Allegations and Assertions of Subterfuge Abetted by and Under the Guidance and Aegis of YFT President Samantha Rosado-Ciriello Undermine the Function and Capacity of the Yonkers Public School District

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The Yonkers Federation of Teaches v Yonkers Board of Education Hezitorial

Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Public School District.

Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) President Samantha Rosado-Ciriello

YONKERS, NY — November 14, 2020 — The Yonkers Newswire was first to divulge that some Yonkers Public School teachers have engaged in conduct that undermines the school district’s capacity to function. Assertions that some teachers have concocted scenarios in which they claim that they came in contact with a student or fellow teacher who was infected by COVID-19 is the ploy to which remedy has yet to be found. The Yonkers Public School (YPS) District and the Yonkers Federation of Teachers union have yet to  devise and agree upon and conform to best practice to thwart additional people from becoming infected.

When an incident or incidences of infection become known, the YPS District’s response is to engage a tracing protocol of all those who may have come in contact with infected individuals, whether other students, parents, guardians, teachers, and/or ancillary workers. Those that assert they have come in contact with an infected individual(s) are required to quarantine for a 14-days’ period of time. Further, it has been stipulated that all teachers, students, and ancillary working staff must wear masks, maintain social distancing guidelines of 6-feet, and not congregate.

Prudent and logical so far, but it doesn’t end there. There is a caveat.

The Yonkers Public School District and the Yonkers Federation of Teachers have adopted guidelines to which they have mutually agreed yet it has been noted all too often that there are teachers who congregate to eat lunch in each others’ company, as well as hanging out together, although when confronted they state that they are “discussing lesson plans”.

Teachers have also been noted to get together under the guise of a barbecue or some other social function that puts them in harms way, those of their fellow teachers, and their students. Let us not forget that one may become infected on day 1 and it may take as much as 14 days or even 21 days for symptoms to reveal themselves.  So that from infection to recognizing symptoms of infection undermines the district’s ability to  function as carriers are meandering about the schools unknown to those infected and others who are not yet symptomatic. When teaching staff is quarantined or have become infected, substitute staff add to extracting additional funds from the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) coffers that have long been said to be stressed beyond public knowledge.

While “discussing lesson plans” among those teaching same grade levels, it seems prudent and logical to abide by not congregating and maintaining social distancing to better avoid infection as previously noted and agreed upon. There is always the ability to call by telephone, cell phone, engage in face to face technology available for Android and Apple products. Yet marginalizing the efficacy of the protocols noted has deleterious effect on the financial capacity of the Yonkers Public School District, which does in fact exacerbate the number of people who become infected with COVID-19, and nurtures an adversarial environment that juxtaposes the interest of the district and that of the union.

While there is purpose for teachers to be represented by a union, in this case the Yonkers Federation of Teachers, Samantha Rosado-Ciriello has maintained an adversarial stance when common ground could be found that defers to best practice to protect teachers, ancillary staff, and students.

There are always two sides to a stalemate of one sort or another. It is overdue for the YFT to become transparent of the issues to which they have agreed and to which many are stating are standards to which too many do not comport in order to circumvent the present albeit evident abuse and ameliorate these deficiencies from all parties  to their satisfaction. It is not that diffficult. There has to be an interest and a will to meet on these issues.

Likewise, the YBoE has yet to become comfortable with transparency. They must inform the public to the issues now.

The YFT and the YBoE suffer equally. They must get together to resolve these concerns post haste. If they do not, they will each suffer, though not as much as the student population who require an environment that fosters learning from and by the teaching staff they know, and not substitute teachers who can be avoided if all sides start to iron out their differences beginning on Monday.

Perhaps one way or the other, the standards in place must be revised in order to stop the hemorrhaging of the district’s financial capacity, the quality of learning environment missing since the YPS District opened its doors in September 2020, and yet to be revealed, the environment under which teachers are not being recognized for the professionalism and concern they bring to the dilemma .



eHeziAllegations and Assertions of Subterfuge Abetted by and Under the Guidance and Aegis of YFT President Samantha Rosado-Ciriello Undermine the Function and Capacity of the Yonkers Public School District

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  1. This article is fake news with no proof that this is happening. Teachers are not volunteering to stay out of work and lose sick days. Teachers who are told have been exposed must quarantine and are teaching from home so not sure why that would cost Yonkers money substitutes are not hired in this instance. Furthermore teachers in the buildings are covering classes for fellow colleagues again not costing the district any money. Please ask your teachers, your children , and local members in the community before reading and believing this. This article is deceptive journalism at its finest. Teachers in this city continue to show up and perform everyday despite all the challenges. Teachers are working beyond the scheduled hours of the work day with no compensation because they love their students. This outright disrespect for teachers is appalling. The last thing this city needs is division. Everyone should be working together to ensure the best for the students of Yonkers.

