BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Have Yet to Issue Notice of Yesterday’s Afternoon Shooting of Chazz Mitchell on Oak Street and Elm Street

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The Elm Street Homicide Hezitorial

10:08AM Update on Thursday, August 27th: Yonkers Police Department issue a press release this morning about this homicide 2 days after it took place. The Press Release is posted in entirety at the bottom of this write-up.

5:30pm UPDATE on Wednesday, August 26th: Reliable and informed sources inform the Yonkers Tribune that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano was with Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Corazon Pineda-Isaac on Elm Street while the shooting was taking place, yet not a word from either. One has to wonder if Black Lives Matter to either one of them or even if All Lives Matter to either one of them.

7:15pm UPDATE on Wednesday, August 26th: One male was shot in the leg by two unknown men late this afternoon near the Castle Royale Restaurant located at 92 Waverly Street, in Yonkers, NY 10701. 

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — August 26, 2020 — The shooting and subsequent death of Chazz Mitchell, a Black man in his 20’s on Oak Street and Elm Street took place close to 4pm yesterday afternoon. The alleged murderer, as well as the victim who was shot in the chest, were members of the Elm Street Wolves Gang. The stabbing of Chazz Mitchell took place in front of 63 Oak Street. Mr. Mitchell was transported to St. Joseph’s Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. The alleged murderer is being sought. The local gang member was known to the victim as well as to Yonkers Police. It was learned that the incident was caught on video tape by a city camera.

The person of interest sought by YPD is thought to be of similar age and is also a Black man. The fact that the Yonkers Police Department has yet to divulge this crime speaks to the dishonest and managed information that is not made public in a timely manner. Will YPD dismiss divulging this murder because the place at which this crime took place is situated a block away from the Yonkers Waterfront?

The Blue Truth

The Yonkers Police Department only days ago came to an agreement with Mayor Mike Spano that permitted the YPD to get an 18% longevity pay increase. So while YPD will be earning the “big bucks”, YPD refuses to admit that crime has escalated way over the 39 percent since March 5, 2020 when it was publicly divulged by Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. on the Westchester On the Level radio broadcast. Access information is revealed below.

Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller must believe by not admitting when crimes take place Yonkersites will feel safer due to their not knowing the facts. In fact, when Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller chose to decommission CompStat, the very mechanism by which crime statistics are tallied, statistics could no longer be tabulated. It is understood that P.C. Mueller is aware of every incident that takes place however by not advising the public, and not having proof through the CompStat system, the “safest city of like size in America” cannot be proven as such as CompStat has been decommissioned in Yonkers. Mueller is simply a P.C. who espouses facts to which he can corroborate no proof whatsoever. 

Does P.C. Mueller believe that keeping the public at large ignorant of the facts will be the catalyst to spur future residents to be lulled into believing that YPD has crime under control along the Yonkers Waterfront or in any other section of Yonkers? 

Why is Yonkers City Hall not demanding YPD reduce crime and publicly proving those non-existent “facts” they presently claim. The New York City Police Department has taken the unprecedented step of making much of the crime data developed in the CompStat model available to the public. This advancement, called CompStat 2.0, provides greater specificity about crimes through an online interactive experience. Why is the City of Yonkers bereft of such statistics? Perhaps installing a CompStat 2.0 would far exceed Yonkers financial capacity. The lack of availability of such an interactive program is however necessary. The statistics obtained by using the CompStat program is a tool by which future residents can be afforded proof that crime statistics are being reduced on a monthly basis, rather than being told “fables”. The public would have proof that would entice people to work, play and invest in a “safer” Yonkers. What is the logic for Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration to be reluctant and obtuse about re-engaging CompStat? 

Some of the impetus that has caused crime to elevate to extreme levels is that bail reform permits many people to be released leaving some, though not all, to engage in a second or third crime.

The anger in the street, fomented and exacerbated by some of those who assert membership in the Black Lives Matter movement are using the movement as cover for their own illegal conduct.

With that background, it is no wonder that morale is down. Under P.C. Mueller’s aegis, Yonkers Police Officers and bosses of every responsibility are departing the department.

It was on March 5, 2020 when Westchester County Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. was a guest on the Westchester On the Level radio broadcast. The broadcast can be heard “On Demand” via the Internet … use the hyperlink to access the “On Demand” archive … 

The broadcast was 2-hours in length, but the segment pertinent to this Hezitorial is the segment which was heard from 11am-11:30am.

