POLITICAL HEZITORIAL: Deceptive Promotional Conduct Permitted to Deceive Yonkers Voters In the Upcoming General Election for Yonkers City Court Judge

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The Yonkers City Court Totem Poll Ladder Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

Verris Shako, Esq.- – – – – 1-Democrat

Judge Karen Best – – – – – 2-Democrat

Dan Romano, Esq.- – – – -3-Democrat / WF / Ind

Judge Thomas Daly- – – – 4-Republican / Conservative

Judge Brendan McGrath- -5-Republican

YONKERS, NY — September 6, 2020 —What started out as a seemingly fair process has become a battle royale to undermine, even overturn the  Democratic Primary results cast by voters

The opening salvo for Yonkers City Court Judge was cast by Yonkers Democratic Chair Thomas Meier. Typically Yonkers, the powers that be had envisioned the outcome before it began. The money was riding on Yonkers City Court Judge Tom Daly a long time incumbent. Mayor Mike Spano’s favorite in the race for the three spots on the bench of the Yonkers City Court was former Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath. When an opening became available months ago, Mayor Mike Spano asked Mr. McGrath to take the post with his blessing. Mayor Mike Spano was intending to win on placing McGrath on the Yonkers City Court. And he did. Brendan McGrath was designated to fill the empty seat of the Yonkers City Court and thereby became Judge Brendan McGrath. In playing musical chairs, Mayor Mike Spano was also able to fill the office of Yonkers Inspector General with long-time loyal and trusted former Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Esq. But there was one other issue, that is, to bring a minority to the bench. Identity politics is bereft in Yonkers political reality. It was judged that a person of color, and female gender was the winning ticket. They chose her. Her name is Verris Shako, Esq. The puppetmaster’s plan to control the Democratic Party eclipsed every challenge to the Yonkers Democratic City Committee. Their endorsement of Daly, McGrath, and Shako, was like milk to a baby kitten. Do I hear a “meow, meow”? Yes, we did.

Daly, McGrath, and Shako were brought together under one campaign effort that was launched as a juggernaut campaign expected to garner Strength Nd votes from Democratic voters. Alas, for Yonkers City Hall, it was not to be.

There were two other contenders vying to preside on the Yonkers City Court bench. They too, where vying to win support from the Yonkers Democratic City Committee. They are Judge Karen Best and Dan Romano, Esq.

The duo consisting of Judges Daly and McGrath did not fare well. During the Primary Election process it was learned and corroborated that Chief Judge Tom Daly drove to work, first dropping off his wife at City Hall; her job is with Yonkers Corporation Counsel, but not by 8:30am as demanded by her position but rather at 10:30am or 11am on a regular basis. Thereafter, Judge Daly arrived to put on his black robes at the Cacace Justice Center. People in the know also asserted  that Judge Daly would sometimes preside over those seeking to marry during the time he was supposed preside over his court. So on the court’s time, when performing marriages, Judge Daly also charged a fee when doing so. The fee is said to have been in the $300 range. It seems Judge Daly knew how to work the system for his benefit to the disgust and consternation among those who were familiar with his ploys. Among the five people who participated in the Democratic Primary, Judge Daly came in 4th place. Alas this failed character has a lifeline after all; Judge Daly was initially cross-endorsed by the Yonkers Republican City Committee. Judge Daly’s social media presence does not reveal that his name will only be found under the Republican and Conservative Party lines. Judge Daly and/or his handlers must believe that by not divulging his party affiliations, he will magically be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Judge Daly’s  present political ambiguity exemplifies his untenable prospect and visceral desperation.

Verris Shako, Esq., surprisingly showed her prominence despite the fact that she was only brought among the other two Judges heretofore noted so as to offer the public a “token” black woman. That was and still remains the debauched conduct of the Yonkers Democratic Committee hierarchy who believe they still control the voter. Well Ms. Shako did her darnedest to outreach the constituents for whom as a litigator before the Yonkers City Court she served in their defense. She was initially told to sit down and wait her turn. Ms. Shako does not comport well to such arrogant and contemptuous address. She endured and revealed that among the five who were vying to win one of three positions open on the Yonkers City Court that she not only did not sit down and wait her turn but that she proved to beat the system that thought they could use her to camouflage their own past and present bias toward women and people of color. She didn’t need to wake up and smell the coffee; they did. When she placed at the top of the ladder The Yonkers Democratic City Committee was besides itself. Their bias and bigotry had been exposed. Ms. Shako, Esq. continues to campaign with determination and vigor. She among two others will prove the impotence and irrelevance of the Yonkers Democratic City Committee hierarchy. NOTE that personal and ethical conduct is political dogma that is not married to and is politically divorced from any political party affiliation. 

