A Letter to Our Resident Bronxville Dog Owners
By Mayor MARY MARVIN, Esq.

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Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin, Esq.

BRONXVILLE, NY — November 22, 2020 — The Village is requesting your help with registering invisible electric dog fences by asking you to email Village Administrator James Palmer at jpalmer@vobny.com who will then email you back a  form. This registration is analogous to that of house alarms with the Police Department.

We sent applications via the Postal Service to all residents who had registered their dog at the Eastchester Town Clerk’s office which is the location for such paperwork. We realized in looking at the list that many dogs in the village are not licensed in Eastchester so we are reaching out to you in this way.

The rationale behind this new registration has been a high level of concern among many of your fellow residents, many of them seniors and parents of young children who are out walking either to school or running errands and are startled by the unexpected dog running right up to them on our village sidewalks, giving them quite a scare.

With a goal to encourage our villagers to take advantage of our pedestrian routes since we are one of the most walkable villages in Westchester, it is important that we know where the dog fences are so young people walking to school, in particular, are not surprised and also do not take shortcuts through yards with electric fences. Beyond the fear of the unexpected dog, we had a serious incident involving bodily harm to one of our younger residents and even one of these events is one too many.

The list, (identifying addresses only), will become a public document and most likely be reviewed by our senior citizens and families of students so they are aware if there are invisible fences on their usual walking routes.  The list would be used for nothing else. Your help with this registration is much appreciated as we continue to foster a walkable village.

Thank you,

Mayor Marvin and the Bronxville Board of Trustees

eHeziA Letter to Our Resident Bronxville Dog Owners
By Mayor MARY MARVIN, Esq.

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