BLUE TRUTH: Lack of Transparency By Yonkers Police Department’s Leadership Disrespects Yonkersites As It Undermines Policing Capacity

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The Lack of Transparency Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — September 29, 2020 — Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller’s demeanor has long been self serving. Prior to and after being appointed police commissioner he has adroitly learned to create a visual of police work and conduct that has been proven detrimental to the department under his watch. Two incidences, one juxtaposed to the other, expose the false narrative that suits him, as it likewise complies with the demeanor and attitude of Yonkers City Hall.

The Yonkers Tribune respects and applauds YPD’s response to a man, brandishing a gun, as he ran from Hudson Street and Riverdale Avenue toward Getty Square. The New Rochelle resident began shooting as he approached Getty Square. Witnesses have said that the twice convicted 24-year-old felon was seemingly aiming his gun at FBI / Police Officers. Each bullet fired by this felon, seemingly four in all, missed connecting with a potential human target lodging into building facades and automobiles. Getty Square was, as it always is, filled with throngs of people getting on or off buses, connecting to another bus as they continued their journey, while others were shopping at one or more of the many stores in the area. The incident took place on Friday, September 25th, on or about 4pm. Despite the mayhem, Yonkers Police successfully tackled the felon to the ground without ever firing a shot!

Interestingly, within an hour after the culprit was apprehended, a press release was issued advising of a press conference that would take place at 7pm.

Juxtaposed to the scenario delineated above, we recollect the telling of BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Have Yet to Issue Notice of Yesterday’s Afternoon Shooting of Chazz Mitchell on Oak Street and Elm Street By HEZI ARIS

The Hezitorial uploaded on the Yonkers Tribune Website on August 26, 2020, revealed the shooting and subsequent death of Chazz Mitchell, a Black man in his 20’s. The incident occurred on August 25, 2020, on Oak Street and Elm Street. It took place close to 4pm that afternoon. The alleged murderer, as well as the victim who was shot in the chest, were members of the Elm Street Wolves Gang. The stabbing of Chazz Mitchell took place in front of 63 Oak Street. Mr. Mitchell was transported to St. Joseph’s Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. It was learned later that the alleged murderer was being sought. The murderer was a local gang member. He was known to the victim as well as to Yonkers Police. The incident was caught on video tape by a city camera.

The fact that the Yonkers Police Department had yet to divulge this crime speaks to the dishonest and managed lack of transparency with respect to the conduct of the Yonkers Police Department. Yonkers Police Communications Officer Detective Lt. Dean Politopoulis sends press notices to selective media outlets to which the Yonkers Tribune has long been ostracized. Despite Yonkers Police Department efforts to marginalize the Yonkers Tribune, so do other media outlets not receive timely communiques. This on again, off again, conduct by the YPD has become monotonously tiresome, but more importantly, it undermines  community response in assisting the Yonkers Police Department in capturing alleged lawbreakers. 

Later that same day, at 5:30pm, the Yonkers Tribune appended our initial article noting that reliable and informed sources had advised the Yonkers Tribune that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano was with Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Corazon Pineda-Isaac on Elm Street while the stabbibg had transpired, yet not a word from either one suggesting that Black Lives Matter is a meaningless saying to which neither subscribe, even if “all lives matter”. Each remained silent then and continue to remain silent to their known whereabouts. This construct is defined by a maligned concept by which one conveniently claims to “see nothing, and know nothing”. It is such arrogance that speaks to a lack of respect and compassion for the residents of Yonkers to which the powers that be comport. It is after all a standard of silence demanded of the Family and Friends network.

Later, on Wednesday, August 26th, at 7:15pm, the Yonkers Tribune divulged that “one male was shot in the leg by two unknown men late that afternoon near the Castle Royale Restaurant / Catering Hall situated at 92 Waverly Street, in Yonkers, NY 10701.

None of these incidences were noticed or reported by Yonkers Police Communications Detective Lt. Dean Politopoulis and/or Mayor Mike Spano’s Communicatíons Director Christina Gilmartin, who oversees any and all communications from Mayor Mike Spano’s Office, the Yonkers Police Department, and the Yonkers Board of Education. The takeaway is evident; transparency is non-existent in Yonkers and City Hall wants it that way. Lest it be misconstrued, Yonkers City Hall has yet to learn to celebrate that which is positive about the city, and unwilling to “tell it like it is” when the latter undermines the credibility of government, all of its departments, and the image of the City of Yonkers.    