All the reader needs do is click onto the hyperlink. Once the link is active, grab the cursor and move it halfway forward. It is not exact so you may need to move the cursor backwards or forward.

At 3:24pm, the Yonkers Tribune called Yonkers Police Communications Officer Detective Sergeant Dean Politopoulis but the Yonkers Tribune only got an answering machine to respond. No callback received even by 4pm. Which proves it is a waste of time calling! UPDATE @ 4:45pm still no callback!

# # # # #

Yonkers Police Department Press Release Issued on Thursday, August 27th at 10:08am EDT

Yonkers Police investigate fatal Oak Street shooting

Yonkers, NY — August 27, 2020 – On Tuesday, August 25th, 2020, at approximately 4:09 PM, members of the Yonkers Police Department responded to Saint Joseph’s Medical Center on a report of a male victim with a gunshot wound to the abdomen; the victim was unresponsive and subsequently died due to his injuries. Officers determined that the shooting incident occurred in the vicinity of Elm Street at Oak Street, and a crime scene was located in front of 63 Oak Street. The scene was cordoned-off and a criminal investigation was initiated.
Detectives and investigators from the Major Case Squad and Crime Scene Unit responded to the scene, canvassing for witnesses and subjects, recovering surveillance video, and processing forensic and ballistic evidence. Investigation yielded that the victim was with a group of individuals in front of 63 Oak Street when a suspect approached and confronted the victim; a brief physical dispute ensued that quickly escalated to violence when the suspect displayed a handgun and allegedly fired at least one shot at the victim, striking him in the abdomen. The suspect fled the area and the victim ran from scene and was transported to the hospital by a third party.
Investigators have developed information that the victim and suspect were known to each other and that this incident was not a random event; a person of interest has been identified, and members of law enforcement are actively working to effect an arrest. Additional information may be released as it becomes available.
The victim is identified as Chazz Leroy Mitchell, a 24-year-old resident of Warburton Avenue this City. The City of Yonkers and Yonkers Police Department offers its condolences to the Mitchell family.
Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Yonkers Police Detective Division at (914) 377-7724 – all calls will remain confidential. Anonymous tips can be sent by texting the key word YPD plus the tip to 847411. Anonymous tips can also be sent directly through the Yonkers PD Tips app which can be downloaded for free to any Apple or Android device. ###

Alert sent on 08/27/2020 at 10:08 EDT

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Have Yet to Issue Notice of Yesterday’s Afternoon Shooting of Chazz Mitchell on Oak Street and Elm Street

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  1. its evident that the COY and YPD are working collaboratively to skirt and cover up any and all crimes in Yonkers just to attract big names to the Waterfront. On June 2 , 2020 I have video evidence of three BLM thugs walk into a pizza shop and held up the employee at gun point. It is my position to exploit and divulge the irresponsible and breach of responsibility to the TAX PAYING CITIZENS of YONKERS.

    Yonkers lost its momentum to a bunch of Lazy , self serving , conflicted, my cousin Vinny behaviors.
    This Yonkers will never ever be the same until the corruption is evescrated once and for all.

  2. It appears Hezi Aris fancies himself part activist, part writer. There’s a lot of that going around these days.
    What immediately jumps out of this account, beside his politics, is the fact that the axe is already seen the grinder- he clearly doesn’t like Spano or YPD.
    Then you get to the comments. Going through them, we find more political bombs from a number of ‘citizens’ who’re using that anonymity for all it’s worth.
    I have little hope for Yonkers or its bankabilty going forward. The fact is, homes in Yonkers don’t enjoy the home values our neighboring towns do nor does it attract families with children wanting to come into Westchester because the schools are ‘meh’ at best. Continuing to coddle the crime & low rent lifestyle that’s kept the downtown & waterfront stuck in the 70’s instead of being an anchor of urban prosperity & rebirth, we’re going to continue being ‘The Bronx of Westchester’.
    If City Hall or YPD wanted play down Oak St, who can blame them? That entire neighborhood, actually, the people of that neighborhood, continue to suck the life out of this entire city and the fairytale ridiculousness that continues to blame the City, the State, YPD and anyone else has to end- the people that live there are not ever held accountable for a lifestyle that’s not being lived in happier, more fiscally responsible locations. That’s the difference.

