Why Are Westchester Schools and Legal System Failing Black Children

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The School to Prison Pipeline



TribuneWhy Are Westchester Schools and Legal System Failing Black Children

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  1. gee enslaving an entire population for two hundred plus years and then depriving whole communities of color of access to education accomodations and equal justice had nothing to do with the plight that the black community finds itself in today? REALLY?????

    1. Let’s see how many speakers tell the black community they need to value education, themselves , and a 2 parent family. The Jews were almost exterminated but yet they succeed wherever they land in this planet. The Japanese had atom booms Dropped on their country but they succeed. Many cultures were enslaved and or killed by others yet they succeed. The black community fails today and fails tomorrow unless they address these issues themselves. How embarrassing it must be to blame everyone else. The Schools are racist, the doctors are racist, the bankers are racist, the criminal justice system is racist. The Free elections We enjoy are racist. Have a differ t opinion, your racist. How embarrassing it must me to be black and Continuously blame everyone else.

  2. It’s a cultural problem. The black community does NOT place a high value on education. The black community does NOT Place a high value On the nuclear family. The black community does NOT place a high value on discipline and respect for themselves. This leads to self harm, bad choices, And no respect for persons in positions of authority. Hence the pipeline to prison. The teachers can’t fix the black community. The cops can’t fix the black community. The doctors can’t fix the black community. Certainly not the politicians. The black community needs to fix the black community. Start by placing a high value on Education and traditional family. Yes children need good fathers And mothers in their lives.

      1. Y’all signed into spew this ignorance, so now someone needs to sign in, and let you know that this is wrong, and you know it’s wrong, and we all know it’s wrong. The racism and bigotry can’t be overstated. I’m disgusted to pay taxes in a to a city where folks harbor beliefs like these. Then again, there probably isn’t a city in this country where ignorance like this hasn’t infected the privileged class. I also find your posts coordination fascinating- almost like you’re the same person.

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