Judge Brendan McGrath was Mayor Mike Spano’s favorite among the five contenders. After all, he conducted his responsibilities as Yonkers Inspector General with nary a blemish as far as Yonkers City Hall was concerned, but the scuttlebutt was not so enamored with the fact that in all the years Judge McGrath was Yonkers Inspector General very, very few reports were made public knowledge. NOTE:  I don’t even remember 5 myself. That was not necessarily a reflection of Judge McGrath’s demeanor but the demands by which he had to comply in the role of Yonkers Inspector General. On top of that, but under the guidance of the puppetmasters, the increased staff of the Office of Yonkers Inspector General increased exorbitantly under McGrath’s aegis. Those in the public who knew were not pleased to be kept out of the loop. While as Inspector General McGrath, was proficient to his taskmasters, but the public retreated from supporting him more and more over the years. In the Democratic Primary Judge McGrath came in 5th place. Truth be known, based on the support I learned he had from Yonkers City Hall and the Get Out The Vote effort  City Hall could muster on his behalf, I expected him to garner the most votes, not the least. 

Judge McGrath could conceivably have continued  his effort to be re-elected to the Yonkers City Court Judgeship under the Conservative Party designation but the Yonkers Tribune has learned he will not engage in the November 3rd election.

Judge Karen Best was the outlier. She too, was expected to sit down, shut up, and wait her turn by a dismissive Yonkers City Democratic Committee. Judge Best suffered that arrogant and biased and bigoted response before. With head upheld with pride and resolve, her efforts were rewarded to the point that she garnered the second most votes for her campaign effort. She was a surprise that to this day the Yonkers City Democratic Committee cannot comprehend.

Dan Romano, Esq., and his family have long been in the legal profession. The family tree has a long well-earned reputation for some three generations to have always been there to assist people in need of legal assistance. The Romano Family tree fought for justice for many from the 1950’s onward would not otherwise get. Even those who did not have the means to afford legal counsel got it from the Romanos. That legacy continues to this day under the aegis of Dan Romano, Esq. He came in 3rd place. His name will be found under the Democratic, Working Family, and Independence Party lines.

The Democrats that survived the Democratic Primary elections are Verris Shako, Esq., Judge Karen Best, and Dan Romano, Esq. They can each wear their win with pride and deservedly so.

Those who lost the Yonkers Democratic Primary are holding onto their bruised ego for dear life.

Yonkers City Court Judge Daly pretends he is politically amorphous, his advertising promotional effort has removed the former party affiliation he had as a Democrat believing the voter will be duped into looking for his name where it will be found, that is, under the Republican, and Conservative line. He is NOT a Democratic Primary winner

Judge Brendan McGrath, could have chosen to run under the Conservative Party designation but has chosen not to sustain his effort.

The takeaway is simple: Verris Shako, Esq., Judge Karen Best, and Dan Romano, Esq., garnered Democratic voter support. They one; no one else did!

Yonkersites can at last take pride for taking an independent and informed role that will be assured upon the November 3rd, 2020 election results that mimic the Primary Elections with an even greater voter turnout with the knowledge that having Shako, Best and Romano presiding over the Yonkers City Court will abide in compliance and with compassion to the law. About time!

eHeziPOLITICAL HEZITORIAL: Deceptive Promotional Conduct Permitted to Deceive Yonkers Voters In the Upcoming General Election for Yonkers City Court Judge

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  1. John kader is a zero. The man loses anythjng he goes next to and he can’t take credit for mike kader. Z ran that. He supported Dennis Robertson against Z and he l0st, he supported Scarpino against Z, he lost. Without z, kader never win another election. That’s a fact folks. I’ve seen this for many years now. I actually went to school with Johnny kader. Guy hasn’t changed much. Still a loser.

    1. Can he demand transparency from Andrea Stewart Cousins regarding her ownership and sale of Ravine Avenue and Point Street parking lots to Conifer Real estate developers?

      Senator Cousins will quietly make millions on the sale, while lifting electric heating mandates on new construction.

      Meanwhile new and existing residents will be plagued with roaming rats from construction excavation, poisoned ground water from the former dry cleaners up the hill and Metro North noise pollution.

      Scientifically proven studies have validated reduced educational outcomes for children living with noise pollution, such as from Adjacent Metro North Trains.

      Metro North reduces its trains speed in northern Rivertowns to alleviate noise pollution, but not in Yonkers? Why is that the case, is it because there are no public or elected oFficials advocating on behalf of that community?

      Can he help hold her accountable? Or has she become just another self serving newly minted millionaire pseudo public servant enriching herself at the expense of those she was elected to represent, not to mention, serve.

  2. Hezi-
    Carol Daly shows up to work at 9:30am ism and leaves by 4pm. The full work day is from 9am to 5pm. Even after you exposed Carol Daly as a liar and awful employee who can’t even show up to work- she still isn’t doing her full hours!

