The Black Lives Matter Demonstration Allegedly Promoted by Westchester County Board Legislator Ruth Walter (D-15) in Bronxville Cancelled for Lack of Permit

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Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

BRONXVILLE, NY — July 23, 2020 — The poster, predominately disseminated by email, was headlined with the phrase “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE”. Thereafter, the reader would be informed that the intent was: “VIGIL FOR GEORGE FLOYD” followed by “#BlackLivesMatter”.

Documentary evidence seen by the Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune revealed that people were beseeched on May 30, 2020, to attend a rally in front of “Bronxville Town Hall” on June 1, 2020 at 6 pm. Interestingly, the Village of Bronxville was notified in the late afternoon of May 31st of the intent for a rally the next day, June 1st. Full disclosure of the intent of the rally was not divulged to the Village of Bronxville deceitfully as they did not inform of the threat defined herein. Yet the village agreed to permit the rally to gather on June 8th not Knowing the presentation beseeching people to attend the rally.

George Perry Floyd Jr. was a black American man killed during an arrest after allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis. A white police officer, Derek Chauvin, knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes. After his death, protests against police violence toward black people quickly spread across the United States and internationally. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Floyd grew up in Houston, Texas. He played football and basketball throughout high school and college. He held several jobs, and he was also a hip hop artist and a mentor in his religious community. Between 1997 and 2005, he was convicted of eight crimes; in 2009, he accepted a plea bargain for a 2007 aggravated robbery, serving four years in prison. In 2014, he moved to the Minneapolis area, finding work as a truck driver and a bouncer. In 2020, he lost his security job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rather than focusing on the evolving imagery of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, civil-rights activist Black Panther Stokely Carmichael’s black nationalism rallying slogan of “black power” originated in the 1960’s was emphasized by engaging a raised black fist.

Stokely Carmichael’s Black Power movement was symbolized by the fist representing the struggle for equality in the 1960’s.

Yet, as if mimicking parental concern, those who would attend were admonished … “For your own safety, please wear a mask and remain 6 feet apart.”

What seemed to initially be an effort to inform and engage Village of Bronxville residents to the horror that brought about George Floyd Jr.’s death in Minneapolis, Minnesota  and the visceral pain it welled among African-Americans, as well as other people of color, turned ominous and threatening in its intent, its language, and its tone. What was initially considered to be a rally supportive of the concept and focus of “Black Lives Matter” was not! 

Westchester County Board Legislator Ruth Walter (D-District 15).

Westchester County Board Legislator Ruth Walter, representing  District 15, was allegedly promoting this vigil, which was fast morphing into a demonstration not of “Black Lives Matter”, but something alien, ominous, and threatening.



“Leave black businesses and neighborhoods ALONE!” This was followed by the valediction: “#BlackLivesMatter”. 

It was a threat that impressed residents and proprietors and business people in Bronxville to such an extent that some business prepared the facade of their storefronts with wooden slabs to cover easily broken glass windows.

Bronxville residents and business people were at the rally. They gathered before Bronxville Town Hall on July 8th. They stood in watch of the demonstrators and found the young demonstrators in attendance respectful, not destructive in any way; simply law abiding. At least they proved that despite the threat of violence in the poster / email that they not only believe that “Black Lives Matter”, but that “White Lives Matter”, Hispanic Lives Matter, Asian Lives Matter, Indigenous Lives Matter, as do, “All Lives Matter”.

What this writer adheres to is the principal that Westchester County Board Legislator Ruth Walter is entitled to express her perspectives on any issue, as do all elected office holders, however, I do not concur that as an elected official she can be a proponent of promoting such an event, specifically because it threatens violence to businesses, and as a possible corollary, people and property. 

As an elected official, she is expected to lead in language and conduct and can and should participate if she believes in any specific effort and/or focus. To ascribe to the concept of “Leave black businesses and neighborhoods ALONE!” is anathema to societal norms and must not be tolerated. 

