YFT Member Action Needed Now!

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Dear YFT Members,

The Yonkers Public Schools have only been open a few days and already COVID 19 positive cases are being identified. Any hope that Superintendent Quezada was going to make the health and safety of the district’s employees a priority is quickly dimming.
Since the opening of schools at least four schools have COVID positive cases or cases requiring the quarantine of staff members. Across Westchester County the COVID rate has jumped to 6.5%, well above the 5% measure that signals an impending health crisis.
After a few days of school, a teacher tested COVID positive at School 17 and Superintendent Quezada refused to allow for a 14-day remote home instruction quarantine for teachers and staff until the YFT exerted pressure on the district to act. Subsequently, other staff members at School 17 tested positive. Individual staff members have gone into quarantine at Dodson, Martin Luther King Jr, and School 13.
Now, at Roosevelt HS, the principal has publicly announced that a teacher who had daily interactions with other staff members within the building tested COVID positive. Superintendent Quezada has thus far refused to order a quarantine and institute a 14-day remote home instruction program.
We refuse to allow the district to continue to gamble with the health and safety of staff members and their families.
It is time to take action!
The YFT is calling on members to demand from Mayor Spano that he act to protect the health and welfare of the city’s employees. Call and email Mayor Spano and tell him that schools that have active COVID 19 cases MUST move to a quarantine and institute a 14-day remote home instruction program rather than risk the lives of employees of the Yonkers Public Schools and their families.
In Solidarity,
The YFT Executive Board
Mayor Spano – (914) 377-4537
TribuneYFT Member Action Needed Now!

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  1. The blame should be put on the Board of Education and the City of Yonkers. They are the ones with the power. The only power teachers and administrators have is their unions. Parents and teachers alike have not had a say in this planning. It’s a systemic problem at the City level.

    1. U R an idiot! ^ it’s the parents or lack of, who do not value education. Education starts at home not in the school. Yonkers Students who fail are are a product of failed parenting! Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, none else to blame . Hear that? Mike Drop!

  2. Seriously as a Yonkers tax payer, I think that teachers and anyone who work in our schools and test positive for COVID-19 whereabouts over the past two weeks should be investigated. If it is found that they traveled somewhere with high positive rates of COVID-19, or hang out in crowed areas they should be held liable and should not be paid for the time when they have to quarantine. These are the stringent guidelines that some essential workers, especially those in the healthcare field have to abide by. Why not teachers???? We all should be held responsible for our actions and tax payers money should not be use to pay someone whose actions are careless and selfish. Law makers do something, you are the care takers of our moneys.

    1. I agree, I see the yonkers teachers on social media with tequila shots and beach photos. They come back to work from all of these destinations then decide they don’t want to work. Samantha give it a rest, you lost this fight. Give me a break! Reduce their salaries! YFT SHOULD FIRE SAMANTHA!

  3. I am not against any teacher, and their concerns, but I have seen many people who claim to be teachers, hanging out in groups without wearing a mask or keeping proper distancing. They seemed very happy sharing those outings in their social media without being concerned about getting infected by the virus. So now that they have to go back to teaching they are putting the blame on someone else? They should have thought about that before deciding to go have fun irresponsibly while the country is still dealing with this disease. I know many of you will feel insulted by my opinion, but it is not far from the truth. I know many of you know a friend or a family member who is a teacher who during the summer and before school was planning to start, behaved thoughtless about this COVID-19 situation. I feel bad for those teachers who did stay home and took proper care of themselves getting infected by those who were selfish and careless.

  4. Yes, the mountain of friends and family hacks that work in the Mayor’s office and the rest of City Hall were allowed to work from home, but this is because they don’t do a goddamn thing all day anyway. Teachers actually do a very important and under appreciated job.

  5. The teachers most certainly have the right to have their concerns addressed regarding possible COVID infection. However, the reason parents are frustrated is because we feel that the discussions should have been initiated months ago. Everyone knew back in the spring that in the event that schools would be allowed to reopen, that problems and challenges that would most certainly present themselves. You mean to tell us that nobody thought of any of these things until mid August when the BOE announced its reopening plan? This is why the credibility of the YFT comes into question in parents’ minds.

  6. If police and fire need to report to work
    So do Teachers!!!
    Education is Essential!!!!
    Shame on the YFT
    Let’s starting laying them off
    Maybe they will think twice about whining

    1. You are spot on. All of their fat lazy as—s should be canned. I have never seen a bigger group of bitter overpaid entitled lazy shameless government workers in my life. Sure there are a few good apples but they are the exception imo. What we need are charter schools. Then maybe our children will start learning something.

