to replicate cuisine over which chefs would fawn. Sur La Table brought the fun and joy of cooking. They made cuisine accessible to the American palate hungry to discovery more to satisfy their palate, whether at the kitchen table or the dining room table. They also gave more men permission to delve into the world of cooking; the secrets were displayed by the array of pots and pans to choose from, the coffee makers, and so much more. Perhaps not as eloquent as Julia Childs, Sur La Table shared their knowledge with its patrons. Alas COVID-19 has exacted a toll to which not all can escape, neither personally nor in the business world. 

Luckily all is not lost. Sur La Table has files for protection engaging Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The filing was made in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey in Trenton. Sur La Table, headquartered in Seattle, WA, showed 150 Quaker Bridge Mall Road in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, as the debtor’s address.

Chapter 11 is a form of bankruptcy that involves a reorganization of a debtor’s business affairs, debts, and assets, and for that reason is known as “reorganization” is named after the U.S. bankruptcy code 11, corporations generally file Chapter 11 if they require time to restructure their debts. This version of bankruptcy gives the debtor a fresh start. However, the terms are subject to the debtor’s fulfillment of its obligations under the plan of reorganization.

Sur La Table has reopened 121 of its stores around the country as of July 4. The firm “contemplates the sale of Sur La Table retail stores after the rationalization of its national store footprint. Sur La Table already closed the store it operated at The Westchester in White Plains. Ridge Hill in Yonkers, The Shops at Nanuet in Rockland County, and Shoppes at Farmington Valley in Connecticut are expected to be permanently closed in August or September.

Court filings have delineated The Westchester Mall owed $245,000, the Irvington, NY, and Tarrytown, NY manufacturer The Cookware Co., owed $545,400, and cutlery products, cook wares, and scissors distributor Zwelling J.A. Henckels LLC in Pleasantville, NY, owed $2,245,000.

The company asserts it plans to consummate a restructuring and sale of the company as a going-concern subject to authorization by the court. 

Sur La Table was founded by Shirley Collins and has been in operation for 48 years.

eHeziSur La Table Closes Ridge Hill Store; Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization Protection

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  1. Hezi
    Why is that we have Senate Majority Leader Andrea Cousins and Senate Education Chairperson Shelly Mayer representing Yonkers and the state school formula continues to shortchange Yonkers ?

    1. The answer is complex. First, the trust between our elected officials and the relationship they have with their colleagues, as well as the governor, is one that to not trusting municipal government to be a team player. Once elected, many of those elected speak well, but don’t often enough succeed, and that is why we return to the first issue, trust. The takeaway is that Yonkers must engender an air of credible trust, defined over time, which infers most correctly that CoY has a heavy burden to overcome. There is little transparency within the city. The corruption, ok, alleged corruption is insidious. So where is the person that can lead us out of our self imposed straitjacket? WE have to forge a credible and forthright demeanor. We must call and define corruption wherever it rears its ugly head. CoY has permitted to many such outcome for many years. And it is haunting us now. ~~ Kindly, Hezi

  2. democrats are not destroying the folks who mindlessly parrot sean hannity and other fox opinion hosts are simply uninformed misinformed and unable to critically think for yourself…Like many small businesses who reley on in person shopping the pandemic has rendered them insolvent …no traffic no business….no website no ability to sell goods…sur le table is just an example …businesses in yonkers are a reflection of the effects of the pandemic all over the nation…And the single most important reason as to why the US economy has shuttered is because the US President has failed to deal with the greatest public health threat in 100 years…because his concern was not how to heal the nation …it was not how to allow his medical experts to guide the nation in how to safely reopen in was to play one governor off the other in an attempt to make it appear that Trump knew more than the doctors…his failure to wear a mask…his sniping at anthony fauci…his failure to understand that the virus doesn’t care whether you are a republican or democrat..or whether your last name is Spano…And frankly I am more than exhausted watching stupid people try to defend stupid

    1. I couldn’t agree with the last sentence more… “I too am more than exhausted watching people trying to defend stupid. ~~ Kindly, Hezi

    2. Then you must garner your information from the racist & bigot. opinion talking heads from Comedy News Network & MSNBC who do nothing put spew lies, distortions and misinformation on a daily basis .

