Turning BLUE TRUTH to RED TRUTH: Anthony Caragine Jr.’s Corruption and Nepotism Not Permitted at the YPD Moves Onto the YFD

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The Blue Truth Hezitorial lede read as: BLUE TRUTH: Corruption and Nepotism Permeates the Yonkers Police Department by Hezi Aris was posted @ 1:15pm on July 14, 2019. It gained 109 Comments. It is replicated verbatim herein:

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The Spano Family Tree Hezitorial

The Yonkers Police Department (YPD) has an upcoming police academy class scheduled later this week. Protocol demands a swearing-in ceremony which is thereafter followed by applying oneself to taking the course in anticipation of learning the process, graduating, and to follow the women and men who had and still serve and protect life, limb, and property in the City of Yonkers. The women and men who aspire to become Police Officers are a rare breed. A sense of service to the people they are intended to protect is a stretch for many, but these unique individuals are respected for their protecting not only themselves, and their partners, but the general public who they may or may not know. They live by a code of ethics that many would find insurmountable to climb, much less attain. Such is the respect and adulation that many have come to expect and entrust in the women and men who are judged worthy to be permitted to enter the Police Academy. In juxtaposition to yesterday’s standards, Yonkers City Hall has quietly inserted corruption and nepotism into the mix, undermining the laudatory words used to describe the Yonkers Police force by undermining the integrity of the YPD by demanding that their relatives be hired. Sadly, the very people they want to hire have a derogatory and blemished background that they know full well is the antithesis of what society and the legal system would demand and expect from the women and men in Blue. Simply put, no one would employ the relatives other than the City of Hills where so much is not on the level because it is at the behest of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

Mayor Mike Spano is pushing for some of his nephews to be permitted to enter the upcoming Police Academy. Anthony M. Caragine, Jr., is one of those nephews.  If you read onward, you are certain to take the palm of your hand and slap your forehead in incredulity so outrageous is this nephew’s background. Anthony Caragine was fired from multiple employers throughout the past years, including his own family business. That’s right, Anthony Caragine was fired from Spano Fuel. He had to be fired.  He was allegedly caught stealing multiple times. He was also allegedly fired for stealing from Westmore Fuel Company, Inc., D’ambrosio Fuel Service Company, Blackstone Heating Company, and Tarry Fuel Oil Company. But there is more, Anthony Caragine was questioned with respect to  several robberies that took place in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, and Mount Vernon. Lo and behold, can you fathom that his family was able to squash those cases as he was nearing arrest.  

Sources in the know have advised that Anthony Caragine was actually brought in for questioning by Tarrytown Police Detectives a few years back, and he was very close to being arrested. He was accused of stealing money and jewelry from customers’ houses when he worked as a heating service technician for multiple oil companies in lower Westchester, and he was fired from all of them for the same reason, including his own family business. In fact, they were the first to fire him, then Westmore Fuel Company, Inc., D’ambrosio Fuel Service Company, and Tarry Fuel Oil Company. It was those allegations which led to the investigations by Sleepy Hollow PD and Tarrytown PD. Then, Blackstone Heating Company of New Rochelle where he also got into a physical altercation with the owner when confronted about his alleged stealing. 

His uncle, Mayor Mike Spano, has been apparently trying to rush his hiring through before word gets out that he is giving a career criminal a job in the Yonkers Police Department. Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson has also been doing whatever possible to get him hired in order to get a bargaining chip with the 60 hours / 40 hours / 60 hours overtime guarantee every 2 weeks battle that was part of the scenario that challenged Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner. On top of that, Olson is looking for a “nice” raise and/or a promotion for his sister Kelly Chiarella.

The travesty is the fact that Anthony Caragine is being considered to be hired despite his self-destructive conduct at Mayor Mike Spano’s behest. Mayor Mike Spano has instructed his brother Detective Gerard Spano and others in the applicant investigation unit of the YPD to have allegedly fraudulently filled out his background package and excluded all the information delineated above. Simply put,  by not disclosing his “true” past employment history, the Spano Administration is in fact defrauding the Yonkers Police Department.  Further, and as a corollary by defrauding the YPD, his hiring will open the City of Yonkers to multiple lawsuits from past applicants that got turned away and/or turned down for not disclosing certain facts in their application. On top of that, Anthony Caragine is a known steroid and pill user and abuser and would be a very dangerous police officer. 

