THE HEZITORIAL: Deceitful Panderers Masquerade as Deliverers of Societal Change

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Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and Westchester On the Level Radio Host Hezi Aris

YONKERS, NY — September 3, 2020 — Yonkers is the fourth largest city in New York State. The 2010 Census tabulated Yonkers population to be shy of 200,000. The 2020 Census will shortly be closed. Ominously, those people who submitted the 2020 Census application form  amount to under 60 percent of the population. The City of Yonkers (CoY) has yet to promote the fact that for every individual, including children, not counted in the 2020 Census is valued at about $5,000 per individual in federal funding to CoY. 

On August 31st, Yonkers’ Mayor Mike Spano’s Communication Director Christina Gilmartin divulged, via a press release … “Cuts in State Aid Force the City of Yonkers to Reduce Costs by $21.6 Million

The $21.6 Million in anticipated New York State revenue was included in Mayor Mike Spano’s proposed FY2020-2021 Budget. The Yonkers City Council voted 6-1, that is by supermajority approval, adopting a budget despite six years earlier, on June 30, 2016, a similar dilemma  regarding financial wherewithal became known. It was then that Yonkers City Hall reluctantly informed the public that they were expecting to receive the value of $55 million for the Yonkers Public School District that was never received. The Yonkers City Council was forced to capitulate to that reality and had to enter into an Inter Municipal Agreement (IMA) over the sum not received after having spent $40 million of the $55 million supposedly promised. $40 million out of a $55 million alleged infusion of funds was spent before Yonkers City Hall realized no such agreement was ever forged and the funds would never be realized. No proof was ever revealed of such an “agreement” having been concluded. In order to balance the budget after the fiscal calamity, the City of Yonkers had to borrow funds which were hard to arrive by because the financial capacity of CoY had waned over many years. Alas, the funds needed were obtained through the bond market. The fiscal travail of 2016 was a lesson not learned.

Similar circumstances would be repeated in 2020. Coupled with the $21.6 million anticipated funding, the Mayor’s Communications Office revealed that revenues allegedly diminished by the COVID-19 pandemic had wiped out between $45 to $50 million in anticipated revenue. The City of Yonkers is thereby facing a deficit of between $67 and $72 million dollars. The likelihood that the CoY even has the capacity to borrow such sums through the bond market or other means is suspect.  The Yonkers City Council was forced into an “Inter Municipal Agreement demanded by Albany that was agreed to by the Yonkers City Council, SEIU, and CSEA in 2016. At issue is whether there is a financially prudent rationale or a lucid response to this dilemma on the horizon? So far, Yonkers City Hall is mum on the issue.

While it may be possible to suggest that the $21.6 million anticipated was allegedly a shock to CoY’s Administration, it is not in the least possible that since COVID-19 set up headquarters in CoY, that $45 to $50 million in anticipated revenue were not recognized to be lagging from the onset of the pandemic. New York State supplies every municipality with statistics attesting to the funds gained. Who deflected their attention from these monthly fiscal health reports of Yonkers? The economy has yet to be resuscitated. The nation and CoY will eventually return to work when a vaccine is proven effective. Until then, we question what happened to CoY’s “bean counters”? Which thereby begs the question, since the anticipated sums would take months to accrue, and month after month had not, why did Yonkers City Hall agree to funding an 18 percent longevity clause on behalf of the Yonkers Police Department to placate Yonkers PBA Det. President Keith Olson. CoY knew it was financially bereft and yet it did not contemplate nor ever designed a plan of any kind to bolster CoY’s prospects. Despite CoY’s fiscal capacity waning Yonkers City Hall only a few weeks ago agreed to a longevity contract when they had to know CoY was spending beyond its means since revenue was not forthcoming… all in deference to the demands of Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson. This is best recognized to be fiscally irresponsible behavior.

To endear the unfamiliar to consider investing in a waterfront residence along the Yonkers Waterfront or a private home as an alternative to remaining in any of the five boroughs of New York City, the sister city bordering to our south, Yonkers Police Communications Director Dean Politopoulis continues to extol the fact that the City of Yonkers is the safest city anywhere in America of like population, that is, between 200,000 to 250,000.

Even before COVID-19 reared its ugly head, Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. informed this reporter on the Westchester On the Level radio broadcast on March 4, 2020 that crime had risen in Yonkers. It was on that show that Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., admitted the crime rate in Yonkers had increased by 39 percent. So much for the never previously publicly revealed crime statistic. Since CompStat was dismantled by P.C. John Mueller, there are no other means by which to substantiate the reality of crime statistics in Yonkers other than knowing it has risen many times since.

The broadcast can be heard by clicking onto the broadcast whose lede is John and Laurie Wiles, The Driving Me Crazy Duo, Review the 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Hybrid – P400e HSE, Gabrielle M. Etzel, The Unvarnished blog Publisher / Editor-in-Chief, Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., Westchester County District Attorney, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large, on Westchester on the Level – Thursday, March 5, 2020 @ 10am ET.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano kneeling as he paints South Broadway, watched adoringly by NYS Majority Majority Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, seen wearing a very becoming red dress.

