Cardinal Dolan Says Judge Amy Coney Barrett “Is the Best Candidate Around” and Yet She Faces 3 Biases: Being “A Woman, Mother, and a Catholic” / SiriusXM Audio

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His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan,
Archbishop of New York.

NEW YORK CITY, NY — October 1, 2020 — The Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke about Judge Amy Coney Barrett on his SiriusXM show “Conversation with Cardinal Dolan” where he said, “She takes her Catholic faith seriously, but that is not why she was nominated as a Justice to the Supreme Court is it? I think she is nominated because she is the best candidate around. I hope so. And from what I hear, she is. So, lets hope for the best.”

Co-host Father Dave Dwyer brought up controversy in the news a while back when it was noted that the judiciary committee was grilling Judge Barrett when stating, “Is she too religious, or is her religion too important to her? Since when did that become a bad thing?”

Cardinal Dolan responded and said, “What I admired in the accolades to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there were a lot of articles about her deep Jewish faith and how she was not afraid to say that the values of her Jewish faith animated how she lived, and how she judged. Nobody found that controversial. Recently, I forget, either The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal that said she (RBG) always said she faced 3 biases; a woman, a mother, and a Jew. Well is seems like Judge Barrett is facing: woman, mother and Catholic.”

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Audiograms provided herein are provided by and are courtesy of  SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel and ‘Conversation with Cardinal Dolan’.

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Cardinal Dolan Talks About Judge Amy Coney Barrett:

Cardinal Dolan Says Amy Coney Barrett Faces 3 Biases- Being A Woman, Mother & A Catholic:

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TribuneCardinal Dolan Says Judge Amy Coney Barrett “Is the Best Candidate Around” and Yet She Faces 3 Biases: Being “A Woman, Mother, and a Catholic” / SiriusXM Audio

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  1. bullshit….no other country in the world has abortion as a political issue…It is a medical and personal issue….Even the position of anti abortion advocates is that abortion is permitted in cases or rape incest or if the life of the mother is in jeopardy…If abortion is killing babies why the distinction? But the larger point is that doctors should not be charged criminally if they perform an abortion…And amy coney barett has signed on to charging doctors….But that’s ok with me because the more people watch the judiciary committee hearings the more people will get to see her radical positions revealed and the more people will vote against Trump….Religion should never drive the political agenda and it doesn’t make a difference if it is Jews saying that the west bank is theirs as the result of a bibilical tex..or Islamists saying that sharia law should prevail or Evangelicals and Catholics advocating for a total ban on abortion….It’s all the same and it’s absolutely not what the framers intended and is why they provided for separation of church and state…In fact the issue of abortion was no where to be found in the political discussion until Ronald Reagan made the evangelical community his base..and they in turn used abortion as a wedge issue It’s a disgrace to the constitution and Amy Coney Barrett who belongs to the Charismatic christian group People of Promiseis not going to be confirmed

  2. there is no bias in a supreme court nominee being a catholic…lets see the record…antonin scalia…catholic, Samuel Alito catholic, Anthony Kennedy catholic, Sptomayor…catholic, Bret Kavenaugh catholic…so there is clearly no issue in confirming a catholic for the high court…Here is the problem….lt appears that Amy Coney Barrett has subscribed to extreme right wing dogma and belongs to an organization which favors charging doctors who perform abortions with crimes…This is totally unacceptable regardless of ones position on abortion. She is not a mainstream Judge…She was picked to motivate Trumps right wing evangelical (not even catholic) base….Although she may be a talented intellect, the Supreme Court requires more than requires flexibility respect for precedence and an ability to understand those litigants that come before it…She should NOT be confirmed…Let Trump pick another qualified conservative jurist that is not a radical

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