Proposal to Ensure Absentee Ballots Arrive at the Westchester County Board of Elections on Time
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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Place a Secure Box at Each Municipal Building so That People Can Drop Off Their Ballots

The Feiner Report

GREENBURGH, NY — Many voters complained during the June primary that they did not receive absentee ballots in a timely manner after they submitted the requests. And, other voters worry that the postal service may lose the absentee ballots in the mail; depriving voters of their right to vote. Or, that the ballots  arrive after the deadline passed. Our postal service is not very reliable; many letters are lost, sent to the wrong address.  President Trump has attacked our mail service -sowing voting fears. There is an alternative to an unreliable postal service.

Inasmuch as we can’t count on the Postal Service to send ballots to the right address in time and since voting by mail is important and we want to encourage maximum participation, I have a suggestion: The Board of Elections should place a secure and safe box (similar to a mail box) at each Town, Village and City Hall. If voters don’t trust the post office- voters could drop off their ballots at the municipal building. If people apply for a ballot and do not receive one before the primary each municipal building should have extra ballots that the voter can obtain and send in.

This recommendation, if followed, will increase voter participation and help make sure that everyone who wants to vote actually does vote. In June – in one legislative district in Brooklyn, about 20% of the ballots cast by absentee ballot were thrown out. Other states that have mail in ballots also don’t count ballots that arrive too late.

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Paul FeinerProposal to Ensure Absentee Ballots Arrive at the Westchester County Board of Elections on Time
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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    1. there is no voter fraud…i’ts a figment of Trumps imagination…and now he has totally changed his mind about mail in voting both in Florida and in Texas…why do you think that is?

  1. voting has rarely required identification other than a match of signatures..In 45 years of voting in westchester I was never asked for a photo or other id…your name is listed on the voting registrar and the person who is from both parties oversees that you sign and that your signature is the same as it always has been….The notion that id’s should be required is a new one and stems from the fact that republicans know that demographic change is coming and they want to make it as hard as possible for minorites who are less likely to have photo identifications to vote..They know that the more minorities participate in our democracy the less chance there is of a republican winning office particularly in a federal election…Every voter has the right to vote without having their rights abrogated or impeded by red state governors…as is the present case where requiring voter id’s and eliminating voting booths in minority areas is being used just as the poll tax was being used in the 1800’s…

    1. signatures at the polling places that i have been a monitor at are rarely checked. Tell them a name, the workers find it and you can scribble anything. Also the “unbiased” workers mislead voters. One voter asked a question of the worker, she in turn was asked if she was Republican or Democrat. When the voter replied she was a Democrat she was informed that she just votes the top row. How is that unbiased. Also other people who had come to vote did not match up with the records were allowed to vote anyhow. Vote early, vote often.

  2. Voting in person is good and the traditional way. But if you’re in a nursing home or in the military or away a collage( yes some are opening). or have a handicap or other reasons You need a mail in ballot. They are save because the signature on the second envelope has to match to card on file.

    1. You are correct but who do you think matches the signatures? If you think board of elections workers do you are mistaken. Call the board and ask.

  3. Corruption at its best in Westchester. When is the vote for term limits for Greenburgh Town Supervisor coming up? Any idea?

  4. Voting should be in person with identification. This is another example of fraud. Nothing new for Westchester. This is the way these phonies stay in office for 30 plus years.

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