So it seems that between the Spano uncles, the bosses and the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association they are individually and collectively trying their best to slip him and two other nephews in without a real background investigation. Let no one forget that Anthony Caragine’s uncle Det. Gerard Spano is in charge of conducting background checks. 

On top of that, Anthony Caragine was able to obtain a gun permit in 2016 even though he was “investigated”. He was able to obtain the gun permit because of his familial connections and because he allegedly omitted information that would have disqualified him ever getting a gun permit. Which speaks to the adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know!” He is also said to have falsely stated on his gun permit application that he was an “owner” of Vinnie’s Seafood and could thereby get an employment endorsement on his permit. No one was the wiser. He obtained Permit #112856.

Only in the past few days, Yonkers Tribune has been advised by those with knowledge, that PC Gardner refused to sign off on the hiring of the unqualified nephews that Mayor Mike Spano and his brothers were trying to push through but resigned rather than deal with the disaster of approving the hiring of a multiple robbery suspect, drug using nephew of Mayor Mike Spano. Even so, Yonkers Police Detective Gerard Spano is scurrying about trying to convince anyone who would listen that his nephew wasn’t really under investigation in multiple cities for robberies he allegedly committed while working for multiple oil companies, including his own family oil business! 

Forcing unqualified Spano relatives such an Anthony Caragine to be employed by the YPD suggests that there are so many Spano relatives already employed by the Yonkers Department of Public Works that the Yonkers Police Department is the next department to be forced to employ the family. 

As a point of information, if you haven’t heard of it yet, news flash, Yonkers Deputy Mayor James Cavanaugh is departing. The position which was promised to and will be given to present DPW Commissioner Thomas Meier. He will soon be addressed as Deputy Mayor Thomas Meier. (It was planned but was jettisoned by this telling).

As Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, said to be the designated Police Commissioner to succeed PC Charles Gardner is permitted to do as he pleases with the blessing of Mayor Mike Spano as long as he continues to do the mayor’s dirty work. By this time next week Yonkers taxpayers will like be burdened with Spano relatives who allegedly possess criminal records and are incapable of performing their responsibilities as Police Officers based on Anthony Caragine’s past conduct alone.

I am personally embarrassed to assert that Mayor Mike Spano has been using his office to buy “loyalty” wherever he can. He accomplishes this by employing people, such as Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazón Pineda-Isaac´s sister at the mayor’s office; all intentioned to curry favor with the Hispanic voter. Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazon Pineda-Isaac is vying for Democratic Majority Leader.  Not to be forgotten is that the hirings are all accomplished on the taxpayer’s back.

Then you have present Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino who decided not to run for re-election knowing he would become the next Director of Constituent Services at a hefty salary.

Rather than getting side-tracked with the recently employed, I will save that for another time. The changing of the guards is shameful because so many hired  have nothing to do with serving the public interest but are instead intended strictly to maintain control to disparate departments one way or another.

When I questioned some Yonkers City Haller’s about Anthony Caragine’s intentioned hiring and two other relatives of the Spano clan, I was told that all the allegations noted were not true. It was in that same conversation that the person advised me that Police Officer Robert McDonough, who was found slouched in his police care unresponsive had been fired. And the person that said so noted he was 99 percent certain. After some more digging, it turned out that was not true. He is still on the force. With no advice as to his whereabouts. He’ll turn up somewhere soon. He needed 3 Narcan canisters to be resuscitated. He was rushed to hospital and then to engage in some sort of detox program managed by the City of Yonkers. There is more on that case but the coverup seems secure at present. We will continue to investigate. In the meanwhile the YPD is trying to create a scenario that McDonough was off-duty when he was found slouched at the 3rd Precinct parking lot. That in itself an outright lie because it could not have transpired because the unit that was assigned that car departed as scheduled for their tour before 8am. The people spreading these lies can’t even get the scenario straight.  

The reality is that Mayor Mike Spano learning what we have delineated herein may have decided to not hire all three nephews, concerned about how the public will perceive this telling. So it seems as though only one or two of the three intended will be hired. The fact that they are not qualified doesn’t seem to matter, only the derogatory image that will befall Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration’s conduct.

