Quarantine Dodgers: Jeni Wallace and Verris Shako, Esq.

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(L-R): Verris Shako. Esq. and Jeni Wallace.

YONKERS, NY — October 12, 2020 — It is known that David Tubiolo tested positive for the coronavirus. I was told he started feeling sick last Thursday, October 1st, but he lost his sense of smell last Saturday, October 3rd. It’s my understanding that when you test positive for the COVID-19 virus, people are traced to ascertain those with whom the infected person felt had contact after he felt sick from those he had contact over the previous 48 hours.



The Matthew Wallace Foundation’s Jeni Wallace  had her Halloween Costume event at YCAP on October 2nd as was Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo who had tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). With them, was Verris Shako, one of three Democrats running for Yonkers City Court Judge. Ironically, the day Legislator David Tubiolo lost his sense of smell, David attended NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh’s health fair. He was also listed on Shako’s men’s fundraiser. On Saturday, October 10th, Verris Shako attended The Matthew Wallace Halloween Costume giveaway event, which out of caution should have been postponed. Ms. Shako also showed up to the children’s sneaker giveaway, but I didn’t see her taking pictures like she usually does. I don’t know if the health department contacted either one of them, or if they got tested. Those who were in contact with David Tubiolo must sequester themselves for 14 days, if they were within 6 feet of the person who is infected and with the infected person for 10 or 15 minutes, then they should quarantine even if they tested negative.
Shako lacks a moral compass and desperately wants to win because she doesn’t have a good law practice to fall back on. She has also put herself in a lot of debt for the primary. I expected better of Wallace, but now she’s a district leader, Mayor Mike Spano has put her on the Human Rights Commission, and she’s running around with Yonkers City Councilman John Rubbo. She’s clearly been bought and sold.

I’ve also attached pictures of the events she had in the summertime giving out food in Shako and Daly bags. Sorry for the long message.

eHeziQuarantine Dodgers: Jeni Wallace and Verris Shako, Esq.

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  1. The Yonkers Human Rights Commission is a volunteer Commission under the City Council. The only people responsible for appointing Commissioners are the other volunteer Commissioners. The Mayor is not involved in selecting Commissioners. Please fact check before printing articles with clear misinformation.

    1. The Mayor has Rubbo, Breen, Pineda-Isacs, and Merante in his pocket. Spano controls the council. The only ones he don’t control is Khader and Tasha. Williams cant be predicted. It depends on her meds.

  2. Jenni Wallace is turning on Karen Best. The Spano Admonition is trying to take out Best to get Daly elect, who is running as a Republican.

  3. A vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for increased crime in your neighborhood. Let’s show these bail reform fools the door. They are out of touch with the working class residents and communities they represent .

  4. Karen best boy friend is mayor Spano’s driver. You don’t get that position unless you are a trusted inner circle person to the mayor. She seems to be very much a part of the friends and family network.

    1. Which failing Yonkers public school did you go to? Wtf do you do?!! You are probably either guzzling Meier’s baby juice or getting $30k a year to let Spano rest his balls on your chin!

  5. Both Shako and Best may have black skin color but they are NOT REAL BLACK WOMEN !
    What have they ever done for the Black Community in Yonkers ?
    They have zero roots in the Black Community.
    Don’t be fooled by someone’s skin color.

    1. How do you define real Black women?! What’s your paper bag test??? Are you Black? What have you done for Black people? What has the Yonkers Democratic Party done for Black people? How many Black people are in positions of power, and making 6 figures in Yonkers? Do your research!!

      As a Black person, I’m no fan of Shako and her volunteer campaign tactics, but at least she worked in Yonkers City Court defending people. Best was a public defender, she’s the VP for Legal aid, which defends mostly BLACK people. They are both running for judge, not city council… Shanae Williams (cough cough).

      1. You said both Shako and Best are both lawyers defending people-what is the point you are trying to make- I assume Shako is an 18B lawyer and Best I assume is Legal Aid-which boils down to the same thing-the taxpayers footing the bill.

  6. Jeni is also a crybaby and wants to be a player but doesn’t have skin for the Olympic game of Yonkers politics… thanks to hezi and Brian Harrod- Jeni can get off her high horse and if she didn’t want this exposure she shouldn’t have become an elected District Leader

  7. Lesnick and Daly should both learn how to brush their teeth twice a day and use soap when they shower because they smell awful!

    Damn man they really should have a law about this

  8. Verris continues to use her kids which is a shame !!!
    She talks about how much she’s a Yonkers person meanwhile she’s all mt vernon.

  9. Maybe “Judge” Karen Best should read the NYS Judicial Ethics Rules.


    Special Considerations for Candidates Who are Sitting Judges. An incumbent judge may not use the prestige of judicial office to promote his/her candidacy.

    Distortions and misrepresentations have no place in campaigns for judicial office. Judicial candidates for judicial office are expected to be, and must be, above such tactics. It is especially important for judicial candidates to be truthful because judges are called upon to administer oaths and are sworn to uphold the law and seek the truth.