    1. You are so full of it. This is a union rep writing on the crooked groups behalf. Just teach and stop complaining you overpriced useless collection of degenerates.

      1. Wow… why so angry? If you wanted to be a yps teacher, all you had to do is apply if you qualify. There in need of substitutes if you need the extra dollars … 😉

  2. Nobody cares about the kids in public schools if they did they wouldnt send them there.
    Or on those Covid express school busses. Do you really think they clean them !

  3. Don’t worry Biden will make everything back to normal, no option but failing school SYSTEMS with high costs that hide the LAZY, so FAT-cat bosses can keep on eating.

  4. If the teachers wanted to strike, the could bring our city to its knees. Leave them alone. They are working hard an in unsafe buildings.

  5. Folks lets not distract ourselves with the lunch story part (which by the way is illegal to eat with a crowd of people). The main story here is the teachers are lying about the contact tracing in order to get themselves to be quarantined for 14 days off. This is a problem and if indeed this is happening then this is illegal and should be investigated. Shame on them if this is the case. How can the district possibly get a teacher to tell the truth about contact and exposure? Who’s word do they believe if teachers are trying to get days off by saying they were exposed to someone with covid? Not sure what the boe can do here.

  6. Where do the urchins eat? Did Yonkers submit their plan to NYS for approval? What are class sizes? How many teachers teach a class? Do students stay in pod?

  7. So many of you have chosen to be upset about teachers getting together to have lunch 🤨? Many of you need your heads checked! Many teachers work hard and in this time of stress, you say to them use other methods. When they are RIGHT there next to each other and can just talk. You check their temperatures. They sign an attestation form. What in the world else do you all want them to do to prove they are fine? I fully support the teachers and Samantha, IF this is WHAT they have been pushed into doing. If the rest of you want to be treated like imbeciles, go right ahead. As you all KNOW, these teachers work hard. Especially now. But YOU all want to say they cannot comport themselves? PLEASE leave them be and go sit in a corner!!!

  8. The only obvious take away from this article and comments is that you all need a fucking ELA teacher from the YFT because your grammar and usage sucks.

          1. The truth is if more people had taken the time to better their ability and skill sets toward basic literacy then they wouldn’t be so antagonistic to my profession. People begrudge others what they don’t have …. that is their distraction.

    1. Agree. These people NEED grammar help. My question is….why would these people send their kids to YPS if they are so anti-Yonkers teachers? Perhaps they are abusive SOBs who are providing their children with a sub par education.

  9. Is Mike khadsr siding with the YFT and Samantha? If so he will be voted out. Any politician running for office should know that if they ever have Samantha and yft ever on their support line they will be votes out! Crooks!!!

  10. Everyone knows that during Covid19 the rules of engagement has changed. Why are teachers eating lunch together? Really??? Wtf? Fire their irresponsible button. Bunch of losers. Reviewing lesson plans….what a joke. Samantha needs to be voted out

  11. So let me get this straight… The board of education does a contact tracing when there is a possible Covid19 case and the teachers are told by the Teachers Union to make believe they were exposed? And then the teachers get a 14 day quarantine? Yeah makes sense. Stay home and have a substitute teacher cover me. Yonkers tax dollars at work… pay your taxes folks…lol what a joke..any political candidate will get voted out if they ever side with the YFT and Samantha.. what a disgrace
    . Shame on you Samantha

      1. Fake news…. if you are home on quarantine you still have to teach your class as if you were in school. Unless you have tested positive and are physically unable to. Please post facts

  12. Yonkers teachers work hard and God bless them for sticking it out during Covid. The teachers don’t get enough credit for all they do. If indeed the YFT is deliberately trying to sabotage the Contact Tracing to shut schools down then the NYS Attorney General needs to have a talk with Samantha. This is a crime and irresponsible on her part. Shutting classes and schools down with fake quarantines is a low down shame on her part.

  13. This is hilarious…teachers having lunch together? Wtf….who has lunch with no mask on these days? They use the excuse of lesson plans to get together? Please!!!! Give me a break. The YFT is the most over privaliged union in the city. Get rid of the union and keep the teachers. Scum bags milking the Yonkers tax dollars. Samantha go bury yourself. You’re an embarrassment to the hard working teachers.
    # teachersagainstsamantha

  14. Hezi you are the greatest! Thank you for exposing the crooked and devious YFT! It’s been to long they got away with their crooked tactics and this is the most heinous of them all. The teachers are now lying about exposure to Covid-19 so they can take a 14 day “fake” quarantine!!!! Shame on them. Shame in Samantha the witch! This will cost Yonkers millions in substitute teachers… what a disgrace the Teacher’s Union has lowered themselves to. Any politician that sides with them will be votes out!

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