Yonkers Parents Seeking Solutions (YPSS) Elicit “1st Step Catalyst” By Seeking Help of Civil Rights Attorney Michael Sussman, Esq.

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Michael Sussman, Esq.

YONKERS, NY — October 13, 2020 — Yonkers Parents Seeking Solutions (YPSS) elicited the help of well-known Civil Rights Attorney Michael Sussman, Esq., in addressing the gross disparities faced by many vulnerable parents who currently lack computers and other resources. YPSS is very frustrated by the District’s failure to maintain effective ongoing communications, and transparency with many stake holders thereby creating confusion and angst while ignoring the immediate needs of children and families.

The attached letter from Counsel to Mayor Michael Spano and Superintendent Edwin Quezada speaks for itself. YPSS remains hopeful that the contents of Mr. Sussman’s letter with act as a “1st Step Catalyst” in bringing ALL parties together in a realistic dialogue that will resolve the many questions raised but remain unanswered.


Yonkers Parents Seeking Solutions


Letter addressed to Mayor Mike Spano and Yonkers Public School District Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada



TribuneYonkers Parents Seeking Solutions (YPSS) Elicit “1st Step Catalyst” By Seeking Help of Civil Rights Attorney Michael Sussman, Esq.

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  1. Weird, Sussman lives in Goshen which is way up in white country. He was such a champion of the downtrodden that he refused to live in East or West Yonkers with his peers. Disgusting jerk just in it for $$. He shouldve sent his kids to YPS.

  2. Excuse me but do you know ANYBODY who doesn’t have a $600 plus i-phone? You can all buy your little toys but expect government to provide you with not only free education but year-round food, and now tech equipment. And you still produce morons because you give them NOTHING at home with respect to even the basics.

  3. I wonder how YPS teachers sleep at night knowing that they make six-figure salaries while their students lack the most basic of supplies. My guess is very well, just like all of the other useless, overpaid public servant leeches in this city.

    Yonkers teachers are just like Yonkers cops, Yonkers DPW and Yonkers fire fighters – greedy, self-serving, overpaid bums.

  4. The great and honorable Judge Sands would never live next to a public housing project. He lived In Pound Ridge NY, By the way is 96% white. Judge Sands wreaked havoc on the city of Yonkers, ruining the school system with forced busing, getting rid of neighborhood schools, and forcing public housing to be built in East Yonkers. This resulted in a mass exodus of middle and upper class families from the Public school System with most Moving out of Yonkers for better schools and neighborhoods. China Joe if elected will do the same to The rest of Westchester Towns and Villages and similar suburbs throughout the country. Remember your vote counts.

    1. Judge Sands cannot be blamed for the Yonkers desegregation case out come…The truth is that the city council had the opportunity to settle the case for NO FORCED BUSING…and only 80 units of low income housing just to the east of the saw mill river parkway interchange….the city council rejected the offer to settle and insisted on going to trial…Once you go to trial before the most liberal judge on the US court than you take a large risk….Don’t blame the judge because the segregation was proven For years Yonkers elected officials insured that blacks only lived on the lower west side of the city….but that fact didn’t matter to the city council which used the issue to get re-elected..

  5. poverty should never be the reason that our kids can’t get an education equal to that of the wealthiest….talent lies everywhere Some black kids are dumb some white kids are dumb…some black kids have real intellectual talent and some white kids have real intellectual talent…wherever that talent lies…it is incumbant on those in authority running the boards of education to make sure everyone has an equal access to learning…this is not rocket science

    1. Hey poverty stop the bullshit education begins at home from the time you are born, if you don’t get it there you have a problem.

  6. The schools were gross BEFORE covid. They personally benefit financially from the schools being open. Of course Q lied. HE ALWAYS DOES.

  7. This superintendent has to be the worst by far. Denied there was insufficient chrome books and lied about this to the mayor- every aspect of preparedness he has failed , internet, teacher training. Students not able to virtually connect with classes. Schools not safe in September, bussing is a mess.
    Teachers taking off and no substitutes to cover the students- and yet no call for accountability from our elected officials. Time he was removed.

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