Anthony Merante’s Re-election Bid Announcement

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TribuneAnthony Merante’s Re-election Bid Announcement

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  1. I’ll be voting for Anthony Merante because he voted for a third term! Mike Spano is the best Mayor we have ever seen. We have term limits already. It’s called elections

  2. Anthony Merante stands on the shoulders of John Larkin and Dee Barbato. We need Anthony fighting for us. Sometimes a tax raise is necessary when you have many Spano mouths to feed. Hey, will anyone check Mike Spano’s home to make sure no more than 10 show up for Thanksgiving? How about ole Nickolai. I think I will stand outside with a clicker.

    1. If memory serves, the Yonkers City Council gave its approval for a third mayoral term. So to berate Merante exclusively is totally unfair. Perhaps its serves your agenda but it is deceitful as no other city councilmember is equally admonished. — Kindly, Hezi

  3. All Merante had to do was lose 6 voters from 3 years ago and he’s toast. Pretty sure he hasn’t gained any.
    Let’s get the 3 Italianos back at it for another round, ha!

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