Yonkers struggling downtown waterfront sits smack in the middle of a high crime area. Just one or two blocks away there was a man shot and killed in broad daylight and another man shot twice near the Castle Royale Restaurant / Hall. Since then, the Yonkers Police has been responding to numerous calls of shots fired and just last night another person was shot just off South Broadway near Valentine Lane, yet none of these incidents have been reported by the Yonkers Police Department. Yet, the men and women of the Yonkers Police Department respond to these calls running on nothing but low morale and the stench of betrayal from city leaders, including Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq., Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller (a political hack who has yet to figure out that under his aegis he has proven himself not up to performing the job knowledgeably). If only P.C. Mueller would look into a mirror before heading out to work, perhaps he would see his reflection to be the image the public sees. His image reveals an individual of failed capacity in policing, and a failure in building respectful relations with fellow police officers and community stakeholders alike. It turns out that Mueller did not abide by Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines which he knew forbade him from sending Sully to work the street after 20 years working in his office. P.C. Mueller signed Sully’s death warrant. Sully died within a week of being assigned to the street. Sully was a diabetic and suffered from heart disease.

Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq. emulating Leonardo DeVinci, albeit painting on Yonkers City asphalt as his backdrop. Go figure!

P.C. Mueller may even see the reflection of his best friend Yonkers PBA Det. President Keith Olson who has sold his membership out to Mayor Mike Spano. Yes, the dynamic duo Mueller / Olson, have reportedly sunk to backstabbing every Police Commissioner since Charles A. Cola. Needless to say, these two “vile smelling” political figures stooped even lower than previously known … given all the violence against law enforcement, the intentional killing of on duty and off duty police officers, the firebombing of stores, car thefts and looting, it has become evident that under their watch, it has become almost impossible to engage in proper and respectful policing in Yonkers.

Video of Yonkers City Council President explaining what he was doing to his two sons when painting the street with respect to BLM. IMG_4112

Now if that isn’t grim enough, and an insult to citizens across America, Yonkers “Political Zeros” caved into the pressure of Black Live Matter (BLM), which has been noted to be a Marxist organization that operates through fear, intimidation, and extortion. Their biggest scam is pretending to march for “justice” when in reality they are far from peaceful or just. BLM uses tactics against major businesses who are intimidated by. Threats and who cave in to their demands for fear of violent protests;  and thereby also get allegedly funded as part of their “agreement” to be left alone. This practice is alleged to be ameliorated with cash under the table. This political movement will no doubt backfire because ALL LIVES MATTER, and certainly BLUE LIVES MATTER. Yet P.C. Mueller and PBA Det. Pres. Keith Olson got onto their knee in deference to BLM who are demanding police departments throughout the nation be defunded. It has long been said that one can find good and bad in anything, even people. Marching into restaurants, churches, and shining lights into people’s homes at night will backfire as is trashing Elvis Presley’s Graceland. 

There are all forms of harassment by which Yonkers politicos betrayed themselves, as well as the very people they are sworn to protect. That is, people of every ethnicity, hue, gender, religion and sexual orientation, who from their own perspectives were betrayed by the people who assert they represent Yonkersites in the Senate and Congress, in the New York State Legislature, Westchester County Board of Legislators and Yonkers City Council. YPD is being micromanaged by P.C. Mueller, PBA Det. President Keith Olson, among others of lower rank, and higher political clout. The puppet masters maintain the drumbeat to which all must abide or suffer the consequences, and they have to fork over funds to be lorded over and controlled. The payoff is deals like the longevity contractual agreement with the Yonkers PBA when City Hall knew CoY’s financial standing was in desperate need of life support. After all, its not about Yonkersites. So about whom are these calamities perpetrated and perpetuated?

Police Commissioner John Mueller and Yonkers PBA Det. President Keith Olson betrayed their own Police Department by buckling under the BLM movement and when they dropped onto their respective knees onto Yonkers street pavement. 

New York City PBA President Patrick Lynch needs to know who his northern “brothers in blue” are. Mueller and Olson shame the uniforms they once wore. It seems irrefutable that these two suck-ups will engage in whatever it takes to maintain and nurture their political capacity. It is of such importance to them that it outweighs even the known intentional targeting and killing of police officers. Let us not forget that there are many current and former members of the Yonkers Police Department who have their own stories to tell against these disgraceful officials.

Yonkersites, as well as New York State and its political figures need to know what is going on in the City of Hills where nothing is on the level, where crime is off the charts, where the Yonkers Public School District has already failed its students, teachers, ancillary workers, and parents, and where the Spano Dynasty have carved up every department to their taste for almost a decade. One brother controls the YPD, another the Board of Education,  and another the Construction / Development Industry, using a lobbying firm as a smoke screen to get things done. 

Yonkers does not has sufficient funds to resuscitate the Yonkers Public School District. Layoffs have already decimated CSEA 9169 Union workers. The dismissal of teachers, and teacher aides will be next. It is only the next step in eviscerating the capacity of the once well-respected Yonkers Public School district.   