Lest Ms. Walter consider separating her responsibilities as an elected office holder from that of her personhood, she would be undermining whatever little credibility she has left for promoting this threatening rally in the very community she is expected to represent.

As an elected official, with all access to Westchester County government and the government of The Village of Bronxville it is incongruous to believe that Legislator Walter was not familiar with her needing to gain a permit for the rally planned. Can Ms. Walter learn to adhere to protocol, ethical standards, and personal comportment without shaming the Village of Bronxville and the City of Yonkers to which she was elected to represent honorably?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Return in the Guise of Westchester County Legislator Candidate Ruth Walter By HEZI ARIS

Hezi ArisThe Black Lives Matter Demonstration Allegedly Promoted by Westchester County Board Legislator Ruth Walter (D-15) in Bronxville Cancelled for Lack of Permit

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  1. Walters is mounting a challenge to Reggie Lafayette. She will be controlling the Westchester Demmies. She will deliver Westchester for Kat Brezler, and Judy Trump.

  2. NOTE: THE PERSON YOU MENTIONED WAS NOT removed by the library board.

    Please do not write falsehoods on this website. It is deceitful. KINDLY, HEZI

  3. We are in very very deep trouble when people such as Nieder are even within the conversation about politics or leadership. This neophyte has a troubled and documented history of failure and misguided actions

    In terms of public stature a few days ago he was defeated in a primary for DEMOCRATIC district leader. He’s running Republican campaigns but running and LOSING as a Dem district leader ?????!!

    His Nonny, Palau’s barely survived her district leader primary.

    There are no real leaders left in Yonkers. It’s merely an ego and money game

    1. The same could be said for Jeris, the melon felon. Running republican, democrat, green, whatever suits his pockets. I think half of these comments are just upset some teenager beat a felon at his own game. Jeris couldn’t even beat Reyes or Christine Peters.

  4. How do we get Mike Breen to run for County Legislator? He is the only candidate with the smarts to take on this dangerous women. Luckily, he has Stevie “Fake Facebook” Tvert to run his campaign. He should higher Brandon Neider as campaign manager to ensure his win.

    1. Mike Breen, are you serious??? Never heard from him and what exactly has he done on the council apart from give himself a raise and illegally take a turd term on the council against the will of the people?

      Remember he went around as a sour puss when Murtagh took “Breen’s turn” on the council. At least John looked the part and you knew he was on the council, but Breen, not to be seen unless he’s doing a photo op with SpaNUT’S.

      I’m sure this poster must be Patty!!!!!!

      1. Mike Breen should be the next mayor of Yonkers. He is the only one on the council who knows how to run government. He is a smart and wealthy business man who doesn’t need the money. The rest of the council are takers. Mike is a giver.

      1. Nothing defines POC because it is used to demean rather than substantiate why a person’s behavior or attitude warrants their not to be respected. — Kindly, Hezi

  5. Conservative Republican Gordon “Avalanche” Burrows loses, so lets run Liberal Republican Mike “Porky” Breen for County Legislator? Joke! Principaled Republican Justin “Squeaky” Tubiolo- Dave “Pubes” Tubiolos father- is being forced to resign as GOP chair, so let’s run Pubes Tubiolo’s best friend/alleged boy toy Devin “Martini” O’Rourke for chair? An even bigger joke! I guess it’s up to Mike “Meds” Ramondelli to clean up this mess! Barf. Patrick “Fatso” Murphy, time to pick up “Martini” and while you’re at it grab “Boo Bird” Neider, “Midget” O’Brien, and “lady boy” DeRose and get out of here. Bunch of jokes the future of the GOP is.

    1. You’re a fucking joke lmao. Can’t produce a constructive comment without insulting peoples’ appearances, real mature

        1. His name is Nieder not Niederbach. He is a minor player in the Spano machine by virtue if his adoptive grandparents Lorraine Palais. He has no loyalty to party, only the Spano Machine. He is a community college dropout. He has dubbed himself a campaign expert. He was the treasurer on Mario Digiorgio’s campaign and Joe Pinion’s campaign. Both campaigns were left in ruins by Nieder ineptness.

