Assemblyman Nader Sayegh Encourages Yonkers Planning Board To Consider Concerns of Neighbors in UPS Proposal

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Hon. Nader J. Sayegh, NYS Assemblyman – District 90.

YONKERS, NY— August 13, 2020 — NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh joined dozens of neighbors and local elected officials representing the Winchester Village Community in urging the Yonkers Planning Board to reconsider its approval of a proposed United Parcel Service (UPS) distribution facility on Tuckahoe Road.

“We’re glad that Yonkers continues to attract businesses both large and small to our region,” said Assemblyman Sayegh. “However, responsible development must be inclusive and respectful of the demands of all shareholders in our community. If the Yonkers Planning Board wishes to move forward with UPS’s proposal, they must be considerate of the ranging concerns held by our neighbors in the community.”

UPS’s new proposed distribution center on 555 Tuckahoe Road would occupy the space previously held by POP Displays. The 435,00 square foot distribution center is part of a larger effort by UPS to add more package processing power to support the growing demand of businesses and residential customers in Yonkers, Westchester County, and across the state.

At the event, Assemblyman Sayegh joined Clare Gallaher, a neighbor who founded and Winchester Village Vice-President Nick Plakas. The demands of neighbors in Winchester Village include an environmental impact study, opposition to fuel tanks, reduction in the number of delivery trucks and tractor-trailers in the facility, opposition to the construction of an additional parking garage, and opposition to 24-hour continuous operation.

Assemblyman Sayegh joined with the rally organizers, including Councilman Anthony Merante, Councilman Mike Breen, and Councilwoman Shanae Williams as well as County Legislator Ruth Walter in urging UPS to work with their local community and Yonkers leaders in adhering to both concerns and effective regulations.

This is the second community rally Assemblyman Sayegh has attended in the past week related to the development, previously having stood in solidarity with members of Teamsters 456 and Local President Lou Picani following their opposition to the use of out-of-state labor on the construction project.

Assemblyman Sayegh also noted that The Assembly Office, located at 35 East Grassy Sprain Road, is directly across the street from the UPS operation; The Assemblyman and his staff have personally witnessed the unreasonable level of construction, excessive noise, and widescale traffic concerns which have mobilized neighbors of the project. The Assemblyman recognized the extensive role outside contractors took in the UPS construction when it should’ve gone to local labor.

The proposed development at 555 Tuckahoe Road will come before the Yonkers Zoning Board of Appeals at their previously scheduled meeting on August 18th, 2020.


Assemblyman Nader Sayegh is the first Jordanian-American elected to the New York State Legislature. An Assemblyman representing the 90th District of Yonkers, Assemblyman Sayegh is also an attorney and retired educator with over 40 years of experience. Before his election to the New York State Assembly, he served as a Teacher, Adjunct College Professor, School Principal, President of Yonkers Public Schools Board of Trustees, and President of the New York State Conference of Big Five School Districts.



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TribuneAssemblyman Nader Sayegh Encourages Yonkers Planning Board To Consider Concerns of Neighbors in UPS Proposal

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  1. Last year Sayegh was featured prominently in a photo with Breen, Merante, Spano and Sabatino lined up in front of the a UPS truck . They were all on the property shaking hands with UPS. Now that is it time for re-election they have not only changed their tune, they have rewritten the narrative.
    Merante is a liar. Breen is a dope. Sayegh is just ignorant of his responsibilities. And Spano and Fat Nick are laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Heads up again to this protest group. Remain mindful of private investigators infiltrating you in addition to receiving bogus phone calls alleging to be union organizers seeking your input. And watch for a meeting convened by the owner with a contact sheet passed around for them to use in their spying.

  3. Don’t even compare the USPS to UPS, or to any another major shipping company. The USPS is a complete disaster. It has been hemorrhaging hundreds of millions for years. If it were a real company, not a government-run charity case, it would have disappeared a long time ago. This is typical NIMBYism. UPS would be a huge boon to Yonkers. And, let’s face it, Yonkers needs all the help it can get.

  4. Here we go again. First amazon in queens now ups in yonkers. Why do u liberals hate big business? Is it because it will create jobs and locals will not be dependent on your progressive policies or do you just hate the Middle class? We need jobs and ups supplies good paying union jobs. Enough is enough. Let’s get to work.

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