Where is Con Edison? Yorktown Awaiting Con Edison’s Response

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Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater

YORKTOWN, NY — August 7, 2020 – As of Friday morning a quarter of Con Edison’s customers in Yorktown were without power.

One reason for the delay in power restoration is Con Edison’s failure to send adequate tree-removal crews to clear streets, despite the fact that Con Edison has used the FDR State Park in Yorktown as a staging area for the past three months. On Friday morning town officials saw just one Con Edison truck in Yorktown.

“They are staging in Yorktown, but you can’t find them,” said Supervisor Matt Slater. “We were assured we would have multiple crews from Con Edison in our town and we have just one.”

Fallen trees on Yorktown’s streets. Photo by and courtesy of Town of Yorktown.

A contrast in responses

Tropical Storm Isaias downed thousands of trees throughout the New York metro region on Tuesday. The damage left most of Yorktown without power; virtually all the town’s municipal buildings lacked power on Wednesday.

Yorktown is served by two electric utilities. Con Edison serves 8,451 and NYSEG serves about 14,000. The manpower response between the two utilities is stark.

“NYSEG cleared 12 roads yesterday and Con Ed cleared three. It’s a joke,” said Dave Paganelli, superintendent of the Yorktown Highway Department. “NYSEG has already accomplished their make-safe phase and they are now working on power restoration.”

Fallen trees on Yorktown’s streets. Photo by and courtesy of Town of Yorktown.

State intervention needed

The increasingly violent nature of storms hitting Con Edison’s service area requires the utility to upgrade its infrastructure, enhance its emergency response teams and improve communication with the public and elected leaders.

“We need to finally acknowledge the fact that these are no longer 100-year or 20-year storms. They are happening every year and it’s time for the utilities to harden our infrastructure and the state’s utility regulators have to force them to do it. Albany lawmakers must take real action,” said Supervisor Slater. “We’ve lived through this before and we were assured the proper steps were taken to prevent mass power outages and properly manage these situations. Tropical Storm Isaias has proven once again Con Edison’s utter failure to beef up its ability to respond to increasingly common extreme weather.”

Contact:  Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater, 914-962-5722 x201 or mslater@yorktownny.org

Contact: Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater, 914-962-5722, ext. 201 or mslater@yorktownny.org

SOURCE: Ernie Garcia | Publicist | Thompson & Bender

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eHeziWhere is Con Edison? Yorktown Awaiting Con Edison’s Response

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