Yonkers Community Group Moves Their Battle With Corporate Giant UPS to Court

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STOPUPS.ORG Vows To Protect Their Neighborhood Against

This Massive UPS Distribution Facility 

In attendance will be representatives from StopUPS.org, Attorneys from Keane & Beane PC who will brief the media about the lawsuit and its expected ramifications on UPS’s expansion plans.
DATE: Tuesday, October 27, 2020
TIME: 12 Noon
PLACE: UPS Facility, 555 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, NY 10710 (Front Entrance) 
YONKERS, NY — October 27, 2020 — Local homeowners in Yonkers, represented by Attorney Joel Sachs, of the White Plains law firm of Keane & Beane PC have filed an Article 78 proceedings in Westchester County Supreme Court. Petitioners include The Grassy Sprain Civic Association, Sprain Lake Knolls Civic Association and Winchester Homeowners Association that represent several hundred households in close proximity to the site.
The parties named in this action are the City of Yonkers Planning Board, Roman Kozicky Chairman of Yonkers Planning Board, Vincent Pici Commissioner of Housing and Buildings, UPS, tenant of the site at 550 Tuckahoe Road owned by Alfred Weissman of Weissman Real Estate LLC and its subsidiary, Tuckahoe Owners LLC.
eHeziYonkers Community Group Moves Their Battle With Corporate Giant UPS to Court

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      1. Yes correct- he’s a proven tax fighter…… he didn’t vote for the single highest tax increase. WRONG. He did.

        He’s one termer- good riddance Anthony.

        1. Post
          1. Maybe this year hezi , look back at the budget with the 7pct increase.

            It’s no coincidence that he votes against a budget , the he himself chaired , an election year.

          2. Post

            I was only speaking to the most recent budget, I stand correct ass I was not thinking of the previous budgets he did approve. I appreciate your informing me of my ommission. Kindly, Hezi

  1. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist… the mayor picks the Planning Board, the Planning Board pushed the project through without consulting with Merante, in his own district.
    Merante for Mayor? That’s a good one. After the primary and general election he’s facing next year, he’ll be happy to kick his feet up and relax when he’s relieved of his duties.

  2. Looks like Merante is leading the charge . First time he did anything since he been in office besides voting to raise taxes . Guess he is looking for his piece as well as Spano

  3. How is the Silly Council giving away it’s power to the Planning Board on a big project
    which none of them are able to say exactly what the project is?
    Makes no sense, no elected entity ever gives up power unless……??????
    Oops the Yonkers.

  4. How much property Taxes has that site paid in the last 20 years?
    How much in property and other tax benefits has this site received in the last 20 years?
    How much will this “development” pay in taxes over the next 20 years?

    If you live in Yonkers these are the only answers you need….

      1. Ask Trump, he knows how to use these types of “devaluations” to write off taxes just like his property in Seven Springs Westchester. Better yet ask SpaNO, he won’t have a clue.

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