Driving Me Duo John and Laurie Wiles Review the 2020 Cadillac CT5 550T

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Driving Me Crazy automotive review Columnists Laurie and John Wiles.

Listen to John and Laurie Wiles’ review of the 2020 CT5 550T on their Driving Me Crazy radio broadcast that airs this Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 10am EST and every Thursday throughout the year at the same time. The broadcast is heard “Live” or “On Demand” by clicking onto this specific hyperlink – http://tobtr.com/s/11813067. Pease note that the hyperlink is specific to this review. It changes every week. Listeners are welcome to call the broadcast at 347-205-9201 and are asked to stay on topic.

PINEHURST, NC — September 23, 2020 — What a treat this week! We had the Cadillac CT5 550T, a 3.0L Twin Turbo V6 with 360 hp, AWD, that gets 17 mpg around town and 25 mpg on the highway. Can you say “Varoom, Varoom?” Not that I’d ‘Varoom’ a Cadillac. No, seriously, there are only a couple of places around Pinehurst where one could find out how wonderful the response and handling of this beautiful sedan could be, but I wouldn’t go there and do that. Not this 72 year old going on 17. Okay, maybe I would. Man, I love Cadillacs.

First, it’s a Cadillac? What an icon in the world of cars. Do you realize that over the years, the word ‘Cadillac’ has come to mean the best of something as in ‘that’s the Cadillac of sports cars, or tractors, or gin, or whatever you might name. The idea being that if whatever you are referring to is the Cadillac of that product, it is the best. And, overall, Cadillac cars have lived up to that requirement.

2020 Cadillac CT-5 500T

With the CT5 550T twin turbo, we also had the Premium Luxury package with all the bells and whistles you could want, and, wait for it, the price on our beautiful Cadillac sedan …. Starting at $40,695 and with the bells and whistles, right at $53K. Is that cheap? No! But it is a Cadillac and the CT5 starts at … ready? $37,890. That is a good entry level price for the styling, beauty, and enjoyment of owning a Cadillac. Seriously.

Another great feature of the Cadillac was the simplicity. You slide into the driver’s cockpit, adjust the seat using the 14-way front-row including 4-way power lumbar adjustment. Push the set button and number one, and you always have your driving positioning ready, even when driver’s two and three set their own preferences.

The leather appointed seats have both heating and cooling, and, of course, a leather wrapped steering wheel with heat if needed for those cold winter days.

We had an 8” Driver Information Center Display and a 10” “Cadillac User Experience Touch Screen and Control panel.

The Navigation was the simplest I have seen so far. I simply pushed the speaker button and told the female voice to navigate to the address I wanted. In about 15 seconds, the place was located,and the directions had begun. Same with the phone and there was the convenient charger located in front of the gear shift where all you did was lay your phone.

Here are some things our Platinum model had included. You will note that all the safety equipment is standard to all the CT models. That is reassuring. No skimping on safety.

For starters the Bose Premium Audio Package, the Climate Package (everybody gets a say in the temperature control); the Lighting Package; the Parking Package; the Sedona Sauvage Semi-Aniline Leather Seats with Jet Black accents and Twenty-Two caron-fiber trim; driver and front passenger power lumbar massage, driver and front-passenger power seatback bolster adjustment, driver and front-passenger manual cushion length adjustment (we love this: you can extend the seat under your knees, which is very comfortable for driving and riding); and an UltraView dual-pane sunroof.

Okay, let’s talk safety – Under the Cadillac Safety and Driver Assistance features, we have Automatic Emergency Braking (backing out and don’t see that oncoming car? Cadillac does and stops you); Forward Collision Alert; Front Pedestrian Braking; High Definition Rear Vision Camera; the Safety Alert Seat (it vibrates when you are near something, for example. However, I find having my butt shaken disconcerting, but it works); Lane Change Alert and Side Blind Zone Alert; Rear Cross Traffic Alert; Rear Park Assist; the Driver Awareness Plus Package and the Driver-Assist and Advanced Security Package.

The Cadillac Driver Awareness Package is designed to enhance your awareness of potential road hazards. This package uses both audible and haptic (the use of technology that stimulates the senses of touch and motion, i.e., butt shaking) alerts through the Safety Alert Seat to notify you when danger is near. Included in the package are: Lane Departure Warning – Alerts of unintended lane changes.

The Driver-Assist and Advance Security Package Includes (AX7) Automatic Seat Belt Tightening; Adaptive Cruise Control-Advanced; Locking steering column; Door lock and latch shields; Locking fuel door; Locking wheel lugs; Self-powered Theft-Deterrent Alarm System; Vehicle inclination sensor; Vehicle interior movement sensor; Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking and Reverse Automatic Braking

All in all, I thought the 2020 Cadillac CT5 550T was a stylish, comfortable, pleasant car. Was there a little more road noise than I expected? Yes. Was the ride not quite as smooth as I expected? Yes. Can I live with those things for a $50K Cadillac that will last me the rest of my life? Yes, yes, I think I can.

Johnny, you’ve done such a good rundown that I don’t know that I can add too much.  One of the reasons, honey, is because when you ride in a Cadillac, you are…well, riding in a Cadillac.  No question.  It’s the best of the best.  Like buying a diamond ring from Tiffany’s.  You never question its quality.  Or having tea at the Ritz.  Heck, you’re having tea at the Ritz for crying out loud—you know it’s going to be great.  But why is that?  Well, because a ring from Tiffany’s…well, actually, anything from Tiffany’s is the best and comes at a price.  Tea at the Ritz is far more expensive than a Lipton’s tea bag.  And Cadillac…well, here’s the thing.  You expect Cadillac to be the best because the name stands for the best, and therefore will come at a premium.  But $50,000 for a—as my husband rightly puts it—“a stylish, comfortable, pleasant car” that also happens to be a Cadillac is really amazing and, in comparison to other luxury makes, comes in at an unexpectedly digestible price.  

I, too, enjoyed this car immensely.  You need to know that 99.9% of the time when Johnny and I are together in a car, he’s the one behind the wheel.  It’s only when I’m alone that I get to—in this case—have the “Cadillac” experience all by myself.  No need to repeat what he’s said—it’s all true.  This is a wonderful car to drive and a beautiful car to look at.  That deep, dark metallic green is one of the prettiest car colors I’ve seen in a long time.  The voice-activated GPS system likewise is among the very best and easiest we’ve ever programmed.  The seats—driver’s as well as passengers’—were extremely comfortable.  And as Johnny mentioned, all the safety features you expect and get are there—all for the MSRP.

I listen to my darling husband when he sees a car arrive for us to review.  His first comment is always the most important, the most memorable, because he has great instincts and can size up a car in a second.  When he set eyes on the  2020 Cadillac CT5 550T for the first time, you know what he said?  In a burst of excitement and overpowering bliss he proclaimed, Now, that’s some gorgeous car.”

And, as usual, my husband was absolutely right.

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John and Laurie WilesDriving Me Duo John and Laurie Wiles Review the 2020 Cadillac CT5 550T

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