As noted previously herein, Mayor Mike Spano somehow found enough cash to give the PBA and the Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA) longevity raises, but could not provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s) to its Emergency Workers. 

He even found paint rollers and brushes to insult the taxpaying residents of Yonkers. Here is what Mayor Mike Spano did.

This past weekend, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers City Council President President Mike Khader, among other political failures, decided to cave in to the mob mentality of BLM, and participated in painting a BLM Political Statement on a PUBLIC city street which began at the corner of South Broadway and Nepperhan Avenue and went north to Main Street. They started painting the BLM Political Statement right in front of the Yonkers War Memorial. It must have been a fun day for Mayor Mike Spano and Council President Mike Khader because they actually got to use paint rollers and paint brushes. Does anyone know if Mueller or Olson had their painting aprons on?

What is important to note is on what legal grounds does the BLM political organization, or any other organization have, or even Mayor Mike Spano has to have the BLM message painted on a public street? Why was it painted before the plaque honoring those who fell while fighting for America’s freedoms in past wars? Why was the Veterans Administration Office not advised of this planned conduct? Why didn’t Mayor Spano and Council President Khader paint the BLM sign on Central Avenue, or better yet, in the section of Yonkers where Mayor Spano resides? Why not on Yonkers Avenue or McLean Avenue? The issue for legal minds to contemplate and deduce is if BLM can paint their political insignia on city streets as they have, and if other groups are permitted to do likewise? Is any and every political  posture and perspective permissible? And if so, what oversight body grants such permission? Is not a permit required? Who filed for such a permit? Can the Klu Klux Klan decide to paint their symbol on Yonkers City Streets? Don’t they need to obtain permission?  Anarchists of every persuasion; people promoting sex trafficking; political parties can run roughshod in Yonkers because there is seemingly no body to grant permission or deny permission. Can those who espouse bigoted and biased remarks also deface our city streets with their political dogma?

Is there no oversight of any kind? Who is authorized to make those decisions? How can they be contacted? Is everyone permitted to paint the street of their choice as they choose? Yonkers requires permits for everything? Who has oversight regarding painting public streets? 

Would it be fair to paint such “signs” in every  one of the six Councilmatic districts? How about ‘‘‘All lives Matter’ or ‘Blue Lives Matter’” being painted on any and all public streets in Yonkers? Yonkers residents must present this legal challenge to the Mayor’s Office. This is a political statement from a radical organization that is masquerading their extortion by  feigning social  justice. It seems as though Mayor Mike Spano is clearly denying other residents the right to freedom of expression by taking sides with one political statement over any and all others. 

There are few legal options here. One can drive around with BLM in their personal car, but you don’t have the right to place / paint BLM political statement or any other political statement on a public street. I have yet to know of a law in Yonkers that permits the streets be painted by a political perspective that has been deemed constitutionally correct and a right by law. Now one would think that as a legal counselor, such as City Council President Mike Khader, Esq. would have done his homework on this issue. Instead Khader put his painting apron on, too, choosing chaos, engaging in illegal conduct, and defying the rights of civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the NYS Constitution, and the Yonkers City Charter.

Yonkers Tribune welcomes all legal scholars near and far to share their legal perspective on the issue(s) presented herein as to whether everyone has the right to paint a city street with their political perspective? What would be legal and what must be forbidden? Why did Mayor Mike Spano not consider the immediate removal of the BLM painting or accept the painting of other political statements? Do not believe for one second that this BLM painted a mural. It is clearly a political statement; not a mural. Yonkers will never be a first rate city so long as Mayor Mike Spano and City Council President Mike Khader run around with aprons and rollers laden with paint to prove their breaking the law. 

Yonkers cannot shrug off the fact that it is a violent city with a failing school district, minus a qualified Police Commissioner, and PBA Det. President who are mentally and physically on their knees. Politicians from Suffolk County to Albany need to be informed what not to do as it pertains to “Freedom of Expression.” Mayor Mike Spano and the likes of Mike Khader are promoting the same environment as that cesspool known as New York City infused by the likes of Mayor Bill  DiBlasio. 

Yonkers has hit the pavement, it is stuck. There is no help on the horizon.

The takeaway is simple” Yonkers does not believe in inclusiveness nor in transparency. The lack of inclusiveness reveals the very bias and bigotry that was supposed to be ameliorated, instead, it has become a vehicle of extortion and threat. Inclusion has not moved one iota to redefine the failed past. The optics of Yonkers’ elected officials painting streets with BLM will last just so long. By the time the presidential elections come about, no matter the winning candidate, the BLM movement will have been forgotten and while they paint themselves as outsiders, their being included, and the diversity to which they espouse will languish and reside in the recesses of few minds.

