Opening Message to the Community
By Yonkers Board of Education President Rev. STEVE LOPEZ

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Yonkers Board of Education Trustees President Rev. Steve Lopez

Dear Yonkers Families, Employees, and Community Members,

YONKERS, NY — September 22, 2020 — Our 2020-2021 school year began for our students on September 8, 2020 in much the same we ended last year with our students learning from home. Due to the virus, everyone within the Board of Education have redoubled our efforts in focusing on another successful year for our students.

I strongly believe it is important for the Board of Education Trustees to begin this year on a hopeful note. We want to share with the community how committed we are to providing a safe, healthy, stable teaching and learning environment. Our goal is to return to full in-person instruction following the guidance from the New York State Education Department and the Department of Health.

From mid-March through the end of the last school year, we all had to reinvent how we live, work and educate our children. What has not changed is that public education remains as a barometer for stabilization within the community. Public schools provide safe healthy learning environments that educate, nourish, and foster social-emotional wellbeing, health and mental health services, assisting families in many ways. We care just as much for our employees, taking into account that all of our decisions touch on their lives as well. These thoughts and considerations guide every policy and fiduciary decision made by the Trustees.

The District’s experience this past spring with remote learning informed the design of the 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan with three learning scenarios. (1) In-Person Instruction, (2) Hybrid Instruction and (3) 100% Online Remote Instruction. Our plan evolved from recommendations and feedback received from the planning committees comprised of parents, students, teachers, administrators and staff.

The Trustees along with Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools and his administrative teams are appreciative and proud of the work and creativity demonstrated last year by our Yonkers Public Schools employees who remain committed to our students and families. We continue to encourage the participation of anyone who is interested in joining our Board committees and become an integral part of the work. If you are unable to join a committee, we welcome feedback offered via email at or by calling our office at 914-376-8095.

There are significant challenges before us this school year. We are currently navigating full day online remote Instruction, moving soon into a hybrid model. During this transition, everyone’s ingenuity and determination will be required once again.

Finally, the District’s budget is in a very tenuous situation, with a potential looming fiscal crisis. We are working relentlessly with our State Delegation to try to remedy this situation. Our confidence and relentless pursuit of equity for our District will continue as we move past this current challenge.

We are Strong. We are Yonkers!


SOURCE: Jerilynne Fierstein | Communications Officer | Public Information | Yonkers Public Schools


TribuneOpening Message to the Community
By Yonkers Board of Education President Rev. STEVE LOPEZ

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  1. Spano appointed Board of Trustee members have been a failure. They have allowed a financially uneducated superintendent to squander the community chest.

    1. Hey “Rev” return your $15,000 stipend now that your a YPD Chaplain -don’t get caught with any inappropriate material on your computer like the last chaplain did.

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