NYS Board of Elections Authorizing More Voting Hours to Reduce Lines
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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One Hour Earlier Hour for Disabled  /  Frail Elderly

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner


Westchester County Board of Elections  Co-Executive Director Bob Brehm Needs to Have Longer Hours, More Staff at Greenburgh Voting Locations.


2, 3, and 4 1/2 Hour Wait for Voting is Excessive and Not Reasonable

— Greenburgh looking for volunteer entertainers this weekend to make the wait better
— Suggestion —Have One Hour Earlier Voting Hour for the Disabled and Frail Elderly
Although the Town of Greenburgh has no control over the election process, the Westchester County Board of Elections oversees the elections), we are trying hard to make the election process less stressful for voters who have been waiting on line for long periods of time.
We are:
1) “Live” live streaming the Greenburgh Town Hall voting location so  you’ll have a better idea when to vote;
2) Offering outdoor flu shots to voters waiting on line — courtesy of the Greenburgh Health Center;
3) Arranged for food trucks to be at Town Hall parking area so hungry voters-waiting in line- can purchase food and drink;
4) Created a senior citizen line
5) Created priority lines for the disabled and very frail elderly – they go first!
  I think the Town is doing more than most communities to make the voting experience a less aggravating experience.
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Hope to have entertainment this weekend from volunteer musicians, Yoga Instructor. Want to volunteer? Direct e-mail to jbeville@greenburghny.com or me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. Judith Beville, Greenburgh Town Clerk, is an outstanding events coordinator. She knows how to party! And if voters are going to vote for the candidate who represents the party of their choice, the voters might want to also party while voting for their party.

The lines are very long… 2, 3 hours, and this weekend over 4 1/2  hours for some voters — which is outrageous.  I have been complaining and  received the following e-mail from the NYS Board of Elections authorizing the Westchester County Board of Elections to increase hours of operation.

A SUGGESTION — I think the Westchester County Board of Elections should have an earlier voting hour specifically for / only for the disabled, and frail elderly. It should be scheduled before the polling places open to everyone else. The voting booths are cleaner at the beginning of voting hours. Those with medical conditions would be safer if they have less contact with lots of other people  (during COVID-19).

Correspondence from the NYS Board of elections to Local Board of Elections in Response to higher voter turnout during early voting:
9 NYCRR 6210.19 (d) (1) expressly requires “[i]f the voter waiting time at an early voting site exceeds 30 minutes the Board of Elections shall deploy such additional voting equipment, election workers and other resources necessary to reduce the wait time to less than 30 minutes as soon as possible but no later than the beginning of the next day of early voting.”
While the current voter enthusiasm is higher than anticipated, boards with voter wait times exceeding thirty minutes must work to come into compliance with the early voting wait time standard.
In addition, boards may decide on a bipartisan basis to provide additional staff/voter sign-in stations and/or increase the early voting hours to meet the added demand.
Election Law § 8-600 (4)(d) provides: “(n)othing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any board of elections from establishing a greater number of hours for voting during the early voting period beyond the number of hours required in this subdivision.”  Any expansion of hours would need to be provided uniformly at all poll sites in your county.
Please contact our office with any questions.
Bob Brehm
Robert A. Brehm
Co-Executive Director
New York State Board of Elections
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Paul Feiner , Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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The failure to break up boxes requires our Department of Public Works crews to make multiple trips to pick up cardboard boxes. This is costly. Please break your boxes and flatten them on paper recycling day.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq7Jjz6UEMA

eHeziNYS Board of Elections Authorizing More Voting Hours to Reduce Lines
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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