With BLM at the forefront of this spectacle on Yonkers City Streets, it is unlikely they will be respected enough to be included as the invited cadre to any inclusive business initiatives. Their behavior will relegate them to the end of the line while women of every hue will rightfully progress up the ladder, and likely LGBTQ+ affinity groups will be remembered as their struggle perseveres. BLM has risen with fists clenched and will not be welcome to a larger tent in search of diversity. They are outliers marauding as deliverers of change for themselves, but not for those who believe that “All Lives Matter!”


eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: Deceitful Panderers Masquerade as Deliverers of Societal Change

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  1. However one feels about it, Black Lives Matter is a political cause. It may not be P.C. to say this, but it is correct. Therefore, NO elected official or group of officials have any right whatsoever to sanction the painting of a city street with the name of such a group. How dare Mike Spano approve this and support this? Can I paint, “JESUS IS LORD“ on a Yonkers street? How about, “PROTECT THE UNBORN”, or “SUPPORT THE NRA”? No I cannot, and nor should it have been allowed to.

    1. BLM is a social movement and there is nothing problematic at all about politicians supporting social movements by the people that they have been elected to represent.

      1. Politicians should not be supporting social movements that have turned into violent confrontations, loss of life and property damage-Spano is nothing more than a pandering scumbag who is now controlled by the racial and identity politics movement. Spano is a traitor and backstabber who has sold out the COY.

  2. Too late to recognize what the Spano’s have been doing all along. As for BLM , they are and have been a problem and Mike Spano is right in the middle of this mess thinking a couple of more jail birds will vote for them. Many but not after they kill a few more law officials and rob and burn a couple of more businesses.
    Yup welcome to the BLM Yonkers were criminals are allowed to threaten businesses for cash. Losers

  3. The bottom line is that Spano has pandered to the unions and allowed police, fire, DPW and teachers to rape, pillage and plunder the Yonkers budget for years – and all on the backs of homeowners and NYS taxpayers. BLM isn’t the problem (although it makes for a convenient scapegoat). The real problems are public worker salaries and the politicians in City Hall.

  4. Just another FYI when these loser sports players decide to run for office? Since the NBA got involved no one watches nor cares who can dribble a ball anymore.They should have shut up and dribbled. Like the Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano who painted the BLM statement of violence. Do you think real smart intelligent people are going to move to the Waterfront now? Not likely at all. Besides crime In Yonkers is the worst it has been in 50 years.

  5. Bottom line is that Mayor Mike Spano pandered to BLM. He is a real sucker. Yup you sure are a Democratic Mayor that now sides with the cancel culture.

    1. Spano’s are scum sucking leeches Fredo Spano is as dumb as a rock. Amazing how dumb the citizens of Yonkers are, and they believe Yonkers is one of the safest cities in America. Take a walk down Ghetto square at night, make sure you have a bullet proof vest.

  6. Your wasting your time researching bias slanted leftist reporting. According to All media reports and photos BLM looted , killed and burned down stores, cars and lots and lots of community small businesses. You really should splash some cold water on yourself because you are under a spell that has you frustrated and uninformed.
    Bottom line NO American wants to be bothered when eating with their families nor have lights shine into their homes to instill fear nor do most Americans believe the color of your skin makes you special with all do respect.
    In fact, research shows most people killed by police are white and most Black Conservatives know how to interact with authority. They do not fear the police nor run away, nor carry knives or guns, nor beat females or have shootouts in their neighborhoods. Equal Justice for all right? Then follow the rules and all is good. One other point most Americans support the rule of law. You are the cancel culture . So assimilate and stop thinking you’re special.

    Oh one more thing, no military members kneel when the National Anthem is playing.

    Stop reading those Left Wing bed times stories.

  7. According to research done by Princeton University and an oganization that tracks political violence globally, 93% of BLM demonstrations have involved no serious harm to people or property. Quoting a recent article:

    “The new data on protests and the US government’s response comes from the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data project (Acled), an organization that has long tracked political violence and unrest in regions around the world, together with Princeton University’s Bridging Divides Initiative.

    Data assembled by Acled has been viewed as a reliable source of information on the death toll in Yemen, civilians killed by governments in Africa and political violence against women, among other conflicts. The organization launched a new “US crisis monitor” project this year, concerned that the US is “at heightened risk of political violence and instability going into the 2020 general election”.

    The results of the study present a stark contrast to claims made by the Trump administration, and widely circulated by Fox News and other rightwing media outlets, that the US is being overrun by violent leftwing protesters and “domestic terrorists”.

    “There have been some violent demonstrations, and those tend to get a lot of media coverage,” Dr Roudabeh Kishi, Acled’s director of research & innovation, told the Guardian. “But if you were to look at all the demonstrations happening, it’s overwhelmingly peaceful.”

    Between late May and the end of the August, Acled and Princeton researchers documented 7,750 demonstrations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement in more than 2,000 different locations across the United States, as well as more than 1,000 protests related to Covid-19. About a third of the Covid-19 protests were linked to schools reopening, the report found, all of them peaceful protests. There were also at least 70 documented protests over Covid-19 involving healthcare workers, and at least 37 demonstrations focused on the eviction crisis.

    While the overwhelming majority of all the different kinds of protests tracked over this time were peaceful, the report did find a troubling trend of violence from both government forces and non-state actors.