Perhaps the Department of Justice will glean more information from police departments in other municipalities in Westchester County to recognize the maligned conduct of the Yonkers Police Department alleged tampering of records to suit their purposes over that of the taxpayer.

eHeziTurning BLUE TRUTH to RED TRUTH: Anthony Caragine Jr.’s Corruption and Nepotism Not Permitted at the YPD Moves Onto the YFD

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  1. Yonkers unions have become a refugee for the dregs of society – the dope fiends, wife beaters, alcoholics, petty thieves, know-nothings, do-nothings, pill poppers – with family connections. Talk about welfare queens. They’re all living off the taxpayers’ dime.


    Any homeowner who decides to stay in Yonkers needs their head examined. What an absolute shithole of a “city.” I feel filthy just reading about this stuff.


    1. True as True can be.
      Drop off the envelope and it is erased.
      If you think I lie , do a little Math.
      -Commissioner Beats Lt within an inch of his life.
      nothing is done. Despite 30 witnesses.
      -Racist Fireman Posts Monkey Pictures, then Gets a promotion do to his
      connections to the U.F.O.A . president . Then after promotion goes on sick leave and
      has not returned.
      – Residency Laws to get on City Jobs are ignored for friends and families.
      City Investigators turn the Blind eye , as your article shows.
      the City is filled with Dutchess County Rednecks.
      – Friends and Families have the answers to all the Promotional Exams.
      This is an open joke.
      Where Friends and Family Power people discriminated a junior fireman to destroy him ?
      Hezi, this is beyond belief .

      Can you please post how to contact the justice dept and yourself.
      The City needs help from outside.

      1. Post

        Should anyone want to reach out to me at the Yonkers Tribune, direct email to eHezi@hush.com To initiate an encrypted conversation, you must initiate a request. Some thing simple, such as I want to speak with you via email privately, When you get a response from me, the connection will be encrypted so the communication will be secure. Kindly, Hezi

  2. To the guy who was wondering about Barry being a buttlicker…not a chance..your boy KO..got more of Spanos ass hair on his chin..then his head…

      1. Post
    1. Post

      And I don’t expect one. There wasn’t one after the initial telling when he had applied for a position with the YPD and not now. The issues are the same of late as they initially were. The only issue is whether the administration will permit this travesty to take place. — Kindly, Hezi

        1. Post
        1. Post

          That was the scuttlebutt with respect to Thomas Meier when the article was written among Yonkers City Hall insiders. I will within a week or so explain why the outcome would shortly thereafter not be followed up. City Hall’s change of heart conduct was undermined by a legal issue. I will explain it in an upcoming article. — Kindly, Hezi

  3. Any official who put their signature on this hiring should be held personally responsible for lawsuits to follow!!!

    Can they tell us where he will be stationed?

    1. Post

      No discussion between Mr. McGoey and I ever took place on this issue. The facts are the facts. That is all that matters. — Kindly, Hezi

  4. There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance.
    Congratulations Anthony!!!
    Yonkers is Proud

    1. Why don’t we ask the owners of all the homes that he robbed and see how they feel that he’ll be coming there now as Yonkers fire fighter.

      You are either a Spano, or Spano stoogie

    2. Yonkers Proud? Yonkers Corruption! This is the perfect climate to do something like this Span clan! This will truly expose your corruption! Couldn’t get him on the police force so let’s try the fire dept? So, tell me brotherhood do you want this Spano kid alone with your lockers? Do you trust this kid known to do drugs especially steroids running into a burning building with you? All because his mother is Mayor Mike Spanos sister? This is pathetic and I have no idea what Barry traded Spano but it’s disgusting! Come on Barry you are suing because he put his cousin on from an old list or did you make a deal with that too? Where are the Feds???

    3. He didn’t fail- he was outed on being a criminal!!

      He didn’t get a second chance because he’s a changed man. He got a second chance because of who he is.

  5. I’ll be buying a fire extinguisher – id rather my chances with that then this crook rummaging through my belongings.

    What a travesty.

  6. Hezi,
    Please tell us the age limit and which list this hire is from? Is it the new April 2020 list?
    Thank you for your time.
    Have a good night.

    1. Post
  7. If the Spanos are so hell-bent on hiring this criminal, why not just put him in the Mayor’s office? He can sit next to the guy who nearly killed a person while driving the wrong way in a blackout after partying with the mayor.

