Dan Romano, Democratic Candidate for Yonkers City Court Judge’s Demeanor Validated by His Lifelong Belief in the Importance of an Honest and Independent Judiciary

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eHeziDan Romano, Democratic Candidate for Yonkers City Court Judge’s Demeanor Validated by His Lifelong Belief in the Importance of an Honest and Independent Judiciary

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  1. I have worked with Judge Daly for over 20 years. He is the best of the four by far. Elect Daly and any of the other two, but don’t miss Tom Daly.

    HEZI NOTE: Name deleted as we cannot verify if the name ascribed is that of the author — Kindly, Hezi

    1. Everyone knows John Khader is a fraud !
      He’s an extortionist at best..
      It’s only a matter of time before he’s a arrested. They have a file on him already.

  2. Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
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    1. Interesting post. Romano is not Irish and Danny Boy is a song about the separation involved in death.
      Could the author of the post be lamenting Dan Romano‘a loss.
      Kindly- NotHezi

  3. Best, Romano, Shako … Last Name of a supposed candidate you named herein is non-responsive, dead, buried, or lost. When will he/she engage in telling CoY for what office he/she is vying? It is too late now anyhow. It wasn’t even a half-hearted try. Is he/she a spoiler of some sort? Typical Yonkers ploy. Why even waste everyone’s time by posting of his/her campaign.

    The supposed candidate is a non-entity. If he/she is real, he/she will have to wait 10years before getting another opportunity to sit on the Yonkers City Court bench. On that alone, his /her lack of capacity to “plan” disqualifies him/her from seeking office off any kind. Since he/she can’t manage their own business, can you fathom he/she wouldn’t have the dexterity to put on robes, much less find the appropriate bathroom.

    For this alone that person should be placed behind bars rather presiding over an august courtroom.

    Kindly, Hezi

      1. Post

        I am booked on radio through the election of November 3rd. Besides as you state, he runs every year. He hasn’t figured out how to engage in a credible campaign effort. Perhaps he has nothing to do. Alas, for him, I do. I have no time for games. — Kindly, and with all due respect, Hezi

      1. Simply pathetic how a sitting judge like Daly has to sell his soul and beg to get re-elected-time for a new set of jurisprudence philosophy.

    1. Post

      It is what he believes and espouses. I am not putting words in his mouth. There are three Democrats running … simple, Shako, Best, and Romano. Vote as you please. As for integrity, I endorse Shako, Best, and Romano. — Kindly, Hezi. P.S. Vote as you wish. Yonkersites will have the last word.

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