    Government authorities were more likely to intervene in Black Lives Matter protests than in other demonstrations, and also more likely to intervene with force, like using teargas, rubber bullets and pepper spray or beating demonstrators with batons, the researchers found.

    They documented 392 incidents this summer in which government authorities used force on Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

    Journalists covering Black Lives Matter protests were also met with violence from government forces in at least 100 separate incidents across dozens of states this summer. One journalist was blinded after being hit in the eye with a rubber bullet while covering protests over George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis.

    Violent intervention from government forces did not make protests more peaceful, the report concluded. In Portland specifically, the report found that intervention from federal authorities in the protest “only aggravated unrest”, with the number of “violent demonstrations” rising from 53% to nearly 62% of all events “after federal agents arrived on the scene”.

    Armed individuals were documented at at least 50 protests this summer.

    “Individual perpetrators – sometimes linked to hate groups like the KKK – have launched dozens of car-ramming attacks targeting demonstrations around the country,” the researchers wrote.”

      1. Post
      2. The last time I checked, neither Princeton University nor Acled, which has received funding from international governments, have anything to do with the Democratic National Party. It’s scary to see the level of ignorance and, in plain English, bat-shit crazy ideas exhibited by some people.

  8. Yup that is right Firefighters , Police Officers and DPW workers drive North because Yonkers is a shit hole riddled with crime and one of the worst school districts in New York State. By the way it is only the taxpayers that are footing the bill. BLM is looking to loot the bill.
    Mayor Mike Spano has raised taxes 3x since taking his 12 year run.

      1. And a white teenager named Kyle Rittenhouse, who was obsessed with BLM (the Blue Lives Matters movement), was arrested recently for murdering two people and shooting a third person with a Smith & Wesson AR-15 style .223 rifle. What’s your point exactly?

        1. Scratch the surface just a little bit and you’ll find people like you who condone first degree reckless homicide, first degree reckless endangerment, first degree intentional homicide, attempted first degree intentional homicide, first degree reckless endangerment, and possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18 (all charges against Rittenhouse).

          Always amusing to hear law-and-order folks supporting murder when carried out by white men with guns.

          1. In early May in Delaware an elderly white couple ages 85 and 86 were visiting the grave of their son a veteran at the Delaware Veterans Cemetery when a male black shot and killed both-no outrage from people like you-people like you only have selective outrage when it fits your ideology and there was not a word from draft dodger Joe Biden despite the fact that it happened in his hometown. Just several days a male exited a motor vehicle armed with a handgun-the Metro P.D. fired one shot-end of story.

  9. The ugly truth is that the BLM movement, with its largely peaceful protests and reasonable demands for structural changes across many areas of American life, is a response to the unresolved consequences of racism and slavery dating back hundreds of years in America.

    American wealth and prosperity, or what is described as industrialization, was built in large part on horrifying slave labor camps and the use of torture (politely referred to as “plantations”), out of which developed our financial, economic, and merchantile systems. Along with the explusion and extermination of the native population, slave labor camps form the core of our country’s history.

    What any of this has to do with Marxism is beyond me, but attaching that label today is lazy way to disengage from the ever-present scrounge of white supremacy within American society.

      1. And you, in your ignorance and anti-Black and anti-Democrat views, have stumbled unwittingly into a certain truth, one ironically being offered by BLM advocates, namely the notion that there are structural problems in the United States, which even an inexperienced junior senator backed by Wall Street money couldn’t or wouldn’t solve, despite being Black. It is not about one person, one idea, one solution, or one party. The problems are structural and systemic.

    1. BLM admits to being marxist on their website. I realize that the average BLM supporter doesn’t know this but they should look a bit deeper. Of course black lives matter… lives are sacred, but the “BLM home office” wants to overthrow western civilization. Western civ is built on a judeo-christian worldview……you know: charity, education, human rights. The BLM home office is evil and racist. …… Thats the fact, Jack.
      The Democratic Party will live to regret the pandering and partnership with an organization that hates law and order, an organization that will eventually stab good, reasonable, peace-loving liberals in the back. Freedom of speech (especially in the workplace) is gone in this country. If you disagree with a marxist organization (BLM) and voice your opinion about it you will likely lose your livelihood……America 2020.
      So far nobody will stand up to these bullies…..Trump hasn’t and Biden will just keep pandering and granting more power to them. Those of you who push the BLM agenda, stated on their website are also bullies.

      1. Completely false. No where on their website does BLM even use the word Marxist, let alone “admit” to being a Marxist movement or organization.

        1. You are correct. The website does not admit Marxism any more. It’s been edited recently. They are making a push to become mainstream. But the founders of BLM admit that they are marxists. Very easy to find.

          “We are Trained Marxists,” says BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors

          1. I’ve read such comments by the founders of BLM (or comments attributed to them) in which they describe themselves as Marxists. I have serious doubts about whether they actually understand Marxism, though. It seems more like a matter of thinking that it sounds cool or radical to say you’re a Marxist than to actually be engaged in trying to unite workers across the world to overthrow the repressive bourgeoisie and their control over the means of production.

