The Village of Bronxville Has Established Its Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC)

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BRONXVILLE, NY — September 30, 2020 — In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 203 dated June 2020, the Village is pleased to announce that it has established its Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC). The Committee of stakeholders will engage in a fact-based and honest dialogue about the public safety needs of our community, meet to review the Bronxville Police Department (BPD) policies and discuss the relationship between the BPD and the community it serves. The PCRC will conduct a public presentation outlining the services provided by the BPD including the training provided to its Officers, and after receiving public input will develop policy recommendations resulting from its review. The recommendations will be incorporated into a plan and presented for public comment and consideration by the Village Board of Trustees for its adoption.

The PCRC shall consist of the following members:

Mary Marvin – Mayor
Robert Underhill – Deputy Mayor/PCRC Chair
James Palmer – Village Administrator
Christopher Satriale – Chief of Police
Richard Bunyan – Police Lieutenant
Nicholas DeYoung – Police Sergeant/Training Supervisor
Steven Palm – Resident/Merchant
Anar Patel – Resident
Matthew Murphy – Resident
Miki Kapoor – Resident
Peter Thorp – Resident/Senior Citizen/Rotary Club/Gramatan Village
Dr. John Nunes – Concordia College President/Resident
Reverend Michael Bird – Christ Church/Resident
Bishop Derek Owens – Goldensword International Fellowship Church/Bronxville Police Chaplain Reverend Matthew Waterstone – Reformed Church /Resident
Father Peter McGeory – Saint Joseph’s Church
Reverend Robert Hartwell – Village Lutheran Church/Resident
Rabbi Sruli Deitsch – Chabad Jewish Center Bronxville
Roy Montesano – Bronxville Public School Superintendent
Kelly Weild – Bronxville High School Student
Thomas Heraty – Bronxville High School Student
Shannon Gangemi – Bronxville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
John Thomas – Westchester County Assistant District Attorney/Deputy Bureau Chief Mt. Vernon Branch Dr. Amit Shembekar – NYP Lawrence Hospital Associate Medical Director
Tamika Coverdale – Esquire/Legal Aid Society Region Chief
George McKinnis – Retired Bronxville Justice/Founder- Restorative Justice Program

I am honored to have been asked to serve as Chairperson of this most distinguished Committee and thank all of its members in advance for dedicating their time to serve in this important role. We look forward to the collaborative approach to the review of policing in the Village of Bronxville.

SOURCE: Robert Underhill

eHeziThe Village of Bronxville Has Established Its Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC)

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