    Credit is due to Mayor Mike Spano and Head of Corporation Counsel Matthew Gallagher for making her show up to work more often, but I’m sick of seeing PRIVILEGED city hall employees not have to do the same amount of hours or work as everyone else.

    Also it should be noted that the law department functioned fine without Carol Daly doing any work- maybe her 100k salary can go toward CSEA members laid off as bus monitors!

    Mayor Mike Spano needs solutions just look in the law department half of them are useless, Carol being the queen of idiots in the law department

  3. this is all a very interesting story line….however there are some key observations that should be made: If Daly was charging 300 bucks to conduct a marriage ceremony on city property, I believe he may have committed the same blunder that a former judge committed who had to resign his seat because he charged more than the $100 fee permitted by law….In fact this very site had an article dated October 15, 2015 relating the Circumstances of the Cerrato resignation,if my memory serves me correctly. So Daly didn’t deserve to be re elected and the voters, by not choosing him may have saved him the embarassment of having to answer the same type of complaint that Mr. Cerrato was confronted with.The next item however is far more important…and that is the issue of cross endorsements of major party candididates by the minor parties..New York state is one of only six states to allow this practice to occur. The Conservative Independence and Working Families parties all have the ability to cross endorse either the republican or democratic party candidates in any election. This practice confers to those parties power far in excess of the number of people that are registered in those minor parties. The Republican party, for example has literally been emasculated in the state because of the need for it to attempt to cobble together a coalition of Conservative and Independence party nominations in order to even have a chance at winning a state wide contest. In addition those parties have engaged in an extortion scheme over the years in order for candidates to get their support. In the case of the Independence party the extortion was in the form of contributions to the Independence Club and and Party itself. No contribution no support. The Conservative party was in the business of ideological extortion. If the Republican candidate wanted their support they needed to be pro life, pro 2nd amendment and not a fan of LBTQ rights….This forced Republicans to adopt social positions that were out of step with the vast majority of new yorkers, and meant that gaining the support of the Conservative party basically doomed their candidacies at the November election. If this practice continues no Republican will ever be elected to a statewide office in the future and the same may be said of candidates in Westchester County for countywide and legislative offices. This should be unacceptable to Republicans who have been the victims of this type of tail wagging the dog politics for too many decades. Other than that the winners of the Yonkers Democratic primary have demonstrated that party support is no longer essential to winning. As social media allows candidates to expose themselves to voters without the necessity of “getting in line” for a party nomination, the power of the parties is reduced accordingly…not necessarily a bad thing for the voting public

  4. I don’t care about any of them except Romano, but your statement as follows makes no sense:

    ‘Yonkers City Court Judge Daly pretends he is politically amorphous, his advertising promotional effort has removed the former party affiliation he had as a Democrat believing the voter will be duped into looking for his name where it will be found, that is, under the Republican, and Conservative line. He is NOT a Democratic Primary winner’

    You state he is NOT a Dem primary winner yet your statement faults him for removing his ‘former party affiliation’??? He removed it, get it, so he is telling his supporters he NO LONGER HAS THAT DESIGNATION. And, your accusing him of ‘duping’ the voter into looking for his name. Well, isn’t that what candidates do when they have other lines? Maybe you think he should have just told his supporters to figure it out for themselves.

    As I said, I don’t care about any of them except Romano since I have known his family since I am a kid.

    1. Post

      Day does not divulge that he is running under any party affiliation which for those unaware that he did not win in the Democratic Primary that he may still be a Democrat when he lost that race. He can be found under another political party. — Kindly, Hezi

  5. This will not help Daly’s son-inlaw who came before our committee to run for Yonkers City Court Judge.
    The party of Trump is whom Daly is with has no room in the Democratic Party

  6. Daly should retire give some fresh blood a chance you’ve been in Yonkers Court since Jimmy Carter was President give it a rest and take care of your wife

      1. Is that why the 3 endorsed judicial candidates in the primary were accused of fraud? The article was posted here about their Independence and Working Families party petition.

        They tried to cheat and 2 of them still lost.

        Great job!

        1. Zehy come out from behind your computer. The “anonymous” lol comments are entertaining, but tired. Spend the holiday weekend with your family, I’m sure they missed you while you were in prison.

          1. Well, he did just that when he met with
            Mayor Mike Spano and had a sit down over control of the democratic party! Mayor Mike Spano sat down with a convicted felon. Run for City Clerk and let’s see what truth comes out!

  7. Carol Daly must resign as a Democratic Ward Leader , the Daly’s have benefited extremely from the Democratic Party by Jobs for their family. To join the Republican Party after all that was done for you is disgusting.

  8. I have been reading about some write-in candidate. He/she is doing their own thing. Whatever that is. I will leave that to them. If they are lucky, 5 people will know how to spell their name.— Kindly, Hezi

  9. I hope when Daly gets slaughtered Alexandra Restiano returns back to her Conservative party
    Democrats will be reminded that your running a Republican Campaign

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