            I wonder where Cullors was “trained” as a Marxist. She went to UCLA. I wonder what her Marxist training tells her to do when thinking about all of the non-unionized teachers in American colleges and universities. Not much is my guess.

            The Chinese aren’t even Marxists anymore and they’re still teaching whatever bastardized version of Marx’s ideas (with Chinese characteristics) in their propaganda organizations, er, schools.

            The funny thing about Marxism, though, is that today’s union members like police, fire, the trades, teachers, etc. owe a great deal to Marx. That doesn’t make them Marxists, obviously, but it doesn’t negate the impact of Marxist ideas for workers rights, collective bargaining, etc., etc.

  10. Sorry one feels so isolated with that antiquated thought. People look for character not for color. When members of BLM drop their radical demands and rioting everyone can coexist.
    But it is very scary when the rule of law is disregarded and calling for prisons to be emptied and killing law officers and looting doesn’t do anything but scare people no matter what the color.

  11. Someone forgot to mention that Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller and Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson kneeled to the pressure of BLM .

  12. This is also a wake up call to ALL YONKERS residents to go find an Independent New outsider to run for Mayorship. Run on cleaning up the current Spano Swamp and those losers who switch parties to be Democrats. The Democratic Party is now the party of the Left which is BLM and Antifa. Mayor Mike Spano has turned his back on the working families and All Law Enforcement. Time for a new push to get someone completely new to the Swamp of Yonkers.

  13. Gutless and ignorance when it comes to Yonkers politicians always looking to cater to votes instead of standing up to what’s right.BLM is an organization that burns the American flag and claims it represents racism.To paint BLM on a street next to our war hero’s memorial just shows your ignorance.Those heroes of all races and color fought and died for all lives and they represented our great flag.

    1. I saw this coming because we have weak leaders in Yonkers . People are heading out of New York City because of DeBlasio now Yonkers leaders are following in his footsteps.

  14. This is what happens when you back bail reform and you empty out the jails. Now give me a cup of what that fool Mayor Mike Spano is drinking.

  15. This long winded comment just proves how racist you really are. You are no doubt a radical left wing BLM member. I won’t give your comment any further thought.
    By the way BLM will never gain any ground without burning, looting and killing those that disagree. Yonkers is a failed city and the best they can do is paint a political “Marxist movement BLM.
    You need to drop your racist thoughts and let others take responsibilities for their illegal actions. Closing down prisons, bail reform and raping women is what this Marxist movement is about.
    Hard working Americans don’t have time to cry about the past or point fingers or even defend cop fighters and cop killers. Plus they don’t want anyone taking what they have worked for.
    So go back to burning, looting and crying about defunding the police. More insulting is city officials being forced to kneel.

  16. Hahaha, I love how people use big words like “Marxist,” but don’t even know what they actually mean. Is this the de rigueur term, sort of like what “Communist” was when Uncle Joe (McCarthy) was running things decades ago?

    BLM a Marxist group? How quaint. I wouldn’t put too much stock in Garza’s self-assessment. And this is nothing but lazy “journalism” by Hezi (and I use the word journalism extremely lightly). My hunch is that most readers have virtually no idea what Marxism actually is, nor have they read a single word written by Marx.

    As for painting the street, I rarely hear any noise when green lines and shamrocks suddenly spring forth from our storied avenues each March, nor do I read invectives when streets in Yonkers don red, white, and green lines each September (you know, the Italian flag) in honor of that psychopath, Columbus. Google what he and his men did – shocking stuff. We have a word for it: genocide.

    As for all lives versus black lives, I now know why Hezi has such an affinity for Bob Weir columns. To deny the unique history and subsequent legacy of hundreds of years of slavery in the United States seems a peculiar form of mendaciousness. If whites were considered 3/5ths of a person, shackled, beaten, and worked to death in searing heat picking cotton, then we could discuss all lives. We have a phrase for that sort of thing: slave labor.

    It’s like saying all lives matter when discussing WWII – as in, German lives are just important as Jewish lives. Basic deceny, folks. Basic denceny.

    And Hezi’s outrage begs the question: what does he care? He doesn’t live in Yonkers, doesn’t pay Yonkers taxes, doesn’t rent or own a home here. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just another carpetbagger like the scores of Yonkers cops, firefighters and DPW workers that get in their cars and drive north and west each day and each night after they finish their shifts.

    As for the substance of this article, which is buried under all of this mire. You want to save money? Slash public worker salaries and and institute a hiring and pay freeze. Dump Spano and the city councial. Oh, and introduce a residency requirement. If we pay your salaries, then you should live here, pay property taxes, and send your kids to public schools. We invest in your salaries. You should invest in the city you serve rather than leeching off the public purse and living in Putnam and Rockland. You’d see how quickly many of these snowflake cops and firefighters would quit the ranks rather than put down roots in Yonkers. And just think of the savings with all of that deadwood shorn from the city’s budget.

    Marx had a term for this sort of hypocrisy: false consciousness. And it’s writ large all across our fair city of shills and hacks.

