Con Ed to Reimburse Residents for Lost Food, Medication
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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UPDATE from Con Edison Municipal Conference

Con Ed to Reimburse Residents for Lost Food (A FIRST!)

14% Still Out of Power

No Power at The Knolls (an independent living facility for seniors) with some residents over 100 years of age (Average age near 90)

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

GREENBURGH, NY — August 8, 2020 — Yesterday, during the municipal call with Con Ed I complained about Con Ed’s past practices after storms. Con Ed had refused in the past to reimburse residents who lost power for the food and medication they lost. I am pleased to report that at today’s conference Con Ed said that they are changing the policy: if residents lost power for more than 48 hours they can file a claim for food/medication. Info will be posted on the Con Ed website later today.

Con Ed indicated that 14% of Westchester is currently out of power (53,000 ). They restored 22,000 homes yesterday. And expect over 20,000 to get back power today. More crews  are arriving in Westchester.  Municipal officials shared frustration with Con Ed for Con Ed’s failure to restore power.  We all complained about inaccurate info–people told that their power was back on when it was not. They are being given wrong info about when power will be restored.

THE KNOLLS– A FEW RESIDENTS WHO ARE OVER 100 YEARS OLD DON’T HAVE POWER–125 seniors (average age 90) No power, no refrigeration, no info…

Richard Bobbe just turned 100. He lives at an independent living facility –the Knolls in Greenburgh which has about 115 apartments, over 125 residents. A few are over 100 years old, one senior is 105 according to Richard. The average age is close to 90 years old.

Although the Knolls has a generator for the nursing unit and kitchen the individual apartments don’t have air conditioning, lights, no refrigeration, no food, no information from Con Ed when power will be back.” And, according to Richard “it’s boring.”  We have been in constant touch with Con Ed about the Knolls. It’s very distressing that Con Ed did not give priority to this important senior facility.

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Paul FeinerCon Ed to Reimburse Residents for Lost Food, Medication
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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