Once A Rising Star: Yonkers City Council Democratic Majority Leader Corazon Pineda-Isaac Has Lost Her Way

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YONKERS, NY — October 1, 2020 — The world of Yonkers politics is constantly abuzz with gossip. Many self-interested politicians have already positioned themselves for reelection. None have been as shameless as Democratic Majority Leader Corazon Pineda-Isaac. Declaring in a recent News 12 profile that she plans to run for a third City Council term and sees a future for herself in local government, Pineda-Isaac continues to position herself as a supposedly progressive Democrat. In her seven years to date on the City Council there has been more of the same. Just food for thought – have you walked or driven down South Broadway?  I did and I feel as if Im stuck in time, the 80s era, District 1 puts District 2 to shame.

​She originally opposed the extension of term limits. Pineda-Isaac voted against allowing Yonkers officials to run for a third term yet has the gall to seek to benefit from it as she feasts her eyes on her reelection campaign. How can a councilperson take advantage of the extension of term limits if they were against it when it came before them during Yonkers City Council meeting? Assuming the position of Democratic Majority Leader through a shady back-room deal with the Republican caucus, Pineda-Isaac failed to secure the support of any of her other Democratic colleagues.

Nobody can deny that Corazon has done well for herself as a City Councilwoman by parlaying her position in local politics into a high-paying job. Many Yonkers politicians agitate for jobs for their friends and family with the city, but Pineda-Isaac took this practice a step further, securing employment for her sister in Mayor Mike Spano’s office.

Pineda-Isaac has the privilege of representing one of the neediest Yonkers City Council districts, and rather than seizing the opportunity to serve, she has chosen to only enrich herself and her family. Our community requires effective, proactive representation that will prioritize constituent needs over self-enrichment. Mayor Mike Spano deserves a dedicated councilperson in the District 2, who is committed to helping solve the pressing issues facing the City of Yonkers. Yonkers deserves better, and it is time for us as voters and constituents to demand better from our elected officials.


Annette Yarber

TribuneOnce A Rising Star: Yonkers City Council Democratic Majority Leader Corazon Pineda-Isaac Has Lost Her Way

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  1. Mayor Spano unfortunately is playing the social engineering game with many of his most recent appointments in order to placate a certain segment(s) of the Yonkers population.-WAKE UP YONKERS

  2. The two biggest issues with Corazon are her dual-allegiance in the form of employment with Westchester County and her similar entanglement vis a vis a direct family member’s employment on the Mayor’s staff.

    Anyone who knows anything about local governance understands that there are frequently issues where the City and County stand on opposite sides on. The fact that the Majority Leader of our City Council is on the County’s payroll begs the question that if and when these issues do present themselves, where will she stand? Can we trust her to be objective and stand with Yonkers residents knowing that the County is paying her more? By that metric alone, she isn’t faithfully executing her oath of office. The same goes for her sister’s employment with the Mayor. The City Council is supposed to act as a check on the Executive, much like our Congress is supposed to check the President at the Federal level. How can we trust Corazon to pass a fiscally responsible budget which might require cuts on the Mayor’s staff knowing that she might be cutting her sister’s job? We can’t. It’s insane that this is allowed. It’s poor governance and bad ethics. It’s microcosmic of the President having personally backed over $400 million in loans to foreign sovereign wealth funds and banks. Yonkers deserves somebody who isn’t tied up in this many entanglements.

  3. I would like the Charter Commission to reconvene and ask voters to abolish the City Council
    It’s a useless body which does nothing but harass the Mayor , cut ribbons and give out honorariums.

  4. the two term rule is silly….maybe four terms would make some sense….you want your elected officials to serve and to get experience which they can put to use to benefit the citizens who live in the city….if you shut down the number of terms one can serve you are limiting the experience that officials accumulate over time….

      1. Are you kidding me? The term of the President of the United States is limited to two terms – eight years. So you think these Yonkers pinheads should have more time than the head of the country to accomplish something? All it does here is help them wheel and deal for themselves for a few more years.

  5. Corazon Pineda Isaac only listens to her bosses and controllers- GEORGE LATIMER, he is an awful CE and Ken Jenkins, DEPUTY CE who is a loser by nature and doesn’t deserve to be Deputy CE. It’s a shame the district isn’t getting accurate representation! Isaac is absentee!

        1. I was advised on a personal basis and trusted to keep their names unknown until/if each make the final move to engage their respective campaigns. — Kindly, Hezi

  6. All third terms in Yonkers are ILLEGAL, as the public voted to keep 2 terms only. SpaNO and the rest of the loonies on the Silly Council acted illegally and overthrew the “will of the people”. How dare anyone including an obvious Hypocrite like Miss Pineda-Isaac, to think that when voters vote for a specific number of terms, that it does not apply to them.
    This is all the fault of the SpaNUT’s, who are a disgraceful bunch. I will never vote for a democrat again as long as they “control” City Haul and the Silly Council.

      1. Regardless of what the damaged city cars cost, this is wasted money and the only City Council anywhere with taxpayer provided vehicles. Such disgusting gluttony !! Years ago, nobody on the city council had free cars and bloated staffs as is the case today. Any member of the council with their self and family on the city or county payroll is a definite puppet sell out.

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