    1. I’m sure telling people about illegal or ethical activity is an exception to EVERY rule. Can you send those rules to Daly, McGrath, Shako and attach the IRS Code for her and the other woman to read???


      Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.

      Besides being accused of FRAUD with their bs independence and WFP petitions, those three candidates were campaigning with this woman giving out their reusable bags, wearing their campaign t-shirts and handing out their campaign literature while “volunteering” at her foundation’s events. If Best gets in trouble, all of them should too!!!

    1. Yes, her whining about the corruption must be affecting your pocket! She came to this town and gave it a dose of”TRUTH”!Something those in the friends and family can not handle! Solely, because they may have to get real jobs and are not even qualified to pick up dog shit! It’s obvious you or a family member will be standing in front of her one day! Lucky for you she believes in the system! VOTE FIR TRUTH! VOTE KAREN BEST!

    2. You weren’t voting for her, Commissioner Meier. Cut it out , have another donut,
      and get back to your girlfriend with the saggy boobs. Verris Shako is rotten human being.

  10. I am sure that Candidate Verris Shako would have quarantined herself had she been advised to do so by the Westchester DOH. Karen, I’m disappointed that you would use this instance of someone’s health issue to further your own campaign. It has made me reconsider my vote.

    1. Sooo let me get this straight. Verris Shako puts her campaign over responsibility to the community by taking a chance at exposing CHILDREN to COVID and you’re reconsidering voting for Best? You’re priorities are completely off. Shako is obviously a woman of poor character and since you see nothing wrong with this, obviously you are aligned with her ignorance.

    2. So, a human being that is concerned about two women that should be quarantined being around children? Here is the crazy part… JenI Wallace should have postponed her event! PERIOD! According to CDC guidelines! Now that her ego has taken it this far I hope they investigate her foundation! Your a pathetic human being if you care more about adults putting children at risk during a pandemic then the children ! Keep your vote! Karen Best will win because she continues to expose the corruption in Yonkers! I hope you or your family
      members are never in front of Judge Shako! We see she is compromised and not even on the bench!

    1. Post

      I hadn’t noticed it. We suffered a glitch last night and I had not notice this was lost. Thanks for pointing it out. It is now re-appended. — Kindly, Hezi

    2. Post

      Thanks for noticing. I suffered a glitch of some kin last night, but had not noticed that it caused this deletion. I have appended it as it was originally. —- Kindly, Hezi

  11. Hezi,
    Why is this post hidden? Parents that attended the costume giveaway have a right to know and should be tested. How will word get out if people have to dig for the article? Do you really think those involved with the event will make a formal statement advising those that attended be tested? That is exactly what should happen. Jeni Wallace should be advised by anyone on her board members to make a formal statement. This is serious and needs to be addressed. Hezi, you have always done the right thing even under threats and actual acts of being sued. Please put this article front and center! No one should have a pass where a child’s health is at risk!
    Hoping those that faltered make this right.

    1. For the record, I was contacted by the DOH contact tracer. After answering many questions I was told I did not need to quarantine. In addition, I had a Covid test prior to the event and was negative. I have suffered the most horrible experience a parent could ever suffer. I would never ever put children in danger and have another mother have to live my nightmare. This article was gossip.
      If people want to keep tearing me down and spreading lies about me that is your prerogative. I have suffered the unthinkable so nothing you could say can hurt me. I hope you and your family stay safe and I wish you nothing but love and peace.

  12. I am sorry but I just don’t understand how this woman who lost her son could put another woman’s child in danger? This is a pandemic. Even if she tested negative the rule is to quarantine. Doing something good is cancelled out by pure greed to be in the spotlight. Also, Verris Shako is a mother with young children. She is also a lawyer so I would assume there is some legal ethical law she broke by not quarantining. I am sure they are both so upset they were exposed that the weight of what they did is lost on either of them. Due to the climate Verris Shako will get elected because she is black. Not because she is the best candidate because clearly her judgement when she is not even on the bench is clouded! Also, why is it that Verris Shako allowed herself to be used by the Administration? She allowed herself to be “sold” as a black woman between two old white men? Where is her pride? Why didn’t she stand with Karen Best to begin with? In a city with a majority of minorities she sold out! She is no role model! She followed the
    money! Karen Best has continued to stand tall and alone and against all odds will be the city of Yonkers first Black female Judge. Verris Shako will cross that finish line as well. She is brought and paid for by a white administration! She will have to pay back her favors. Jeni must also be vying for employment for herself or a family member. Why else would she risk her non for profit. I must be old fashioned because to see two black women sell out is truly heart breaking!

    1. I was contacted by the Department of Health contact tracers. After many questions I was told I did not need to quarantine. I also had a negative Covid test. I would never put a child’s life in jeopardy and have a mother suffer like I am suffering.
      It is sad that you would think the worst of me without even knowing the facts and who I am.
      I spoke with Karen Best. She apologized and was very upset about this article. Karen wrote to me that she did not write the article and she requested that Hezi Remove her name. She stated to me that he agreed to do so last night however it is back again today. Karen issued a statement on her Facebook page.