      1. I know nothing about possums but I know you spelled Neider’s name correctly. Thanks for knowing how to spell his name. — Kindly, Hezi

        1. Typo. I meant why wasn’t this removed. Rude and disrespectful comments seem to be removed for certain people. Why so.

          1. Some people’s comments get dumped because they are outright fabrications of the truth, or they don’t know the facts and yet they repeat the same arguments over and over. I can tell because they continue to spell the same words incorrectly, they harp on the same issue over and over using the same statements, an stuff like that. Most of the times they parrot what was said by others and it never ends. There is no reason to waste one’s time on this website if you are trying to promote BS. Everyone has standards. I do my best to accommodate everyone. — Kindly, Hezi

  6. Censorship is when news or information is suppressed or prevented from being written. Like what the “newspaper” known as The NY Times did recently when an editor had the balls to print an op-ed by a politician who isn’t on board with the unabated looting, burning, theft, and attacking of police officers. What happened to that editor when the slanted liberal mob of “journalists” that work there found out? He was run out of there because he dared to present a different point of view.

    1. “different point of view” …do you realize that there is a difference between fact and opinion…do you realize that FOx news opinion hosts like hannity ingraham pirro carlson levin limbaugh et al are not journalists and don’t pretend to present real facts…Do you understand that FOx news corp journalists like Chris Wallace, Bret Baer, Neil Cavuto and formerly Shep Smith report exactly the same facts as CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, AND ABC…so that when you complain about the MSM you are simply parroting what Fox news opinions hosts are saying about their own news reporting because they want to misdirect you?…do you not understand that the whole point of Fox is to keep a republican in the white house regardless of what the news actually is…That Fox spews nonsense in prime time to its gullible viewers in the hopes of making them zombies for Trump….and that is exactly what you are as well…no ability to critically think, no ability to discern the truth, and no desire to know the facts…

      1. CNN does not report the facts-they report the slanted , biased opinionated anti-Trump rhetoric and edit footage to distort the facts like Chuck Todd. The NYT recently reported in a piece that Joe Biden had a couple draft-exemptions which the average person would take for being one or two exemptions when the truth to the matter is that Biden had FIVE draft exemptions-every news channel distorts the facts in order to suit that particular news broadcast conformity with their political ideology and agenda.

        1. Thanks for validating for the first time your similar comments that never stated the facts and thereby validated the issue dear to your sensibility.And in the future, please stay on topic anything found off topic will in the future will be placed in the SPAM box. If you have a particular issue you want broached, please advise by send a text to 347-415-4326 or send a request to You must initiate it by simply placing the word “Hi” in the subject line. When I respond, whatever is thereafter written is encrypted and only you and I are aware of one another and I do not make any name/individual available to any authority. The only time I must. Divulge none is if they threaten the life of any individual. Kindly,


  7. Can someone tell mike khader he’s been an elected official for 3 year’s
    It’s clear he’s all talk and no action
    I can’t wait to vote him out

    1. Politicians like to hear and see themselves speak
      The City Council will get swept by fresh blood
      The public is tired of khader, pineda, rubbo and merante.

      1. Kader is your typical grandstander
        Instead of videoing the trash you should pick it up you work for the city and taxpayers

  8. “Right-wing tactics such as censorship?” I am not clear about what you are referring to. Please provide an example of this so I can understand.

    1. Iran and Turkey. They are among the world’s biggest jailers of journalists. They’re also run by right-wing crackpots.

      But I appreciate your sarcasm and will throw you a bone. The left engages in censorhip, too. China, which is ostensibly leftist because of its Leninist-derived Communist Party structures, is *the* leading jailer of journalists.

      Closer to home, so-called “left-wing” American snowflakes start having fainting spells whenever they are “triggered” (e.g. “slave to the grind”) and want to silence, cancel and erase anything they disagree with, while Trump and the conservatives start clutching their Bibles before issuing gag orders and barring journalists and media outlets.

