Why is Astorino Refusing to Release His 2015-2019 Tax Returns

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“What is he hiding?”

NYS Senator Pete Harckham (SD40-D-WF).

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY — October 14, 2020 —Yesterday, when Rob Astorino was a no-show for his debate with New York State Senator Pete Harckham on News 12, the suitable question was, “Is Rob scared to face some tough subjects?”

Today, as Rob Astorino continues to refuse the release of his 2015 – 2019 tax returns, the relevant question is, “What is he hiding?”

New York State Senator Pete Harckham released his 2019 tax returns on Sept. 29, thus making public his 2015 – 2019 returns. At the time, Astorino was called to release his 2015 – 2019 tax returns as well.

Last week, Harckham sent Astorino a letter, saying, “At the foundation of our democratic government is the public’s trust in its elected leaders. That is why I have released, to date, the past five years of my federal and state income tax returns. Today, in the spirit of mutual respect for the people we serve and the authority that they bestow upon us, I am calling on you, once again, to release your 2015 to 2019 tax returns.”

Astorino, to date, has not responded to Harckham’s letter.

“Rob Astorino’s stonewalling on the release of his taxes should raise all kinds of red flags for voters,” said Tom Staudter, a spokesperson for the Harckham campaign. “This lack of transparency and honesty immediately signals that he is hiding things that are detrimental to his campaign and pose potential conflicts of interest.”

Recently, Astorino filed a financial disclosure report that showed he had earned upwards of $250,000 working for the Archdiocese of New York and upwards of another $250,000 as a consultant for various firms, including one, Definers Public Affairs, which was caught in a scandal for alleged peddling of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Facebook.

As Westchester County Executive, Astorino was mired in a few scandals of his own. He had to admit that he had been moonlighting—and earning substantial income—on radio and TV while in office. And just before voters overwhelmingly booted Astorino from office, he was caught accepting a Rolex watch worth over $10,000 in exchange for a county job.

“With Astorino’s track record of corruption and deceit, voters have every right to see who has been bankrolling him since he has left elected office,” added Staudter.

The call on Astorino to release his taxes comes on the heels of a damning report in The New York Times documenting that President Trump only paid $750 of taxes in 2018 and 2019.

SOURCE: Tom Staudter | Communications Director | Office of New York State Senator Pete Harckham


eHeziWhy is Astorino Refusing to Release His 2015-2019 Tax Returns

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  1. I was always a democrat. We were told they were for the working people. No more. The no bail reform is terrible. Crime is rising no matter how they like to scramble the numbers. The New York Post when you get through reading about Biden’s corruption. Read about the Grieving Families having a mock funeral for Cuomo’s “leadership & integrity”

  2. A vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for increased crime in your neighborhood. Let’s show these fools the door. They are out of touch with the working class residents and communities they represent .

  3. Pete Harckham and the rest of the Radical Left Democrats are ruining this country! One blatant example of their lunacy is the “NO BAIL” law Pete Harckham and the Democrats passed last year that went into effect this year! That law alone let’s violent criminals out of jail with no bail at all! It is nuts what is going on in New York since that law went into effect… Violent criminals commit all kinds of violent crimes such as gang assaults, robberies, sex assaults, using weapons like knives and guns and the minute they are arrested they have to automatically be released! The new law stipulates that they cannot be held, they are simply given a court date. Thousands of these criminals have been let go and have committed thousands of more violent crimes and they continue to be let go automatically because of this law the Democrats signed. This new radical law also orders all of the victim’s information to be released to the defendant right away. So the criminal can victimize the victim again since they are out free with no bail. This is insane! These radical Democrats are only worried about the criminal offenders, the victims of violent crimes have no rights at all.

    What a shame.

  4. LAW AND ORDER NOW!!!!! Stop kissing latimer ass and worrying about mascots crime is going up under your watch how about you release your tax returns be a leader BYE BYE PETE

  5. rob astorino geared his political career during the time he was county executive to never raising county taxes…and he did it to be able to come across as a tax reducer when he ran for governor…While he was doing that he totally compromised the services that the county provides to its least fortunate citizens…but rob didn’t care about that he only cared about his image with conservatives statewide. Ed Dey on the other hand, the republican county executive of rockland county did the opposite..He raised taxes when he had to…As a Republican in a democratic county Ed won re election Rob did not….One of the reasons rob failed was his desire to attach his star to Donald Trump..Rob shilled for trump never criticizing so he could get that gig on CNN as a Trump defender…Now we all know that Donald Trump is a failed president with a failed administration and rob will take the hit because of trumps unpopularity in NY

  6. Archdiocese of New York is a dumping ground for ex GOP elected officials. John P. Cahill former aid to Pataki has a newly created position of chief of staff and special counsel to the Archbishop of New York. Oh father I have sinned by being a t-rump supporter and member of the GOP. All the holy water in the world won’t save Astorino.

  7. releasing your tax returns as a former public official and future public official is common practice….those who fail to do it are hiding something just as Trump is hiding something…those who want to dismiss it as not relevant are simply ignoring a red warning sign

  8. Just look at Pelosi’s husband and the CrowdStrike stock purchase. We all need to know if they are profiting off it. It also shows how they talk up positions and ignore others.

    Look at Dump, and his Regeneron stock disclosure in 2017, never disclosed after that but he’s been talking it up a storm since COVID, even thought it’s all a hoax in his mind.

    Look at the Spano’s just look, bet there’s lots under those rocks…

    1. It’s not nervous Pete is a moron tell him to release his first if he’s so worried about tax returns LAW AND ORDER NOW!!!!!! Fat Pete is more worried about highschool mascots than LAW AND ORDER he’s a total fool

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