AKEEM JAMAAL: Personal Autonomy v Public Health

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The Personal Autonomy v Public Health Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and Westchester On the Level Radio Host Hezi Aris

Akeem Jamal had 4-days ago posted this photograph of his mother, Raazya Jamal and him standing alongside each other at Yonkers City Hall. Neither he nor his mother chose to wear a mask. It was the same day that he attended the  Albanian Flag raising ceremony at City Hall where he again did not wear a mask to the multiple number of people who questioned why he was not wearing a mask. 

YONKERS, NY — NOVEMBER 28, 2020 — Individual Autonomy and Yonkers City Hall’s responsibility during a public health crisis is such that it must protect all workers. Elected and/or appointed personnel must conform to conduct that lessens against the spread and  recurrence of what can be a debilitating condition that has too often led to death.

It was in 1909 that a bacterial infection spread through food and water contaminated by salmonella revealed itself. Those that fell ill suffered from high fever, and diarrhea at a time before the advent of antibiotics. Those who became infected fell ill with high fever, sometimes delirium and death. Over a century and a decade later, COVID-19 has reared what for too many has become a death sentence.

In 1909 and presently, individuals may not even recognize they are asymptomatic. The fact that one may be asymptomatic does not relieve their responsibility to adhere to “best practice” when engaged so many hours per day, for a week’s time, to drop their guard despite their co-workers admonition to wear a mask as they do. To be in disbelief that one may be a “superspreader” and thereby need not subscribe to “best practice” conduct is not an excuse for not recognizing they may indeed be infectious. They may subliminally be under a false assumption of immortality despite the resurgence of COVID-19 throughout the world. Supplanting his personal autonomy during a pandemic because one does not exhibit symptoms is personally irresponsible. 

Yonkers City Hall has suffered lockdowns specific to the spread of COVID-19. The incubation period of COVID-19 may be revealed for some within a week’s time, for a greater majority closer to a two week period, and for others, as long as three weeks in duration. Those who suffer symptoms are evidently aware of their circumstance, whereas those who are asymptomatic may be in denial that even they may be infectious to others. And that is the crux of this pandemic and others revealed from the past, and those that may be discovered in the future.

The fact that Yonkers City Hall permits any worker(s), no matter their responsibility, to traverse City Hall on one floor. And even traverse most if all floors among co-workers is unconscionable. It is so because there have been many incidences, some acknowledged, while others have not, that scared City Hallers to such a point that they chose to telecommute to work, yet not everyone had or has that option. For months now, Yonkers City Hall is for all intent and purpose a “ghost town” versus the teeming frenzy of working and getting the job done before COVID-19 became known.

Most appalling is that Akeem Jamal, employed by the Mayor’s Department of Communications, forewarned ad nauseam to wear a mask, has chosen to disregard such admonitions.

When the prospect of death knocks incessantly at one’s doorstep due to their belief that their rights eclipse the rights of the greater good, conduct unbecoming must not win the day. Alas, Yonkers City Hall is under lockdown AGAIN. This time the formerly healthy Assistant Communicatíons Director is infected by COVID-19.

Warnings specifically directed to him to wear a mask have not been heeded. His conduct has forced the hand of Yonkers City Hall to engage in a “thorough” disinfection process of City Hall from top to bottom because he is a “superspreader”. How many people will succumb to COVID-19 because of him?

Life, devoid of health may yet to imbed his psyche. Perhaps age will inform him that he is not only responsible for his personal conduct to maintain his health, but he has an ancillary responsibility to the people he meets at the workplace and those he meets in public, whether friends, acquaintances, or complete strangers.

Yonkers City Hall must reign in Akeem Jamal’s nonchalant behavior. People may remember his involvement in an auto accident after departing a pick-up bar, evidently in an intoxicated state, getting into this BMW and driving north on Central Park Avenue for close to two miles to crash into a vehicle heading south as clearly designated and defined by road signs. 

While that incident would cause him many months of recovery, Yonkers City Hall maintained his employment and responsibility. Perhaps City Hall’s continued employment of him emboldened him to such a point that he felt “entitled” somehow. No matter his demeanor, his autonomy may not, in fact cannot be dismissive of “best practice” to protect the public interest.

City Hall may be wise to reign Mr. Jamal’s conduct and redefine appropriate conduct that respects everyone to the best of our capacity until the City of Yonkers can vaccinate the population, and even that may not be good enough.

Can the City of Yonkers be liable for this outcome? Must legislation be enacted to define acceptable “personal autonomy” standards versus “Public Health” interests?

eHeziAKEEM JAMAAL: Personal Autonomy v Public Health

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  1. We all know Akeem will get another promotion after this. They have to keep him close. Mike can’t afford to let Akeem loose to become bitter and resentful and start talking.

    1. Should have been fired for the DWI and arrested also for reckless endangerment for stunt driving the wrong way on Central. Private sector would never tolerate this.

  2. Wow the Blue Truth, Khader Scum is really rubbing one out on this FAKE STORY. Look at the kid. He’s skinny and has long hair. When was the last time any of you saw Akeem. He’s packing a few LBs.