    1. Hey Einstein who gives a shit what you think with all your marxists bullshit. Your a bitter man for a reason, could it be you were denied a civil servant position at one time. I bet that’s why you knock Hezi but he has the guts to take on the Spano empire, or maybe you are included in the Spano family and friends network.

        1. Post

          You imply that I am selective in my coverage which thereby implies that you know what I am leaving out and what I write about, is selective. Truth be told, I don’t know everything that goes on in Yonkers City Hall. On that alone, you would best recognize that I don’t write out of hatred or anmosity or revenge. I write only what I know of, regarding anyone that undermines the City of Yonkers’s in any way. So if I am unaware, or cannot prove that which I need to prove, I don’t speculate or conjecture. I sense you are mixing me up with other media who only report some of the story, but never all the story, Orr the relevance of what is uncovered.

          I envy your knowing so much, pity you are not writing the news so we can all read the relevance of what you have to share. Until then, I will continue to plod along, knowing some things, not knowing so much more, and reporting in a forthright manner whether you believe me or not.

          Dare I say, if you are reluctant to expose the info you are aware of, and you can validate what you nkow, if I can validate the assertions, a story will be written. Without that, there is nothing. Nothing from you, and not enough stuff written about what you know. What a shame, especially because those outside of the family and friends network get a kick in the pants and nothing more. I would have hoped that someone of your knowledge and knowing would advise media so that perhaps changes for the better may come about sooner that later. Guess what? It is way later. — Kindly, Hezi

  17. I would like to circle back to the Census if I may. We did our due diligence by filling out the form and mailing it back. In spite of that, a Census worker showed up at our door saying we did not fill it out and may she come into our home to complete it. I politely said no (due to CoVid) and asked her to recheck her information. She said she could not do that and to expect someone else to show up at our door with the same request. What is going on? Yonkers complains that they are not getting the results they need for funding even though its’ residents are complying?

  18. Well honey, don’t believe everything you read. Are you saying that this allegation laid dormant from over a year ago after the left lie to get warrants before Trump took office? Don’t want to talk politics unless it concerns Yonkers.
    And yes most educated historians are well versed as to all nationalities that served and died during war conflicts. But since you brought up people of color. Let’s talk about it. Most of those people of color didn’t loot or burn down tents when the Sergeant said no or they didn’t like their one way mission. They didn’t rape women in the open and they didn’t kill people, especially MP’s and cry about some slave owner from over 200 years ago.
    Basically, yes a low life violent organization like Black Lives Matter can never get the respect or attention of ANY descent American by burning down the town and looting besides killing cops. So I respect that your a left wing radical, but real Americans won’t be intimidated or kneel for a Marxist thug organization like BLM.
    So another yes for you is go get a paint brush and paint USA over that racist BLM movement.
    By the way, when the elections are over those nasty looking BLM signs and painting will be legally challenged. Now I think Lord & Taylor is going out of business. Maybe BLM can go loot and burn down what ever is left.

  19. you are complaining that a BLM sign was put on a war memorial…why is that bad..have you any idea how many members of our armed forces are persons of color…or don’t you care…And by the way I guess you missed the article in the Atlantic Magazine which details the contempt that Trump holds our war dead…He was supposed to visit a cemetery in Europe to pay tribute to those US soldiers who lost their lives…Instead Trump said “why do I have to go there…they were a bunch of losers” He also told John Kelly in front of his sons grave at Arlington “why did he become a member of the armed forces….”what was in it for him” Trump is a transactional person…As a Narcissistic authoritarian he doesn’t get public service to defend a principal like freedom and democracy if there isn’t a payday to be had….He views war heroes who are captured as suckers and losers like John Mccain…He now has pissed off all our veterans groups…former retired Officers in all branches of the service as well as the rank and file who now prefer a real commander in chief over a man who faked bone spurs to avoid serving his nation……So all of you making a stink about BLM better just take a look at what you put in the oval office…..because HE IS NO PATRIOT!

    1. What do you think Joe Biden is a patriot- someone who avoided serving in the armed forces and who on his campaign trail insulted a former marine in Iowa and two Afghanistan veterans in Detroit and his son got a less than a honorable discharge from the Navy because he was a crackhead.

    2. ” From day one in the Navy, McCain screwed-up again and again, only to be forgiven because his father and grandfather were four-star admirals. McCain’s sense of entitlement to privileged treatment bears an eerie resemblance to George W. Bush’s.

      Despite graduating in the bottom 1 percent of his Annapolis class, McCain was offered the most sought-after Navy assignment — to become an aircraft carrier pilot. According to military historian John Karaagac, “‘the Airedales,’ the air wing of the Navy, acted and still do, as if unrivaled atop the naval pyramid. They acted as if they owned, not only the Navy, but the entire swath of blue water on the earth’s surface.” The most accomplished midshipmen compete furiously for the few carrier pilot openings. After four abysmal academic years at Annapolis distinguished, according to his own books, by mediocrity and misdeeds, no one with a record resembling McCain’s would have been offered such a prized career path. The justification for this and subsequent plum assignments should be documented in McCain’s naval file.” Maybe that’s why Trump didn’t consider him a hero. Just guessing

  20. Defund the Spano’s and Mayor Mike Spano should have painted BLM in front of his home . Now go furlough people who need to provide for their families so you can help the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson get another slab of cheese.