      1. I hope you are not waiting for Tubiolo to verify your story. Stop saying he had a false positive. The fact that Latimer postponed an event is lost on you? You were supposed to quarantine and hopefully you let this story fizzle out otherwise you will
        force others to expose your lies.
        Hezi, go to her facebook page and look at her pics with Tubiolo. She was arm and arm with him on October 1st. Shako was there as well. The pics are dated. Hezi, do you want the pics to shut this down? Please just admit you made a serious mistake and move on.

      2. I saw the apology she wrote. If you say she’s denying it then fine, but it sounds like she apologized if you were hurt by what was written. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I agree with hers and a lot of other people do but they aren’t saying it -openly or to your face. To be cautious everyone near Tubiolo should have quarantined and if you didn’t shame on you, you took the risk. That is my opinion. Everyone defending you are concerned about you or Shaka, but it should be about the childrens’ safety. Be an adult, take responsibility and move on. Just my opinion.

      1. Yes they resell it at Limo deli and catering hall.
        Oh, sorry to all the people that eat at his BBQ thats where all the food you eat is cooked or re-cooked so stop in and take a look at the Chefs and how clean they keep it.

  13. Politics are dirty and those entering the arena know that before going in. However, to disparage a woman like Mrs Wallace, who has endured a pain that most can’t imagine, by the loss of her son, is disgusting. She serves the community in his honor, with no personal gain expected or received.
    By the way, there are zero perks to being a district leader or on the Human Rights Commission, just meetings and volunteering.
    If you want to dissect the actions taken after the Legislators false positive, fine, go for it. Above and beyond that, it’s just the same old nameless keyboard crusaders desperately searching for something to whine about.

    1. No proof it was a false positive. While Ms. Wallace suffered a tragedy and is running a non profit organization, she still needs to quarantine. She is not above the law regardless of her ties to the Spano Administration.

      1. False positive? Is that why County Executive, George Latimer postponed his State of County? Is that why Shelley Mayer is quarantined even though BOTH tested negative? Again, rules don’t apply to Yonkers. This woman is not an Angel and has a past that if the politicians were aware of it would run as far as they could. They can’t be part of other people’s scandals when they are busy creating their own. She clearly wants a job and the politicians should be very careful about that as well. She is suing her last employer! Pathetic and sad that she put a child at risk. ANYONE that tries to make light of the situation during a pandemic is sick! PANDEMIC where the numbers are going back up! This is a new low for Yonkers! God help us!

    2. Let’s talk District leaders! Let’s pull
      up the Democrats list! A whose who of district leaders where their “vote” to back candidates is sealed when they are picked. This year you have Zereis who has made a comeback. Then you have the Spanos. Their people are the only ones on that list. There was a war and even a truce. Jaime Spano and Jereis’ kid were the “truce” elected district leaders. Mrs Wallace is a Spano appointment. She was recruited by Tubiolo who continued his father’s corruption with the Spanos. Although if Jereis has the right price the kid will fold. Don’t talk about this woman as she is innocent caught in politics. She knows the rules and spent all summer pushing political candidates with her non for profit. That is illegal and she will lose her non for profit if a “keyboard warrior” writes a complaint. There are plenty of pictures splashed al over facebook. Bottom line a pandemic is deadly and Yonkers has been hit hard. There is no absolution from pure greed for the spotlight and ignoring human life. Look if Tubiolo stayed home (which must be killing him as he is that fly on the wall everywhere and anywhere) then she should have known better.

  14. I have lived here thirty years and have never seen a woman stand up against all the corruption. She is exactly what we need to stop the corruption and bring transparency. She has called out every wrong and all I think of is she is a person we need on our bench! She has proven that there are no gray areas in the law! We will be honored to have her on our bench! She has my vote and that of my family’s! Time for change!

  15. This woman had an event to help socio economical challenged children but put these same children at risk? I will personally be calling the health department! She is despicable!
    What kind of organization does this?
    I had my opinions in the summer when she was doing the food donations but had politicians surrounding her using her sons name for photo ops! Although, people in need were getting help. Politics is a disease and this woman is infected! I pray she has not infected any child or parent at her event! Maybe she needs to go IN the church and rethink her charities mission.

  16. Karen,
    You have my vote! About time someone stands up to the corruption! It’s very sad this woman is using her tragedy for political pull!
    Your #1 Voter

  17. Only in Yonkers ! The County Executive , Senators and County Legislature’s are all in quarantine! Rules don’t apply to Yonkers!

  18. I would say, “UNBELIEVABLE ” however, power trips have seemed to trickle down to people not in office. If someone reports Jeni’s foundation about any of her political advertising she WILL lose her foundation.
    They need to be reported to the health department and all those that attended their benefit with children need to be tested!
    Tubs needs to step up and either take the blame for not telling her or let her fall flat on her face! Tubs are you going to protect the kids or your votes?

  19. Jeni Wallace is now a Spano/Rubbo shill. Rubbo is being groomed to run the Spano Hiring Hall. Jeni and Roy have been bribed by Fat Nick.

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