    Anything for a story, huh?

    If getting COVID is now news then we are all screwed.

    Hezi, I thought you were better than this? This is something Brian Harrod or that hack and Khader bosom buddy, Ru Ros would report. Pathetic.

    Let’s talk about real issues like how handsome the City Clerk is. Oh, if I wasn’t married. Yum.

  3. Talk about an albatross. First the drunk wrecks his car and injures someone else and now he’s spreading the ‘rona around 40 South Broadway. Cut this hack loose before he kills someone…

  4. Where is the Director of Emergency Management during all of this? What is he doing to help protect the community and the first responders. The last time I saw anyone from the Office of Emergency Management was at the wake and funeral for Pat Quinn (May he rest in peace). What city disaster/emergency is that?

    Would still love to know what his qualifications are? I heard a rumor that they finally got rid of Kristian Palazzalo kid, Hezi can you confirm? Now there is a new guy Kitson I believe is his last name, anyone know anything about him or where he came from?

    1. The midget from the office of OEM is fixing Spano’s ankle bracelet, dont you know his qualifications are he is a certified jewelry salesman.

  5. Those charged with the administration of the ‘People’s Work’ in the City of Yonkers have for generation upon generation, Left and Right have been and continue to be absent probity and decency. These facts will never change.

  6. Hezi I am a witness

    Akeem does not wear a mask in the mayors office where there are other people around him. Also at many public flag raising no mask in sight for Akeem

    question is: the administration which takes its lead from Mayor Mike Spano has not properly notified everyone that may have been infected by Akeem?

    Has the Health Department been notified?

    I do not believe that the mayors office or city hall for that matter can reopen tomorrow!

  7. Shame on Mike Spano, Steve Levy, and Jim Cavanaugh for allowing this lunatic and crazy man Akeem to not wear a mask in the mayors office and throughout city hall

    Honestly Hezi I am without words… I will be calling the mayors office Monday and give them a piece of my mind

    That Liar, Scumbag, bullshitter political Mike spano tells yonker to mask up, but his own employees don’t!

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  8. Akeem is a proud member of MAS-NY.
    Thank Allah (SWT) for him and all he has done for the Muslim community. Because of him Eid a Holliday in the Yonkers schools!

  9. There are no verses in the Quran that clearly state that drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden.

    There’s advice regarding the consumption of intoxicants. But there’s nothing said about alcohol being forbidden.

  10. From a member, supporter, and believer of MAS(formerly known as the Muslim American Society):

    Akeem Jamal is NOT apart of the Muslim community in Yonkers or anywhere in Nys. Jamal does not PRACTICE being a true Muslim. A Muslim cares about others, does good deeds, and most importantly refrains from the use of alcohol. Akeem Jamal does not do any of the things above. Akeem pretends to be Muslim in order to have the Muslim community’s support. Akeem Jamal is a deceitful, awful, evil human being who does not care about others.

    Shame on his mother Raazya and his father Abdool

  11. To all my Muslim brothers and sisters
    Akeem is Muslim in name only. He is an embarrassment to our religion. He does not represent our community in any way. We will meet with Mayor Spano and make him aware of this.
    MAS – NY

    1. Post

      The photo came from Akeem’s’ Facebook page. Thanks for your concern. It was posted four days ago. If the photo is older than 4 days, it may simply have been posted 4 days ago but the photo is older. Perhaps you should check with your sources. — Kindly, Hezi … P.S. even if the photo was ancient which it is not, the telling is on target.

      1. Just by a few obvious observations- his hair and beard. I’d say it’s an older picture , just one of himself and his mom.

        Maybe not at the time of covid. And that’s why they’re NOT wearing a mask.

        1. Post

          If that is the cas, then one has to wonder why he picked such an old image to post 4 days ago of Facebook. No matte the year in which the photo was taken, what matters is that Akeem Jamal has access to and been to every floor in city hall. The entire building must be disinfected and it is uncertain how many or no individuals with whom he was in contact have been infected by his not wearing a mask.— Kindly, Hezi

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  12. Omertà (/oʊˈmɛərtə/, Italian pronunciation: [omerˈta]) its the SPANO code of silence and code of honor that places importance on silence in the face of questioning by the media, authorities and outsiders.

  13. This is why everyone laughs at Yonkers. It truly is a shithole!!!!

    Great story once again Hezi, how on earth is this guy still working at City Haul?
    Was he still paid for not working while in Hospital and if so how much?
    He must have some great dirt on the Mayor. Are we paying his legal costs from the crash?
    Is the law dept. working on it as well?

    Just like Trump, he must except moral and ethical responsibility for all those who become infected or even die because of his arrogance.

    Once again, this points to the lack of SpaNO “leadership”

  14. The Muslim Religion strictly prohibits the consumption of alcohol. Akeem Jamal has been spotted drinking alcohol and even was driving while intoxicated from the use of alcohol. How can Akeem call himself a Muslim?

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  15. I plan on forwarding this story to the AG, a very great woman by the name of Tish James and the future DA Mimi Rocah.

    I will provide my contact and Hezi what contact can I give them for you as well if they may need to contact you?

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