  21. Mayor Mike Spano just insulted the Veterans of Yonkers by allowing a Marxist BLM to be painted right in front of the dedicated Yonkers War Memorial. Veterans need to remember that.

  22. Yonkers is in terrible fiscal state, well before CoVId-19!! The Mayor is mortgaging all his programs on the future, without a plan.
    One case in point… buying into YPD longevity salary increases to get compliance for body cams. What a farce? How much has that cost? Good job Corazon!
    It’s a sad state!
    No one on the City Council has the ability, capacity or intelligence to offer solutions to the CC President or the Mayor. God help Yonkers, without a miracle, these knuckleheads are lost in Yonkers. I’m a long-term hold out, but my days are numbered with such incompetency. Fiscal accountability is not a reality in the corrupt City of Hills.

    1. What a farce is right! Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano knew dam well that Yonkers was going to come up short because of the unknown pandemic. Yet he gave away taxpayers cash out to two police unions. The scam here is that almost three quarters of the force won’t see a penny for years to come. But that kneeling Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson got to boost his pension going out the door.
      Other State leaders and people considering coming to this corrupt city need to be informed. Then the Mayor tells Yonkers parents there is not enough cash for the Board of Education.
      What a loser you are Mayor Mike Spano painting your BLM Marxist Statement. What is that going to do for attracting good dam working people to this City. Getty Square is a rats nest riddled with crime and bums just like New York City.

  23. The Democrats have ruined Yonkers. BLM signs on a pavement won’t help Yonkers . Look at all the moving trucks leaving NYC . Violent crime has taken over the WestSide and it is coming to a theater near you if you live in Yonkers. We suggest you move to an area where they don’t paint BLM in front of War Memorials that list many Americans of different backgrounds that made the ultimate sacrifice against Marxist and other forms of tyranny.
    Look elsewhere to live. Yonkers is a broken Democratic Crime ridden failing city with a failed school district.

    1. Sure BLM don’t pay any local and State taxes so why not kneel like those two Spano minions Olson and his wing man Jon the Joker Mueller

      1. Mayor Mike Spano did you need help getting up from your arts and craft on South Broadway. At least all of Yonkers see how low you are as a new BLM member.

  24. Black Rangers that clean ghetto square that about the only true black crew working for COY.
    Not sure if they are Union or have any benefits or pension maybe someone who knows will enlighten us.

  25. Your a hole Hezi bml matter why not put it in the place where half the city in Yonkers are most of black and brown!!!!
    How many supervisors u have in Yonkers dpw and parks department are black I will wait. When was the last time they had a black commission for police 🤔 I will wait!!!

    1. Post

      You are right on every count. I can only reveal circumstances when they become known which is what I always have. They one that need to answers these questions are those who preside at Yonkers City hall, the Representative’s who were elected to speak for the people from their positions as Yonkers City Councilmembers, but do not, the lack of concern as the Yonkers Public School District continues to fail in greater degrees year after year. Yonkers has chosen to vote and elected those who are presently in office. Some are productive, others are not. Don’t be fooled by optics. Get involved, find the candidates that conform to your concepts and pro them to be elected to office. Bitching about the past will change nothing. Each citizen must get involved or suffer the consequences of not being represented well. Yonkers is top heavy with those earning salaries they should never have gotten. If they are not overpaid, then why is so much in Yonkers in disarray. Crime through the roof, fiscal capacity in the gutter, schools not ready to open safely, with the pertinent equipment, such as computers and WiFi. And how may people don’t pay the taxes that they should. You are watching an administration imploding because they lost their way years ago and have forgotten how to govern with respect, compassion, a knowing what they evidently do not know and yesterday should have. I have been saying this for years. If people chose not to listen, so they have. The facts are the facts, Yonkers seems to believe their way or the highway works. Well lo and behold you have at last figured out they have been wrong on most counts. If tou want to elect people who speak for you, they get them involved. Without that, the past will continue to not serve your sensibilities. Time to get counted.— Kindly, Hezi

    2. Stop crying and demanding for a spot because you’re black or brown!
      So people that are white are all supervisors or bosses right? Yeah that is their fault right?

      The fact is people don’t need to kneel or make a fist to say they aren’t racist. The truth is Yonkers is a shit hole and will always be that way so long as shit birds like those politicians and those kneeling cops keep that Marxist “ Cop Killing” BLM letters painted on the street.
      Wake up Yonkers residents; violent crime is off the hook and Yonkers PD just found another body .

    3. the consent decree got you in. now i want to be the boss. i want to be the comissioner.pick yourself up by the bootstraps study work hard and stop whining about 300 years of opression .or just go back to sleep in the back of the city work truck at 1 pm tommorow like you have been all along

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