A Joint Budget/Finance & Education Meeting Has Been Scheduled for Monday, September 14th @ 4pm ET

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YONKERS, NY — September 12, 2020 — Please be advised that a Joint Budget/Finance & Education Committee Meeting has been scheduled for Monday, Sept. 14th at 4pm.

Agenda Items:

  1. Update on the financial status of the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Board of Education.
  2. Any additional items that may properly come before the Committees.

This meeting will be held remotely and electronically due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order No. 202.1.  Hearings will be available for viewing by the public on the following platforms:


Optimum Channel 78

Verizon Channel 39

Facebook Live

“The City of Yonkers”


Mike Ramondelli

City of Yonkers Deputy Clerk


TribuneA Joint Budget/Finance & Education Meeting Has Been Scheduled for Monday, September 14th @ 4pm ET

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  1. What we will get is a lot of finger pointing, they are not problem solvers they are wimps afraid to make the hard choices. Andrea Cousins has been a major disappointment sorry to have to say that but we were not happy with the bail reform either. Spano is becoming more and more like de Blasio everyday .

  2. Yonkers is Fortunate to have The 2nd Most Powerful Person in NYS. Meanwhile Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins has delivered ZERO.
    If you really care about Black Lives you would properly fund our schools. The other useless Senator that represents Yonkers , Chairs the Education Committee, you would think she would change the formula to Fund Yonkers Fairly. It’s sad that neither of them have opposition. Elections are healthy. No opposition is corruption.

    1. Senator Cousins is a disappointment. She bashed Spano for years for not changing the school aid formula, Cousin’s has been in the senate for 14years and Yonkers is getting screwed. she must go ! We need some fresh blood in Albany.

    2. The schools are way over funded. At $27,000per student per year, please explain how we need more money and for what? If you sent all of the YPS kids to private schools, at $10,000 per year, where they would have higher achievement scores you could save $17,000 per student per year.
      Voila, there goes a gigantic savings and that’s just looking at 1 department.

      Doing this would save $459 million. Wow. Can you imagine if we actually had republicans who were actually fiscally conservative, we could achieve ideas such as this. Imagine if we had democrats who actually cared about not soaking the working and middle classes, and actually cared how tax dollars were spent???? We would be in such good shape.

      Shame on SpNUT’S for continuing on Spencer and Amocone’s same old tired and worn out narrative. “THE STATE OF NY JOBS USE” ….. Puuuleeeaaasssse.

      1. To bad you don’t know how real life works. Private schools cost $50,000 a year. Catholic schools are subsidized. Special ed children can cost $100,000 a year to educate and Yonkers Schools cannot say no to that cost.

        1. Yes It can say no to the cost., because “special ed” is never going to increase IQ or outcome, so this is also another scam that America has propagated around the world. And if it has please show me the “facts”…

          Perhaps it’s time to do some serious studies of this arena, as these “public” schools do not work so lets evaluate and close the ones that are failing and fund private schools or charter schools, but lets stop pretending and this insane madness.

        2. Excuse me but just who subsidizes Catholic schools? The parents who opt to send their kids to parochial school do so because the Yonkers schools are and will forever be a lost cause. These parents still have to pay taxes for the public schools, even though they get NO tax relief for the schools which are not always the choice they would make, if they had a decent school system in Yonkers. Everyone should be made to pay something towards their child’s education in the public school system. Enough is enough. Why are we feeding their kids? PLEASE don’t tell me that children are hungry in this city. Everyone I see has an iphone…get real.

          1. Parishioners and the archdiocese subsidize parochial school tuition. They do so to indict inmate poor young children into voodoo and witchcraft.

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