      Even closer to home, Hezi, unfortunately, knows all about attempts by the powers that be to censor and silence people.

    1. Breen can’t even remember his name. He’s a Buffoon. He’s just missing his clown pants. Warbles eobbke but they won’t fall down.
      Steve Tvert will run his campaign.

    2. What has Breen done for Yonkers, besides vote for to eliminate term limits and vote to raise taxes?
      Breen works for Nick Spano, not for Yonkers.

  9. I like the store’s pun. Too bad the sensitive snowflake PR police are censoring language (the irony of so-called “left-wing” politicians engaging in right-wing tactics such as censorship duly noted).

    A real left-wing politician would be more interested in addressing worker exploitation (the actual meaning of “slave to the grind”), which includes long hours, low pay, union busting and lack of benefits (or, how corporate America prefers to operate), rather than this nonsensical crusade against the word “slave.” (She does know that the use of slaves predates the United States and African slaves, right?)

    People like this give the Left a bad name.

  10. For once i thought i was gonna get an unbiased article, but there is as much bias in this article as there is on the left that this author and some of these comments accuse them of. Unimpressive article, not compelling in the least bit. Journalists ought to be writing objectively with no charged language. The intelligent apolitical readers see right through the bullshit, left or right.

  11. We should meet to support BLM. Meeting will be held at the Bronxvill Train Station stay tuned, be woke and take over Crestwoid

  12. Ruth, please change the name of you cheese store as it implies a religious affiliation. Sounds stupid right? Just as dumb as her demand that the coffee shop change its name.

  13. Yup, Gordon’s shelf life had expired but, Ruth is not the answer. Really, the stores name (Slave to the Grind)is the most paramount issue facing Westchester County and her district? Please Ruth don’t hang anything on the walls with nails your office will need to be repainted after you are voted out!

  14. Ruth is a compassionate leader. She is the rightful successor to George Latimer. We are pleased she is Gordon’s successor. She will neat Breen the Bufoon.
    I don’t know why you continue to conflate he accomplishments. She will be letting the burger go.

    1. Tell her to walk by herself on E.170th & Sheridan or College Ave or E. 139th St & Brook or St Ann’s Ave and see what happens to the white girl from Westchester.

  15. This attempt at slander is laughably thin. What threat? What violence? And your lazy conflation of violent rhetoric (of which I see none) which the permit situation made me chuckle. I don’t care about Legislator Ruth Walter, but if this is the intellectual quality of hit pieces against her, I think I’d take her side.

  16. You keep exposing Ruth, Hezi. Ruth has one black store owner in all of Bronxville. The woman reached out to Ruth for help with COVID PPE loans to save her boutique. To date, Ruth still has not assisted the store owner and did more harm than good, maligning her constituent, instead of helping her. And yes, everyone heard about that rally and the letters of complaint.

  17. Ruth Walter-another phony white liberal cozying up to BLM. I got news for you Ruth-when the mob comes to your “privileged” neighborhood, make sure to let them know that even though you’re white, you understand the plight of Black America and that you are “on their side.” I’m sure they will give you a pass and not burn your house down.

  18. FYI: It was reported in the Bronxville mayor’s column their PD chased car loads of already wanted looters out of town. So the word Slavery as it relates to coffee and the workplace is so damn offensive??? Really? When will the cans of Chef Boyardee be removed from supermarket shelves? I knew the late owner of Slave to the Grind and he is turning over in his grave over this bufoonery and the elected fool behind it. Bring back Gordon!

  19. She should hold the rally at Scout Field. Is she still harassing Slave to the Grind into changing their name?
    She is trying to do good work. Since when does a protest require a permit?

    1. Yes, she has an issue with Slave to the Grind. She is too daft to ra Liza there words that have only one meaning, while others have two or more meanings. So she wants them to change their name. Outrageous. No would refer to the “Slave to the Gring as anything to do with slavery. — Kindly, Hezi … P.S> I learned about that but forgot to include it in this telling.

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