2021 Cadillac CT-4 V Sedan

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Driving Me Crazy automotive review Columnists Laurie and John Wiles.

PINEHURST, NY — October 15, 2020 — Yes … yes, it’s true. Sitting in our driveway is the car above (okay, not that one, but one just like it).  Okay, too, I am sure people who buy luxury cars have their own favorites – foreign and domestic. And, if you read our column or follow our radio show, you know we are blessed to drive a number of them. You also know we understand something about luxury, as we have close to 100 years of combined driving experience – in many, many types of cars and trucks, from low end to high end. BUT … and I mean it, there is something about Cadillac. Through all the years, and against all comers, Cadillac is still one of, if not ‘the’, premier luxury car brand here in the USA.

I want to give you my personal take on this car, but first I want to give you what Cadillac itself says about the CT-4 V so you have their take to compare to mine.

From the Cadillac Pressroom – “While the debuts of the 2020 Cadillac CT4 and CT5 ushered in a new generation of Cadillac sedans, the 2021 models improve upon the already formidable vehicles.

Higher-Tech Elements
Once in the driver’s seat, customers will immediately notice a new available high-definition 12-inch diagonal instrument cluster2

Additionally, the highly anticipated Enhanced Super Cruise with Lane Change on Demand functionality will be available on the CT4 and CT5 Premium Luxury and V-Series trims in early 2021. Super Cruise is regarded as the industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance system for compatible highways in the U.S. and Canada.

The vehicles’ user-friendly infotainment system will add wireless Apple CarPlay3 and Android Auto4 capabilities, as well as SiriusXM with 360L5, which provides travelers with more than 200 live SiriusXM channels, plus on-demand programming choices. The available rotary infotainment knob, located on the center console, also adds jog functionality for even greater maneuverability to make selections on the infotainment screen.

More Standard Safety Features

Adding to the vehicles’ driver safety technologies is the new standard Buckle to Drive feature. If the driver’s seat belt is not buckled when the car starts and Buckle to Drive is turned on, this feature will prevent the shifter from leaving Park for up to 20 seconds, or until the driver’s seat belt is buckled, whichever comes first. Consistent with Cadillac’s commitment to safety, this feature is automatically turned on from the factory, but can be turned off through the vehicle settings in the infotainment display. Other standard features include Teen Driver, a system that helps teens – who have the lowest rate of seat belt use of any age group, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – develop safe driving habits.

On the CT4 Luxury trim, Forward Collision Alert*, Front Pedestrian Braking*, Automatic Emergency Braking* and the patented haptic Safety Alert Seat* now come standard, making these features standard on every CT4 and CT5 trim.

New Special Edition
In early 2021, both the CT4 and CT5 will offer a new special edition package on the Premium Luxury trim called Diamond Sky. This package features unique exterior and interior components, including:


New Diamond Sky Metallic exterior color
Luxury design front grille with exclusive bright accents and surrounds
Rocker extensions in Diamond Sky Metallic exterior color
Rear lower air diffuser painted with Diamond Sky Metallic exterior color
Alloy wheels with Diamond Cut/Midnight Silver finish; all-season run-flat tires
Available larger alloy wheels with Polished/Dark Android Gloss finish; all-season run-flat tires
Brembo V Performance front brakes with blue brake calipers (all four corners)
Neutral density transparent lens taillamps with crystalline inners


Sky Cool Gray/Jet Black leather seating surface interior with exclusive Diamond Fall custom seat insert perforation
Exclusive interior trim: Centaurus Finish Aluminum on CT4 and Galaxy Finish Wood on CT5
Alloy driver pedals
Diamond Sky Metallic accented key fob with color Cadillac crest logo

V-Series Expansion and Elevation
Now in its fourth generation, Cadillac continues to bolster its V-Series sub-brand. The front brake calipers on the 2021 CT4-V and CT5-V are now V Performance branded with the V-Series logo. 

On the CT4-V, the center console trim has been updated from aluminum to carbon fiber.

Select V-Series content is now available on the Sport trim of each vehicle as well. The CT5 Sport trim now offers an available V Performance package, which includes an upgraded performance suspension, Magnetic Ride Control and mechanical limited-slip differential. Brembo V Performance front brakes are also available on the Sport trim for both CT4 and CT5, with a choice of red or blue calipers.

Color Swaps
On both the CT4 and CT5, two new exterior colors6 – Infrared Tintcoat and Rift Metallic (V-Series only) – replace the outgoing colors Red Obsession Tintcoat and Royal Spice Metallic.