One may surmise the one, two, three delineated tellings of the assault and the reality exposed by the Yonkers Tribune, whether initially believed or not, has proven correct.  It was two days later on Thursday, August 27th that the Yonkers Police Department issued a press release that revealed the homicide that took place two days prior. Even though what the Yonkers Tribune reported was fact, and despite those who were knowledgable of what transpired remaining silent then and remaining so to this day. It is such conduct that speaks loudly to the lack of respect and compassion toward a city that is meandering aimlessly in light of the fiscal debacle and challenges before it. The present and future concern over Yonkers prospects is dire due to COVID-19, and the looming financial capacity of Yonkers to contend with the confluence of one crisis after another. No plan, no vision; nothing yet ameliorated; all glossed over. 

If memory serves, YPD offered a $5,000 reward days later to anyone with information leading to the whereabouts and arrest of the murderer of fellow Elm Street Wolves Gang member Chazz Mitchell. By waiting days after the shooting death to inform the public of the incident, YPD lost the ability to have the public assist them in learning of the culprit’s whereabouts. It would seem logical to believe that Mr. Mitchell’s murderer has fled the City of Yonkers and could have fled outside of YPD’s jurisdiction, unlikely, if ever to be found. This is the deleterious outcome of disrespect by YPD and disrespect of residents and visitors alike.

The City of Yonkers may do best by planning its way out of the present and future challenges by planning to advance beyond the present COVID-19 instigated issues rather than engaging in photo-ops where pizzas are disbursed to only those whom the Family and Friends Network believe are worthy of recognition. This despite the fact that all residents are worthy of respect, compassion, and yes, recognition.

The takeaway is simple, while COVID-19 may be the catalyst and subsequent instigator, complacent “insiders” sow the seeds of their own demise. 

Can Yonkers City Hall manage to individually and collectively focus attention to engage in the heavy lifting and best practices demanded of their office to shepherd the City of Yonkers  through the crisis and subsequent travails deliberated with care despite their collective lack of respect for the very people who elected them to office? When will City Hall learn to serve Yonkersites rather than serve their individual self interests?

It is after all about time!

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Lack of Transparency By Yonkers Police Department’s Leadership Disrespects Yonkersites As It Undermines Policing Capacity

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  1. As the comments concern the YPD and their henchmen, it’s all true. Keith Olson do you still have those officers’ files. Please figure out which of you will hand them over to the courts.

  2. Westchester County residents need to know what goes on in Yonkers , just as Yonkers residents need to know about their public officials .

  3. Hezi many people I have spoken to have posted on this site and you do not allow it?

    The balance is deleted and the response is appended herein.

    There are many people who believe because I have no access to IP addresses that I am unaware of the comments posted and by whom they are written, though not by name. It is explained by my reading capacity. For the last year, as an example, I have noticed a writer who often comments. Hi ability to write English as it is written in And expressed has deteriorated in recent months but the temperament expressed cannot be ostracized or less apparent to me because of my ability to hear people’s voice as I read their statement or comment.

    Then there are the people who choose to admonish and undermine one elected official of either never serving the military, while others are permitted to have leeway, overall, there position is taken not for the rationale given but because they may dislike that person for one in a million reasons or they may like the perspective of another.

    Then there are the lying S.O.B’s who refuse to recognize the B.S. expressed by those elected with opinion which is never substantiated, were as the city was facing a calamitous hit financial between the eyes, was overlooked so a longevity clause was afforded the Yonkers Police Department on behalf of Yonkers PBA Pres. Det. Keith Olson a few days before the city admitted by measure how much we were in the hole.

    $21.6 million permitted in the City Budget that was defined by word but without funding capacity in the hope that in passing that budget, the city could balance its books, pass the budget, and thereby collect taxes, we were after all penniless. Then after 6 months time of mouthing reports from the state of diminished revenue, the city decided to take care of the YPD pensionable longevity clause despite knowing that anticipated revenue had decline Tom the tune of $55-$60 million, that MGM’s Empire casino had been closed and the city did not earn the expected $20 million, and that hotel/motels that earned the city about $1 million in tax benefits did not earn much, if at all because the hotel/motels were empty. This make believe game is monotonously sickening as it is repetitively monotonous and deceitful. When you add it lol up we are in the crapper to the tune of $120,000.

    Despite the reality than many of our readers know, they believe that I tolerate what they do on other Websites as if that is correct factually or not. I am certain Yonkersites are familiar with those that lie or cover the deceitful conduct of those in business and in government.

    So, you may not like the demeanor and yardstick by wish I permit valid information to be exposed, whether by me or contributors, despite the protestations of those with an agenda or a dislike of one or the to ther due to their own bias or to the bias of their task masters.

