Please Join NYS Senator Shelley Mayer In Support of Verris Shako for Yonkers City Court Judge Event and Fundraiser

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YONKERS, NY — “Let us take a short break to celebrate our Democratic primary victory for Yonkers City Court Judge. This event will help to ensure a Democratic Victory in the General Election on November 3, 2020. Everyone is invited. Together, we can Elect Verris Shako for Yonkers City Court Judge. Purchase ticket/donate at

TribunePlease Join NYS Senator Shelley Mayer In Support of Verris Shako for Yonkers City Court Judge Event and Fundraiser

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    1. Tha is a delusional assertion and is a total falsehood as far as I understand it. If you can rationalize and validate your assertion, no problem. I am not always the first to know. — Kindly, Hezi

      1. Take a look at the Democratic primary and see which district leaders won their races. Hezi, you need to open your eyes. Maybe some vitamins will
        Improve your cognition.

        1. Since I infer from your statement that I be blind to the reality before me, spell it out. You may be correct. — – Kindly,Hezi

          1. Tom Meier’s district leaders have been replaced by John Khader endorsed district leaders. District leaders vote for ward leaders. Ward leaders vote for the party chairman.
            There is your story.

    2. Johnny Kilo is trying to ride Zehy’s coattails , stick to washing cars at no class limo.

      Khader will be in a primary, and he will lose. Then Kilo can stop posting his water bills lol

  1. See this is where America falls apart. Judges are supposed to be legal scholars and impartial. You cannot be impartial if you are connected at the hip, knees, head and toes to a political party.
    It’s simple, too simple for out idiotic election system.

    If I was being tried in court, I would always have my lawyer appeal that the judge was biased based on their political affiliation.

  2. I am ashamed of Shelley Mayer!

    Why would she not include the other two victors of the Democratic Party Primary Romano and Best(who she didn’t endorse, Shelley endorsed McGrath/Daly aka losers)?

    Is it because Best and Romano won the hearts and minds of Yonkers Democrats despite her campaigning against them?
    OR Mayer comes to the realization her endorsement is not worth the toilet paper that she wipes her ass with?

  3. Aren’t there “two” black women “party endorsed” candidates who won the Yonkers Democratic Primary? Not sure why a state senator would perpetuate this small-minded Yonkers insider game mentality and continue to marginalize the other black female endorsed candidate?

    1. You are on target, the top two vote getters are women of color; they are Verris Shako, followed by Karen Best, the Dan Romano followed suit with the third most number of votes. — Kindly, Hezi

      1. Karen Best is not a Spano Machine candidate. Don’t fool yourself. Shelley is part of the Spano Machine. She’s not as tied in as Pineada-Issacs or Breen, but she is beholden to Nick and Company.

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