  7. Are the bus companies being paid now even though they are not running any busses to transport students?

    It’s a big number and if so it’s a terrible waste of money.

    Bus monitors were furloughed, so too should the bus companies be furloughed.

    Is Nick Spano the lobbyist for the bus companies ?

  8. If the friends and family network along with city hall staffers can still work from home because of fear, then why can’t our teachers do the same.

    1. That’s exactly what is going to happen. That why Yonkers lost 100s of cops and firefighters who have been interactIng with the public everyday since the beginning of the pandemic. Sure.

  9. You can expect to sit a home an get a 150k salary
    You teachers are lazy , put in papers and retire , there are many qualified teachers willing to work.

    1. Havent you heard the old expression?

      “The working man is a sucker”.

      So leave the city of Yonkers and don’t forget to pay the 3% exit tax for the last year of our contract. ” Sucker”!!!!

    1. First off, I wouldn’t pay you $1.50/hour. Secondly, bragging about being a “Yonkers Certified Teacher” is like bragging about being the smart kid in the dumb row! And lastly, I noticed that none of you sanctimonious blow hards addressed the BBQ that your colleague threw. Why not?

    2. Like every other test in NYS the bar for passing your certicication has been lowered and dumb-ed down just like the high school exams and graduation requirements.

    3. Would you stop your crybabies you make $160,000 for a part-time job working in 100 Fr..82 out days a week in four hours a day shut up and do your damn job

  10. Never waste a good pandemic, huh YFT? Demanding everything under the sun, but hosting BBQ’s? Demanding everything under the sun, but don’t practice social distancing, masks, and hygiene protocols? The YFT owes an apology to every parent, student, and taxpayer in this city! Where have all the honorable teachers gone?

  11. To all YPS teachers, you all have been doing an amazing job with remote learning. We as parents are so proud of you and will continue to support you.

    What we won’t do is support or tolerate your leader’s bullshit! She shafted our children while her own child was able to physically attend school. Nice of her to post on social media as many of yonkers teacher/parents/ csea workers continue to struggle with her demands to start hybrid in October because she failed to come up with a plan or guidance.

    Girl, sit this one out! This time you can’t blame the BOE or our children.

  12. Do they think Mike Spano will actually do something? I thought the YFT was smarter than that.

    Spano does and will continue to do nothing.

    1. What did Spano do wrong, exactly? Did he host the BBQ? Did he walk around the schools without a mask on? Tell me, what EXACTLY did the Mayor do wrong?

      1. “Wrong” implies that he actually did something. My comment was addressing the fact that YFT is calling on Spano to act on this. I don’t want them to get their hopes up.

      2. Well if you go back several months and look at the Yonkers Brothers Keeper ceremony hosted by the COY and look at the three rows of supporters-shoulder to shoulder with absolutely no social distancing what so ever and hosted by the Chief Clown of Yonkers Mike Spano and assisted by his two clown assistants Bostic and Quezada.

  13. YFT has been looking for a reason to let teachers work from home so they are unsupervised and do minimal. They actually wanted no live interaction. There are no kids. The issue is obviously the ADULTS not doing right. Why did that teacher go to work, invite other teachers to her house although she knew she was exposed and risked her colleagues health? Maybe the YFT should focus more on educating their members on safe practices versus trying to get them paid full salaries to do less for our kids from homes!

    1. Actually we are monitoring (supervised) by the district as long as we are online which is the case when we are teaching. Big Brother is always watching us. So get your facts straight b/c you know nothing about what us teachers do.

      “Check yourself before you wreck yourself “.

      You sound like you are bitter about the Dead End job you have!!!

  14. How about being proactive and perhaps demanded that teachers and csea workers quarantined 14 days before school start date. This way there would be less chances of contracting covid and spreading it to others.

    And to think YFT was more worry about our children spreading covid and not once thought it could have been the other way around.

    Stop trying to milk this Samantha! Yonkers has some awesome teachers and you’re here fanning the flames between families and teachers.

  15. If the teacher tested positive, in the first few days, isn’t it plausible that he/she was already positive for COVID-19 before entering the school? Blaming the school for contracting the virus is disingenuous. And if the administration at School 17 was practicing social distancing, washing their hands, and wearing masks, how did the virus spread to multiple staffers? Something doesn’t add up…

    1. The staff was walking and meeting without practicing social distancing and being negligent. Tell the truth YFT! You did this to yourselves. Then the best is a teacher from school 17 had a BBQ at her house and invites over 20 teachers and their families to her house! They started a new wave of Covid19.. congratulations YFT you accomplished what you wanted you lazy sack of S@#$%!!!
      Reduce their salaries!
      Stay home and get half your pay!

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