Yonkers Republican City Committee Chair Justin Tubiolo Departs to Be Succeeded by John Larkin

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The Changing of the Guard Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and Westchester On the Level Radio Host Hezi Aris

John Larkin, Yonkers Republican City Committee Chair Designee to voted to the helm this Saturday, August 29, 2020.

YONKERS, NY — August 27, 2020 —Yonkers Republican City Committee Chair Justin Tubiolo has decided to depart the helm after many years. The vote is expected to take place on Saturday. The designee to take the helm will be none other than former Yonkers City Council Majority Leader and Present Planning Board Member John Larkin.

The Yonkers Tribune wish him success at the helm.


eHeziYonkers Republican City Committee Chair Justin Tubiolo Departs to Be Succeeded by John Larkin

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      1. Just happened to stumble upon this comment. Thomas F Larkin was mayor of Yonkers in 1928. He was only in office a few short months then passed away suddenly. He was 58 years old.

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      I can’t imagine Larkin Plaza would be named after the former Yonkers City Councilman. Likely an older and evidently revered individual. Kindly, Hezi

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      I don’t know. He never answered any telephone inquiry I intended to make of him and he never returned telephone calls to me. — Kindly, Hezi

  1. I love how every politician that runs for anything in Yonkers talks about how they would, “end nepotism and cronyism.” Didn’t Khader say the same thing? How many relatives and friends of HIS gotten on the fat tit known as the City of Yonkers payroll? I heard his nephew works in DPW and is getting paid to repair things, meanwhile he can’t even turn a screwdriver.

    1. zero work in coy under him being elected the other 2 were employed many years ago just foil it stop with the spin,spano and co. are milking it.as far as the county 1 job went to khader before that the other 2 were hired under astorino ………

          1. And meatball Khader can? And if he does, it’s a lie. He can’t take a stance on anything because he’s lacks the manhood to do so.

            Hope he’s ready for a race.

  2. The majority of registered voters in Yonkers of both parties have no clue who their District leader or who their Ward leader is because of corrupt Yonkers politics.

        1. thats what they said about khader when he beat the lep the same they said when he ran romano against the machine and beat them in a primary khader is all the way up!

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            The Dan Romano campaign is for Yonkers City Court Judge. The vote for that position will be decided by the voters this November 3rd. Three positions are available.

            Khader is up for re-election in 2021. I don’t know what Mike Khader’s intentions are or for what office he has intention.


        2. john is mikes brother he bought in z to defeat the spanos just like he had z team up with him again to beat spano nominees z plays both sides remember lots of johns relatives are DLs in the democratic party I just love john he knows the game
          #all the way up!

          1. You mean when they beat the Spano’s in the term limits extension, or when they beat the Spano’s in a primary?

            Oh wait I know, when meatball mike Khader picked the majority leader lololololol

            I’m sorry when did Johnny kilo beat the Spano’s, Even hezi removes those baseless comments lol

  3. John Larkin called Amicone the most corrupt politician in Yonkers’ history.
    Then he got elected to city council and became his lapdog.
    Perfect that he leads the Yonkers GOP.

      1. McLaughlin is another hack who is milking the dysfunctional Yonkers political system and whose mother was a big anti-busing advocate along with the late Jack O’Toole were two bigots and racists.

      2. I agree voters were fooled, And Liam had very poor, inexperienced campaign management. but giving the current climate I wouldn’t think this is the year for him.

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