    3. That store was struggling and on the verge of closing, prior to covid. It was a Nice store and a shame to see yet another ridge hill business closing down. Grand opening

    4. Sure blame Trump typical DEMOC RAT when he closed the China border, they called him racist. Meanwhile ratchet faced Pelosi and Wilhelm were telling people to go on with their lives. It’s funny how Wilhelm says all large events are canceled in NY, but BLM protests are still allowed. You liberal scum are going to have to suck it up for another 4 years. TRUMP 2020 MAGA

      1. Trump never closed China….40,000 people from China came to the US after the so called closure…It was Europe however that infected the new york metropolitan area…because Trump refused to restrict travel from europe because he was worried it would tank the economy…Trump has botched the pandemic…and voters know it…it’s why he is losing texas arizona florida north carolina and georgia…You want to blame democrats They were not in charge of dealing with the greatest health threat in a century…they didn’t deny that covid was deadly..they didn’t refuse to wear a mask and they didn’t put the economy before the health of the nation…Trump is the laughing stock of the world…The US has more cases more deaths than any other nation….Trump thinks it’s the fault of testing what an ass!

        1. We have more deaths because stupid Cuomo filled the nursing homes with COVID patients. Between Cuomo dumb @ss decisions and Deblasio dumb @ss Decisions New York has become the death capital of the world for blacks. But nobody’s laughing they are moving out, leaving behind the poor and the unchecked criminal element. Good luck, another Democrat run city and state down the drain. Oh almost forgot, Black lives matter!

        2. You are brainwashed by Fredo, virus originated in China. Keep drinking the fake news kool ade with Wilhelm, Nancy, Chuck and Fredo. DEMO RATS are destroying this country, hope Antifa comes to a neighborhood near YOU.

          1. Of course it originated in China. That’s why countries around China such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, etc. call it the Wuhan virus or Chinese virus.

            Trump has been nothing short of catastrophic (not that the establishment Democrats are much better), but make no mistake about it: this global pandemic is 100% the result of 1) barbaric Chinese treatment of animals stemming from their primitive ideas about the medicinal “benefits” of animal parts and 2) the repressive Chinese Communist Party, which lied to the world and silenced its own doctors who discovered this Chinese-made plague.

            Back on topic, the solution is to protect American businesses by boycotting Chinese and Chinese-made goods. This virus has proven that China is the greatest threat to the world. It’s only a matter of time before they give us another freak mutant virus that wreaks even more havoc.

  3. Sur La Table was carrying $31.5 million in losses BEFORE the pandemic hit. This has nothing to do with Yonkers, Democrats, Republicans or the Spanos, but with how corporate America is allowed to underpay its workers while drowning its executives in wealth and stock options (good luck finding CEO Jason Goldberg’s salary or net worth) all while carrying millions and millions in debt. The sad irony is that American teenagers enter into debtor’s prison for life just to get an education (student loans) while the 1% in our country get to “restructure” their debt through bankruptcy proceedings without having to take any cuts to their own salary or overall wealth.

    Sick stuff.

    1. True
      But can we agree the mismanagement of this administration (SPANO) has caused many empty storefronts throughout the City ?

  4. Spano’s can’t win democratic primaries
    Karen Beltran sat on her hands and spent no money..McGrath election tells you that Spano is a lame duck..the next lose will be rubbo..btw rubbo did you pay your landlord yet ????

      1. Corazon is what’s wrong with politics!
        She sells her district out for jobs for her and her family! Wait till residents find out she was bought off by Spano and latimer

        1. Pineda-Issacs has a political job with Westchester Cpounty just like her sister has a political job with Spano-that is what is wrong.

  5. Hezi, wonder how much the blm parade in Yonkers is costing the taxpayers.
    Got to be 25 radio cars getting double time.
    Not one mask was on parade or cops great job.

  6. Democrats are destroying the economy!
    Small businesses are disappearing all over Yonkers..
    Drive on South Broadway, McLean Avenue or Yonkers Ave you see nothing but empty stores.
    After this Mayor took a beating in the last primary election, he finally wakes up and realizes people dislike the job he’s doing, so he starts a small business program, what this moron doesn’t understand is his policies are hurting small businesses every city agency continues to beat up
    On small businesses with taxes, fees and regulations unless you hire empire Spano services you get screwed

    1. Didn’t spano win a primary every year he ran! Even the third time after he changed term limits.

      Was a comedy show watching the Khader’s mope around that night…. hahahahaha

      1. Everyone knew he would win no real opposition. He’s doing a great job with our schools and economic development booming. For every grand opening, there is a grand closing.

  7. Thanks Cuomo! This is just the beginning of bankruptcy and store closings. So, we could wear a mask to go inside the liquor store and buy a bottle of booze but we couldn’t go and buy merchandise from this or any other store even while wearing a mask because Fredo said so. All these closings were so unnecessary. We just need personal responsibility. You go out, be responsible , you work be responsible. Maybe they will open up at location a liquor store or future marijuana dispensary, because if Fredo closes the economy down again that will be one of the few viable businesses. I will never vote for another democrat ever again. look at what we have done to this great country in 5 months time. What’s next?

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