    1. Because in the mayors office he would only be limited to the pocketbooks that are in the office.

      In the fire department you have countless homes and jewelry at your disposal. …….

  8. In real cities, not like Yonkers, anytime there is even a slight chance of a conflict between an investigator and a prospective hire (I.e., they are related), that city will turn the investigation over to an investigator from another city or town. This is common practice. Not here in Yonkers , though.

    1. Post

      That was the scuttlebutt discussed among insiders that proved incorrect, but everything else written has proven to be on target. — Kindly, Hezi

  9. Hiring him as a fireman puts the city in the same predicament as far as lawsuits from previous fire candidates that got turned away for having shady backgrounds, right??

  10. Understand he represents what’s been going on in America today.Bad behavior is being taken care of because it’s controllable.We live in a country in which accountability, good character has been sent to the back of the bus.Smart,good people can’t be controlled but they represents what is best for taxpayers and union workers.Bad character and a negative background represents the sellout of taxpayers and union worker’s.Taxpayers pick up the bill not union leaders or politicians, they are now owned by the system.We should have a Yonkers taxpayers committee to look at all the hirings in our city.Politicians dictate hirings and promotion for to long and they take care of family and friends. Deals are made between union leaders and politicians for personal gain on the back of taxpayers.Just think how many good, stand up young men and women get hurt by this system because they did what is right.The committee will be a watchdog Group protecting taxpayers money and make Sure the playing field is balanced.

  11. The former PC refused to take him. Now the Firefighters can sleep with one eye open. The rest of the Red Truth is that most don’t live i in Yonkers .
    Doesn’t matter because the Corrupt Spano’s always stack the deck. I must say Yonkers residents sat silent as fat Mike Spano changed the people’s vote on term limits. Now go out and vote someone new!

  12. Seems like the AG’s office is investigating how many Spano’s suddenly pass all these civil service tests. They’re stupid as cow shit and everyone knows it. Will be fun.

    1. Post

      You can also write in Daffy Duck, Bullwinkle, Donald Duck, and Mighty Mouse. Should be an interesting race.THose mentioned wil likely get more votes that whatever his name is. If he plans ahead, and has a winning vision, and the capacity to raise funds, he can het somewhere. Of not, perhaps another line of work is heartening him. Kindly, Hezi

      P.S> If you think so much of him, why don’t you help him out.

      1. I have helped him. I attended his fundraiser at KFC by Verona Ave and CPA. I donated $25 to his election. I would have given him $35 but I owed Tommy Meir $12 for validating my parking.

  13. He will fit right in with the rest of the sleepy crew.
    He will be chief next year.
    Barry cant do a dam thing about it.
    Spano wins again and again.

    1. Post

      last year he attempted to become a Yonkers Police Officer. After revealing his alleged conduct it was deemed he should not be permitted on the YPD. That was then. Now, he returns not vying to become a Yonkers Polce Officer but a Yonkers Firefighter. I humbly suggest if you cannot be trust for lying about an application for a gun permit, and the litany of concur workin with those oil delivery firms, why would you now ne worthy to become a member of the Yonkers Fire Department. His record spells it all. And he cannot reset his life by becoming a Fire Fighter. He cannot be trusted and his word is deceitful. His past conduct reveals he cannot be trusted to to do what is expected of him, as regards his being fired from Spano Oil attests, and he cannot be counted upon as required by fellow police Officers and/or Fire Fighters. It is a travesty even to consider him for employment by the City of Yonkers. He is a liability. It is that simple. — Kindly, Hezi

      1. Now he’s “our” liability, Every citizen of Yonkers will be footing the bill for his criminal behavior.

        Hezi, Are background checks required of fireman? And if so who would perform them. We know a family member fudged the PD one.

        1. Post

          A police report is the logical chain of command. I do not know of another mechanism or protocol to ameliorate such a quagmire. City Hall will leave it with the YPD Brass because they control them. — Kindly, Hezi

          1. The police get paid overtime for the “background checks” and hire people that they intentionally overlook their non residency issues and unintentionally overlook as well. I can personally tell you off this most recent FD list countless people have gotten hired and did not spend one nights sleep in Yonkers and had no connections. I don’t know if this is negligence by Yonkers finest or just plain ignorance but it has to stop

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