Yonkers Board of Education District Office and the City of Yonkers Officers at One Larkin Closed to Non-Essential Staff

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Friday, October 30 through Tuesday, November 3, 2020

In consultation with the Westchester County Health Department,
the Yonkers Public Library Riverfront Branch and Voting in the library atrium will remain Open to the Public.

Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Public School District.

Dr. Ammir Rabadi

YONKERS, NY – October 29, 2020 — Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada announced that the Board of Education district offices and the City of Yonkers offices at One Larkin Center will be closed to non-essential staff tomorrow, Friday, October 30, 2020 through Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Today, two staff members who work at the Board of Education notified the District that they received positive COVID-19 test results.

The decision to close these offices was made after consultation with Westchester County Commissioner of Health, Dr. Sherlita Amler. The District’s Health Services staff who work with the Westchester County Health Department regarding every COVID-19 situation in the Yonkers Public Schools following New York State Contact Tracing guidelines.

Following CDC guidelines, the Yonkers Board of Education District Office and the City of Yonkers offices at One Larkin Center will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to reopening on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

In consultation with the Westchester County Health Department, the Yonkers Public Library Riverfront Branch and the voting in the library atrium will remain open to the public.  There is no comingling of the staffs between the Board of Education and the Library.

Out of an abundance of caution and consideration for concerns of employees, the Board of Education and City of Yonkers personnel at One Larkin Center were offered COVID-19 rapid tests.

All staff were reminded to monitor their health regarding fever over 100 degrees or other cold or flu-like symptoms should see their medical professional or contact the District’s Health Services Office. Staff members who have any questions may contact the District’s Health Services Office at 914 376-8226 or direct email to the District’s Chief Physician Dr. Ammir Rabadi at ARABADI1@yonkerspublicschools.org .


SOURCE: Jerilyne Fierstein | Communications Officer | Public Information | Yonkers Public Schools


eHeziYonkers Board of Education District Office and the City of Yonkers Officers at One Larkin Closed to Non-Essential Staff

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  1. I have an idea that can prevent anyone else from dying from COVID. Why don’t we all just kill ourselves? Then it REALLY can’t spread. Enough with this paranoia already. It’s the paralyzing fear of this virus that will destroy us, not the virus itself. It has a survival rate of 99%. My 12 year old daughter has to sit at her desk in school without being allowed to get up while wearing a restrictive mask for 5 straight hours. That’s a REAL health risk.

  2. John Larkin was just named head of the Republican Party and now he holds a super spreader event at the board of education in the plaza. Shane on him

      1. No John Larkin is not running for CCP, Henry Djonbalaj is the republican’s choice. Corazon SpinEda-Issacs is the Spano’s chioce.

  3. I’m sure the bottom feeders that work at Larkin and City hall loved the news of this… no reason to close the building people rarely did their full hours BEFORE the pandemic outbreak now they have an excuse

    As someone who worked both in Larkin Plaza and City Hall- I’ve seen how awful the city workforce is under Mikey Spano.

    Let’s start off with Carol Daly- the queen of stench. Let’s put it this way Daly is a whale and a dog. She rarely came to city hall to do her hours before covid and when she was at work she spent more time eating and in the bathroom than doing valuable work. She came in whatever time she wants and left whatever time she wants. Now because of COVID she is in city hall even less!

    Then you have the bum Howard “Howie” Spreckman- who is a loser in his own nature and lives off his mothers legacy bc he has accomplished nothing in his life. He spends hours at the gym during work hours!!!! No one else gets away with this unless you are in w Mikey Spano. He runs to Mikeys puppet Deputy Mayor Levy when there is a problem and no one likes him.

    Carol Daly and Howie Spreckman are examples of the bottom feeders that Mikey Spano and his department heads give Special Treatment to bc of political connections!!! I hate working for these people Hezi. They are all idiots and have no sense of anything. If it wasn’t for Mikey Spano, Howie would be a cashier at a gas station and Carol would be eating crap in her house all day. Howie should grow some balls and deal with his coworkers without running to Steve Levy like a coward baby.

  4. Schools are closing left and right.
    Glad Q got to brag about the only big 5 district to go full hybrid.
    Thanks for risking our lives to fill your pockets and pad your resume.
    Go back to Rockland.
    Where’s the mayor?
    Hiring his druggie convict family member to YFD? Got rejected from. YpD. Must have been one low fukn bar. ..
    This city is the worst. Never on the level.

    1. The facilities dept should be gutted director Carr has no idea what he is doing his deputy is a jerk appointed by Carr because he was doing his daughter see pics in the v drive of their games in the snow the supervisors in that department do not do any Building inspection they go to building to have coffee with the friends and family they gave jobs as custodians who now are making over 100,000
      Carr put night supervisors in buildings like Gorton and Riverside to supervise two cleaners in the building these buildings an others have night supervisors in the building and they hired a supervisor to watch the supervisors at night . It is time to bring in outside cleaning companies saving the district \city millions and getting better results . Carr is a carpet bagger . Carney has no idea

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