    1. “Fiscally responsible” homes? Are you actually serious? The only thing I got from this comment was “hey poor people, stop being poor.” As a member of the Oak, Elm & Linden St. community, I don’t “suck the life out of Yonkers.” It’s the lack of education, mental health services, addiction and rehabilitation services, and terrible fiscal mismanagement of the city of Yonkers ITSELF that sucks the life out of this wonderful city, not members of the community. Also, such devastatingly bleak perspectives on the real, painful, and incredible struggles of humans in YOUR county prevent social mobility. Take a Sociology 101 class, and get off your high horse.

  3. Yonkers will never climb out of the red so long as Mayor Mike Spano is around. The Bd of Ed has no cash, no safety plan and this dumb Mayor is giving both police unions raises.

  4. Yonkers uniform police officers need to find another PBA President that preferably won’t kneel as Mayors and other City leaders deny them proper funding , training, staffing and yes that does cost money . You have a Police Commissioner that hangs out with the Spano’s and Keith Olson so why believe anything they say. They are all in collusion and as recently demonstrated your uniformed personnel got the body cams and Olson and his cronies are getting a nice slice of longevity pay going out the door. You cannot have a PBA President like Keith Olson hanging out with Nick Spano and think it is for your behalf.

    Remember they are using your cash and not making it any better for uniformed police officers to do their job. Olson’s relationship with Mueller, who got the position because of lobbying cash, doesn’t make your job any easier either.

    Ignore the misinformation from Olson and look out for yourselves. Let’s face it Yonkers PBA President is no friend to a working cop.
    His lies against other members of the force is something well know to most.

  5. Keith Olson calls himself a PBA leader but kneels under pressure and cuts deal that have always been self serving . This sack of misinformation is no union leader like NYPD Pat Lynch.
    Pat Lynch doesn’t suck down meatballs with City Leaders. Pat Lynch doesn’t lie and target civilians nor punch other cops out of the union. Pat Lynch never would sell out his membership so his sister could get a job or sell out on a contract to keep his job.
    Bottom line Keith Olson is a very very weak person who acts like a bully.

  6. Funny how KO calls himself and Union President but sucks up to the Spano’s and is best friend’s with a PC that can’t run a bunch of Uber drivers.

  7. Homicides, shootings.longevity raises for the big guy, and layoffs for the teachers. and now 20 percent less from the state for education. Now who would want to live in this sh*t hole.

  8. John Mueller and Keith Olson have no one to tell on anymore. Morning meetings with Mayor Mike Spano must strictly be a pie eating get together while thugs are shooting others in front of the Royal.
    Great neighborhood, lol

  9. Hezi when will the city be back to work!!! It’s about time city employees are working for their salaries instead of sitting home.

  10. Wondering how those rat sessions are going with Mayor Mike Spano. In the past Olson and Mueller used to rat on former PC Gardner and other high ranking police bosses.
    Now most are gone and crime is out of control with more homicides, assaults, robberies, and shooting every other night.
    Who are the dummies now? Lol

  11. At least some media outlet is reporting what is going on right on the the luxurious Yonkers Waterfront, where if you’re lucky you just might not get robbed or shot. Now come to Yonkers where thugs are running rampant and Mueller is cutting overtime unless it is to drive that fat ass Mayor.

  12. Is that the same pain you try to do when you sneak up on other cops fat boy?
    Or the same pain when you and John Mueller conjure up lies on other cops? That pain?
    Must have been real painful when your dirtbag friend John Donaghy removed evidence from County PD Jurisdiction.
    Keith Olson the biggest liar just ask any of Yonkers cops except Louie the Liar.

  13. C’mon people you cant be that illiterate Yonlers is one of the safest cities in the country, what a crock of sh#t. Everyone with a half a brain know they have been fudging the crime numbers for years.

    1. I find it interesting that that you would read anything posted by a “two bit hack.” Don’t have have anything better to read since the YT is not your cup of tea? – Kindly, Hezi

  14. They probably do not one you to divulge that Mayor Spano and Councilwoman Pinada were on Oak Street giving away food. Where are their statements as well? Why has that not been mentioned? Where are their statements? Do they devalue a human life so as not to take away from that fact ?

    1. Yonkers doesn’t have the right stuff. You have a meatball like Olson cashing in on longevity while his buddy the Joker Mueller can’t run a Police Department. Crime is up and Mueller is down.

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