Rift Metallic is a new color exclusive to the CT5-V and CT4-V. It is an alabaster white-based color with a fresh greige hue. Infrared Tintcoat is a new cherry red color that draws attention to each sedans’ bold exterior styling.

This cherry red Infrared Tintcoat was the one we had, and knowing I love red, the sent this one just for me. No? Really? Are you sure? Is it possible they sent it just for me? What?! Bummer. But I sure do love its looks.

There are some other features I want you who are reading to learn about as well. From time to time over the years we have written or talked about the merits and drawbacks of self-driving cars. It is, however, inevitable, I believe, and probably in my life time and certainly in the lifetimes of the next generation. Cadillac is apparently very aware of this too, and in my research on the CT-4 V, I came across and article in USA Today, from May of this year. Follow along –

Cadillac Super Cruise gets new features that let it take over more of the driving” by Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press

Cadillac’s Super Cruise hands-free driving system will add several welcome functions this year, increasing conditions in which drivers can let their Caddies essentially drive themselves, like when passing and switching highways at interchanges.

I’ve logged more than 3,000 miles with Super Cruise. It’s amazing, steering the car, braking and accelerating while I looked on. Additions coming on several 2021 model Cadillacs promise significant improvements, Super Cruise chief engineer Mario Maiorana told me.

Unlike driver-assistance features like Tesla’s high-profile Auto Pilot, Super Cruise allows the driver to keep their hands off the steering wheel for hours at a time, when conditions allow.

It works on more than 200,000 miles of limited access roads in the U.S. and Canada, including the full interstate highway network and many divided roads with occasional cross roads.

Cadillac says owners use Super Cruise for about 70,000 miles a week, for a total of about 5.5 million miles since it debuted in 2017. The feature was only available on the CT6 luxury sedan until this year.

As I have said before, when you put all the safety innovations that continue to be developed and refined with the road features, the satellite technology (think GPS), the road improvements, and you put all that together – we are on our way, rapidly, to a different kind of driving experience. And, as usual, Cadillac is right up there with style, luxury, and technology.

Here is another thing that I think is significant about the 2021 Cadillac CT-4 V – its cost. $34,390

Car and Driver says “The 2021 CT4 will start at $34,390, a $400 jump from the outgoing model year, and the CT5 will start at $37,990, a price hike of $100 compared to last year. The CT4 V-Series also sees a $400 jump, the biggest among all four trims, while on the CT5, no trim sees a price increase of more than $100. Two turbocharged four-cylinder engines are on offer: A 237-hp 2.0-liter comes standard, but we’d recommend the optional 309-hp 2.7-liter mill.

At almost 25 mpg combined driving, and, yes, I hate to admit it, a very responsive turbo charged four cylinder, the 2021 Cadillac CT-4 V checks the fuel efficiency box on my list as well.

While the CT-4 V is considered an entry level luxury sedan, at $34K, it is a wonderful sedan for the money – and yes, that is my opinion, and Laurie’s too. For that kind of money, we may actually become Cadillac owners one day.

So, let’s do a quick recap – beautiful car, beautiful styling, leather, wood, all the bells and whistles, safety coming and going, fuel efficient, responsive engine; 10 speed, smooth transmission; great ride, great handling, affordable price for a luxury vehicle. Watch the tears as this one leaves the driveway. Seriously.

A Word from the Wife

I knew this would be a hard car to drive when I saw the color.  Red is Johnny’s favorite color.  So, any car that’s red that comes up the drive is “Johnny’s car.”  And when it’s a Cadillac, my time behind the wheel is going to be limited.  Consider: Red.  Cadillac.  What more can I say?

As a passenger, I can tell you this was a delight to ride in.  The car was powerful and when it accelerated, I did think there was a little more interior noise than I expected; however, that was soon forgotten.  This is one of the smoothest rides of any sedan on the road.  Even the automatic windows go down smoothly, which may sound like a funny thing to say until you are struck by the fact that somehow, they do.

Yes, I did drive the car…a few times.  When I mentioned it was powerful, it surely was from behind the wheel and it did take a little getting used to, like riding a horse that isn’t quite “broke.”  But then I eased into the experience of driving a Cadillac and it was wonderful.

What’s also wonderful is our observation that Cadillac is getting “back into the grove” of owning the American sedan market.  That’s how it started and for sure, the CT 4-V is to continuing that legacy.

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