“I Have Decided to Remove My Name from Consideration as Your Chairman
Westchester County Democratic Party Chairman

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Westchester County Democratic Committee Chairman Reginald A. Lafayette

WHITE PLAINS, NY — September 1, 2020 — The following letter was written on Monday, August 31, 2020 by Westchester County Democratic Chair Reginald A. LaFayette

“After much soul-searching, I have come to an important decision. While I remain steadfastly dedicated to continuing the growth and strengthening of the Westchester County Democratic Party, I have decided to remove my name from consideration as your Chairman.

I have been a loyal Democratic soldier since I was 19 years old, and successfully served as your County Chairman for over 16 years.

“Under my leadership, coupled with your support, we have made the party stronger. Democrats now hold the top County seats – County Executive, County Clerk and District Attorney. We successfully gained the New York State Senate Majority. There is a super Democratic Majority on the Board of Legislators. Throughout the years, the Democratic Party has successfully elected County, Family and Supreme Court Judges under my tenure.

“I am hopeful that everyone will come together and decide what is in the best interest of the Democratic Party moving forward, to ensure our future successes. There is always room for the party to grow with input from all groups, keeping in mind that we are a partisan Democratic organization. As Chair, I have included as members of the Executive Committee, the countywide organizations such as the Hispanic Democrats of Westchester, the Black Democrats of Westchester, the Young Democrats of Westchester and Women Democrats of Westchester.

“I wish the new WCDC leadership the best of luck as they move forward. I expect they will ensure that our legacy of winning Democratic seats, both here in the County and throughout the State, continues for years to come.

Although I will no longer be your County Chairman, I will remain a loyal Democratic soldier. 

“Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!

“Yours in solidarity,

“/s/ Reginald A. LaFayette

“Reginald A. LaFayette Chairman”

Tribune“I Have Decided to Remove My Name from Consideration as Your Chairman
Westchester County Democratic Party Chairman

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  1. amazing how many people are critical of a man who served his party and the two party system for almost two decades…I am not a democrat but as a Republican I knew Reggie well…and unlike many of todays Trump Republicans who are quick to condemn any democrat as a socialist or marxist simply because they parrot Fox news and can’t think for themselves, Reggie was more than happy to talk to those with whom he disagreed politically without the namecalling and villification of “the other side” So let’s remember we can disagree without being disagreeable..and Reggie was a perfect example of that and how being a gentleman was just as important as the political beliefs one may have…It also should be stated that under Reggie’s leadership The Democratic party in Westchester now occupies virtually every elected office both county wide and locally with minor exceptions….That record speaks for itself

  2. Who did you help Reggie? What young man or woman whose life was directly impacted by a racist criminal justice system – have you helped get back on track? Did you even care?

  3. I am sorry to see you leave , you have given 16 years of hard work to this party . May you move forward with your new future in what you choose .

    Very truly yours,

    Andrew Yankowitz

  4. I am sorry to see you leave.
    I figure if you stayed on for another ten years or more, then you’d finally learn how to run a convention.

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