Yonkers Council of PTA/PTSAs Responds to Yonkers Federation of Teachers

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YONKERS, NY — September 5, 2020 — This morning, the YFT issued a one-page memo to its teachers addressing concerns relative to technology and overall safety issues the teachers may face on Tuesday, the first day of school and remote learning.

The YCPTA, speaking on behalf of the parents and children of the City of Yonkers, is extremely frustrated that a memo with general details, and no specifics as to which schools have the issues, is released the Saturday before school starts and on a holiday weekend.The YCPTA has toured buildings (see below) and found that while work remains in progress, it did not view it as unsafe for teachers, who will be teaching in their individualized classrooms, and wearing masks in the schools where children will not be present. All are expected to wear face masks, failure to do so is not only inconsiderate, but against this State’s Order and should be enforced by the administrators and districts. No exception.

YCPTA understands that training was limited to 4 days, since teachers first reported to school on September 1. We also understand that a decision to bring them in sooner for training, with extremely limited funds to pay them, was also not an option.

We get it, it is stressful. But we want to remind everyone that administrators, teachers, and staff have stepped up to the plate. Teachers have been trained and will continue to train to make remote learning a success. They have faced challenges this past week, and despite these challenges, are passionate and committed to teach our children. Likewise, parents have sat in several Town Hall Meetings, attended workshops, purchased electronics, picked up laptops, re-arranged their work schedule, and prepared their children to begin remote instruction on September 8, 2020. While parents do not expect Tuesday to be a perfect first day of school, we also strongly believe that we will not be able to get into a well-oiled routine, unless we hit those bumpy roads, tweak as we go along, and carry on. Cooperation remains the key, as our single goal is the well being of our children.
The YCPTA is committed, as a whole and through its individual units, to provide whatever support our parents, students, administrators, and teachers need to make remote and hybrid learning a success. We ask parents, teachers, and administrators to report back to their individual PTA Units, or YCPTA, any issues they may encounter along the way so that the YCPTA can provide whatever support it can.
We also stress that the District and Bargaining Units continue to work together to reach an agreement that provides a comprehensive, interactive, and uniform education to our children, utilizing both live instruction, pre-taped instruction, and assignments. Anything less is not acceptable.
The Yonkers Council of PTA/PTSAs
C: Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins, New York State
Senator Shelley B. Mayer, New York State
Assembly Member J. Gary Pretlow, New York State
Assembly Member Nader J. Sayegh, New York State
Mayor Mike Spano, City of Yonkers
Mike Khader, President, Yonkers City Council
Corazon Pineda Isaac, Majority Leader, Yonkers City Council
Michael Breen, Minority Leader, Yonkers City Council
Shanae V. Williams, Yonkers City Council
Tasha Diaz, Yonkers City Council
John Rubbo, Yonkers City Council
Anthony J. Merante, Yonkers City Council
Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools
Rev. Steve Lopez, President, Board of Education Trustees
Trustees of the Board of Education
Jane Wermuth, President, Yonkers Council of Administrators
Samantha Rosado-Ciriello, President, Yonkers Federation of Teachers
Dulani Turner, President, CSEA 9169
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Read what the Yonkers Federation Executive Board had to say via the hyperlink in blue below:
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SPECIAL NOTE: Without Yonkersites keeping the Yonkers Tribune informed, we would all be in the dark. Thank you Yonkers. I am humbled you have shared this information with the Yonkers Tribune so that we may share it with the over 100,000 unique readers who visit the Website. Without your assistance in gathering the news, Yonkersites would be totally in the dark. Kindly, Hezi
TribuneYonkers Council of PTA/PTSAs Responds to Yonkers Federation of Teachers

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  1. If teachers and others feel it is unsafe for them to return to work and want to continue to be paid, then a strict rule should be implemented that they must stay in their homes at all times. Enforcement of this policy would be done the same way it is done with other City departments. Monitors can show up on random days and times to confirm the employee is in their home. Groceries would need to delivered. Only medical emergencies and mandatory in-person doctor’s appointments would be excused. No shopping, dining out, or attending social functions would be permissible. If a teacher or employee is observed leaving their home than they would be subject to disciplinary action.

  2. Rumors spreading…School 17 has spread to 14 and other schools..these rumors will close shools…either get your facts right or shut up..hysteria has taken over….loose lips sink ships

  3. Yonkers teachers got lazy while sitting home for months collecting a fat paycheck
    The Party is over , do your job and teach our kids , stop with the lame excuses

  4. Please.leave my children out of the school until the pandemic is over for their safety riverside high and Enrico Fermi , 10th grade and 1st grade

  5. Sweden never closed their schools throughout the entire pandemic, and did not mandate the wearing of masks in school. You know how many children under 15 out of 1.8 million died of COVID?


    1. Yes but Swedish health officials now admit they handled the virus incorrectly. Their death rate is higher than their neighboring countries. Simply stating that no children died is only a part of the story.

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