Our New Battle Plan for the COVID-19 Waterfront

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Andrew Cuomo Lays Out New York’s Strategy to Defeat the Virus  

New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.


Governor Cuomo: “A goal without a plan is just a wish. As [225,000] lost lives demonstrates, COVID is something to worry about and we need an intelligent prescription to address the current viral surge.”
The New York Daily News published an op-ed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo laying out a roadmap for the future of COVID-19, a future vaccine and New York’s plan to mitigate the virus. Text of the op-ed is available below and can be viewed online here.

While politics rages, the economy suffers and nerves fray, the COVID virus progresses.

COVID is now deeply entrenched within the American home. How the virus was allowed to migrate from China and enter our airports from Europe without warning, and how our nation was so unprepared to deal with an outbreak after having experienced MERS, SARS and Ebola is a topic for another day. But all along, the virus has been one step ahead of us.

As summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter we see the next COVID battles looming. Let’s finally plan ahead.

The winter, still several months away, will be the “season of the vaccine.” We can identify the questions concerning the vaccine but not yet the answers. When will a vaccine be developed? Will the American people believe it is safe? How long will it take to accomplish the massive undertaking of vaccinating the entire population? (This nation has only performed 128 million COVID tests over the past seven months; vaccination requires more than 300 million injections.)

Will the federal government develop the competence to effectively administer the vaccine, or will the states once again be left to manage on their own? Can state administrations even manage such a task? These are the questions to anticipate, discuss and resolve. Last weekend, the National Governors Association sent President Trump 36 questions on vaccine administration that have yet to be answered.

While we plan for the vaccine, we must deal with the here and now.

The fall, as expected, has seen an increase in the viral transmission rate. Scientific experts predicted the increase as congregate activity expanded, schools and colleges opened, people moved indoors and “COVID fatigue” set in. Once again, the federal government is without a substantive strategy or program beyond the president’s admonition “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.” In his final debate with Joe Biden, Trump repeated his wishful thinking that we are “rounding the turn,” that the virus “will go away.”

A goal without a plan is just a wish. As [225,000] lost lives demonstrates, COVID is something to worry about and we need an intelligent prescription to address the current viral surge.

In New York, we are deploying a new strategy of targeting viral “micro-clusters.” Testing and contact-tracing to date have largely been used to monitor a statewide or regional level infection spread. On this large a testing scale, once an increase is detected, the virus has already infected many people and is hard to slow, not to mention contain, and any mitigation efforts can only be employed over a large geographic area, making them highly disruptive.

Monitoring micro-clusters involves increasing the testing regimen to identify low-level spreads on a small geographic footprint. This allows containment before a large number of people are infected and reduces the economic and political disruption in implementing new restrictions.

To detect these smaller surges, a larger number of tests must be performed. Testing must move beyond regional or even county-level data to a granular neighborhood-level analysis capable of detecting a number of cases, often in the single digits in a limited area of several square miles.

That is how this virus spreads. That is the level of pinpoint analysis required. The consequences of even one mass gathering that violates state rules can be devastating. One Sweet 16 party in a restaurant on Long Island turned into a not-so-sweet 37 cases and counting. One bar in Broome County and a few nights of libation created several hangovers and dozens of COVID cases.

Once a micro-cluster is detected, targeted remedial actions include increasing testing and contact-tracing, a reduction in the size of mass gatherings, restaurant and bar limitations, and most importantly, increased enforcement activity.

While this is time-consuming, requires a high level of government competence and is politically difficult, it is the only way to stop the spread. Importantly, this is critical at a time when many states are moving in the opposite direction: actively reducing the number of tests they are taking. Less testing means once a state detects an increase, it will almost be unstoppable, especially as more states are reluctant or opposed to enacting more stringent public health restrictions.

How we detect and manage these micro-clusters will determine how effectively we can keep COVID under control through the fall and until a proven vaccine has fully defeated the virus.

Now more than ever, government matters and science matters. It is the only way to return good health to the American home.


SOURCE: New York State | Executive Chamber | Press Office

eHeziOur New Battle Plan for the COVID-19 Waterfront

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  1. Cuomo guided NY through the worst part of the pandemic…Trump misguided the nation misled the people and failed to listen to the experts….Cuomo will remain governor…Trump will not be re elected

    1. Cognitive dissonance at its best. Trump believes in America, Cuomo like his brother and miserable father believe in themselves. Trump like all successful politicians is a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar and exactly what we need to deal with communists and Islamists. The “Harris/Biden” team is just a Trojan Horse for the aforementioned. We’ve been brainwashed that men can be women and vice versa. The communists and Islamists don’t engage in these fantasies under penalty of death. The Iranian dictator stated “we don’t have this phenomenon in our country!” Leftist lunatics in this country make wonderful curators of the arts. Leave the real work for the real men and women.

  2. Let’s keep it simple! It was and still is the President of the United States job to protect its citizens. Therefore, had he mandated masks and social distancing he would have done all that he could have done according to medical professionals. He did NOT mandate any precautions and still has NOT. Cuomo put in place precautions to protect citizens such as wearing masks and social distancing which was the top medical professionals recommendations. Sooo please don’t get it TWISTED whose responsibility it truly was and is period. I ponder that if he is not re-elected will there be class action lawsuits against him for simply what he admitted he knew about COVID, and I will leave it like that.