    There are likely many good people in Yonkers, but they are all not proficient in their task as government workers/appointees. That lack of capacity cannot be overlooked because we like them.

    Yonkers may love or hate governor Cuomo, however the reality is that NYS law does not permit increase in taxes above 2 per cent in any one given year. It that were not the case, Yonkers would be saddled with a 40 percent tax hike. No need to worry, Mayor Mike Spano will be at the helm for at least 3 years. So rest easy.

    Maintain your due diligence by feigning you not knowing what is going on in the City of Hills. There are many challenges because of COVID-19, let’s await the coming years to once and for figure out right from wrong based on the conduct of government and its capacity to ameliorate that which has gone wrong in Yonkers sincerely the days or Mayor Martinelli.

    The show before the Yonkers Board of Education today was hideous. If they are to be believed, all that has transpired would have bee formalized in writing, validated and ascribed by responsible elected officials, but that did not take place and there seems little prospect that anything will change as per today’s dog and pony show.

    I await to be proven wrong.

    Hope is not a plan.

    Thanks for asking.

    Remember there are other places to patronize.

    If you want to comment herein play by the rules. Fake your comments and ideas on Facebook if there are so pertinent but not on the Yonkers Tribune.



  4. Who ordered 500 lbs of cheese? All signs point to that loser file stealing drunk punching liar Keith Olson. Ha, this dude is on the Police Reform Committee. Really

  5. Taxpayers of Yonkers you had no public say concerning the “Spano Term Limits”

    Make sure you remember this awful political name next time around. The Police Department is corrupt, the Board of Education is the worst in NYS . The BOE panel is made up of political hacks. Take back Yonkers and get rid of corruption. Right now only the Spano’s are cashing in. Since 2014 the Yonkers PBA Keith Olson has given Nick Spano’s lobbying firm $28,000 annually. The Yonkers CLSA $12,000 plus.

    Their members got what???? Less manpower, less hours to solve the surge in crime and body cams so that Keith Olson and his PBA board can boost their pensions.

    1. Hey for what all the spano brothers do to the rest of their wives, Glad to see one may be getting even….. she should round em all up!!!

  6. Yonkers is stuck in a time warp. That cheese weight PBA President Olson has done a lot of dirty deeds against his own members and now wants to predict policy in NYPD.

    Olson should just worry about moving the rotten cheese on his dish and then stop at DPW and see if they can power wash those razor sharp teeth.

  7. How is he still the head of OEM. Open your eyes John, the only one that doesn’t see it is you. Ask her about this late nights JOHN. The mouse caught the cheese.

  8. Remember John Mueller was put in by Nick Spano by all that lobbying cash from Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson.
    John Mueller doesn’t have a clue about running a police department. Then again the Spano’s don’t have to worry about the law within the city. Just look at everything these thugs have done thus far.

  9. Three terms of no transparency by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.
    The next opposing Mayor can easily win by talking about how broke Yonkers is even after three tax hikes. If you report crime then no one will look to settle on the dirty filthy Yonkers Waterfront

  10. Hezi, Yonkers City Hall can’t and won’t put out crime stats because crime is running rampant especially in the Waterfront area. So with a broken education system and shootings who would want to raise a family in a city which raises taxes as answers for staying in power. Vote the bums out.

  11. The Yonkers PBA leader Keith Olson should stay in his own Waterfront bum infested yard and stay away from telling NYPD what their issues are. Especially since Keith Olson and his friends lied and set up other Yonkers Police Personnel.
    The City is so called broke but Olson was able to get any cop with over ten years of service cash for wearing body cams. Oops, the only problem is that most of the Department has personnel with less than ten years.
    Now remember the Yonkers PBA took a knee for BLM with his chief Mueller.

  12. Yonkers Police Officers as well as the F.B.I. did an outstanding job even without the support BLM Mayor Michael Spano and his smiling canary John the Joker Mueller.
    Funny we didn’t see that 500 pound ugly gorilla Yonkers PBA Loser Keith Olson.
    Besides all of these losers took a Knee for thugs that police chase everyday.

  13. Hezi as I have said numerous times Yonkers fudges the crime numbers, how can anyone believe Yonkers is one of the safest cities in the country. White Plains did that for years when crime was rampant and people were afraid to go to the Galleria mall, rapes and robberies were happening and it was covered up. As for the covid problem would you pick a jewelry salesman to head up the office of OEM, Spano had to help his buddy Lou as the business is failing and give his son a job.

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