    1. Cuomo is also beholden to big campaign re-election donors like the Greater New York Hospital Association which resulted in a few days before the 2018 election Cuomo approving a multi-billion dollar Medicaid rate hike for hospitals and nursing home which the association had lobbied for and allowed them to settle a pay dispute with their unions. It should also should be noted that the hospital organizations who were big campaign donors to Cuomo lobbied for his deadly and lethal policy pertaining to the elderly and then brought tv ads whitewashing Cuomo’s cupability-Just recently a NYS comissioned study on New York State’s response to the early COVID-19 response found numerous area’s of fault with Cuomo’s handling despite what he continues to say -Andrew Cuomo is just another corrupt thug who happens to wear a suit and tie.

  3. You may not like him…but NYS is a lot better off than most of the rest of the country. Sure, mistakes were made…and he should admit it. But we’re a lot better off than mostly everywhere else is right now.

    He had a plan and he led. He may be a jerk…but there are plenty of jerks around. Give credit where it is due.

    1. Remember it was Andrew who put up the signs “Vote for Cuomo not the homo”
      on Queens Blvd in the 80’s when daddy Mario ran for mayor against Ed Koch. Ed responded by parading around with 1st Jewish Miss America Bess Meyerson. Now you have Corey “Spartacus”Booker who attempted the same with Rosario Dawson. It would all be a very funny movie if these lunatics weren’t running our affairs.

  4. A true psychopath he sends corona patients to nursing homes despite Trump providing the USS Comfort hospital ship which Cuomo ignored. Okay I get it “Orange Man” bad so he and NJ Governor Murphy couldn’t possibly use it and give Trump credit. However the Jacob Javitz Center is a NYS facility and it’s huge as was the makeshift field hospital in Central Park was. Not using these facilities possibly maybe was a slap in DeBlasio’s face, who knows, who cares. Cuomo’s ego killed thousands and somehow he became a sex symbol and liberal media darling maybe from wearing his nipple rings? Even more bizarrely he wrote a book about leadership before his nursing home victims were even cold in their graves, (who’s demise he blamed on the largely minority staff.) Watching his brother Chris Cuomo interview him on CNN was even more bizarre as he blamed Trump for the “European Virus👀? Remember when he said in sum and substance that “America was never that great!” I was never a Trump fan or cheerleader but watching Trump eliminate his Republican competition during the primary as well as Hillary Clinton I realized he understands strategy and he knows how to win with very simple KISS marketing -AKA “ Keep It Simple Stupid.” I was with the NYPD when his corrupt, distant miserable father Mario was governor and never imagined his sons could be even more smug and arrogant. Basically it comes down to whether or not you want to appease communism and radical Islam or you want to defeat it and the “Harris-Biden” ticket simply isn’t up to the task so this conservative libertarian will be voting Orange again!

    1. You’re wrong. Fredo is the idiot brother, just ask Chris! He flaunts everything about King Coumo’s rules. Staying quarantined and mask wearing. That is a true idiot but I guess he knows nothing will happen to him.

  5. something that the trump administration is unable to do…no plan ..no plan denial of science denial of medicine…Today we learned Mike Pence’s staff had 5 members test positive for COVID..yet Pence continued to campaign without a mask just as trump has subjecting their supporters to exposure to the virus…they simply don’t care…and don’t even follow their own CDC guidelines…it is indefensible

    1. A recently released report commissioned by New York State slammed the Cuomo administration for their early handling of the COVID-19- yet not word from the state officials who represented Yonkers-yet again what do you expect from no balls politicians the same as the local Yonkers politicians from Spano on down.

    2. No plan except for providing the unused USS Comfort and shutting down travel from China possibly saving hundreds of thousands of lives if not more which Biden derided as racist and xenophobic. The leftist media continues to engage in cognitive dissonance calling mask-less rioting and looting “largely peaceful protests.”
      What was the plan after radical Islam attacked us on 9/11. How were we supposed to plan for this communist China 🇨🇳 biological attack?
      Somehow abortion clinics bars and strip joints are essential businesses while houses of worship are not. This virus has mutated into a weaker version and is largely harmless as we develop “herd immunity” so quarantine yourself if you’re sick or elderly otherwise act like an American and get your ass back to work and stop Hidin like coward Biden!

    3. Trump Admin had a comprehensive plan, offered help to all states. Governor’s chose to accept or reject. Now, they blame their incompetency on the President. Cuomo is the poster boy for this, got more than he used and does the blame game!

      1. Can you imagine a universal mask mandate?? Omg! If Trump signed executive order for that can’t imagine the backlash from civil liberties!! Come on’ man!!!!

    4. It’s easy to lower the rates in NYS if you ensure that the most vulnerable in nursing homes are eliminated. That would also eliminate Medicare/Medicaid expenditures. Yeah you’re right Andrew you’re following a very efficient and effective “Final Solution.”

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